Cobweb Cleanup


Tsukiko, Nanoto, Abel

Date: March 21, 2010



"Cobweb Cleanup"

Toshiba Forest

Spring time in Konoha better known as the time of Spring Cleaning. It would be just after noon, the sky is partly cloudy with a 10 percent chance of rain. High's today seem to be in the high 70's. It would be just after the lunch hour rush that Hiroshi would find himself at the entrance of the Toshiba Forest. The tan skinned hyuuga would be sitting atop a large gray boulder just in front of the path that leads deep into the forest. The teen would take a moment to brush a few strands of his long ebony hair from his face as he sighs lightly. The day before Hiroshi had put in a request for a third member of his squad, who would be assigned there personally by the Hokage, also Tsukiko and Abel would have received summons the day before which would read, @emit
"Greetings my Squad members, Tomorrow will be our first mission as a squad and I would like you all here. As you would know because of DIachi's injuries he wont be joining us out on the field, so I believe he has been given an inside job with the medical corps. I placed an order for the third member and he will be made known tomorrow, I know this is of short notice, but hey what can you do? I would like everyone geared up and ready for the mission tomorrow at 12:30 we will be leaving to work on our assignment at 1 o clock. This will be a D rank mission so there is no need for a lot of clothes and packing, but food rations are ok considering this may take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Please meet me at the entrance of the Toshiba Forest, Signed Hiroshi!"
IT would be 12:15 now and Hiroshi would be sitting there above the boulder. HE would then proceed to take a small rolled up scroll from the inside of his left sleeve as he stretches it out. The Kanji on the red and green scroll would read," Mission!"

After getting ready for the mission he ran from the Uchiha village to the forest. With the site of his sensei he ran up to him and bowed. "So what is up for today?" Abel smiled and fixed his headband on the arm."Where the hell is everybody?" Abel looks around and see no one but himself and Hiro."Tsk they're taking so long!" Abel yawns and sits down and wait. Taking a moment to freely manipulate his chakra in preparation for the upcoming mission.

Tsukiko gathers her gear quickly the night before, not that she has a whole lot to gather. The next morning, she wakes early and spends the time practicing lightly untol nearly noon. it wouldn't do to tire herself out before the mission even started. She heads to the meeting area, making sure to arrive at noon for the 12:30 meet time. After all, the leader should be the first to arrive. She follows into the clearing after Abel, making a note to herself to arrive earlier next time.

Nanoto wakes up in his bed to find a message hanging from his window. Sluggishly he gets up the read the scroll. It says that he has been assigned to a squad and that the first mission was at 12:30. Nanoto checks the time and he will be late in about 5 min. He scrambles to get his gear and skips breakfast, even though he overslept for that to. In about 2 min he leaves his house rush toward…."Oh man where an I going?" Nanoto returns to his house picks up the scroll checks it again for the place in which the mission was occurring. "Toshiba Forest….ok" With renewed energy Nanoto heads to the forest. 10 mins late Nanoto makes his way through the clearing and notices a familiar boy sitting on the ground. "I feel I've met this guy before.' Nanoto thinks. He also notices two others, on is a girl the other a thin man. "Sorry I'm late, I believe I am your new squad member."

Hiroshi would yawn lightly as he reads over his missions mandate, but it would not be long before the pale eyed hyuuga would notice Abel making his way down the path. The energetic Uchiha was always one to rush into things. "One down, two more to go." He would say to himself as he slips down from atop of the large boulder. "Remind me to teach you about patience and taking it easy it's a trait I feel will help you in the long run." Tsukiko would not be far behind Abel and she would catch the hyuugas attention more than Abel would have. "Team leader Tsukiko is reporting for duty Maybe you two should talk a little more before the mission Abel." HE would say just before the girl really came upon them to hear her masters words. "Well now, one more person and we can get to work." Hiroshi would sit around sluggishly awaiting the arrival of the last member as he would sigh, "Well there goes my bet of Abel being the one who is late." Hiroshi would say to himself, but to his surprise the new member has arrived. The boys apology simply receives a nod from Hiroshi as he approaches the three genin. "Its ok better late than never, but if this were a C Rank mission or higher, you would have been in deep trouble. But like I said better late than never, Can everyone please take a moment to introduce themselves before we head off to complete this mission."

