Class Interrupted


Hyuuga Hiroshi, Hyuuga Yuzuna

Date: Feburary 5th, 2010


A class is interrupted to Yuzuna's dismay.

"Class Interrupted"

Hyuuga Village

The land of fire birth place of the hidden leaf village and its many clans. Nara, Uchiha, Hyuuga, Yamanaka, Senju, and many more. The hidden leaf village is home for the many ninja and they live in peace and harmony well some do. Summer in Konoha was rather warm and relaxing with a cooling breeze blowing every now and then on the warm faces of its inhabitants. Hiroshi Hyuuga would find himself outside of his home of the Hyuuga complex. The teenage Chuunin would be garbed in his regular fitted Hyuuga robes complete with a Chuunin vest hidden under the fabric. Resting on the teens left shoulder would be a small Russian blue kitten mewing lightly as his master walks down the many complexes. Hiro would find himself walking into a small recreational area of the Hyuuga village, mostly fitted with training items for the students and Genin to play and have fun while also working to improve themselves.

The little children watch with wide pale and curious eyes intently as their instructor demonstrates a move, a slender arm extending out in front of her as the hem of the training robes brush against the forearm, long ebony hair drifting over her right shoulder, "Extend the position between your feet as you shift your weight, then reach out with your left arm with your right behind you. This allows for better movement, concentration and aim while facing an opponent. This stance has been passed down through our clan well before the village was formed." Yuzuna murmurs easily, her pale lavender eyes blinking slowly as she glances over the children, seeing some nodding while others frown with thorough thought. She lowers her chin slightly in a single nod as she pulls herself from the stance, "Now then, everyone stand and get into the position I just showed you. We will practice until we can do it without thinking, okay?" With several quick and eager nods, little children all between the ages of three to five hurry to their feet, spacing out across the padded mats to attempt the task.

Hiroshi would come to a halt as he peers over at the instructor. His crystalline eyes locked on the female Hyuuga as she demonstrates the clans secret Taijutsu style Juuken. Hiroshi would remain silent as his head slowly tilts curiously to the side. His side cheek brushing ever so gently against the fur of his kitten companion. The kittens low mews would come to a silence as her emerald green eyes peer curiously at the hyuuga instructor and her students. "The art of Juuken, passed down from generation to generation, and our greatest weapon." Hiro would say lightly towards the kitten before taking a few more steps forward to watch the little ones as they train. A small gust of wind would cause several strands of the teens long ebony hair to sway back and forth in the wind before finding a resting place just over his right eye. Hiro would slowly trace the line of his ebony strands in his right hand before flickering them back over his shoulder as he peers on attentively at the children who have risen from their resting place to enter the clans stance.

Yuzuna passes between the children at a steady pace, focused to the small group of ten or so as with each child she pays individual attention, her pale eyes narrowing slightly as she kneels to the side of one little boy. "Very good, Hikaru-kun. You have a good grasp on how it is supposed to look." She gently lifts a hand to gingerly wrap her fingers around the tiny right arm, her other hand grasping the other in turn. With encouragement, she tilts his arms just a little bit more into the stance. "There. Did you feel that?" she murmurs, "Can you tell the difference?" The boy in question blinks his pale eyes with some surprise before his expression almost beams. Yuzuna only lowers her chin in a quiet nod, "Now I want everyone to practice every night this week. Everyone has their diagram scroll of the Chakra Pathway System, correct? Memorize those and we will test where the points are on a live person." Standing to her feet, her back straightens as she clasps her hands quietly in front of her, arching a brow, "You are dismissed."

"Have to admit she makes a good teacher, then again its not like she's teaching little kids." Hiro would say to the kitten who would begin to mew before slowly bring its left paw to playfully bat at his masters ear. "Macha you're so playful today." Hiro would say chuckling lightly to himself. As Yuzuna instructs the students on the proper form and technique azure would find himself slowly drifting off day dreaming about the worlds wonders. The teens face would be still as if in an unbroken daze, his facial features still as stone, as his hair flails lightly in the blowing wind. As the climax of the class comes up Azure's day dream would be broke as he blinks his eyes several times before turning his attention to The Hyuuga’s before him. Folding his arms in front of his chest slipping his hands inwards of his sleeves. "Excellent work all of you." He would say as he watches the kids make there way towards home, the playground, and other places they may go. "And to you as well my lady it did not seem like they got to bored with your lecture." He would say in a light tone.

