Cloak and Dagger in the Mist


Tsiro, Yuya

Date: August 7, 2012


A simple assassination. A businessman in the midst of traveling from the Land of Water to the Land of Fire is the target.

"Cloak and Dagger in the Mist"

Path Through the Mist

The time was early morning in setting of the land of water. Under the cloak of the mist Yuya hides in waiting, his mission target has not approached him yet. A merchant of a most infamous nature requested the use of a shinobi to take out a hit on a troublesome businessman. Unfortunately this businessman had foreseen such actions and took precautions. The businessman would be leaving the Land of Water by ferry today. Yuya need only wait for the businessman to arrive and assess the dangers in doing so.
The sun was weak as such the firmament above gave no luster or shine in which to illuminate the land. The false guise of an early night was given to the area. The Path through the Mist was a lonely path now. Even at the ferries only a few fisherman and shipwrights could be spotted. Where is Yuya exactly though? The key to this assignment is to keep that a mystery until his visage falls upon the eyes of the quickly departing businessman.

It was only a matter of time before a carriage approached carrying the businessman towards the docks. Tsiro sits on the front of the wagon next to the driver. It was still early for the boy, but a mission was a mission and he has no intention of letting the man who hired him be killed. Given the lack of light on the path, the boy's crimson eyes scan the area for any would be attackers. A piece of bone sticks out of his mouth as he lightly chews on it like a toothpick.

Yuya eyes lighten with a glint as he spots a lone carriage ride through the mist. 'That must be him.' He thinks. Once the carriage reaches the ferry there'd be too many witnesses. He'd have to finish this beforehand. Next to the driver was an odd looking individual, whom also looked dangerous. Yuya armed himself with a kunai and waits for a second or two before tossing it with dead accuracy at the driver. Should it connect the driver would suffer an instantaneous and the carriage would be brought to a halt. Normally such a direct kill would be avoided but sometimes the direct can be very indirect. He'd move again after attacking trying to get closer to the carriage, sill maintaining his stealth. Seeing as he just alerted the group of an attacker he'd have to take even more precautions with his stealth as he'd plan to go in for the kill soon.

Tsiro's crimson eyes had spotted the man. As the kunai came forth, he reached out with his hand, protecting the driver with the sound of a clank as the weapon struck bone. As the assassin moves, Tsiro continues to follow him with his eyes. Soon the bone toothpick vanishes into his own mouth before being spit towards Yuya. Two more bone needles would follow the first.
"Keep driving no matter what happens. If I leave the carriage, get the man to the ferry." Soon bones started to protrude from Tsiro's skin. He was preparing for battle.

Yuya began to approach the carriage when he found himself under assault. His shoulder is struck by a needle appearing to have been composed of some bone-like material. Yuya eyes narrow to see the other flying needles. He manages to evade them while making his way to the carriage. He manages to get atop the carriage, well aware that his target must be somewhere inside. 'A shinobi.' he thinks to himself as he prepares for combat. He'd wait for the shinobi to come and face him. The protrusions in his skin gave away his clan lineage. Yuya figured he'd have to take care of them first. He sighs "So much for covert." his eyes go ahead to see if they could fall upon the docks yet. "Still have some time." he says. A handseal is formed as he charges a bit of chakra to work with.

The first needle hit. Tsiro was pleased. Most battles did not start with him drawing first blood. Like the counterpart, the boy built his own chakra. He had wanted to keep him off the carriage but since he was there, it was a little late to do so. At least now the guy was not trying to hide. "If you leave now, let you live." the boy states.
Yuya just looks on into Tsiro's scarlet eyes not concerned with his warning. It was to be expected. Instead he just armed himself with a few kunai and some shuriken. With a flick of his wrist he flings a flurry of shuriken at Tsiro. He slips to the side of the carriage, clinging to the surface with his chakra and jams the kunai in the wheel. He first would have to stop the progression of the carriage else he'd be rushing to defeat Tsiro, which may or may not have been possible.

A growl comes from Tsiro as one of the shuriken manages to cut the boy. The other simply bounced off the bone plating forming on his skin. "So that's the way it's going to be. Fine." Now Tsiro himself moved to the side of the wagon, using the tree walking jutsu to cling to the side. He turned aiming to stab Yuya with a bone from his elbow. Afterwards he turned to the other side trying to stab his opposite elbow bone into the man's leg. While the damage to the wagon was enough to bring it to a halt, he had also hoped it was enough to throw the assassin off from blocking or dodging his attacks.

Yuya feels the carriage begin to wobble and come to a halt. His method seems to have worked so far. However this Kaguya was relentless. Being followed to the side of the carriage Yuya found himself under a vicious assault. He had no choice but to use his genjutsu abilities to evade the first attack. It left him with little room to maneuver and when Tsiro's second strike came Yuya's leg suffered the blow. His clinging via chakra control would be hindered by this. The gash was deep. Yuya first swats with a fierce backhand to get Tsiro away from him. Yuya grips his hand to the side of the carriage after doing so and hauls himself back on to the top. He goes through a series of handsigns and hopes this attack is successful. Tsiro would feel a strong force beckoning him to kneel. If he does this his chakra control would be interrupted and he'd fall from the side of the carriage. Yuya's actions depend on whether or not Tsiro succumbs to this genjutsu.

The backhands is not quick enough. Tsiro moves his hand outwards and a bone directly from his hand pierces into Yuya's arm. "Your Taijutsu is no match for my Shikot…" Soon the crimson eyes go wide as Tsiro feels his knees start to weaken. He had felt this maneuver so many times before. A bone protrudes from his other hand into his own leg causing blood to spill out. "Genjutsu…" the boy growls through clenched teeth. For a moment his balance seems to be thrown off, but he manages to steady it. Once more the boy moves forward towards Yuya, this time lashing outwards with a sharp of the Shikotsumyaku style. He was using a simple bone dagger from his own hand.

Yuya blinks watching the shinobi overcome his genjutsu and fend off the odds to inflict even more damage to him. Yuya was injured heavily and was in no condition to carry out the remainder of this mission. "Compromised." he says griping his bleeding arm. "Next time." he says softly stirring up a visage of wind via genjutsu and leaping off the carriage. It had stopped but with Tsiro there it doesn't seem like he'd be able to get to the target. A tactical retreat would have to implemented for now. Just in case Tsiro attempted to pursue Yuya tossed a kunai with an explosive tag dud at the carriage. Of course Tsiro wouldn't know it was a dud until he inspected it, providing Yuya with more than enough time to escape.

Tsiro dove off the wagon, then positioned himself in-between the carriage and the kunai. He was sure things were about to hurt, but bones from his chest came out and all but swallowed the kunai. For a moment the boy closed his eyes and lost sight of the assassin. After realizing the tag had not exploded, he opened them once more and was unable to find the assassin in his scans.
After a moment, the Kaguya boy was certain the assassin was gone. He moved to the door of the carriage and opened it. "It is time to go. Come with me…" He then reached out and pulled the
He then reached out and pulled the businessman from the carriage. Now he was off on foot carrying the man to the ferry. After all he did have a time frame to keep on the mission

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