Coming of Dawn - Guarding the Grain


Yuuto, Isura, Naruko

Date: September 19, 2014


Isura and Naruko are attacked by some Silence goons while escorting a goods shipment to Amegakure, but they receive some unlikely assistance.

"Coming of Dawn - Guarding the Grain"

Miati Forest - Entrance

While the villages can't spare just too many shinobi at the moment with the threat of the Silence looming, they do still have to function for missions and such. A merchant taking goods from the Land of Fire to Amegakure asked for help getting his supplies to their destination, thus a Genin and one of her buddies from another village would be sent along to guard. The old man and his helpers sit on the front part of the wagon, steering through the confusing forest trails with a fierce determination. There's no way these Silence jerks are gonna ruin his business!

Isura was hand picked from his squad by Nobu himself to go, mainly cause he wasn't the lazy one. As he packed a small bag he would head out to link up with Naruko. Small chatter is said to her before his attention went back onto the wagon, he himself would be walking along side of it making sure that nothing was out of place and making sure that all the merchant and all of his things make it to Amegakure. He would look over to Naruko before speaking again "perhaps when we get back to the village I can treat you to dinner?" Isura would slowly walkin move a little closer to Naruko but not too close.

The long mission out in the the open world. It was a bit of a change for Naruko but a good change nontheless. Rather than walking along side of the wagon she sat directly on top of it, legs crossed along one another as clutched along the straps of a bag to her back. She was attuned to her senses, listening, sniffing the air, making sure nothing odd was to catch them off guard. She does perk a friendly brow towards Isura. " Hmmm, Dinner? Honestly I', more into cooking myself… Maybe we can go and find some things to cook up?" She suggests while looking forward.

As the two chat, the job of a spear thrower in the group of the Silence is made rather easy due to Naruko being on top rather than on one of the sides of the wagon. A spear flies out of the surrounding forest and sticks between the spokes of one of the wheels while stabbing into the ground to bring the wagon to an abrupt halt. Quickly following, a group of black-adorned men start to appear from the shadows of the trees on branches to rain down kunai and shuriken, focusing on the shinobi first to take care of the main threat in succeeding in their mission.

Out of the shadows rain down kunai and shuriken and with skill Isura displayed acedemy training and dodged the first barrage however the second caught him a little on the legs stabbing a shuriken in both thighs. Pulling it out he would display his advance clone technique and dodged out of the way of the attack once more this time his sharingan was flaring as he waved through seals he would assualt them all with a covering fire that would blanket the area in front of them before trying to link up with Naruko to make sure she was doing just fine as well.

Caught off guard! It was difficult for Naruko to launch a counter attack as she would have liked. SHe dodged initial spear but some of the kunai and Shuriken nicked her flesh. "Ugh" Naruko groaned as she rolled off the top of the wagon and hit the ground hard, her way of getting some cover as she builds up her chakra reserves and lashes out, fire forming her palms and launching off as a series of bolts, an attempt to keep the SIlence at bay for the time being. "I don't know how many there are but we need to make sure nothing happens to the wagon," Naruko relates to Isura.

As the two Genin set some of their assailants ablaze, more sharp objects continue to come their way. These men seem to have little to no care for their friends or even themselves taking damage. It's all about the mission. Through the building flames one blade races directly for the driver's chest, intending to take him out in an instant… except it misses. No dodge. No block. Nothing but an old man cringing as he feels death approach. It just misses him.

As some of the bandits start to yell at the one who threw it about his aim being so off he can't even kill an old man, another figure appears on top of the wagon, with wildly parted black hair reaching down to his shoulders and a black haori style combat attire with the V-shaped collar only closing at where his belt wraps around his waist and the symbol of the Uchiha clan on the back. "… Get down," a low toned yet dark voice rings out sternly as lightly crimson-tinted eyes look back at the driver before looking up at the men launching the weapons. "Well, since flames seem to be the choice of attack today," he says with a faint smirk before moving his hands through a series of seals and blowing out a powerful jet of flame to assist with the flames Naruko and Isura are already raising.

Isura would be taking this time to create a fire clone and aid in the escape of the old man as for the real Isura well he would have a different plan and that would be to kill as many of the bandits as possible. As he flashed through seals and using his Sharingan to see their chakra signatures he would pull back and release a huge fireball threatening to engulf them if they we're strong enough to stop it. He would then release a powerful heated wave thus to aid with Naruko if she so chooses to burn the goons to a crisps as well.