"Tsk who the hell is this guy? I don't like him one bit. Anyway my name is Abel uchiha get in my way and I'll burn you alive." Abel smirks and looks at the young nara. Feeling himself getting pissed he dropped to the ground and started push ups."Calm yourself Abel he is trash and you don't mess with trash." Abel finish 100 and stood up and bowed to Tsukiko. This is going to one lame ass mission." Abel yawns looked at Hiro. Abel was obviously not one to take sit back and do desk job missions.

Tsukiko nods to Hiroshi, then to Abel. Then she looks around for the third member. She looks at the disheveled and late boy when he arrives, frowning a little but saying nothing. She introduces herself, "I am Abe Tsukiko.. team leader. Uhm. more of a range specialty. And Abel. he's our team member since Daichi quit so get along with him." She looks to the new boy, "whats your name and your specialties?

Nanoto ignores Abel's harsh word and merely yawns at him as he did push ups. "Yeah he's that guy from earlier in the Nara Village. Nanoto nonchalantly places his hand in his pockets and introduces himself. "I am Nara Nanoto, of the Nara Clan; I specialize in shadow manipulation and strategic positioning." Nanoto bows toward Hiroshi and Tsukiko.

Hiroshi would sigh lightly as he flickers behind Abel and bonks him on the head with his right fist. "Be nice and no burning anyone else or did you forget how much trouble burning DIachi got you in." With another sigh Hiroshi would drop his shoulders and bites down on his bottom lip. "Well that's about as much of an introduction that will be given for now. I am the leader of this Squad Hyuuga Hiroshi. Tsukiko is the second in command as stated and she has as much authority over this squad as me now how about I give you all a run down on our mission." The hyuuga would say placing the scroll atop the boulder and opening it fully," Please gather round as I read." He would say waiting for them all to come in before he speaks. "The area we will be cleaning up is what you see circled. A nice lady would like to go back to her old home, but the pathway has been over run with logs, cobwebs, and other stuff. Our mission, or better put your mission is to clean up and make a nice safe and secure pathway for her. Abel, No Fire style jutsu. If it hits the cobwebs it will not only burn them but the tree's as well. Use kunai, swords, or your bare hands even to clear a path. Any questions before we begin?"

"Tsk a lame ass mission.Well here I go!" With that Abel was gone picking up the logs and using the shadow shurikens to pick off all the webs he could see when he came face to face with a big log. With two hands he couldn't pick it up so he looked at Hiroshi. "I could use some help here!" Abel smiled as he tried again to pick it up."Yep I need a lot of help. Lets do this quick so I can do som real training in the woods." Abel now sweatting wipes his forhead and laughs."This is going to be fun." Abel looked at how hard everyone else is worker made him worked not to be out shined.

Tsukiko looks at abel jump to action a little confusedly. The female genin simply sighs shaking her head from left to right as she peers at the uchiha, "We are not supposed to clean this Area up right Sensei?" As Hiro would most likely nod tsukiko would then speak up since it would seem no one else did."uhm. not here, Abel." She looks to Hiroshi, "where's the house we're going to?"

Nanoto watches as Abel needlessly cleans an undesignated area. He watches to see how long Abel will continue before some one tells him. Then Tsukiko speaks up and asks for clarification on the mission. Nanoto was about to ask the question himself, but since Tsukiko already asked he would just sit and wait for the answer.

