Chronicles of Takeshi Part 3 of 3 - Departure


Takeshi, Zero (Akomura), Seven (Tosai), Forty Two (Hashiramako)

Date: September 27, 2010


After the Interrogation, Hashiramako pays Takeshi a visit disguised as ANBU Forty Two and sends him back as a christmas tree.

"Chronicles of Takeshi Part 3 of 3 - Departure"

S-Rank Lock Up Konohagakure

Hashi read the report from Zero and sighed. "Well, looks like we'll have to be careful about his transport back to Kiri." She said idly, standing from her desk and walking over to her closet in the office. She hung up her Hokage robes and pulled out a basic ANBU armored vest and reached into the back of the closet, placing her hand on a wooden beam. Pulling her hand back from the wall, she clutches a simple white mask in her hand with the kanji of the number 42 at the top of the mask. She slips the mask into place, using a minute amount of chakra to keep it fixed. She then makes her way into the wooden walls of the office and through the infrastructure of the village. Stepping out of the wall in the tunnel of the S Rank sector of the prison, she makes her way towards Takeshi and the ANBU who guard him.

The figure of Zero dissapeared from sight within the office of the Hokage, and reappeared a few moments after she emerged from the wall, not ten feet behind her. "Forty-two, what has the Hokage guided us to do with the prisoner?" Of course, using her name or rank would obviously give her away. Akomura wasn't that braisan, and after losing someone so close on a personal level recently, losing someone on the professional relationship side would be unbearable.

The large stoic figure of the Boar who guarded the Odori, had been one whom seemed large and unmoved. Not a sound had been being uttered, not even that of this nin's own breath as they stood before the entrance of that place for which /he/ had been stored. This duty, was one for which seemed to promote indifference, but only due to this nin's silent demeanor, and the lack of emotion for which the mask seemed to display. This nin would look to the tremors felt long down the hall, and seem to tense in readiness, though nonvisible due to the long and large cloak for which had made the form amorphous and blending into the dark and dankness of this lone hall.
The nin would turn head to look, only to take a stance of attention, and remain ready to report.

Forty Two looked at Zero with a slight nod, "We are going to prepare him to send him back to Kirigakure." She said with a determined tone. As they approached the gate, "Anyway, Hokage-sama is coming in a few. I want Seven to ensure we are not disturbed as we prepare his body for transport." She stated as she stepped closer, the number on her and Zero's mask becoming distorted through a genjutsu.

Zero nodded, and walked up towards Seven to the door that entered into the chamber where Takeshi would be held. "Seven, come with us inside, no word from anything happening within?" He asked, continuing straight to the door to press his hand against it and activate the seal upon the center which turned a quarter turn for the door to slide to the side, and Zero would step inside a moment later, focusing to reconnect to the seal on the floor holding Takeshi. Hopefully he wasn't out of it, which would mean a fight on their hands. Oh well. "hashiramako will be here momentarily, to finalize transporting the prisoner."

"This nin will comply.", would be said with a nod, as the Boar would part way, and allow the two passage when ready. With Zero's request and question, Seven would respond accordingly. "Nothing of the suspicuous, though it has been monitored that the Odori, has indeed, tried in more than one way to figure out ways for which to break the bonds set." Zeven would look to the two as they entered, and following them in, and soon checking on the seal for which had been used to lock the door, copying Zero and relocking it. The word of Hashiramako showing would be noded too. Seven's chakra would be prepared for anything that went wrong.

Forty two nodded slightly to Seven as he passed by and double checked the seal to the door behind them. She reached into a small pocket on the armored vest and pulled out a small notepad. "Kaguya Takeshi." She said, well informed of the person here. "Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

It had been how long since they put him down here? Who knows. It was hard to tell anymore. Something was weighting him down and for all he knows there's a genjutsu in affect. Any attempts to see past it have been futile, so at least that part is strong. He had been meditating for a long time now, ever since giving up on figuring out which was a genjutsu and which wasn't. The weighting probably wasn't a genjutsu, it felt real enough. The rest of it he couldn't tell.
When the two enter with a new companion he looks up and shrugs, "Would it matter what I say at this point? No, likely not." He shakes his head, "Although, i'm curious what happened of Hashiramako. The only thing i'll leave you with is this: Shima Sami is a missing nin. Maybe you should research better before accusing kirigakure of an attack."

