Clash at Raiun Falls


Kenta, Maia, Yuurei

Date: June 23rd, 2010



"Clash at Raiun Falls"

Raiun Falls

Kenta looks like he's passed out on the rocks looking over the falls. The duel yesterday took more out of him than he realizes, so with a small bundle of food, Kenta munched on some and automatically passed out overlooking the falls. The day is bright and sunny, a perfect morning besides the small bit of chill in the air. A small fire crackles a half dozen feet away from Kenta, but it's mostly to roast whatever he had in the small cloth bag now mostly empty. A few burnt sharpened sticks lay about the campfire as well.

There was so much stuff to do! So many genin to look after! Maia was a bit frazzled as she didn't find Kenta in the village, so she waited till early morning to go out on a trek to find him. Spying him over by the falls, she rushes on over and peers curiously as she finally stands over him. She chuckles as she peers down towards the sleeping genin and purses her lips. "Wake up sleepy head. This isn't exactly the safest place for a catnap."

Kenta snorts and rolls over towards Maia, bumping her feet in the process. His legs flail for a second before his eyes snap open and he looks up at her. "Maia! Hi!" Kenta gives a long yawn and streaches saying, "Better than some places. That's for sure.

Kenta snorts and rolls over towards Maia, bumping her feet in the process. His legs flail for a second before his eyes snap open and he looks up at her. "Maia! Hi!" Kenta gives a long yawn and stretches saying, "Better than some places. That's for sure." He moves to sit up and rubs his eyes, "What time is it?" With his free hand, he pats around until he finds the bag resting nearby and reaches inside to grab a bit roasted and dried tomato before popping it into his mouth.

"Still pretty early in the morning. There are people wandering about, and if someone else saw you and they were an enemy you'd be dead by now. So do be more careful next time you choose a sspot to sleep at. Always make sure no one can see you easily." Maia says firmly and resolutely as she purses her lips and stretches her arms into the air. "So, I heard you went up against Akane and Kawichi. How did that go?"

Kenta gives a shrug and doesn't seem worried about any enemies about. But he says with a smile, "Ok, I'll be more careful next time. No worries, Maia-sensei." Kenta gives the question a bit of thought for a second not even noticing Maia stretching, "I did ok. I looked tired, but I don't think I was at my limit yet. Even still, Akane and Kawichi wanted to call it quits. And I only got hit once." he says with a bit of pride in his voice.

"Well that's good! They're pretty new chuunin as well, so I think someone with your experience should be able to take them on. The only way, i could foresee you getting into real trouble is a fight of attrition. We're conditioned to last longer than genin and students, so that would've been where things would've gone awry for you." Maia says firmly and resolutely as she purses her lips and stretches her arms into the air. "And they only hit you once? That's a shame." she says teasingly.

Kenta nods, "Kawichi did with his sword. Thankfully, it was the blunt edge." he says with a grin this time noticing Maia's stretching and does oogle a few seconds before looking back down at his food pouch. He can't help it, it's the springtime of youth! He pats his side, which is still sore, "I think he did bruse something with that hit. It was hard enough to slam me into the cliff wall." He turns over on his belly and crawls over to the edge so he's looking down at the trail leading up to the falls. "Right down there, see the small cracks and little hole in the wall?"

Well infiltration into the Land of Lightning seemed to have proved succesful when not in uniform, however one test remained. To enter as an enemy. Therefore the Death Hand had taken the next step in her own personal recon missions. Fully clothed in uniform, the threatening mask is hidden underneath a large black robe which mostly concealed her face. Strapped over her shoulder the deadly looking extended nodachi was noted. For the most part this is not an assasination mission, no no. One may call it 'having some twisted fun'. She arrived close to the falls, keeping her body hidden and noting two ninja. One being Maia whom was part of 'escorting' Negatana out. For now, just simply observing.

Maia's eyes squint a little as the little crack in the distance is pointed out. She can't exactly see it, she isn't activating her kekkai genkai afterall, but she opens her mouth and sends out a little ultrasonic ping to get the fine details of the crack. Still, after a few moments, she scrunches her nose and resists the urge to smack Kenta upside the head. Someone was here! Someone other than them. Still, she has to keep him calm. Can't have the genin rushing off when it might just be another villager. She didn't go that much into detail with her sensing capability afterall.