Yuzuna waits until the last of the class shuffles off to their homes for the day before her arm blurs with sudden motion, a senbon needle landing in a wooden post just to the side of Hiroshi's head. Lifting her chin, she narrows her pale lavender eyes as the young woman turns her head, her gaze hardening slightly behind a stoic expression. "Your presence was upsetting." she murmurs evenly. "Unless you had a particular reason or mission, then there is no reasoning to your visit." Yuzuna watches him steadily before turning away from him, approaching the closet as a slender hand reaches for the pouch on her hip, pulling it free and opening it to return the tools to their proper place.

"The way I see it as, I didn't disturb your class, I was almost completely quiet, and I didn't come and to over throw you. I would say you should not take such a tone, it almost makes you sound hostile. And the only mission I have set up is a small patrol of the village and the outer walls. I have 3 hours until that time so I thought I would take some time to see the future of our clan. Is that wrong of me? Hiro would ask calmly as he takes a few steps forward now standing a few feet from the girl. "Besides last I checked I had as much of a right to be around here as anyone else, unless you are not to fond of me in which case I can understand. " Hiro would say turning his back to the teenage girl now as he would mutter under his breath, "seems a lot of my main branch brothers and sisters and cautious of me." From his masters mutters the small kitten would mew just lightly bringing its small head up to stroke against her masters neck. The gray hairball would seemingly sing to his master a song of calming in small mews.

"Private tutelage usually implies just that. Private." Yuzuna murmurs as she sets and organizes the weapons that were used. "If you were one of the parents, I would be more than understanding, but their progress does not effect you personally. This is merely a curiosity." She pulls off her gloves before setting them inside and closes the doors, her hands reaching up to pull back her long, dark hair in her slender fingers as she smoothly turns to walk past the boy, gathering her hair into a loose bun. "Your presence made them nervous, thus affecting their progress. It matters little who it is that is watching them, pressure is always noticed."

"I would doubt they are worried by my prescience and if they are I don't think they would do well on a mission being nervous a lot. Being private as these lessons were I wouldn't think u would have reacted if it were another member of the branch a high member but then again I guess it doesn't truly matter. If you don't wish me to watch the future of Konoha and look upon who may very well one day be the members or my own squad just say Hiro I don't wish you to watch the young ones train anymore." The yawning Hyuuga would say stretching his arms out wide as the sleeves of his shirt hang and dangle in the breeze. "Well then since that matter is settled I will do the gentleman thing and ask you would you like to grab something to eat perhaps? Not that I am truly expecting you to say yes, but offering is always a nice thing to do." Hiro would turn to peer curiously at Yuzu his pale opal eyes casting the girls reflection in them as the long black strands of his hair sway from left to right.

"Children have enough pressure from adults in our clan without more being added. At this age teaching without the intense pressures of performance encourages growth at a smoother rate than average. So yes, I still would have taken offense to anyone else intruding on my class as well, regardless of your own perceived notions." Yuzuna narrows her pale eyes as she glances over her shoulder at him for a long moment. "My first impression of you is offensive, opinionated, and stubborn." she arches a dark brow. "Little surprise you are a Hyuuga." The young woman turns forward as she steps through the open walkway, ignoring the boy to step through the garden.

Azure would chuckle lightly shaking his head from left to right as he extends his right arm out. The small Russian blue kitten mews lightly as it pats it small paws down her masters right arm. Hiroshi would lower himself just slightly allowing the kitten to jump down onto the ground. "Well at least she didn't run and close the door like most of the members of our houses main branch." He would say as he proceeds in the opposite direction of Yuzuna. Hiro appears to be heading down the branch family end of the hyuuga village the faithful kitten patting its pause ever so cheerfully following her master. "Come how about we go move around the training grounds for a bit Macha maybe someone there wont run away from us at sight." The small kitten would simply mew as her whiskers twitch just lightly.

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