Clash at the Ramen House


Sanada, Yukio, Hitoshi, Chiaki

Date: September 24, 2012


What was supposed to be a nice peaceful meal turned out to be a chaotic and somewhat confusing mess that one would have to see to believe.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Clash at the Ramen House"

The Ramen House

The ramen house is just about as bustling as it usually is. People are stopping in, getting a nice hot bowl of ramen for dinner along with a cold drink, talking and chatting with friends. There was one girl who wasn't as comfortable as the rest here. Chiaki sits off to the end waiting on her order of ramen to finish cooking. She keeps her head down and casually eavesdrops on the other patrons. This is one of the rare times she has actually taken off her hat so the sun was somewhat bothering her. However she felt a need to do so out of respect for the Ramen House, not taking her hat off would be rude and insulting.

Sanada going to grab lunch after teaching some lesson around konoha would have taste for Ramen, wasting no time he would wander inside with closed eyes. He would speak softly as he entered "extra-large bowel of spicy ramen." Just then the young man would feel out a empty seat and sat there. He wouldn't open his eyes nor would he speak to anyone that he may have knew there "large ice tea as well."

Yukio's enjoying his free time today, and despite the lack of a talk with his teammate yet, Yukio's been talking to command about the mission logistics of their mission yesterday. Regardless, it's time for some lunch. So Yukio's headed to the Ramen house. As he walks through the door, he plops down, in an empty seat just a couple chairs away from his teammates. "The special, with everything on it. And water please? Thank you." And then he takes a nice long sigh, closing his eyes, removing his sunglasses, and rubbing over the spheres. Yesterday was still grating on his nerves.

Glancing up at the familiar voices she looks over at both Sanada and Yukio. She lifts a hand in greeting and says "Hello there.." although it is just a quiet murmer among all the voices. She did not bother repeating herself, if they heard her great if not she knew it would be futile trying to speak up over the other people. The chef hands her fish ramen and she quietly thanks him. Breaking apart her chopsticks she begins picking at her bowl taking her time as she ate. In an effort to be friendly however she moves over to sit closer to her teammates.

Sanada would wave his hands to the two of them to get join him, as his food was coming up the rather large bowel and tiny bowel would be brought to him as he sniffed it he would sighed before breaking the chop sticks and started to eat. Sanada would wait for the moment until they sat at the table or not however his eyes being close would be the same as well as his breath would be steady as he took the first bite of his meal. "Tsk, not spicy enough, more seasons." Is said as he sat there and poured the spicy sauce on top before taking a sip of his ice tea.

Yukio, his fingers still rubbing over his eyes, nods, as CHiaki speaks up. "Chiaki-san." he says, politely. His own food came up, being set infront of him, as he took a moment to put his sunglasses back on, making sure his eyes weren't shown. "itadakimasu." He started to dig into his meal.

Chiaki nods at Yukio in response, and continues to carefully eat her ramen. She looks to Sanada as she finished taking a bite and asked "Sanada was it? How have you been since the mission? It..probably was not..what is the word.." She nibbles on the end of the chopstick in thought "The most ideal outcome.." She glances at Yukio as if subtly hinting whose fault it was. "Perhaps letting them go was for the best.."

Sanada would close his eyes as if he was wincing in pain before slowly opening his eyes and speaking softly "tsk, the mission it was phatic. Failure to stick to plans. It's because of that I have to put an end to the other Alpha male on the team." Sighing as he took another bit out of his meal before taking a sip out of his ice tea. Shifting as he looked towards Yukio to wave him over once more before yawning and digging back into his food. Maybe this time Yukio would come over or less he may be feeling the wrath of Sanada soon.

Yukio sighs. "You're missing the point of every word I've spoken to you, baka." he says, sitting there munching at his ramen. "And I'd be happy to kick your noodle any time." he says, glancing over towards Sanada, giving a little laugh at Sanada's wave. "I have no problem taking orders, so long as I am dealing with someone competent at their job. You proved to me you weren't.

Chiaki finished with her meal gingerly pushes aside her ramen and allows the two 'men' to talk. As the lowest ranked of the group it was best if she just let them work it out on their own. Besides it would give her a chance to better observe their personalities. Perhaps if she needed to she would act as a mediator of sorts, but for now she was just going to sit back and enjoy the show. She quietly asks the chef to bring her a small cup of tea. Bringing the tea the chef whispered to her "There gonna be a problem with those two?" She shakes her head and smiles "No I think they are just going to have a polite conversation.." She slowly takes a sip from the tea and looks to Sanada waiting on him to respond to Yukio's remark.

Sanada would finished his extra-large bowel of Ramen and with a smile he would stand up after placing his money on the table. "Chi-baka stands back and make sure to catch my body when it drops." Sanada would be looking at Yukio as the man asked them for no trouble. "Don't worry sir there will be no mess no broken items or tables." Sanada would have a dull expression as he started to gather a little chakra. "You talk a big game but I can tell just by looking at ya, you have no really skill. Cause you don't get it, this mission was nothing more than a test of your characters to see wither you had what it takes to follow orders in a less than ideal situations but no your way to thick headed for that eh. Fine perhaps you'll submit to me being team leaders if I force you to." Cracking his neck the young Chuunin would be rather relaxed

Yukio laughs openly at that. "You expect to force me, to acknowledge you as team leader. You do nothing to prove yourself leadership material, and expect a shinobi of the same rank to just blindly follow your orders. Not gonna happen. You expect some ridiculous explanation after a complete and utter failure on your part excuses the failure? It doesn't. It just proves you to be childish, and unfit to be a team leader." he says, finishing his bowl. "If you wouldn't mind. I'd rather -not- get kicked out of my favorite resturant for your stupidity. So why don't we take this to the training fields." he says, setting his money on the table and heading for the door. It's up to Sanada whether or not he attacks, but Yukio's already got chakra focused.