"Well, I'm glad you're not hurt. Causing a crack in rock usually causes a few broken bones." she says before looking in the direction where Yuurei is hiding. Hi there!

Still, Kenta may know something is happening. He starts to feel the waves of chakra being emitted from Maia's body, but then again, she could just be preparing to do a little demo for him. Who knows?

Nope, Kenta has noticed nothing but the chakra pouring out of Maia points out something to him. Something is about to happen. He stands up and picks up on the face scrunching, "Hey, it didn't hurt that much. Well, it did, but see…" he waves an arm, "…nothing is broken. What is it?"

Well, the intel on Maia pointed that she was not a Jounin. Or perhaps quite good at hiding it, with the experiences a few days ago she wasn't going to let that slip her. Kenta was a new face. Alas, it would be pointless to just observe. She steps out of her hiding place and flicks from location to location until appearing not too far from both Shinobi, her stance relaxed. Literally sitting on a rock, the intimadating nodachi still sheathed but resting on her lap. Light taps are given on her knee. "Greetings one and all." The male voice escaping from underneath the mask, a complete twist of her original. The 'original' voice of Yuurei. Head lifts slightly, "And what kind of fun filled interesting things do we have on the agenda today." And yes, she was focusing her Chakra.

Oh snap! It's one of the Death Hand! That much, Maia can tell from the uniform as she purses her lips and places an arm over the genin. "Kenta, that's one of the Kiri-nin. We faced them when they tried to trap Raiko-sama in her duel against the Mizukage. Be very careful. If I tell you to run, you run back and get reinforcements, got it?" she says firmly and resolutely. It doesn't sound like a request as she's tense, that much is for sure.

She then calls out towards Yuurei. "Was just heading back to the village. Had a long night, so go back to the docks and leave this land before more of our nin arrive." Of course, she's trying to intimidate the nin in front of them.

Ok, that looks like a bad guy to Kenta. He's never seen someone like that before and fear is a rare thing for the Tenjin. Kenta is nervous but makes a hand sign to focus his chakra. "I..I understand. This is the real thing, isn't it?" he says with a bit of quiver in his voice. He'd run, but there is a cliff wall behind the cloud nin, but then again, he could jump.

Yuurei glances up at Maia, the expressless face of the slitted mask locking straight on both of them. A slight chuckle escapes from underneath the mask, one of sheer enjoyment. "And what if I refuse? I'm just simply here exercising my own right to be here." Shoulders lift as the tapping of the nodachi stops, the masked head glances around. "Thus far I've not found any other Kumo-nin in the area. But this is just land in the end, anyway. Is it not?" A smirk from underneath the mask, he has not made ny aggressive movements yet but the fact that the hand rested on the nodachi stated that he is obviously prepared for battle should the need call for it.

"I'm just outside enjoying this fine Winter's day. I hardly justify coming here to kill off 'the enemy' as something that I'm terribly interested in. So perhaps." Locking eyes on Maia, "You'd rather prefer running off towards your village to call reinforcements. If you can make it there, that is." Not a threat, a rather comical tone. "Just think of me as a Ghost, no, a Poltergeist. I'm here to have some fun and harm those that come in my way. What's your name?"

"Kenta, if I make a signal, you run back towards the village and call for reinforcements right away." Maia whispers softly under her breath before she looks towards the Kiri-nin before her. She shakes her head and remains rather tense as she purses her lips for a few moments, lost in thought as her eyes focus on the nodachi, not quite sure what the masked one is capable off afterall.

"Don't think that because I found you easily doesn't mean that you can find the rest of us easily. This is our land, we have the terrain advantage for we know where to hide, how to hide and how to setup ambushes. Have you ever considered that I'm probably just talking to you to get your guard down so my companions can ambush you at the right moment?" she asks curiously, her brows furrowed. And as for the questions. It's ignored.

'I…I'm just a genin! I can't handle this! If that guy makes a move, I'm toast! Toast? I could go for some of that now. With jam…wait, focus Kenta, keep it together damn it!' is what Kenta is thinking. He's scared out of his wits and only nods numbly to Maia's command. "W…what about you?" he asks, with enough sense to worry about her as well. As his chakra peeks he almost hides behind Maia, but feels his heels poking out over the edge of the cliff.

