Class Is In Session


Kaido, Isamu, Shinobu

Date: June 11, 2015


It's a new semester at the Ninja Academy and couple of students have class with the new permanent Head Instructor at the Academy.

"Class Is In Session, A New Head Instructor At The Academy"

Class 154 - Ninja Academy [Konohogakure]

After a long talk with Daisuke, the Hokage, Kaido was asked to take over the vacant Head Instructor's slot at the Academy in Konoha. The place has been without one for long enough and even though there are always instructors available, there isn't one who's there everyday. It's why he and his nin-ken have all cleaned up nicely (even Doborou had consented to bathe) and all wear fresh uniforms and Kaido wears the vest of a Jounin-candidate.
He glances at the clock as he stands in front of the instructor's desk and waits for it to strike 8 am so that all the students would file in for their lessons. Bandit and Bolt stand at either side of the room where training dummies are set up and Doborou is leaning next to the whiteboard where some things have been written down for students to make notes of.

Isamu was a bit late this morning - he had gotten up early for his pre-dawn training regime, and had let time slip away from him a /little/ too much while he worked with his sparring dummy, trying to master his new striking and blocking techniques. When he saw that the sun had already risen in the sky, he'd scrambled to get to the Academy on time, sprinting all the way and walking in, sweaty and out of breath, at 8:02. "Go… Gomenasai, Sensei," he puffed with his hands on his knees, catching his breath and wiping his brow. ".. Lost track of time.."

Shinobu is on time, but keeping mostly to herself. Kame is the life of the party, though, enjoying attention from other kids. The girl simply watches, only occasionally 'speaking' to others with genjutsu. One in particular, another Inuzuka boy, seems to enjoy chatting with her despite the fact that she's pretty quiet. When the bell rings, everyone quiets down… And then Isamu comes in late. Cringe. Shinobu remembered, if briefly, the punishments that were often in store for those that were late at that place. She was only late once, and then never again because the experience…
Anyway, now she's just watching Isamu and hoping he isn't in too much trouble. The fact that Kaido and his partners are teachers surprises her a bit. Her usual Sensei must be taking a break today. They always did switch out teachers at random times.

Kaido isn't happy and glares at Isamu as he tries to apologize. He says, "Since this is my first day, you get a reprieve on being punished… the next time you are late, you will regret it."
He waits until Isamu and everyone has settled down before he turns to face the entire class. Bandit, Bolt and Doborou join him and he says, "To those of you who don't know me, I am Inuzuka Kaido, and as of today will be the new permanent Head Instructor for the Academy. With me are my nin-ken, Bandit and Bolt" The two nin-ken, Bandit being an older-looking and somewhat grumpy American Beagle and Bolt, a much younger and much more happy-go-lucky Siberian Husky both nod. Kaido continues, "And this is my tanuki summon, Doborou…" Doborou looks somewhat bored and also simply nods.
Kaido then says, "Together we will be teaching you the basic skills necessary to being a full-fledged shinobi of Konoha. We will also monitor your progress and adminster your Final Exam when we feel you have learned enough and shown enough to be considered for graduation."
With that all said he reaches back and pulls out a clipboard with the class roster on it and starts alphabetically calling out the names of the students, until he gets to: "Inuzuka Shinobu and nin-ken Kame?" He waits for her to indicate that she's here and then says, "Ishikawa Isamu?" and waits for him to say present and continues on until finished.

Isamu nods and bows gratefully before hurrying to his seat, glancing around to the worried look Shinobu had on her face and giving her a shy grin and a small shrug, as if to say 'It's okay'. He was a bit surprised when Kaido introduced himself as the permanent instructor - they hadn't /ever/ had one of those, as far as Isamu could remember, and for some strange reason, the knowledge brought a sense of comfort and security. When the sensei went through the roster, Isamu announced a loud "Hai!" when his name was called. At least everyone would know who he was. The boy sat back in his seat, watching the front anxiously to see what their lesson would be today.