Looking between the two of them she sighs a little and gives a nod of acknowledgement. Placing the money for her food and drink she watches and waits for her cue. She would prefer to sit and simply watch but as long as she only had a minor role in this. She began thinking to herself though maybe if they knock enough sense into each other, the sooner we can work on becoming a nonlaughable team. Perhaps it was not the two of them, but their lack of a leader to begin with.

"No need to head to a new location since this wont last long enough, something about you though ticks me off." Sighing as he waved through a couple of seals just then a genjutsu would be casted onto Yukio in an attempts to make him submit and remain in place as he send his mind into the body of Yukio.

It had been a steadily brewing conflict that had built up and now was coming to a head. As Yukio turns his back and Sanada gets ready to strike, there was a brief moment where Hitoshi was just kind of watching this from the sidelines, having kind of found his little niche at a table near the entrance… wall-flowering until it was apparent he needed to step in. As awkward as it probably seemed, given the fact that there is now a child who is screaming "HEY! THAT'S MY PUPPY!" - it had to be done. As Sanada lets loose with his mental barrage, so begets Hitoshi with the Puppy Throwing Arm - tossing the baby pooch right into the line of fire. First comes the fact the dog is mentally attacked… stunned, and laying there. Poor dog. The worst part probably comes next, though - for both Sanada and the puppy. For the first and hopefully only time in it's life, the pooch will get to see through the eyes of a human. And Sanada will get to see the world from a foot off the ground. "Dirty pool." That's the -first- words out of Hitoshi's mouth. "Trying to attack a man with his back turned."

Yukio, glances over at this entire fiasco. "Thank you friend." he says, looking at Hitoshi first. Then his gaze turns to the pup, and a low, rumbling growl, one that has no place coming from a human throat, resonates out from his vocal cords. "I don't suppose you would be so kind as to let me maul the little jerk would you?" he asked, taking off his glasses, and letting his eyes show, the orbs practically glowing with anger at this point, as he tucks the arm of his sunglasses into the neck of his shirt.

Looking to the stranger then to the pup she raises an eyebrow. She stands up and makes sure to catch Sanada's body before it hits the ground. This was certainly an unexpected turn of events. Her first thought was who is that guy and why was he putting their squabbling to a stop? Carefully placing his body against the counter she brushed herself off and continued to simply watch unsure what she could even begin to say at this point.

The sudden appears would toss the man now as he took over the dog he would sigh before reversing the jutsu his anger however wouldn't be anything to serious. "Tsk, come to the training grounds when you're ready for your lesson in respect." Shifting as he dusted himself off and walked right out the ramen shop without saying another word or rather not another word the others but

Yukio could head "you were just saved this day…count your blessing fool." Sanada would just keep walking out without a care in the world and his expression wouldn't have changed at all from the start.

The poor kid's puppy would proceed to run back, and the kid would be retreating. That's fine. As Hitoshi watches Sanada turn and walk, he just shakes his head a little bit at his comment… He raises his hand toward Yukio and Chiaki lightly, then, indicating that they probably shouldn't follow him. "Let him go and blow his steam off," he comments, his voice even and calm… and he tilts his head a little, shaking his head a little still."Watanabe Yukio-san and Mizukiyo Chiaki-san?" He looks between the two of them, and he blinks for a moment, looking at Yukio in particular… before he quietly motions for the boy to put his glasses back on… if he's able to figure out what he means, anyway.

Yukio nods, and quickly puts his glasses back on. "The brat's not worth my breath anyway. But be aware. Next time he attacks me… I will cram my foot so far up his broth that my footsweat will quench his thirst." he says, in a completely calm voice. "And yes, I am Watanabe Yukio. It's a pleasure."

Chiaki watches Sanada leave and quietly says "Bye Sanada" Before turning and bowing to Hitoshi "Confrontation Beast Viper-fist User, Chiaki sir" She straightens up although her stance is still formal and rigid. "You have yet to tell us what your name is though sir, and I am curious..since you broke up the spat Yukio and Sanada were having." She crosses her arms behind her head as she awaits a response from Hitoshi.

As things seemed to simmer down a bit, Hitoshi smiles a little bit, tilting his head. "I'm Taniguchi Hitoshi," he responds lightly, bowing his head just slightly and smiling still. "And… If I read this right…" He reaches into the pouch he wears at his back, and takes out a small scroll, waggling it slightly. "… You two are part of my three-man unit now." he explains lightly. He looks between the two of them, tilting his head a little bit still, and smiling. "I'm not sure if Yamanaka-san is, as well. I didn't recieve orders to that effect," he explains lightly. "But it appears that could be for the best… Watanabe-san?" A glance is given toward the slightly taller boy.

Yukio shakes his head. "It probably is. Even if he is, I will not put up with it past this. He's attacked me. I have legitimate reason to be angry with him. His only reason for attacking me is a bruised ego." He sighed, and shook his head. "Well then, it's good to meet you, Hitoshi-san. I look forward to working with you."

Chiaki frowns slightly but nods "Perhaps…we will never get anywhere with the two of them fighting..and it will be good to have a leader.." Part of her would miss being in a team with Sanada but she knew sometimes you had to make sacrifices to get ahead. She picks up her hat and dusts it off before placing it back ontop of her head and adjusting it properly "Then who is the third man in your unit now and will we get to meet them soon?"

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