Yuurei inches for a few moments and slowly but surely pushes herself up to his feet. The sheathed nodachi is held in the right hand, idly next to his side. "That's fine. Perhaps the pride on that you are able to withdraw someone such as myself from your lands would be quite interesting. Perhaps more of you might chase me, perhaps you might fall into a trap that was set. We don't know until you try." A nod of the head. "If you would give me the decency of your name, I will return the favor." He takes a few steps forward but not dangerously close yet.

"Perhaps my companions are around as well. Perhaps my companions have already taken yours hostage and I'm simply the leader of the group. You know nothing of me and I know nothing of you. War is a very interesting thing, it can make or break a person. You seem to have a lot of courage, I admire this courage. Normally." The left hand raises and taps the mask. "…They start running." Shoulders lift, "However, I find this quite interesting. At least I'm not dealing with cowards." He peers at Kenta and tilts his head. "So.." Speaking to Kenta, "What's your ideas on this situation? Do you want to run away and leave your friend here by herself. Or will you signal out your Shinobi allies already. We will see who holds the Queen in this game of chess."

Yuurei glances at the terrain. "I wish not to fight, however, if you make moves I will be forced to defend myself. I have more quality in my ability to run down a bunch of Genins. Please." Headshakes, "I am simply here to communicate a little with you all and I will be on my way. But yes, the possibility of perhaps exist. Perhaps I'm simply here to win your confidence that you do attack me and we move in." He cackles, his tone more twisted this time. "So, I hereby call it. Check." Referencing to Chess.

"I know you're alone. I would've sensed more of your kind if you were with others. The stink of your chakra is what gave you away afterall." Maia says with a rather smarmy grin as she lets out a soft and amused chuckle escape from her lips. Yeah, she knows there's no one else around. That's one thing for sure when she sent out her ultrasonic ping from her lips. But that's also her disadvantage as well, as there are no Kumo reinforcements.

"Normally they start running? From what? A poseur in a black outfit?" She lets out a hearty laugh as she scrunches her nose and shakes her head a little. "Also, you're a terrible liar. I know there's no one around for miles from your side." she says firmly and resolutely, deciding to call the bluff. "So that little check has been parried. It's your move. You're alone. I know you're alone, and you already know that we outnumber you." she says with a wry waggle of her brows.

"I'm giving you a chance to escape unharmed. Considering the stunts you have pulled before, you should go back to your master and grovel at his feet for forgiveness. You failed in your objective. Again." Of course, she's referring to the Death Hand trying to get advantage over Raiko, not that Yuurei was here before. Haha. Let the mindgames begin.

Kenta smiles. For some reason he likes it when Maia does that nose scrunching thing. He can't explain it. Kenta's fears ease away as he says to the Death Hand, "I don't see you attacking us yet. Until then, I'm with my sensei." His voice cracks just then, showing that, yes with his posturing he is afraid. But he's even more worried about Maia so he'll stick around and help out if he can.

Yuurei chuckles slightly, "Perception, quite an interesting skill. Yes, I'm alone, you're alone. All three of us are alone. So basically it's just a matter of time to delay me long enough for someone of your village to arrive and attempt to strike me from behind." Shoulders lift, the male voice very amused. Hands raise as a seal is formed, a poof of smoke and 2 clones appear on either sides of the Death Hand. "You call the odds fair now, as well?" The two clones start moving out of formation and stand in a diamond formation around both of them.

The Death Hand raises the nodachi and points the hilt towards Kenta. "You really need to adapt more courage." An honest tone emitted, "Should the war reach your grounds, you will be called to defend as a Ninja. I am the least of your concerns. Remember these words for the rest of your life. The minute you start running you submit defeat. The minute you start standing up for yourself and put your life at risk, that is when you can call yourself a Ninja."

Eyes lock on Maia, "Well you've had some significant courage thus far, so I'll grant you one gift." The left hand reaches for the hilt of the nodachi and draws it, a large intimidating blade. At least 7 foot in length and looked quite 'sharp'. The other two clones do the same. The sword is rested on his shoulder. "I am Yuurei, Kirigakura Ninja. You may call me a specialist within the Death Hand." A nod. "And you would still refuse to identify yourself?" He taps the blade on his shoulder.
It's a very interesting skill indeed. It's one of the things that has made the young kunoichi rise up within the ranks of the Kumo-nin rather quickly. Still, she hrmms for a few moments while she gives Kenta a brief look. "Don't let him psyche you out. Fear is a good thing to have at times. It's what stops people from doing things that are stupid or foolhardy. Always assess your enemy and run if you know you can't handle it until proper backup comes." she offers in direct contradiction to the words of the Kiri-nin.

