Chronicles of Takeshi Part 2 of 3 - Interrogation


Takeshi, Zero (Akomura), Seven (Tosai), Nine (Ku)

Date: September 6, 2010


Takeshi has been arrested, ANBU arrive to lock him in an S-Rank cell and interrogate him.

"Chronicles of Takeshi Part 2 of 3 - Interrogation"

S-Rank Lock Up Konohagakure

After his showing at the gates, he was taken to a prison cell and left there. All in all, the security was increased due to the recent events, but they seemed to be focusing a little too much on the old man. After all, Takeshi wasn't about to start a riot or anything, he really never had any intention of fighting anyone despite what they think. There was a cot in the room, much less comfortable than his own bed, but slightly more comfortable than the years he spent sleeping on the ground. If anything could be said of the old man, he lived up to his nature. He was stubborn beyond a shadow of a doubt.
For now, he was laying on the bed, eyes closed, though probably not truly asleep. For awhile now there had been calls of him asking for a book, but no one seemed to want to give him anything from his backpack. He had given up a few minutes ago and was now trying to focus and meditate, something that would probably ultimately pass time and help him ascertain the situation that he was in.

The Boar of ANBU, Agent Seven, standing before now, as an extremely large, amorphous shadow, cloaked in black, and hooded, only revealing a mask. The mask is that of the pig, adhering to the same which appears on the Chinese Zodiac, like most of the agents there of. It is trimmed in black, red, and pink lines, which are drawn on the mask as if to resemble fur about its rim. A furrowed brow, almost resembling that of anger, or introspection, is carved within in it, the eyes beneath remaining black, as to not betray at thing. Ears are pointed up on the mask, and it sports a pig nose, tusk being carved into it from the lower and upper jaw.
Beneath the black cloaking for which this agent sports, is a black, sleeveless jumpsuit, form fitting over this nine large, muscle and corpulent body, no seams or zippers seeming visible. Black gloves are worn over large hands, and extend up the forearm to about the elbow. The arms, from their, are left bare, up to about where the shoulder is, a black tattooing of the Konoha ANBU Symbol, located on the left bicep.
The body armor for which this agent wears, is modified for the particular stature of this one agent. It is smoke gray like most, the color left for inclusion with the rest off of this nin comrades. However, a variation flak jacket type, the armor is that of light plating, sleek and light weight for movement, and yet durable. The plating moves up this nins shins like scales from the top of the foot, up to the knee, wrapping about the calves with three black bands at the top, middle, and ankle. The same trend is used for gauntlets which protect the top of the hand, and knuckles, and move up the forearm, scaling their as well. A small region in the middle of the arm, between the top of the bicep and a portion of the shoulder, has a small portion of scaling. The chest, and back , even about the sides of this nin boast about the same type of smoke gray plating, moving over and about the chest, and having two straps over the collarbone and shoulder.

The sound of the cell door sliding open and light pouring into the room from out in the hallway. Two ANBU operatives wearing the standard garb for the ANBU corps entered to re-shackle Takeshi and escort him, blindfolded. One of them touched the the seal about Takeshi's neck, rendering his senses like a brain dump, making his eyes, ears, smell, and taste all devoid. He could still feel the physical touch of the guards holding him, moving him upon a rolling board.
Before Takeshi would return to conciousness, he would feel the guards let him go, but an immediate feeling of immense weight in both his feet, rendering him unable to move from the spot. Should he open his eyes, there would be three figures before him.
The one in the middle would step forward. All of them were in blank masks of certain zodiac animals, save the one who stepped forward. "Kaguya Takeshi. What was your mission upon entry to Konohagakure?" The mechanical voice behind the mask was either a recording, voice changing jutsu, or this guy just smoked a whole humadore of dark cigars.
Where the Kaguya was standing, would be the center of a large intracate seal. From where Takeshi was standing, nothing could easily or successfully be focused on, so as to keep the seal itself a secret even should the prisoner break free and try to re-create it. The three figures stood just outside the deep purple glow of the seal on the floor. The rest of the room, area, or wherever Takeshi would think he was would be completely black background, save the figures, the seal, and his own person.

Ku or Nine was standing to the right of Zeru. His head canted a bit to the left, the large spikes of hair dangerously close to poking Zero. Slowly he let out a sigh, his arms moved up and crossed over his chest, as he peered out of his black hare mask at Takeshi, slowly his head moved slowly as if taking in Takeshi in from head to toe, before shaking his head slowly. HIs gaze moves towards Zero as he asks his question. Then slowly his gaze seems to return to the one being questioned.

Of course to the right, the large more ominous shadowing of the Boar masked individual, would stand, stoic, looking down at whose was today's interrogation. The Odori of the Kaguya clan. This man, had been not just been some run of the mill old croon. He had a reputation on the battle field. No one had ever saw how bad things got inbetween he and who ever had been targeted. It was stuff of legends. The tells had been legendary since the days of his youth but had this been truly him? His form had been one of a twenty year old, and thanks to the use of seals and all on his form, it was sure to show that this, had not been a henge.
Seven, was doubtful, and hence this nin's own personal thoughts would be held, for now, in hopes that Zero would know. Of course however.. this interrogation had been treated as high profile, regardless, as of the recent events that held Konoha bent over and on its knees. The man would be held in place but Seven, was still prepared for the worst.

