Clone Reality


Kuoroke, Suterusu

Date: September 23, 2012


Kuoroke helps Suterusu establish how to make persistant clones

"Clone Reality"

Sunagakure training grounds

That figure was off to the side, within the shadow of the wall that surrounding the training field engaged in a percular form of training it seems. He was going through those seals, causing clones to poof into exsistance, two of them. Each one would then turn, hit each other and shatter into metal shards that would fade away once he was done. A small shake of his head was given and he'd repeat the situation. He was seeking.. something, that much was obvious. The question was, what was he seeking and how would he get to that point?

After having performed his own training, Kuoroke goes around the training area providing advice on how the others training can push themselves to their limits. During his inspection, he comes across Suterusu, and for a few moments watches the Murasame, trying to figure out what he's trying to do. After a while, the Kuroki gives up, steps towards him, and demands to know, "What's the purpose of this training?"

It just so happen that he created two more of those clones when Kuoroke stepped up. All three figures turned to him, bowing in unison, before all speaking at the same time. "Council Member. I am seeking a method for making my clone real. Something I would have to maintain, but it would be of massive use for dealing with the missions I am good with, hai?" The crimson eyes stared at Kuoroke, from all three figures. "Would you have any training regime to assist with such a method, Council member?"

Kuoroke considers the situation for a moment before slowly nodding. "As a matter of fact, yes, I think I do. But before we start, I'll have to know if you have any senses beyond the basic ones. Chakra sensing, vibrational awareness, anything of that sort?" While speaking, he heads off towards the building. "Come on, walk with me."

The figure would nod, both clones vanishing as he'd walk forward to fall in step with Kuoroke. "I have a basic grasp of chakra sense. I am fully planning on building apon that as well, Council Member. Otherwise, there is only what I can set up and manipulate with my own capabilities. The wires can be thin to the point of almost invisible. Using that, it can warn me of many things."

"Chakra sense? That'll make this harder." He leads Suterusu into the building, then enters a small storage area and soon emerges with a suit, large and soft enough enough to kill any feeling, with a full facial mask and headphones, designed to keep the user's senses suppressed. He separates only the mask and the headphones, putting the rest back. "What we need is for your clones to act independently of you. For that purpose, we'll gradually shut off your senses. Put on this," he gives Suterusu the mask, which would cover his eyes and put a filter in front of his mouth and nose. "and go there."
The Kuroki goes out and finds someone quite proficient with using wires and springs to install traps, and has them prepare the room, giving them instructions, as well. After they're done, he puts Suterusu into the middle. "Now, for this part, you'll be allowed to use your ears. You'll have small balls thrown at you. It'll hurt, but it won't do serious harm. You are not to move, you need to be defended by your clones only." The Kuroki moves to where he can trigger the wires, and instructs, "Bring your clones out. We'll see how well you do."

The figure would nod in acceptance. He complied perfectly to what Kuoroke said, putting on the filter and mask. It did indeed sharpen that sense he had of chakra, but he did his best to supress that as well. Afterall, this was a different challenge he was facing. Going through those seals, he'd call into exsistance those two metal clones. They would not have the mask or filter system and took up a guard position on each side of the figure. He stood there then, in a simple focusing stance, while the clones prepared for whatever potential attack would come. Trying to become aware, through them, was a different sort of challenge. Afterall, they needed to make responses independant to what the figure himself could see.

"Don't try to control them. Try to make -them- make the decisions. It's hard, but doable." Kuoroke moves his fingers, a movement light enough to be practically undetectable to the Murasame's chakra sense, and entirely mechanically, a salvo of little rubber balls are launched at him. The first shot comes from a corner of the wall, far away from him, to give him the time to react.

His head tilted to the side, the figure gave a small nod. With that, he'd relax slightly, simply standing there. The clones would react, a shifting so they stayed on opposite times of him at every time. Not quite hesitant, but not quite reacting as if their own choice, it was an inbetween state that would have the first sphere blocked. They set again, preparing for what else Kuoroke might have in store for them.

Kuoroke's fingers continue playing. The mechanisms, while not really weapons, are made to be well stocked in the grape-sized rubber balls and as he tugs the various wires running around the room, they release them at the subject. Sometimes, with a loud click or other noise, sometimes entirely silently. Sometimes, they come alone, sometimes a handful at a time, which is considerably harder to block.

It wasn't perfect, although they did get better. Each salvo increased the speed and response time of the clones, stopping more and more of the little spheres from getting at the figure in the center. Indeed, he continued to stand there, not even a sound when he did get hit by one of those spheres that got past. It was becoming more and more appearant that the clones were taking more and more control, getting to the point that at the moment of release, they were already in position to block. Obviously the training method was effective, teaching the figure in the center how to make those completely independant clones.

After some time, Kuoroke approaches the figure, and gives him the earmuffs. "Let's go." He takes him to a different, smaller room. While they were training, the in comparison claustrophobic room had been covered with various swinging, launching, punching and in some places even fire-breathing and zapping mechanisms. Of course, all of this was covered from the Murasame. The practice resumes, now at a breakneck pace, with Kuoroke launching attacks to block which the clones need to move as quickly as real shinobi, and sometimes even make complicated tactical decisions about the order in which they'll stop the attacks.

The figure would take the earmuffs and put them on smoothly, completely out of contact with the outside world, he would allow the clones to then lead him into the new location. Completely deprived of all outside sensation, he couldn't help that chakra sensativity pick up those near him. It was simply a fact of life for those who were sensative. However, it was the clones that would really start to shine. They moved completely of their own violation now, intercepting those strikes of a much more deadly level before they ever got to the figure himself. Indeed, he never got hit at all in this second room, even with it being closer and more complex. It seems the clones have indeed taken on that full volation themselves. This included the ability to make the defenses that the figure himself would normally use, to deflect those attacks.

Kuoroke keeps up the quick attacks for a good ten minutes, all without expending any significant chakra and relying exclusively on mechanisms. After that, he walks over to Suterusu, and takes off the mask. "Right, next part of your training. You stay here, and these two" he nods to the clones, "go and find themselves training partners. While they spar, you'll be here, studying. We'll see how much they can focus when you're busy with something else."

Blinking at the light, he would give a small nod. Pulling out a book on advanced tactical usage of wires, he would simply take a seat in the middle of the room. The clones glanced at each other before they'd shrug and leave the room. Heading back to the training ground that was still within that range of the figure, they would do as instructed, engaging other chuunin on the training field to spar. It didn't go as well as hoped initially, they were slow to respond at times and indeed, sometimes they would mirror each other's moves, when it wasn't appropriate. However, they slowly adapted, turning into true force to be dealt with as they continued those fights, although they'd both be rather bruised afterwards.

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