"Um Abel, hmmm on second thought." Hiroshi would just sit there peering at the Uchiha as he did all kinds of kicks, flips using up chakra and picking up and moving logs. Hiroshi would wait a few moments just to see how much he was going to actually clean, though Tsukiko is really the one who saves him from over working. "The house is about two miles from this point. We need to clean just about 1 mile from here, and clear away about a mile of logs, cobwebs and other stuff. Thanks for trying to be an over achiever Abel, but this is not where we are supposed to clean." Hiroshi would say chuckling lightly. The hyuuga would gather the scroll back up rolling it upwards and placing it back inside of his left sleeve as he beckons the group to follow him. "Alright then team, lets head off." Hiroshi would say as he would be the one leading the three genin into the Forest. The large tree's would tower over the team as the deeper they went the darker it seemed to get. Hiroshi would remain quiet as they make there way down the dirty path. The pale eyed hyuuga simply staring at what's ahead of him. It would take them about 15 minutes before they arrive on the clean up site, "Ok No one cleans up until I assign you a task of what to clean up." He would say.

"Now that's its over we can move on right?" Abel walks back to the group only to hear that what he did was for nothing."Shit." Abel smiles and eacts a box lunch he made the night before."Well lets go." Abel was obviously ticked off by the fact he cleaned all that up for nothing, and for free at that.

Tsukiko shakes her head as she walks along, heading through the forest. "oh. Hiroshi-sama, Abel-kun. i solved the problem of the senbon. I added bangles to them, the added drag makes them fly straighter." She looks around when they arive at the area, "place looks kind of spooky."

Nanoto smirks at Abel's reaction and tries to resist laughing. Nanoto begins to follow Hiroshi through the forest. He glances at the wild vegetation as he can't help feeling a little out of place. As they come to a large eerie looking estate Nanoto realizes the large amount of work need to be done.

Ok Team I will repeat that No elemental jutsu be used during this mission, if anything use shuriken, Kunai and swords nothing to big and flashy and please no friendly fire stuff." Hiroshi would scan over the dark area for a moment. The tree's would be half dead, the back of most larger tree's lying on the ground is covered in mud, grass, and cobwebs. The area looks like it has not seen much attention in a long time. "Well now. I will assign Abel to work on picking up most of these old and dead logs," Logs would be scattered in Several places around the area, large old decayed logs filled with insects and moss. "Tsukiko I want you to work on cutting down the cobwebs." Most of the tree's would have cobwebs on them and a large amount of cobwebs would be blocking the path which leads further on down the way, "And Nanoto was it? Yes Nanoto I want you to work with Tsukiko in clearing up some of the cobwebs. Able here is going to pick up all these logs alone while I sit back and do nothing letting you guys do all the work. This is an easy mission." He would say chuckling lightly.

Tsukiko nods, looking a little disappointed. She draws her kunai and looks to the tallest tree. she concentrates a moment and makes a hand seal before running at the tree and running up it, drawing the knife up it, cutting the cobwebs along the way before she steps off and carefully drops into a tumbling roll to the ground.

Nanoto immediately begins working, tossing kunai at the cobwebs. He dilegently performs the task. "I can't wait until this is over." Nanoto murmurs to himself. With one carefully calculated toss Nanoto lanches a shuriken that curves as it travels hitting several cobwebs. He then notices Tsukiko running up a tree cutting the cobweb afterwards tumbling to the ground. "Impressive" Nanoto says.

"Yeh you said it, I cant wait till this is over either, Until then I will be asleep under this tree over-" Though Hiroshi would go silent for a moment blinking curiously off to the northern distance. "You three stay here, I am gonna go check something out, Keep cleaning while I'm gone alright." He would say and with that he would flicker off in an instant. The teen hyuuga squad leader would head off into the general distance jumping from tree top to tree top until he finally comes to rest on a large well past its youth oak tree. "Strange, I could have sworn I saw something." At that moment Hiroshi would flicker down to the ground as he lands by a nearby cave. "Something had to make all these cobwebs, and the ones around here, they seem fresh." He would say squatting down to take some of the sticky substance between his fingers examining it carefully.

Tsukiko nods to the command and continues to run up trees, leading the charge up it with her kunai. She keeps an eye turned towards the direction hiroshi disappeared to. She moves closer to where he went, but continues the cleaning mission, trying to look as if she weren't watching where the team leader went.