"I suppose I'll give you my name. Maia. I'm a singer." She hasn't identified herself as a ninja, but the name might have been heard. It's the name of the young nin who fought against Renji and actually hurt him as well.

"So, are you going to be like your compatriots and come here to check me out, fight me, then come back later to ask me out on a date?" she asks a bit snarkily. It's happened twice already afterall. First with Nori and Renji. "Cause if you are, I can save you from wasting time by saying No now." she says with a hearty laugh.

Kenta chuckles and nods at Maia's words of wisdom. He takes a step so he's side by side with Maia instead of behind. Her words bolstered his courage so he listens to Maia, "That's messed up…" Right now, it's a mental battle with Maia and the death hand. To get in the way would be to foolish for Kenta at this moment.

Yuurei nods his head, one clone inches back slightly and adjusts the position. It would be noted that this clone drew the weapon away from the shoulder and rested the nodachi diagonally over its body. Ir would also be noted that this clone had the slitted eyes locked on Kenta clearly, no movement of head. Just a simple dead stare in the direction of the Genin. The other clone takes a step back and taps the nodachi on its shoulders, neck rolling. It didn't attack just yet.

The original however glances at Maia, "Perhaps a little fun is in order. You've boasted well, Maia. Sadly I am unattached to emotions such as love, fear, loathing, anger. You are dealing with a machine. A construct of the enemy, a perfect killing machine. But perhaps letting you go with a few cuts would be enough." The nodachi is thrusted out horizontally and the blade twists. "Draw me back." The body of the Death Hand comes at a sudden speed, the extended nodachi drawing out at a clear shot for Maia's stomach as he tries to pass. He would not glance at her after the attack and simply fall back to one knee with the nodachi dangerously close to Kenta. "Make or break, young one. Will you protect your Sensei or will you retreat." He cackles.

The clone is quick. really quick! As Yuurei closes in to slice towards the young kunoichi, there's a sudden flailing of Maia's arms as the blade slices through her completely. And then, disappointingly perhaps for the Death Hand is a white poof before another impish giggle can be heard from behind him.

"That's all you got? Really? Boast my ass. You're a machine then, well then surely you know that all machines break down. Machines are built on perfect order. No time for improvisation. No time for original thinking." she says with a hearty laugh as she suddenly backflips ala Guile from Street Fighter.

As she flips, she claps her hand and makes a wooshing sound, displacing the air around her as a concussive force gets sent towards Yuurei with ridiculous speed.

"Kenta! Steer cleer of him!" she calls out.

Kenta blinks out of view for a second before appearing a short distance away as if he jumped but no one saw the arc. "I know, I know…" he says, "…you've got it handled." He waves a hand, "Wouldn't think of getting in the way of your fun." he says with a smile but keeps watch for any of those clones about.

Still on the one knee, as the attack comes heading towards her she literally spins on the knee and dodges to the left. The nodachi is shifted in this as well, this time however instead of a random strike it was more precise. A skill of the weapon, precision and accuracy were here advantages when using this long weapon. Taking a leap back after the attack he positions herself and rests the nodachi diagonally over her body. The blade resting in her open right palm. A slight chuckle escapes his mouth. "Check, again." He gestures his head towards Kenta where the two clones have made their way towards the other ninja, standing diagonally from him. The one holding his blade in the same position as Yuurei still did not budge but the other one had started circling the other ninja, not stopping. Yuurei chuckles and glances at Maia, "Allow him to make a name for himself. I won't allow you to get involved, you are mine. Perhaps he can find the courage to attack. Otherwise." He snorts, "He will be your downfall." A deep breath as he calls to Kenta, "Defend yourself, defend your village and defend yourself. Strike now or they will strike for you!"

Maia's on edge. Having to watch out not just for herself but for Kenta as well is taking a toll especially when she hasn't activated her bloodline limit yet. Still, as Yuurei starts going in for another thrust, she starts forming the seals with her hands, but it's too late! She's slashed with the nodachi as her bodysuit is slightly ripped open, blood splattering on the ground as she keeps her distance once more.

"Kenta, be careful!" she says matter of factly, huffing and puffing while her eyes suddenly change slightly. Her pupils become a spiral shape as she's more aware of her surroundings now, able to keep track of the clones and Yuurei in front of her.