"Hashiramako will be here momentarily." Forty two stated in a very gender neutral monotone voice, one that he would most likely not recognize as Hashiramako's. And no, she didn't just now change her voice, it has been such since she put on the mask. As for his comments, she would not address them just now. No, she had to prepare.

Zero walked around and Takeshi would hear Forty-Two's words from his prisoned state. Then he would be able to see Zero appear directly in front of him. "She is busy at the moment. She will be here momentarily." Zero's mettalic voice echoed through the room as he spoke, awaiting Forty-two to come over to him. "Missing nin or not,

The non speaking role Seven played seemed to not be of any bother. To watch, and be silent was a trademark of the ANBU, who worked in everyway possible to out smart, camoflague, and decieve the senses of the target. There would be listening on his part, to the words of the agent Forty Two, and watching of the behavior of the chained man, whose reputation spoke volumes enough to be set as an S Rank criminal. The seeing of such a man in meditation, did not surprise Seven. The walls of this place, could close in slowly on one whose mind had not been disciplined.
His words, had remained the same, as well as that of the beats of his heart as he spoke. Calm, and balanced. Marks of a seasoned taijutsuist. Perhaps at one points, Seven could have acknowledged such a man, outside these very walls as something of a testament to survival of his ninja way. But now had not been the time. As Zero would have been working with the releasing of seals, Seven was still at the ready, calm and awaiting for the times as to when more would be needed of him.

The seal, as Seven and Forty-Two would see, was made up of five layers. The first was the outermost layer with lines connecting them. Each layer after that slowly turned at a different rate, changing the flow of chakra between each miniature seal like a continuously changing padlock with the combination continuously changing each time the miniature seals line up. He touched the first miniature seal that flowed in front of him. At which time the outer layer dissapeared. Zero stepped towards the second layer.

Teshi opens a single eye and gazes at Zero, "Missing nin or not what?" He turns his gaze upon the boar sized man and then returns his gaze to Zero. "Don't tell me you took that death threat seriously. I don't understand what's not getting through to you. The chakra suppression seal hasn't sealed any of my abilities. In fact, since you left me, I've been trying to sense any genjutsu working in the immediate area." He closes both eyes again, "Would a man who had intentions of harming anyone in this room announce that to you?"
Finally, he opens an eye to look at Forty-Two, "You seem to be in charge. Is the hokage in the business of using Missing Nin as crutches to declare war on a foreign power? That seems too underhanded for you. I could see Higure or Amegakure doing something like that, but even Kirigakure wouldn't blame the actions of a Missing Nin on you, regardless of nationality."
His eye closes again, "So, what shall my punishment be for wishing to set the record straight?"

Forty-Two began her preparations, her chakra reaching out towards Takeshi, attempting to tap into his sensory awareness. Once taken hold, if the technique took, the room would slowly go black. It would appear as if the light was growing dimmer and dimmer until it was nothing but black. "Remain calm. We will not injure you, as long as you remain calm." She stated slowly. "This is mostly a security protocol for when Hashiramako arrives." She added, "By the way, she can hear you. I will also state, that I do not have the clearance to speak on any of the matters that you have brought up, I merely set things up for her security. Hashiramako-sama will address any of your concerns as she sees fit."

Seven would still be on standby, looking to the last bit of security precautions, and awaiting the arrival of the Hokage on to the scene. This man was being transported, and Seven wondered of the orders that would be left to them. The time had been far spent for the Odori to remain, and for some reason, Seven, saw an eventual outcome that would be positive for all parties. For Hashiramako had stood for peace, and if this man had not been admiting of trying to interfere with such, perhaps his end may not come.

Takeshi doesn't fight against this next genjutsu. If it was necessary to meet with Hashiramako then so be it. The room clouded and then became an absolute dark from what it was before, but that wasn't really such a bad thing. He still had other senses. Hearing, smell, touch. All of it heightened, all of it due to his time. The boar was right, this man was no ordinary taijutsuist. Not even the confines of this cell could break his mind nor his spirit.

As the room went black, Forty Two removed the mask and held it in her hand. Returning to her normal voice, she sighed and shook her head. "Takeshi, Takeshi, Takeshi." She said as she produced a single wood clone and left it standing there before walking around the perimeter of the seals. "First, don't play me a nave fool. I trust the Mizukage about as far as I can throw him, and with Taijutsu not being really my specialty, that probably isn't very far. This is nothing personal against you. You just decided to show up at a bad time. Sami may be a missing nin, but I wouldn't hold it beyond him to use her unknowingly within his scheme."

