Chronicles of Takeshi Part 1 of 3 - Arrival at Konoha


Takeshi, Hashiramako (Emitting NPCs)

Date: September 26, 2010


The Takeshi Chronicles begin as he arrives on a moonlit night at the gates of Konohagakure.

"Chronicles of Takeshi Part 1 of 3 - Arrival at Konoha"

Gates of Konohagakure

It was late, the moon shown over the closed gates of the city. The hour warranted increased security and so the standing at the gates were six shinobi. Four were up in the tower while two were on the ground, checking the status those who were striving to make it into the village. Of course, this would be limited to those who had all the proper documentation and paperwork signed. Many merchants though, to avoid the hassle, just set up a temporary camp just outside of the gate. A few of these merchants sat huddled around a small camp fire. The only other thing that would be of note, was the occasional team returning from a mission who would pass by the guards with hardly a second thought.

Takeshi had travelled quite a ways to make it to Konohagakure. At their last meeting, he had expressed a desire to visit to the Hokage and she seemed to have no qualms with him making a vacation to the land of fire. After hearing of the restoration of order in Konohagakure, he had set out by way of ship to reach the city. The ship stopped at the docks and from there Teshi had walked for a day and a half to reach the beautiful gates of the city hidden amongst the forests of the Land of fire.
The various merchants that had piled up outside the city took a little of his time as he stopped at each one to view what wares they were willing to show this late night and he even bought a few. Along with that, a few good conversations came from the meetings and once sated, he moved on towards the gates. While most had been unable to get inside, Takeshi had a feeling that perhaps could fare better than most and if not, then at least he tried and could wait until morning.
He steps up to stand in the line created for those entering the village, his papers all ready. They identified him as a retired chuunin of Kirigakure who now operated a dojo and an orphanage, though anyone who knew the man would know that was an insultive addition to his record. Despite that, the papers were quite legal, signed by the Mizukage. The only information that might seem strange was the addition of two clan names. The first was Kaguya, but that was placed below the name of Odori.

The chuunin guard looked over the papers, noting the information, but then his face went pale for a moment. The chuunin coughed as if clearing his throat for a moment. "One moment Kaguya-san." The chuunin stated waving his hand briefly to the Jounin in charge who was up in the tower. In a flicker, the jounin was on the ground beside the Konoha Chuunin, looking over his papers. "Ah, it appears everything is in order, except we have one little problem." The Jounin stated. "We are currently not allowing any Kirigakure or Land of Water personnel to enter the village. My apologies, sir. I would recommend you return the way you came."

Teshi raises an eyebrow, "I don't know that I can be called Kirigakure Personnel anymore considering my retired status, but, I'm certainly not going to start a war over being stopped at the gates." He scratches at his head and ponders for a moment before looking up at the chuunin, "Why the sudden change in admittance policy? I spoke with the Hokage awhile back when she was returning and she didn't seem to have a problem with me visiting once the village was restored to order."
He looks at the Chuunin and nods, "May I have my papers back? Be bad if I lost those. Last time I did that took me a month to get new ones. Kirigakure isn't exactly the paper-tracking kind of nation, hell, we don't even have a shinobi registration system."

The Jounin shrugged briefly, "Orders are orders, and currently, no one from Kirigakure is coming in. The only merchants from there allowed in have to undergo extra security screenings done by the Hyuuga and the Uchiha as well." He said with a shrug. "And you certainly wouldn't pass the extra security at the moment." He added, handing the papers back to Takeshi. "As far as why, I'm afraid that is classified at the moment." (ooc note: It probably wouldn't be hard to ICly figure it out, the report would be pretty common knowledge in Konoha).

Teshi raises an eyebrow, "You seem certain I wouldn't pass the extra security check." He racks his brain for the most common causes of this new change and then eyes the chuunin and jounin, "For the record though, It's Odori-san. Don't relate me to my idiotic, bloodthirsty brethen that take the Kaguya name." The papers are stuffed back into his travel pack and then he turns to eye the jounin, "Since you've implied being Kaguya is working against me, that means you met a Kaguya recently. It's my educated guess that this kaguya attacked you and now, fearing some sort of internal uprising, you're going to stop all Kirigakure born natives from entering. Now, if they managed to scare you that badly, there are only three choices. Two are Seven Swordsmen, the other is the Mizukage. Being that I know where two of the three are, that means you fought with Sami. Now, being as how this directly affects the status of my home, I'd like to talk to someone about it. Most importantly, I want to know if you intend to do anything against Kirigakure for the actions of one of the Seven Swordsmen."
Then he grins, "Did you like Otomegami?" Then he shakes his head, "Anyways, I don't have anything to do with the Seven Swordsmen and they don't have anything to do with me."

The Jounin sighed, "That could very well be it. However, I am not at liberty to give you that information. However, unless you want to be taken into custody, I recommend you turn around and return the way you came." He stated calmly.

Teshi stares at the jounin and then lets out a laugh. "You think you cold take me into custody?" He wipes tears from his eyes, "That's the best thing I've heard all day. I needed a good laugh after all of this." There's a silent snicker as he stares at the guard, "Maybe I want to be taken into custody. No, you Konohagakurans never were known for your tactics prowress."
He lets the backpack fall to the ground and stretches his arms out with a little crack, "Well, see, here's the thing. I'm retired, meaning anything I do here has no effect on my home. After all, I'm just a rampaging crazy old man aren't I?" He gives a little salute to the jounin, "But here's the thing. I didn't come all the way from Kirigakure to get sent away at the gates, so." He holds his arms out, "Here you go boyo."

"I can understand you didn't come all this way to just get shown the door, however, I tried to spare you who knows how long sitting in the Konoha prison." The Jounin stated with a bit of a sigh, "As you wish though." He added, taking a pair of handcuffs out of a pouch and proceeding to secure them on the wrists of the Kaguya. The chuunin standing by taking out a specialized seal that would go on the back of Takeshi's neck.

Takeshi whistles, "This is the first time in forty years of life I've been arrested. This seems like it'll be fun." He doesn't seem to mind at all or even resist in anyway. "Anyways, i'm just an old man, what could I hope to do against all you guards?" He waits patiently to be processed and then looks at his bag, "Do you mind getting that? I bought some figurines on my way in and I certainly don't want to get them." He breathes in the air, "Ah, you all live up to your reputation of hospitality. I bet your jail is nice."
Another smile, "Just think, I'll have a story for Aoi, Sumiya, Yuuji and Akiko. They'll be so interested in it. That their old man got put in prison," They slap the seal on his neck and he grins, "That's the spirit. Slap it on there. Be sure to tell the Hokage i've arrived for our little visit."

The Jounin basicly let the old man's rambles flow in one ear and out the other, noting the man's bag though briefly as he waited for the squad from the Uchiha Police to arrive to carry him over to the jail to store him at least temporarily as a P.O.W. until Hashiramako could decide what to do with him. "Eh, I'm sure the Prison in Konoha is about the equivalent if not greater than the best guest house in Kirigakure." The jounin said with a chuckle. "And don't worry, Hashiramako-sama will see the report come morning."

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