Coming of the Dark Sage - Last Day in Darkness


Shuuren (as Tadashi), Naru

Date: July 12, 2013


Tadashi merges with the Crawler to complete the training and tests out synergy during the transformation by taking on his minions.

"Coming of the Dark Sage - Last Day in Darkness"

The Crawler's Cave

The day after mastering the non-combat version of Imperfect Sage Mode, Tadashi woke up rather early to begin his training again. He's probably not getting as much sleep as Naru would like him to at this point, but he's very close to this goal, and they need to get a move on. Lacking his coat with a sleeveless shirt in its place once again, Tadashi stands in the middle of a horde of Hitokage with an assimilated one that has taken on the form of the Crawler appearing to be attached to his back like some kind of evil genie floating above his form. The horrific creature brings his talon-like fingers into a handseal above the masked man, and his form would begin to shift as it had the night before for his rather disturbing transformation, muscled growing a bit larger and more rigid, fingernails taking on a talon-like appearnce. The chances in his face are mostly hidden by his mask, except that he closes his eyes for a moment to re-open them and reveal that they've turned completely like, akin to those of the dark creature he is merging with. "Good… Now, fight," the Crawler's eerie voice would ring out, and the creatures would begin to charge Tadashi.

"Easiest way to practice synergy, huh?" Tadashi says, seeming a bit amused as he steps into stance. With a flicker, he'd appear in front of one of the creatures, slamming a fist into it and then turning to counterstep and hip-toss another one that tries to grab him. "Last time we did this, you were actually trying to take me out."

Narusegawa merely watched as Tadashi began to work his magic. Her arms remained at rest into her lap while she say with her legs crossed along one another. The careful gaze of her sharingan watched the fight begin to unfold, making sure that Tadashi was never going to be overrun, and to make sure that the crawler didn't pull off anything stupid. She huffed slightly for now but stayed alert, readying to jump in to the fray if anything were to happen but it seems like for now Tadashi was well in control of his power…

As more of the creatures would charge Tadashi, he would flicker into a blurring strike against each one. It is taking some getting used to, but he seems to be moving quite well in sync to keep this form up. Of course, this thing has been sealed in him for a while, and he does work with the Hitokage when he summons them. A true test of his ability with it will have to come later. This is simply practice. Since he's already a sensor and has the ability to absorb chakra, that made this a little easier for him than it would be for most people. "This power is quite interesting… It adds a whole new level to my arsenal," he comments as he reappears near Naru while sweepkicking and slamming one of the creatures on the ground. "How does it seem to be holding up?"

"Hmm…so far so good, I don't see anything wrong with your from… not that I could actually tell you that… Your chakra flow looks normal," Naru responded back, honestly not really sure what she was looking for, all she could see was that he was filled with chakra and it didn appear to be going away any time soon. " Practice will make perfect, I see no issues with what you have done thus far…" She nodded to this assessment, peering to see if ther emight be any mix up in his stances.

"I suppose that's good enough," Tadashi says with a light smirk under his mask. With a sudden movement, he flickers at an insane speed to deliver a powerful thrustkick to send one of the larger Hitokage that is possessing a statue flying into the cave wall. "I guess we're about ready to move on then." With that, he'd look up at the Crawler, or at least the Hitokage that has been assimilated to take his form. "Is there anything else I need to master with this before we leave here, or will that complete this training for now?" He doesn't even appear to be worried about the creatures, as they've basically stopped when he did. Even these things know not to screw with the boss, it would seem.

"That will do for now, human," the voice of the Crawler would ring out before it would vanish into thin air, the creatures fading away as well.

"Human, huh?" Tadashi says, chuckling a bit as he looks down at his hands, the transformation still in effect as he has not burned off the natural chakra. "I'm not so sure that's completely true anymore, but it is worth it regardless." He pauses for a moment before looking up at Naru and asking, "Ready to get out of this place?"

Narusegawa nodded as Shuuren had come to his assessment, a heft sigh had escaped the Uchiha's lips as she rose to a stand, watching as suddenly the hitokage vanished leaving the duo in a void of darkness. " Well I can't say I'm going to miss being in a dark and evil cave for entirely too long… It's so difficult to keep up with the time here…. I hae no idea how things will be once we slip back outside," Naru informed, waving her hand to him to move along a little quicker. " Nice job, you will probably need to use that transformation a little more but once it's done it's done," Naru answered up and gradually began to lead the way out of the cave… if it was the exit anyways…

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