Zero stayed where he was, continuously watching Takeshi very closely as Hashiramako speaks to him now without her mask on. Beneath his mask, Zero's eyes had some veins poking out further than normal, but still not seen for the mask and the hood of his cloak.

In a rather shocking development, the removal of the mask infront of Agent Seven, would send surprise throughout the body of the Boar, as the nin would fight to hide reactions from the sudden reveal. The Hokage had been around, this entire time, in the guise of one of many who made up the ANBU!! Seven would hold stance, but only in fighting of the traditional need to kneel in reverance before the founder of this village. The Boar, would watch carefully as the mask would be unloosened, then a wood clone, would seem to rise from part of the woman's body, as to seem to allow her to remain as the ANBU, and at the same time, simulate her arrival into the room.
The agent would listen to the sudden, and rash speech of a normally calm and Hokage, her suspicions giving off a deep seated hate for the guerilla Tactician of the world, Mizukage Kaguya Mitsuo. The distrust, was something even this agent would not expect, though it was obvious that Hashi had known of the intention of this Odori. The Boar would only seem to try and keep emotions in check, being aware that the senses of Takeshi, were more than enough to catch things in the air, and give away the Hokage's efforts.

Teshi sighs, "Look now, War has been our only occupation since the beginning of our bloodlines. Don't insult us. That was obviously an unplanned attack and you know that if we had been attacking you as a military force, you probably wouldn't have even known we had that skirmish." There's a slight shrug of defeat, "Yes, I showed up to take you up on an offer that was agreed upon by both. I would have left too, but your guards gave me a reason to want to stay and meet you in person. I wanted to make sure you understood that we had nothing to do with it."

"We are all remembered on the decisions we make. I decided to leave Konoha to help another and we were attacked. I bear the weight of an entire village on my shoulders. Everyone that resides here, rely on me to make decisions to keep them safe. The youngest child, the elderly, all the shinobi. Perhaps I am being over protective, however the safety of my citizens is far more important to me than one foreigners vacation. You just chose bad timing to come and visit." She said. "Now, I need to figure out what would be the best way to handle your departure. You have already threatened the lives of several of my ANBU agents, so that kinda blew the idea of letting you leave peacefully from the gate out of the water." Hashi said casually in a thoughtful manner.

Teshi shrugs lightly as he listens to the speech. "I'm not here to talk about your responsibilities of Hokage Hashiramako." His eyes remain closed, not that he could see anything if he opened them. "Are you done pacing? Or do you wish to discuss the nature of perilous decisions with me more?" There's a sigh following that, "Ah yes, the threat. Always back to the threat I see. As I told your ANBU agents, if that had been a real threat, it would have been acted upon. They weren't exactly keeping their position hidden and we both know this chakra suppression seal is useless."

"Well, you made a threat and I don't take too kindly to them. You can't see the reasons why someone with responsibility does things. It is probably the reason why you never made it beyond Chuunin Rank. Anyway, I cannot just simply set you free at this time. I regret what I must do. I had hoped you would be able to enjoy your visit, but I know this has turned out less than expected. All I can say, is I hope you have better luck next time." She said calmly.
Hashi closed her eyes a brief moment and nodded. Opening them as her hands flooded out the required seals, "Jubaku Eisou" she called out as several small wooden trunks suddenly grew up from the ground. One could tell she was putting a lot of effort into this, Takeshi himself if caught would feel pressure around his arms and legs, though there would be a bend to allow him to seemingly sit in a relatively comfortable manner. The trunks would close up, his arms and legs immobilized, but he would be afforded room to breathe and his face would remain uncovered. The effort was intense, as sweat beaded from her brow and soft green leaves sprouted from the newly created tree.

"My apologies, hopefully next time will turn out better." Hashi stated to the retired shinobi of the mists before turning towards the others. "Forty Two, Zero, Seven; see to it that the root ball of this tree is prepped and potted and make the necessary arrangements to have him delivered back to Kirigakure. Do not tarry in Kirigakure, complete the mission and return home with haste." The wood clone then fixed the mask of the ANBU back on its face as Hashi exited into the wall and walked back to her office.

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