"Using him to get to me. Such cowardly tactics. Shouldn't be surprised considering your Mizukage went to the trouble of kidnapping Lightning villagers in order to get Raiko-sama and the rest of us to back off when we were handing your asses to you." she says matter of factly, her gaze completely focused on Yuurei the entire time.

Kenta frowns as he's being forced to fight in this battle. He hates that. "Death Hand. A tenjin is like a force of nature, slow to start but once moving…unstoppable!" He rubs his temples with a hand, "Man, that was cheesy…let's see…" he puffs out his chest, "…halt, you can't face a force nature like a Tenjin!" He thinks about it and says, "No…no good. Let's do this the old fashioned way…" and starts approaching the clones slowly at first but quickly breaking into a run. He makes a hand sign and several clones burst from the waterfall. "Clone for a clone…go get 'em boys!" The clones sail through the air and all say in unison, "YEAH! YOU GOT IT!" before charging into the clones kicking and punching and slicing.

Yuurei glances at Maia and shakes his head, "It doesn't work that way, you terribly misunderstand me if you think that any Genjutsu ability will have affect on me. You're welcome to try again." He snaps his neck and draws his nodachi up, several seals are formed and 2 more clones appear next to the Death Hand. A smirk from the original is noted, the nod of the head would be the simplest of gestures. "Pathetic or not, this is called war, my dear dear Maia. I would understand that you spurt insults, however in the end it's a matter of tactics." He gestures his Nodachi and points the blade at Maia. "Keep her busy." He comments heading the other direction. The clone heads for Maya, on contact would explode releasing a violently sharp explosin of wind.

With the two clones being defeated by Kenta, the original Yuurei was already on his tail. Appearing behind the other Shinobi. He falls down slightly and clenches his left fist, the nodachi in his right hand held away from Kenta. It would seem that he was just playing, or perhaps saving the best for last. A simple fist is thrust forward towards Kenta's spine.

Maia was out and about scouting. It was what she did, being a sensor nin for Kumogakure and all afterall. Still, she pursed her lips as she couldn't exactly see everything well. Her vision was blurry from being tired, and so she popped a soldier pill to keep on going.

Feeling much better, she focused and her eyes turned into a series of spirals, her pupils dilating as she starts achieving more sonic overlay over her regular vision. There we go. Now she saw them. The vibrations in the air which indicated the presence of enemies with her echo-location. With them found, she nheaded back off to basecamp to report to her elders….

"You underestimate me, Yuurei. Specialist or not, I'm testing your defenses, trying to find chinks in your armor." she says firmly and resolutely as yet another clone starts heading towards her. She shakes her head as the wind starts to explode, letting out force as Maia flails once more, looking like she got hurt. But this time, she was prepared. She fought clone with clone as yet another white poof of smoke could be seen.

She was tracking the original with her vision. She scrunched her nose as she continued following the original, grinning the entire time. "You think I'm going to let you attack my student? What kind of sensei would I be if I did that?" she said with a soft chuckle escaping from her lips as she continued to follow. If Yuurei looked closely enough, there was a seal on her throat that started to appear and glow with chakra as it flowed through her vocal chords. Uh oh, she was planning something big wasn't she.

Yeah, she would be taking the brunt of the abuse for Kenta as she charged in the way and took the fist towards his spine in her stomach instead. She winced with pain, as her sonic barrier broke from the force of the fist, sending her back a bit. She huffed and puffed as she continued charging something up, pursing her lips as she started a series of handseals. A long series of them.. one, ten, fiften, twenty…

Kenta is shocked that the ninja moved so quickly, he didn't even register it! He closes his eyes, reading himself for the blow that never comes. When he opens them again, Maia is ahead of him and to the side after getting gut punched. "No…NO! Maia-sensei !" Kenta spins around and growls at Yuurei, "Leave us ALONE!" He slides a small powder packet from his sleeve and slaps it against his hands breaking the small thumb sized package. With a head flick, he pulls a line of water from the river to mix with the powder on the hands turning the water brown that surrounds his hands. He flashes a few hand signs and the water explodes outward in a group of long needle senbon. Once that's done, he rears back with the same hand sign and fires off two a huge gout of water from his mouth.

