Clean Up Clean Up, Not Everyone Doing Their Share


Arika, Jiro, Daiki

Date: October 3, 2015


Arika, Jiro, and Daiki are given the mission to help clean up the village!

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Clean Up Clean Up, Not Everyone Doing Their Share"


Daiki was, during the last attack on Kumogakure, hustled away to some safehouse. And because the village has gotten so damaged, everyone, even the students, have been tasked with cleanup duty. There are a few foreign-nin here as well, so… Well, Arika and Jiro are here! Arika hums a happy tune as she makes her way towards the meetup spot, which happens to be in front of the local Academy. "The mission thingy said that we're meeting Yotsuki Daiki. D'you think that means he's related to Hi-kun?" Arika wonders, bouncing a bit on her toes as she searchers for the boy.

Jiro's hands are flopped lazily on his head as they tend to be, the youngster looking around with an almost tired expression at all the damage. He'd been doing his part to help as best as he could even though they were just visiting, but the devastation was pretty bad. With a loud yawn passing Jiro looks ahead of them, then shrugs. "I dunno. Ask 'im. An'…wha's the mission an'ways?"

Daiki is laying against the wall of the academy building, sprawled out in the sunlight and looking a bit dazed. It was hot. And he was tired. And in a manner that was very unlike him, he wished that he could just curl up in some cool, dark place and not have to work outside in the summer sun. But with things as they were, he was under oath to do his part to help the village in its time of need. Even if he was /maybe/ feeling a little bit lazy right now. And even if it /was/ a Saturday, and he was supposed to be getting a day off. But his senseis weren't there to reprimand him at the moment, so he took some time to enjoy doing nothing.
Until Arika and Jiro arrived, of course. He knew they were bound to, but he was hoping that they would have come a little bit later. Like when the sun went down. As the pair approached, he rolled his head to look at them a bit dismally, before lurching his body in a big heave-to and settling to rest on his knees. "… Hayou… You guys here to clean?"

"Oooh! Are you Daiki-kun?" Arika asks cheerfully, pointing to the kid leaning against the wall. "We're supposed to help clean up, yep! And… Ummm… Oh, we also gotta help with rescuing people. At least, that's what we were doing. 'cept now not many people think there're others … " still alive.. Umm… Arika trails off awkwardly, then says, "Ne, so… Le's go, hai?" ~Hmm…~ is all she hears that inner voice say.

Jiro follows Arika all the way up until they get near Daiki. Then the blue eyed boy just kind of stares at the younger kid. With his hands flopped on his head he stalks up to the other boy and looks him over suspiciously. "'ey, Ari, this'un's kinda small. I dun think he c'n really 'elp much," Jiro says, half turning to look back at Arika before thumbing towards Daiki. Granted it's not like Jiro was a lot stronger, but…it wasn't often he could pick on younger kids!

Daiki just sort of blinks at the pair, his expression very blase.. That is, until he overheard Jiro's comment, and in a flash the boy was on his feet with his fist raised and snorting steam. "Hey, who do you think you're talkin to?! I'm plenty strong enough to help, you little squirt!" How rude! If anything pushed Daiki's buttons, it was people who underestimated his potential. "You just sit back and watch! I'll be done with this job in no time!"

Arika snickers as Daiki goes full-on rage mode. "Ne, maybe he c'n help, Jiro-kun! He's not /that/ small compared to us!" She nods a bit, then sorta goes over to stand near him and compare heights out of curiosity. Mmmhmmm… Mmmhmmm… Yeah, he's taller than her. Sigh. "Well, le's go! we're wasting too much time! Then she drags /both/ off to the world of construction. There was plenty of rubble to move, houses to clean, and furniture to dust off, so the student and genin would get to be busy today! "Ne! Where should we help first?" Arika asks one of the chuunin there. He points them to a house that still has a huge pile of broken furniture in front of it. "Clean that out. We'll be using it for fuel for the pyres, so any would should be moved to that spot." he instructs.

Jiro looks back to Daiki when steam starts coming out of his ears and he gives the boy a toothy grin. "Yea', I guess maybe we c'n get'cha ta carry us some water'r somethin'," Jiro says with a little nod. He has more to say to pick on the kid but then Arika drags them away! When they reach the spot and are told to clean out part of a house Jiro looks around, then shrugs before he looks back to Daiki. "Be'cha I c'n do more'n you!"

Daiki gives a huff and watches Arika with a disgruntled expression when she starts dragging him off. Who did she think she was?! The young Yotsuki peers around the house they were assigned to, and the pile of furniture with a gleam in his eyes. Like sponge he'd let Jiro show him up! Pumping his fists to show off his muscles, Daiki smirks and jumps headlong into the task, throwing whole chairs over his shoulder as he starts sorting theough the wood, working at a speedy pace. No time for talk!

Arika watches Daiki start working and makes her way over to the huge pile of broken furnishings, grabbing some carpet and dragging it off to the scrap pile. This carpet was burned beyond all recognition. The only thing that marked it as a carpet was its shape. "HEavy…" Arika huffs as she tugs it out of the pile.

Ahh yes, Jiro totally tricked the younger kid into doing all the work. Ducking under a chair, Jiro moves over to some rubble and sits, leaning back against some other rubble and clasping his hands behind his head. He gives another big yawn and closes his eyes, listening to the other two work. Ahhhhh yes. This is the life!