When her name is called, Shinobu offers a small raise of her hand while Kame yips cheerfully. Within that short bark is a, ~Hi cuz! We should play! Not now, though!~, directed at Bolt. The pup wags her tail a bit before getting snuggled more by Shinobu. When Isamu gave his loud 'Hai!', there were many heads that turned to look at him. Mostly the ones that were new-ish and didn't know Isamu, and Shinobu was included. Then again, she didn't know many from her class in general.

Kaido finishes with the class roster and puts it down and looks at everyone, having memorized faces with names and says, "Alright… we are going to split up into four groups…" He divides the class into quarters and says, "Bandit will take Group 1 and work on Taijutsu, Bolt will take Group 2 and work on Stealth, Doborou will take Group 3 and work on Genjutsu and basic Seals, and I will take Group 4…" of which Isamu and Shinobu are a part of "and work on Ninjutsu… Will all people so numbered head to their assigned instructors?"
He waits for Shinobu and Isamu to arrive as Bolt, Bandit and Doborou take their groups to different corners of the room to work on things.

Isamu's head perks up when he hears Taijutsu, but his expression quickly turns sullen when he learns that he will not be part of that group. His disdain only grows, however, when he hears what he /will/ be working on. 'Nooo,' he groans internally as his head thuds down on the desk. How could this day get any worse? Ninjutsu was his worst skill! This was sure to be an embarrassment… Sighing dejectedly, Isamu walked as a boy condemned toward the front of the room with Shinobu, his head low and his hands in his pockets as he waits silently for instruction. This was /not/ going to be fun.

Ninjutsu… Shinobu wasn't all that skilled in it, truth be told. The girl had a knack for Genjutsu and has learned Taijutsu ever since that place, but ninjutsu always seemed like magic to her. She gets out of her seat, sliding from the chair and hugging Kame to her chest. The girl goes over to Kaido, walking with Isamu, however unintentionally. Her eye is fixated on the floor in front of her, though it is not so much dejection as nervousness. If she got this wrong… Kame gave her partner a comforting lick on the cheek to stop those thoughts.

The class is roughly 40 students and so most of the groups have 10 students in them, Kaido looks each of his group in the eye and says, "Ninjutsu is one of the hardest things a shinobi has to learn next to Genjutsu. It requires knowledge and control and manipulation of chakra as well as hand seals in order to accomplish feats that some would consider to be magic."
He moves and takes a seat and crosses his legs and motions for everyone to do the same. Once they've done so, Kaido holds out his hand and in it is a visible ball of pure chakra and he says, "Most of you will not have the ability to summon, control and manipulate chakra to this degree for some time. But this is the goal, to summon your chakra from your chakra centers and manipulate it via handseals to do wonderous things."
He banishes the chakra and says, "But today we will mostly work on two very basic, yet very useful skills. I am a HUGE believer in the basic skills and even though I am a Jounin candidate, I still practice them every day, because every single advanced technique you learn can be DIRECTLY traced back to these basic skills. Today, we will practice the Replacement Technique and Henge technique." He looks at each student again and says, "Before I explain the techniques and how to do them, does anyone have any questions?"

Isamu frowns a bit, his eyes downcast. Slowly, hesitantly, he raises his hand. In probably his quietest voice, he speaks. "… A-And… What if… What if we really don't know how to use our chakra…" He has tried it, before, and he was simply a dunce. There was just something wrong with his chakra that it didn't wanna be manipulated. Red in the face now, he slowly lowers his hand, thinking that he's just committed social suicide.

Shinobu doesn't have questions, no. The girl is silent, watching Kaido with her full attention and not wavering. Part of it is out of habit that was built from the years of suffering, and part of it was her own nature. Kame tends to get a bit more distracted, but the pup always snaps her attention back to Kaido when he does something cool. Like the chakra ball! Yip! ~What was that called?~ she asks, just before Isamu. Shinobu peeks over at Isamu, too. He didn't know how to use chakra? She could use genjutsu, sure, but she didn't understand it! Maybe that could work together!