Yuurei was too fast for Kenta, both attempts are met with a simple defense and moves out of the way. He remained close to the Genin, the Nodachi even extened close to Kenta's throat but not touching it. Close enough for Kenta to see his own reflection in the blade. Though if he attacked it could have gone any other way. Who knows. He nods his head. "Now you are starting to fight like a Shinobi. However, how will you act when your own teacher is under pressure." He flicks forward, appearing and dissapearing. Yes, he was fast. Appearing next to Maia he slashes forward his nodachi, then follows up by amplifying the technique. A rush of wind escapes at this instant, amplyfing the technique.

OOOOOOOW! The first slice cuts through Maia, though there's that familiar poof of the clone technique. Still, the young kunoichi was trying to get the time in order to activate one of her more unique abilities, one that barely anyone has seen. But she's being pushed close to the edge, and she isn't fast enough to produce yet another clone as the wind enhanced chakra pierces through her shoulder, causing her to cry out in pain, more blood splattering on the ground.

Still, it's at that moment that she's pushed over the edge, the seal over her throat glowing continuously. Her eyes widen as her chakra flows through her body and she starts to sing. It's a rather beautiful melody at that, her voice having a faint tremelo to it as she lets out her song. She knows she has to do this to protect her student, and perhaps it'll make the Yuurei think twice about attacking again.

Secret Technique: Melody of Destruction! she cries out as she continues to sing, the song enhanced by her chakra as she starts creating ultrasonic frequencies that directly attack Yuurei's body. A sudden wave of force can be felt as it starts out as a faint tingling sensation before a sudden burst of paralyzing pain goes through the body, as the sound attacks all of Yuurei's cells, or at least tries to..

Kenta is blown away by the waves of concussion and sound from Maia. He didn't know she had THAT much power. Kenta is impressed but scared all at the same time. Don't mess with Maia-sensei! He does a few hand signs and launches himself at one of the huge walls of rock around the waterfall. He runs up it for a second before launching himself into the air and with his last hand sign, fires off a stream of water following the wall of sound from Maia. Then once more as soon as the first blast putters out. It's not much, but it's the best Kenta can do.

Well this was quite interesting. Yuurei is hit by the attacks and actually received some damage. He simply cackles at the fact as the remaining clone vanishes. He leans forward onto his nodachi, a few deep breaths. "Well for Genin and a Singer, you are quite talented indeed." Not taking any actions yet, he simply waits for the volley to follow. At a disadvantage at the moment, the two had time to regroup in this. The mask of the Death Nin simply peers at them waiting to see which will follow. Maia would be the first, obviously. Or perhaps assumptions were incorrect.

The song is just the first part of a one, two combo. She knew this, and perhaps the enemy did too. With the seal over her throat still glowing brightly, the song transitioned from one of happyness to a darker, more somber tone. The key itself went from a major to a minor key to reflect this change as the song continued, the effects o the cavitation going over Yuurei's cells. Each cell was being attacked individually by her song as she continued to go through it, performing as it were for the Kiri-nin.

Secret Technique: Songbird's Requiem! she continued as her hands performed the seals for the second part of the assault, the heat from the ultrasonic frequencies becoming stronger and more powerful as she focused all her energy on the Kiri-nin before her. The message was clear. Don't. Fuck. With. Kumo.

Kenta loves his sensei! Maia has more and more surprises in every battle. But he is a little sad he should have to discover them in the middle of a fight. Not to mention making his abilities look small in comparison. What can Kenta do? Splash water. But he splashes water very well! With a small bit of chakra left, he's forced to leap backward taking a rear position behind Maia so he can focus his chakra. "Wow…just wow." he says, the awe in his voice apparent.

Well then, Yuurei is hit once more and tenses. He chuckles slightly, although it is noted that his uniform had received some damage. He was still on his feet. Once more leaning against the nodachi he takes a deep breath. "That's pretty good. I might have a few wounds to heal and a few bruises afterwards. I'll grant you that." He nods. "However, shall we continue. It's just getting fun now."

With most of her chakra drained from those two attacks, she huffs and puffs while pursing her lips. She looks tired now, that's for sure as she continues to face the wounded Yuurei. She wasn't in that great shape either, but it's been a slight two on one thus far, with her trying to intercept all the hits aimed for Kenta.

"You.. still… want to go on? I'm impressed." she says, huffing and puffing as she focuses more chakra into her body while looking towards the Death Hand. It's then that she makes the signal to Kenta. She knows that he's tired.