Daiki was completely absorbed in his work, focused on getting a lot more done than Jiro! … But then, when he /did/ get a glimpse of the other boy, his mouth dropped open with indignation. "HEY!" he shouted, pointing a finger at the lout accusingly. "Why aren't YOU working?! I'm gonna report you, and you won't get paid for the job!" And boy, was he serious. He knew the Raikage personally! Meanwhile, he caught sight of Arika with the heavy rug, and helped her pick it up a bit. At least SHE was doing her part.

Arika blinks a bit when Daiki helps her out and she beams at the Yotsuki. Then says, "Jiro-kun, stop being lazy!" If she could, she would drag him over right now! But then again… Well, mission first. They could get money for mochi! The girl is also a bit more spirited now that they can get it moved entirely to its proper spot.

Too bad Jiro and the Raikage were like best buds! Ha! Ahem…Jiro just yawns at Daiki and waves a hand. "You sai' tha' we coul' jus' watch. So 'm takin' ya up on yer offer!" Yep! But then Arika gets grumpy and drags him up. "Fine!" He mutters…then vanishes. In a few bursts of speed he's moving objects out into the area assigned at a clip that shouldnt really be possible, and definitely isn't sustainable. Showing off? Yep.

RPCOMBAT: Jiro defends against with a BREVITY…55

Daiki looks over to Jiro when Arika starts talking to him, but… What? He was gone! It was then that he felt a strong wind rush past him, and the furniture started moving in the blink of an eye. "Wh-… Wha…?" was Daiki's only reaction, his eyes wide. He hadn't seen speed like that except from Hiei-sensei! Who WAS this kid? And how did he get to be so fast?! The poor boy was caught somewhere between awe, jealousy, and confusion, and just couldn't pull his thoughts together enough to keep working.

Arika rolls her eyes a bit. "He's bein' a showoff," she tells Daiki, rolling the carpet into its spot and going to grab another item of furniture. "Ne, Daiki-kun! I have a question!" she says suddenly, even as she grabs another wooden chair and tugs it over towards the wood pile.

Jiro keeps flickering back and forth, showing off, before he flickers over to a nearby bucket of water and attempts to dump the whole thing on Daiki's head…then goes right back to flickering and cleaning up as if he didn't do anything wrong! In fact it was so fast maybe Daiki wouldn't even catch him!

Daiki glances toward Arika with a questioning look, his dark eyes puzzled. "What's up?" he asks, before a cold chill scatters down his body and he finds himself suddenly soaked to the bone. Despite himself, he laughs cheerfully and shakes himself out. "Woo! I wanna go swimming now!" he says with a toothy smile, slicking back his now wet red hair and snickering at Arika.

"I'll talk t' you later," Arika says dismissively, eyeing Jiro and then grinning mischievously. The girl's mouth fills with … air? Well, whatever it is, she spits it in Jiro's direction! And he may or may not find himself with ink all over his clothes! Arika spits out the rest of the ink to the ground. "Yuck…" she grumbles.

Jiro doesn't even notice the ink, but luckily his showing off pays off a bit as it only catches one of his sleeves. "Aww man! Ari! Y'know Ping's gonna get mad at me fer tha'! An' 's'not even m'fault!" He drops the plank he was carrying to daintily grab his sleeve and then try to shake off some of the ink. When that doesn't work so well he looks around…and grins widely at Daiki. "'ey, c'mere kid so I c'n wipe some'a this off on ya!" As he speaks he stalks towards the boy with a bit of an evil look in his eyes.

Daiki frowns at Arika's dodge of the question. She was the one who wanted to ask him something in the first place! Then, he saw her spit some dark gunk at Jiro with her mouth, and his eyes widened a little. What the mop was that?! It looked just like ink… Who spit ink?! Just then, for reasons he couldn't explain, something deep inside started to get… restless? He could ignore the weird feeling for now, but it made him really curious about that ink.
Jiro was a nasty little kid, Daiki was sure, when he started coming toward him with his ink splattered sleeve. Daiki gave a short "Hmph!" and stepped back, ready to defend himself. He wouldn't use his sword, though… He would get in sooooo much trouble for using it over something like this. He would just have to settle for his wits!

Arika smiles widely at Jiro. "I c'n clean it off later, if you want, Jiro-kun!" Or, you know, she could make it worse… "You gotta behave, though!" she declares, ignoring the eyerolling in the back of her head. 'It's not your power, Hachijii. Dun be selfish' she scolds, even as she drags her chair. she passes Daiki, too, and promptly thumps him on the back of the head.

Daiki doesn't even know the half of it. In another burst of speed Jiro appears behind Daiki and starts trying to wipe his sleeve on the other kid to smear the ink. It wouldn't really clean any of the ink off of Jiro's shirt, it was already soaked in…but any extra that was still there would definitely transfer and smear all over the other boy's shirt!

Daiki rolled his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest when Jiro gets his shirt dirty and giving the other boy an expression that says 'So what?' They had work to do, anyway. Turning back to the pile, Daiki was relieved to see that there was barely any left to move. "Come on," he says and waves Jiro over. "Let's just get done.. I don't think the boss'll be happy if we're goofing around." He was feeling a little irritable, and he didn't really know why. Did he normally feel this way?

Arika drags some of the rest of the stuff that's around. Yep. It's almost done, and thank the gods! She was getting a bit tired, and very hungry… "Hmph…" She grumbles at the two boys. At least Daiki is helping as best he can.

Jiro returns to helping as well so they can finish that much faster, though he doesn't speed around anymore. Instead he goes normal speed as he throws and drags stuff off to the designated area. By the time they're done he's quite done himself. He dusts his hands on his pants, then turns to Daiki. "I guess ya aren't so bad. Bu' yer still jus' a l'il kid." Because he's totally one to talk. "Bet I coul' win if we fough'!"

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