Naruko unfortunately wasn't having the best timne skillfully avoiding these guys. She slipped off to the side, ducked and rolled away, another pair of shuriken cutting against her flesh… She was really surprised by the sudden massive array of fire being thrown around. With explosions after explosions she really couldn't react…So she simply just stood there and looked around… Keeping herself close to the wagon in case they tried to do anything to it.

As more fire comes their way, most of the Silence in its range are roasted rather well. Screams ring out, but those remaining don't back down either, contiuing to rain down weapons on the shinobi.

Yuuto would cast a glance at the other Uchiha before looking up at the men attacking. He evades most of the attacks with simple movement, though one does manage to knick his shoulder. Suddenly, his presence would become incredibly malvolent as he holds a hand up, causing a giant black shuriken to appear in it. "… Fear," his dark voice rings out in a stern command, attempting to cause the goons around them to freeze up in fear and fall to their knees as he flings the shuriken aided by wind funneling around it to take out as many of them as possible at once.

Isura would increase the chakra to his eyes as he glanced around at Yuuto that was staring back at him, he notice the pure chakra raging from the weapon and a cold sweat washed over him he would shift back towards Naruko before dashing over to her side. Releasing the fire clone he would scratch the back of his head before tapping his foot onto the ground "hey good looking we still on for that dinner date when we get back?" Winking his sharingan would be flaring around making sure that no pending attacks where headed his way.

Isura would try and dodged the first and the second came easy enough however the last nipped the side of his waist before a little blood dripped onto the ground. Isura would increase the chakra to his eyes as he glanced around at Yuuto that was staring back at him, he notice the pure chakra raging from the weapon and a cold sweat washed over him he would shift back towards Naruko before dashing over to her side. Releasing the fire clone he would scratch the back of his head before tapping his foot onto the ground "hey good looking we still on for that dinner date when we get back?" Winking his sharingan would be flaring around making sure that no pending attacks where headed his way.

Naruko was too busy observing to give Isura a better reaction, instead she merely stood up and dusted off her clothes, narrowing her eyes upon him fairly seriously. "That guy, doing all that jutsu… We need to keep moving and just let him fight off everything," Naruko explains, a light frown looming about her lips. "I don't trust him, something just feels off,"

Despite their falling numbers, the Silence are not above going all the way. Being these men are all brain-washed, they don't know any different than fighting until they die. Thus, despite the damage done sharp objects continue to rain down at the shinobi over and over.

"Not a bad idea, but that's assuming you can defend the wagon without me once you move on," Yuuto's dark voice rings out, pointing out that he hears what the Genin are talking about due to his proximity. "You can try if you like, though I won't be far behind. I intend to make sure Amegakure gets its supplies." With that he'd move through a set of handseals then bring a hand to his mouth, breathing out a massive wave of flame. Just then, the shuriken comes back to him, and more wind surges around it as he grabs it and swings it hard to move around in a circle with wind made all the more dangerous by the flame and its heat to kill in a hurry.

Dodging the strike were so easy he would shift back and wave through signs taking in a nice deep breath he would release tiny balls of white hot fire down on them from a distance he would shift about this time he would perform the same action in a liner motion trying to create a powerful wall of fire to cut the two parties off from one another before shift back and joining Naruko on the wagon. "Boy things are starting to get hot and heavy dotcha think?" Isura would wink before sinking his hands into his pocket before taking a knee.

"Well…we are shooting a lot of fire around aren't we?" Naruko asks as she perks her brow and looks back towards the person protecting them and simply shakes her head. "We should keep going, if he can handle them then just let him handle them," Naruko states, she pulls herself closer to the wagon, hopeful that Isura would help get that going again.

"Will you two quit flirting and get moving?" Yuuto's voice rings out in its dark tone amidst the flames as mercenary after mercenary is struck down. Leaping off, he locks eyes with the horse as he yanks the spear from the wheel and throws it to killing one of the only remaining Silence goons. The horse promptly takes off running past the flaming battleground to head toward Amegakure. His eyes then lock onto the final man remaining in the trees, causing him to lock up and fall to the ground. Stepping over, he picks the man up by the collar and looks directly into his eyes, giving him no quarter or hope of avoiding the Genjutsu. Soon horrific images of monsters and demons only a madman would imagine start to fill his mind, causing him to shake and scream in horror. "You alone get to live to go back to your bosses. Tell them it is a gift from the man whose story they've decided to screw with. I am not a guardian angel Sunagakure sent out into the world for its protection. I am its monster that will tear asunder any who oppose it. And tell them Amegakure is defended by this same monster. They'd best focus their attention elsewhere if they hope to gain any sort of advantage on the major villages."

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