"Go and get the others. Quickly. NOW!" she says firmly and resolutely. She wasn't sure how much longer she could last against such a strong opponent.

Kenta flinches and tears start welling up in the eyes. "But…but Maia-sensei !" he starts to protest, but knows that if he doesn't go and get help now, they're both dead. Kenta glares at the death head for a second and turns bounding up the side of the waterfall cliff to get away, or at least try. Kenta is only as fast as your average genin, even with the body flicker technique which only boosts his speed slightly.

Yuurei had managed to /finally/ break out of the stun. He just simply glances as Kenta as he starts to escape, "Don't worry about it, I have no concern to stop him. It might take him about 15 to 20 minutes to return to the village. It might take someone from the village to get here in 5 to 10 minutes. If he beats the odds of 1:1000 he might find someone and return with reinforcements within 5 minutes." He lifts his shoulders. "It will take me 1 minute to get away. So stacking the odds and possibilities. You and I are alone for at least.." He thinks. "19 minutes. In this time it could change the pace." He takes a few steps forward.

The Nodachi is twisted as two more clones are formed. "I will applaud you on your attempt deared Maia, you have done well. I wasn't expecting the quality of your ninja to be this high in regard. If you are a Genin I'd be more impressed, if you were Chuunin I would understand. A singer won't pass as an excuse." He cackles. "Regardless of the result today, I am as I stated earlier. I'm not concerned with killing you today, not at all. Think of me as simple observer." He pauses. "There's 17 minutes left to make your last stand. How will you do it?" He cackles. "Will you throw down your guard and let me leave or do you want to insist in being a hero?" He shakes his head and replaces his hood over his head. "Yes, you did injure me. I give you that. But do you want to foolishly go into this alone." He pauses. "16 minutes." Like clockwork. "So let's make a little barter. Let me withdraw and you can tell the story of me leaving. They don't need to know our discussion. However, I do not feel like spilling blood here today." He tilts his head. "If you want to force me." The three clones draw the nodachi's and assume the same stance, blade over the shoulder and pointing forward. "I will give you maximum damage from the full extent of my power. It's a win-win for you if you allow me to simply leave. Don't be cocky. I have an extant of mercy."

"You think that I sent him away to actually get reinforcement. I know you were trying to get to him to get my guard down, but no, I'm no hero. Like I said earlier, I'm merely a singer." Maia says firmly and resolutely as she continus to huff and puff a bit. She's used up a healthy bit of her chakra as she purses her lips and just stares down the Death Hand member in front of her.

"So what are you going to do with this information? Try to think of ways to neutralize me? I'm just one person, Yuurei of Kirigakure. I'm one of the weaker ones in Kumogakure." she says matter of factly. "And you had a difficult time with me. I didn't even unleash everything yet, but like you, I don't wish for blood to be shed upon the lands of my people. So go. Go back to Kirigakure with your tail between your legs and remember that we are not one to be walked over. We are not ones to be toyed with. We will not just fall back and die because you try to intimidate us." she says firmly and resolutely. "So leave." she says, glaring towards the ninja in front of her.

Yuurei sighs from underneath the mask, "If only there was no arrogance in your words, I might have just brushed them off. Yet the alarming facts is that you still insist that you have some grounds on me." He shakes his head and sheaths his nodachi before replacing it on his back. "Very well, you've made your choice. I will leave you with a nice parting gift." He points his hand towards Maia, the clones move forward. A double attack from left and ride sides of her. A simple skill. The one on the left would explode first, and then the right.

Yuurei himself shifts locations to the back of Maia at the easiest escape route. He just simple shakes his head. "I won't cowar like a dog. You completely misunderstand me. However, I made a promise today that I wouldn't further escalate tensions. 10 minutes." He comments. The masked head nods as he starts turning his back to walk off. "It's up to you whether or not you wish to continue thus. I am however leaving, as per your one-sided request."

Oh snap. Why did she have to go too far with the bravado? Maia braces herself, opening her lips and preparing the bird seals with her hands as a barrier of pure sound covers her entire body. Still, it wasn't enough as the razor sharp winds rip through her clothes and flesh leaving her badly cut and on the ground, coughing up blood. She winces in pain and just lays back, staring up at the sky, thinking this is the end. There's no response from her anymore as Yuurei walks off…

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