Nanoto continues working until he noticed that Tsu and Hiro where gone. He wanted to look for them but he had been given his orders. He then sees that Tsu has worked her way around the forest but still no sight of Hiro. Nanoto then recall Hiro having said something about checking something out. "Sure are a lot of cobwebs, yet I see very few spiders." Nanoto notices how some cobwebs seem stickier than others. He pays it no mind however and continues takin them down.

"Considering how fresh this stuff is, that would mean the thing that made it is not far." Hiroshi would peer around the area quietly for several moments as he goes into a deep thought. Maybe its close around me, atleast then the others wont get hurt. The darkness of the forest seems to grow as the sun rays gets blocked out by the sun as a coldness blows over the area. "Great just what I needed, Less and less sun. " Back at the clean up site Tsukiko and Nanoto would have found there job was near complete. The two would have cleaned up a grand majority of the place freeing it of most of the cobwebs. If they peered down the path they would see only the darkness of the forest though. Several moments would pass as a flock of birds and insects began to buzz and caw before gathering in flocks to fly out of the area. A grand amount of insects mostly beatles and flies would fly past Tsukiko and Nanoto as they make way for the exit.

Tsukiko ducks to the side and stands ready, watching the bugs and birds. "this isn't normal. They're running from something. " She looks the direction all the creatures are fleeing from.

nanoto finished cleaning and noticed insects and birds all fleeing frantically from the darkest part of the forest. "Perhaps I spoke to soon.." Nanoto notices a large beast deep inside the forest and immediately alerts Tsu. "Hey there's something there!" Nanoto points toward the beast.
Hiroshi would peer over his shoulders as the sound of scurring insects and cawing birds catches his attention the hyuuga teen begins to focus a small amount of chakra into his feet as a small amount of dust under his feet begins to circulate in a small cyclone. "Whatever is up ahead I cant let it get to the others first." He would say as he activates his byakugan. The hyuugas once pale eyes become crystalline as his pulsating veins bulge from both sides of his head extending from ear to ear. "Darnit its already there." He would say and with that he takes off. Meanwhile back at the clean up the insects and birds would have already cleared out of the area leaving only Tsukiko and Nanoto alone with there new friend. A scurry can easily be seen behind some nearby trees as a large grown dog sized spider launches itself from hiding t block the exit of Tsukiko and Nanoto. The large spider would release a threatening roar followed by two shots of web one directed at both genin (19 to dodge and it is a one round stun)

Tsukiko makes a handseal and leaps up and backwards. The wind chakra surrounding her body lightens her and helps her move faster and farther through the air. she launches herself an easy thirty feet in the air, bracing her feet at against a tree and pushing off again. While in the air she launches a small volley of range attacks, two kunai, and a small ball. the ball explodes in a cloud of smoke and glitter that sparkles brighter than in really should in the dark of the forest. Tsukiko, meanwhile, drifts slowly back to the ground. "Nanoto, are you okay?"
Nanoto creates a clone to toss him out of the way of the web. Upon landing Nanoto lanches two shuriken at the beast's two front legs. Nanoto then sits down and begins concentrating his mind blank and breathing slowed Nanoto enters a trnaquil state and awaits further action from the beast to devise a counter strategy.

The Large spider is obviously angry as the genin easily dodge his web assault and he prepares to rush them, though his plan is cut short by Tsukikos glitter bomb. As the round ball is thrown at the Spider it explodes on contact stunning him temporarily enough time for both of Tsukikos Kunai to land scratching the spiders hardened skin. After a moment of being immobilized the spider would get back into action as it quickly moves out of the area of Nanoto's assault. Nanotos Clone jutsu leaves the spider confused and it would be obvious this is how the first assault was dodged. The Spider simply hisses at the genin as it proceeds to move back in for another assault taking a swipe at Nanoto with its large dark brown claw (16) And then it would rush back towards Tsukiko attempting to head butt her (15). Hiroshi on the other hand would be making his way back to the camping sight moving in at a fast speed before flickering off into the distance jumping from tree to tree.