Teshi doesn't open his eyes for a long while after the question. Seemingly, he had no intention of answering the question but then he opened one eye, stared at the one in charge and then opened the other eye. All three of them, ANBU. That was a joke. However, he managed a yawn and a look at the floor. "It's interesting. You create seals to stop me from using chakra and then seemingly use it to put me out. This place is probably still within the jail. I doubt you had the time to take me outside of the jail. That and it wouldn't make much sense for you to take me outside."
He shrugs and twists his neck, the bones cracking in response. "You're asking me what I'm doing here? You're taking a lot of precautions against an old man. I'm retired, retired. I certainly don't have the strength at my age to muster an escape plan."
He yawns loudly, "But, perhaps I'll answer you. I expect you to believe whatever it is you want to believe. So tell me, are you one who wants a war with Kirigakure or one who wishes to avoid one?"

Ku slowly tilts his head in the oppisite direction, his arms still crossed over his chest. One thing he never was a big fan of was interogations, not really his area. He listened to the response of the captured shinobi. He wasn't one to be inpressed easily. His gaze moves slowly as he turns his head to face Zero, saying something beneath in his black hare mask in barely a whisper, before his gaze fell back on Takeshi.His head not tilted now, staring straight at the prisoner, awaiting a response from Zero.

On the other hand, Seven, wasn't questioning of the need. As far as this nin was concerned, had yet to show what his truth had been. But he was wondering. This man seemed lazy, and in some ways, really, really inept, unconcerned about the fact that ANBU, a highly detail agency responsible for assassinations and /interrogation/, had him under lock and key with the best sealing this side of the Land of Fire. To try and find a way out? It seemed, well, futile. But then again, Seven had known only from the tales, that this man, if he had been the true Odori, would probably not have anything to worry about. They would probably be futile to stop him.
Hence balance seemed to be in the works. This man's potential, was being compensated for, for an expert of every field of jutsu, seemed to be present and accounted for in this place. If Teshi could deal with one, it was a one out of four chance, he couldn't deal with another easily.

With Takeshi stating his business, and questioning the trio in front of him, Zero kneels down for a moment to touch a single spot on the large seal below Takeshi. The seal begins spinning as Zero speaks again, "As long as Kirigakure wishes no ill will for Konoha, you are free to go. Asking that question is what I was waiting for. And no.." he rises to his feet, stepping towards Takeshi, reaching out a hand with two fingers extended to touch the front of the Kaguya's neck on the seal, releasing it. Takeshi would feel his entire body refreshed and replenished of the chakra that was sealed up within him. "If you leave now, we have no reason to action our military against Kirigakure. You decide, here and now, yourself whether there will be a war or not. Leave in peace, or leave in a bodybag."

Ku's eyes followed Zero from behind his black hare mask, he watched slowly as the seals where released as was the prisoner. Ku moved slowly, his twin Kamas bouncing off his black fisherman pants and every so often hitting a chain making a small clink sound. His back fell against the wall, the breast plate making a small thud against it as he propped his right tatami sandal against the wall, looking rather lazy, as he stared out, examining Takeshi, then Zero and finally Seven. He was curious how everyone was going to react in the said situation, though he shook his head in the lazy way he always seems to do, no surprise for people who have been on mission with him.

Teshi yawns slightly as his feet return to their normal state. His eyes seem to be lazily assessing the situation before laughing, "You know, it has always amused me. Everyone I've ever come into contact with assumes that chakra is the only way a person can fight on the level of a shinobi." He steps forward, the internment seeming to have had no effect on his body, "Problem is, I don't rely on chakra. It's senses. Cold, hard, facts and Senses. Take this scene for instance."
He stops at the door and looks out across the mountain and the village below it, "Three ANBU interrogating what could possibly be the worst thing that ever visisted Kirigakure. You know that Seven Swordsman? Yeah, I'm on their level. Of course, you know that already. You're treating me like an S-Rank criminal, what with the seals and the pomp and circumstance of a full blown interrogation."
He breathes in, "But, you have a problem. I doubt we're really on hokage mountain or that you'd simply let me just walk out of here after going through the trouble of arresting me." He turns to face Zero now, "I didn't come here to fight with you. If I had, your would have had dead guards on your doorstep. I am not Shima Sami and I am not a Kaguya. I would appreciate you referring to me by my real surname, the one on my papers. I am Odori Takeshi."
He steps back into the seal and turns around the way he was before, "Now, Hashiramako asked you gather information didn't she? Ask your questions, So that I can truly either leave in peace or you can decide that i'm too dangerous to leave on the streets."

