Coming of the Dark Sage - One Part Down


Shuuren (as Tadashi), Naru

Date: July 11, 2013


Tadashi has moved on to the next part of his training with the Hitokage keeping an eye on him to be sure he doesn't turn to stone, along with Naru being sure the Crawler isn't trying to fully possess his body.

"Coming of the Dark Sage - One Part Down"

Crawler's Cave

Within this cave, it's really hard for Tadashi to really know how long he's been at this training anymore or even what time of day it is. His meditation has carried him pretty far off at times. The only thing keeping him on track with eating, sleeping, and such is when Naru interrupts him. Her help is making this move along a lot faster, though. At this point, he's moved on from simply working on sensing the natural energy to absorbing it into himself. Every so often, he'll start to transform to a rather horrific-looking creature, which leads to a rather hard smack of a rod across his back with a rod by a large Hitokage standing behind him to force it out and put him back to normal. It's not exactly a pleasant process, but it will be beneficial in the end. He has stopped using the ooze, which is a good sign of his progress. Now the practice is keeping the amount of nature energy absorbed at a precise level so it doesn't overwhelm him nor fizzle out.

Having been at this for some time now, Tadashi has quite a few healing bruises on his back. Still, he doesn't seem bothered by that. It's better than dying a stone Hitokage. That same look of focus shows on his face, eyes closed as he goes through this tedious practice. Great power comes with a great price, and this is one that is right up his alley, one that requires great control over that power.

IT was time for Tadashi to get a better focus over this energy, and of course Naru was going to be there to assist him every step up the way. While he meditated Naru was there to pester him. Try to drive his focus away from focusing the chakra, after all for now he was working without distractions, he needed be able to focus this energy and keep it with movement so he could prepare it for combat. "Are you awake?" Narusegawa asked Tadashi, she too sat right infront of him closely enough to keep her voice like a faint whisper. She didn't want to pester to much but she was definitely going to do what she could to slowly gear him out of focus.

At that whisper, the Hitokage would look down at Naru, shaking its head. Tadashi would then turn his head up to look at her, eyelids opening to reveal orbs of pure black. He then blinks a few times, after which his eyes are back to their normal state. "Yes… How long has it been?" he asks, looking at her for a moment before he'd push himself up off the ground to stand and start stretching a bit. This kind of training can make one's body rather stiff. Of course, he stretches out a bit more than most men are able to, his limbs actually coiling around a bit. "It seems to be getting a lot more stable from what I can sense. What do you think?" he asks as he looks at the woman, seeming a bit pleased at his progress. Still, there's a way to go, and they've got things to do once this is done.

"You definitely have made quite a bit of progress… I suppose the question is if you are able to maintain that chakra inside of you. It is more delicate than any kind of chakra I have witnessed, more difficult to grasp than genjutsu," Naru spoke softly, uncrossing her arms while presenting her hands out to him. " It's not time for you to eat and drink yet, I think it would be better if I helped you out with your training by making you a little less stiff… I want you to teach out and grasp my hands," Narusegawa suggested, keeping her eyes peeled on him so he didn't leave her sight. " Come on, it shouldn't be too hard. We need to get you moving,"

"That it is," Tadashi says with a nod. At her next suggestion, he tilts his head slightly then shrugs and says, "Okay." He puts his arms forward, going to grasp Naru's hands then use his rather insane strength to pull her up off the ground, unless she resists or asks him not to. "Now what?" he asks, lifting an eyebrow faintly.

"That it is," Tadashi says with a nod. At her next suggestion, he tilts his head slightly then shrugs and says, "Okay." He puts his arms forward, going to grasp Naru's hands then use his rather insane strength to pull her up off the ground, unless she resists or asks him not to. "Now what?" he asks, lifting an eyebrow faintly, a light smirk gracing his lips. He'd turn his head to crack his neck a bit, letting out a sigh of relief. "I think this is about the most out of touch I've been with the outside world my entire life. You'd almost think I'd be spending some time relaxing while I was away," he says, snickering a bit at that irony.

There wasn't much for Naru to resist, not that she had the strength to slip out of his grasp anyways. She cringed from the sudden force he had used on her, and while she was pulled up she attempted to pull her arms back to fight for her release. " That…was good but a little painful… I suppose even an oaf like yourself has their needs now don't they?" She asked him curiously, hopefully to withdraw her arms back. If allowed she too ka few stesp back away from him, perhaps two yards until she beckoned him to follow at her. " Keep focusing that energy and come walk towards me,"

"Oaf, huh? Don't think I've been called that before, at least not to my face," Tadashi sound, sounding a bit amused as he easily lets Naru's hands slip from his grasp. For a slender man, he is deceptively powerful. Of course, he didn't exactly answer the question either. At the next request, he blinks a few times, saying, "I don't think you understand how this works. To focus this energy, you have to sit completely still." With that, a rather creepy voice would come from the Hitokage, echoing that of the Crawler. "That's why it's useless in combat, unless you have a partner who can focus the energy for you by sitting still while you move. Once you get this part down, then we will work on that." Tadashi would look up to it and ask, "Mastering that would be the final step then?"

"Oh…so you need something to focus it for you? How about you try that then? Let's see if you can handle that energy be funneled in while you are moving. That's what you need to do right?" Of course Naru was just guessing. Lightly scratching at her head as she attempted to figure out just what was going on. A soft sigh escapes her lips she stodd herself up firmly while attemptign to figure out just what Tadashi would like for her to help him accomplish.

"Trying to skip on to the next phase without this one being complete? And I thought I was the one being impatient," Tadashi says, smirking slightly as he would move to sit back down. "Give me a few more moments to complete this part, and then we'll move on to that part. I've almost got the hang of this." With that, he'd close his eyes again, beginning his meditation as he brings the natural chakra into himself. After a few more moments, a change would begin happening to him again. His muscles would grow more rigid, glowing marks of dark, purple chakra appearing on his face as his fingernails grow long and talon-like. As he opens his mouth to take a breath, his teeth show to have become like the fangs of a beast, then his eyelids reveal those blackened orbs once more. Rather than continuing to twist into a darker form that would endanger him, however, this form stays solid, the natural energy evening out inside him to now be able to be put to use. "Now… I think we can move on."

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