Tsukiko watches Nanoto, worried until she sees he escaped the web as well. "can you hold him or anything? I don't know if my attacks can get through his carapace." She looks as her opponent charges her and quickly performs the replacement technique, disappearing into the forest and leaving a log in her place. (another log for Abel to move later). From the trees, she throws two of her senbon, hoping the finer point can dent the spiders softer abdomen. She ducks back behind the tree and performs the clone technique, latting her clone drop back to the ground to stand in her place while she remains hiding.

Nanoto hears Tsu's word and is releaved she is ok. Abel shows up on the scene and Nanoto yells ",ake some light so I can get my shadow to him faster." But to by the others time Nanoto gets up and puts on hand in his pocket while he launches 2 shuriken with a vicious curved aimed at the spider's hind legs. "Attack the legs, with out those it can't move."

Abel shows up as he hears the voice of Tsukiko. With that he released a fire ball at black thing." Just what the hell is that thing?" Abels says while having three logs tied to his back as weight training.(It was something he made while he picked up the logs). "Oh is everyone alright?" Abel smirks while still posted on top of the tree looking at Hiro then Tsukiko and then to Nanoto who he had a little hate towards.

The Spider would become more enraged as his assaults are once again dodged by the Duo of Tsukiko and Nanoto. By now Abel would have noticed the Ruckus off in the distance and began to head towards his allies hopefully. As Nanotos assault is casted once again the Spider would simply parry them knocking the shuriken to the ground effortlessly. From one of the spiders many eyes he would spot Tsukiko as she tried to hide herself from him the spider would simply snarl and begin heading in the girls direction. Though this would all be short cast by the arrival of Abel who cast a fireball jutsu at the spider which it easily dodges. The large brown spider would open its mouth once more to fire a green liquid in the Direction of NAnato(16 to dodge) and following up by turning it but towards able to fire a sticky fluid aimed at the Uchiha. (23 to dodge 1 round stun if hit). At that moment the spider would attempt to head over to the area of tsukiko by would stop dead in his tracks as three kunai come flying towards its head. One being dodge but the other two getting lodged in his left eye. "Hello Everyone Sorry I'm late." The hyuuga would say winking his pale byakugan activated right eye as he appears above the top of a nearby tree branch.

Tsukiko forms her handseals while the spider is distracted, gathering together wind chakra between her hands. She throws the barely controlledminiature whirlwind, skipping it along the forest floor. The man sized funnel cloud picks up the glitter, twig pieces, and leaves from the forest floor as it speeds at the spider. She follows that with another glitter ball that explodes right after, trying to temporarily blind the beleagured spider again.

Nanoto easily dodges the liquid and examines it. He thinks its some kind of poison as it corrodes the grass. Nanoto notces that Tsu is tire and in a blur he rushes over to her aid. He thand in front og her betwen he and the spider. Now crossing both arms with 2 shuriken in one and 2 kunai in the other Nanoto launches them richochet'ing the kunai of each other he targets the spider's eyes and legs. "Abel here is your chance its distracted."

Able drops the logs from his back and builded up chakra. "Tsk like I need to follow orders from a guy like you!" Abel throws two kunais with an arc to them and attack with a fire ball."Tsk that was easy." Abel smirks and picks up the logs and placed them back on his back.

Not only was the large spider bugged with having his jutsu dodged once again by Nanoto, but its even had its jutsu dodged by Abel. The large overgrown spider would not be happy at all, as it attempts to shake our the metallic Kunai. The spider would let out a vicious roar as its green blood oozes from its injured eye. The Spider would find itself caught off guard as the glitter storm makes a direct contact following by the stunning effects of the glitter bomb. "Its at its limits, finish it." Hiroshi would say lightly as the spider would seem to be on its last bit of life stumbling backwards and forward like a beaten drunk. It would not be long before the Spider finally just succumbs to its wounds and falls to the ground beaten and destroyed. "Well now that was not in our mandate." Hiroshi would say as he flickers from the tree down to the ground by the spider corpse. "I guess we cans ay Mission accomplished, but don't get cocky. This was just a baby. Its mother is much bigger and far more stronger, so I say we leave now before she shows up. And I can declare this mission, complete." Hiroshi would say turning to peer at his cell members.

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