As for Seven. The Boar's knuckles would make an audible crack beneath the black cloaking for which he wore, the appearance of a large amorphous seeming to widen, and grow slighltly larger, encompassing most of the room. Had Zero, really unloosen the barriers for which had keep this man held down? It was a gamble to say the least. One that would end up being possibly the worst, or most horrible thing done. It was likely that as a Mist nin, this man, the oldest and worst of his breed, could go about being the homicidal example of all those to come after him. This wasn't looking good. Even the admittance by the man that was now loosened upon them, would show that this potentially be a bad decision.
Had he been lying? Tremors felt from the slight beats of his heart pointed to no.. though unconclusive. It wouldn't be surprising if this man knew how to control his own heartbeat. The man spoke, denouncing his surname. That was something Seven would expect from the real thing.. It was rumored that this man, had been denounced, and even fought against by his own clan. The real Odori, possibly stood before them. Seven would recognize that for a moment, and move in to Zero in hopes of getting his attention to speak, though at the same time, the Boar's guard, would never leave the sight of this man. Seven knew some what of this man.. and as far as it could be said, his reputation, though marred in blood, was one for which had been also the more honorable of his breed.

A moment of flash, as Zero dissapeared from in front of Takeshi, and in a moment, Takeshi would find himself back under both the seal jutsu, completely as he was before. With the three masked individuals as they had been standing there, like the previous moment never happened.
"You are, indeed, very observant." As Zero moved around the seal below Takeshi in a pacing manner, Takeshi would seem like he would not be moving, but the other two appeared to slide across the pitch black plane on which the seal was, with Zero remaining in front of him. Slightly disorienting, but a cool little parlor trick. "Here you are, and here are my questions."
Zero stopped when the other two would be directly behind Takeshi. "Why did you come to Konohagakure? Why did you allow yourself to be captured? Why is Kirigakure interested in Konohagakure? And.."
Zero lingered in silence for another moment before asking the last question. " this, a simple prison cell, where you, O-do-ri Ta-ke-shi, one of the greatest warriors Kirigakure has ever known, intended to finish your life?"

Teshi sighs loudly, "I came to konohagakure to visit. It was the same reason I gave to Hashiramako when I met her. I never intended to fight any of you, but I wasn't going to be turned away at the door for no apparent reason other than having Kirigakure attached to my papers." He lifts up to look at the man, "I was captured because I wanted to see Konohagakure. I didn't travel three days to be turned away at the door. As I said, and it appears as your companion knows, if I wanted to fight you there would be a body count already."
He yawns now, "How should I know what Mitsuo wants with Konohagakure? Are you even sure that Shima Sami is here under orders from the Mizukage? If you think that he controls their every movement then you show your ignorance of our ways. The Seven Swordsmen answer to no one, not even the Mizukage and do what they want, when they want to. If Sami is here, then it is because Sami is up to no good but most likely not because Mitsuo approved it."
The last question causes a smirk to appear on his face, "Hashiramako hasn't given you permission to kill me. She doesn't have the heart to order the death of another person who has done nothing to wrong her. On the other hand, I suppose this is the only way you are capable of killing me. When I'm shackled and bound. After all, if you let me go, you'd all be dead."

Ku listens in silence his arms still crossed over his chest. He of course had heard of Odori Takesh, however he was a firm believer in the factor that stories and legends breed the legend to be more then the man truly is. His gaze moves from Takeshi back to Zero, he looks towards him from behind his black hare mask again, as if waiting for an order. Before Takeshi continues to talk about how awesome he is, which simple causes Ku to shake his head slightly. His right hand slowly slides up his arm as he he slips a black senbon out of the armband sheath, starting to twirl it between his fingers slowly, his gaze still focused on Takeshi.

The same could be said of Seven, whose observation of the entire seemed to convey no movement. Stoic silence had been the name of the game, and watching the man react to the farse created, only seemed to convey indeed that this man, was not hear for to be questioned. Yet, he was. And even though he had indeed seen through the illusion placed in front of him, it seemed that Takeshi, would not be spared from more questioning. The questioning would be about his agenda, his connection, and indeed, what might have been his own standard of logic. All seemed to prove that Shima Sami, had indeed, not been acting on orders, but of his own accord.
The words, though spoken out of turn and by a man whose deserved to not speak of the Hokage of this nation, were sadly true. Hashiramako, was not the kind of women to kill unnescessarily. But it did again show his brovado, and his ego, in thinking that non in the room, could possibly take him out. He forgets of who he speaks. But then again, such words weren't able to be proved false under the circumstances, so, Seven, was only left to remain paused, until either this had been over, or services from the Boar itself, were needed for more.

If you let me go, you'd all be dead.
That's all Zero needed to hear from this man and report to the Hokage. From there, he made a motion to Zeven and Nine, lights came on about the room, revealing another thirty-two ANBU members on a ledge above them. "Takeshi, this is your new cell. Welcome to your new home." Four members hopped down to take up the half-directions from Takeshi. Kitty corners to his front right, front left, back right and back left. The rest dissapeared in the same fashion, literally blurring out of view as the lights began to dim once again.
In the large cylindrical area, there was only one door. Akomura motioned Seven and Nine up to it on the ledge. Zero made a few hand seals, and touched the door to head through a looooong hallway, and up a loooong shaft to a hidden entrance somewhere in Konohagakure, then blurring out of view to head towards the Hokage's office.

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