Kaido first focuses on Isamu, and the expression he shows the boy is… sympathy? He says gently, "I too, had problems with using chakra when I was your age and a student… but my instructor then taught me something that will now impart to you all." He takes a breath and says, "Chakra comes from within, and sometimes, due to quirks of nature and genetics, the flow of chakra in people are not as fluid as we would want it to be. Therefore we need to learn how to give it new paths to travel to make it smoother."
He goes into the lotus pose and says, "One thing you can do, and when the class is over, I will give you one on one instruction to help improve your chakra control is to focus on just feeling your chakra centers, and then slowly attempt to spread your chakra through your body. When you find where it stops, then you will know where you are blocked or where the channels aren't quite straight. Then try and go around the blockage in a different direction. When you can do that enough to be able to feel your chakra flow freely through your body, the rest is easier. Does this answer your question?"
Moving to Kame, he says, "That was simply a manifestation of chakra, I concentrated chakra in a ball shaped form in my hand so that you all could observe what manifested chakra looks like. Any other questions?"

Isamu looked up curiously, the gears in his brain whirring. You could actually do that? After Kaido's speech, he looked a little more hopeful, but still uncertain. Still, he gives a quiet nod, grateful to have someone that could relate to him. "So.. Which technique should I try to do, sensei?" he asks sheepishly, knowing that until he /did/ learn how to redirect his chakra, he'd still be very likely to fail.

Shinobu doesn't have any questions! … Still. Kame seems satisfied with the response and nods, settling back down. The two would follow any instructions that would be given, moving almost immediately to make sure they follow orders. They would, for today, work on their own unless it was otherwise mentioned, focusing on the replacement technique more than Henge because the latter was the bane of Shinobu's student career.

Kaido motions for Isamu to come sit next to him and then gets up and says, "Here let me show you all how to do the Replacement Technique first and then I will help Isamu." He hands each student a log and then says, "The hand seals for Replacement Technique are" He makes the seal of the Tiger, "Tiger", then he makes the seal of the Boar, "Boar", then the seal of the Ox, "Ox", then the seal of the Dog, "Dog" and finally he makes the seal of the Snake, "Snake". He does them all very slowly so that the students can see how they are made and the sequence and has them practice that first, not letting them add chakra at this time.
He then turns back to Isamu and has him sit down beside him for a moment and says, "Now center yourself and call forth your chakra, don't try to do anything with it yet, just call it forth and let's see first if your chakra centers work properly." As Isamu does this, Kaido goes around helping the other students, correcting their hand seals or giving advice how to go from one to the next.

Glancing at Kaido uncertainly, Isamu nods and closes his eyes quietly, trying to focus on his chakra. If he felt deep enough, he could sense the burning energy swirling in his abdomen - but that was all. At the first sliver of will he put into calling it up, it seemed to react violently in protest, lashing out from its usual calm swirl into an angry flare that he could feel radiating up to his heart before it died back down. His brows drawn down heavily in concentration, he sighs and looks up to Kaido with a small shake of his head. ".. I'm trying.. It just won't listen…"

Kaido comes back and watches Isamu and then uses his med-nin vision to watch the flow of chakra and he nods as it flares. He says, "Your channels are snarled…" He puts his index and middle fingers together, takes a deep breath and then in a speed too quick to follow, pokes Isamu in various places on his torso. When done, and Isamu tries to raise his chakra, this time it will be much easier.

Blinking, Isamu looks down to his chest and touches his solar plexus, feeling warmth suddenly radiating out to his shoulders and slowly, very slowly, leaking down into his arms and legs. Nudging his chakra again, he gasped as reacted in a tangible wave around the surface of his body, bursting out with unexpected force. "Whoa! Was that me? My chakra came out!" He was so startled by it that he didn't even bother thinking about how he would control it. At this rate, he would just be blowing chakra all over the place, overexpending for every little technique… But, he'd worry about that later. His chakra came out! Grinning, he awkwardly made the hand seals that Kaido had demonstrated before, not to any effect. Just because his chakra wasn't so blocked anymore, didn't mean he knew how to weild it.

Kaido smiles, "There, one hurdle overcome, now you need to learn how to control it, you are wasting it right now for no purpose." He is about to say more when the bell rings and Kaido glances up at the clock and says, "And that signals lunchtime. Well, I won't keep you all from it." He calls out to the whole class, clapping his hands, "You have one hour for lunch, return to your assigned instructors when the bell rings and…" Here his voice drops dangerously, "Do not be late, or suffer the consequences."

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