Coming of the Dark Sage - The Beginning


Shuuren (as Tadashi),Suterusu (as Banshi)

Date: July 3, 2013


Tadashi and Banshi return to the Crawler's cave for Tadashi to begin a new type of training.

"Coming of the Dark Sage - The Beginning"

The Crawler's Cave

As the sun begins to move up from the horizon to begin its ascent through the sky, a ship docks at one of few locations on the planet that just about every person in existence would refuse to ever go again once visiting. Yet, here they are, the leader and right hand man of the Order, approaching this hellish island once more.
While shadow clones work to tie the ship off at the docks, the masked man known as Tadashi stands at the edge of the deck, looking out over the deserted island village… Well, not so much deserted as annihilated. "It's rather amusing," the inflectionless voice of the masked man rings out as he looks over the island. "This place is beginning to feel like a home away from home, or perhaps that's just the Crawler speaking… He says this training will bring my jutsu to a whole new level… We'll have to test it out on that town we're headed to next if they choose to remain loyal to the Yakuza and won't give us any information, hmm?"

Those shadow clones assisted the boss' shadow clones as well with working on the ship. The figure nodding as he'd look over the village. That soft tenor voice would croon softly. "I concur. That would be a perfect test of the abilities you may obtain from this creature. As long as it's not an attempt by the creature to simply break free. We must maintain the order of the world, afterall." Once they docked, his shadow clones would finish up their actions on the boat and take off into the island, scattering outward to scope out the surroundings. A small nod was given as Banshi would look to Tadashi. "I am ready when you are, Boss-san."

With a light grin behind his mask, Tadashi turns his head to look at Banshi and give a nod of approval. "Just the thought process I would expect of my right hand man. I think he knows we'd contain him here permanently if he were to attempt such a thing, though. We'll have to see what this is all about once we get in there." He waits a moment for the clones to scout the area then gives another simple nod. "Let's move then," he says before leaping over the deck onto the docks to begin walking into the empty town. A pulse of chakra would move out from him to cover the town as he walks to see if any signatures besides those of the clones or a Hitokage that may be wandering.

The figure moved at the same time as Tadashi, shadowing him behind and to the left as they went. Quietly he'd search about, while he wasn't able to do the pulse of chakra, he was able to sense it going out, as well as his own ability to contact those whom might have a chakra signature. Between them, they probably would be some of the hardest people to sneak up on. although the figure himself was pretty good at hiding as well. Either way, he'd pull in the clones as they got closer to the cave, watching and keeping aware of the others that might be around. They were here for a specific goal and the figure was going to be prepared to aid with that goal, if needed.

Thus far, the village is as one would expect… desolate and void of all life but that the two already know is there. No change. This place is little more than the Crawler's courtyard now. The feeling of absolute darkness gets only stronger as one gets closer to the island, especially within the cave itself once one reaches the village. It'd be a good place for a stronghold, but he needs to have full control of the Hitokage before he would attempt to set up any kind of quarters here that would be normally occupied. No need to waste blood, after all. Good staff are hard to come by.
"All as expected, I see," the masked man says as he steps up to entrance of the cave, a light smirk touching his lips beneath the mask as he feels endless darkness emanating from inside. "Seize control of the darkness to bring order to the light… This will make our goal even closer. It'll also be an interesting experiment as far as if the Crawler itself might feast on this energy. That might explain how it survives in times of peace, like eating tofu in the place of meat, accepting survival until satisfaction is available."

The figure shifted on his feet slightly once they made it to that cavern. The majority of the clones were dissapated, only two left out to be a forward guard for them as he would nod in agreement to Tadashi. "There are always ways to get a means to an end. It's simply a matter of understanding what that end is and being determined enough to get there." The figure would look about, attempting to gather that metal rope from the last time they had to deal with this hole into oblivion. He was prepared, as always, for as much as possible. In the end, he was going to aid Tadashi and watch over him for this training, to make sure there was no funny business.

It says much as Tadashi's trust in Banshi that he would choose him specifically to help oversee this training. He watches calmly as the wire is gathered, waiting patiently as the gaping darkness is revealed and opened once again. "Order will always require maintenance, but that maintenance will be much easier in the coming ages once it has been established." Once the metal has been removed, the masked man would begin his trek into the darkness, eyes fixated on the glowing seal ahead that is the only light within this place. There are many Hitokage wandering this place, yet, unlike before, they pose no threat to him as he walks calmly toward the seal to approach it and look it over.
"Ah, here we are again. Let's see what you've got to say, shall we?" With that, he'd move through a few hand seals before placing his hand on the ground, causing a blur of darkness that a rather large black figure would appear out of, a high ranking Hitokage with massive arms folded across its chest. Its glowing eyes would stare down upon Tadashi for a moment before it places a hand on his shoulder, a purple glow of malevolent chakra flaring up around them as it takes on a change, color changing to the dark brown and shape changing to that of none other than the Crawler himself. Of course, this one's not quite as large as the original, but it is still twice the size of a normal human. "Shall we begin then?" the dark voice of the creature rings out as it looks down at Tadashi.

The figure made two more clones, the three of them would stay outside the cave, watching Tadashi as he'd go inside to deal with the beast that was locked within him. Those cloens were focused, prepared and more than ready to aid in creating that assassination strike for any of the creatures that might try to come after them. Sure, Tadashi had the boss, so he was not in trouble by them. However, the figure had no such gurantee and as such was ready, indeed waiting, for a potential threat. This is the reason why Tadashi trusted him, afterall, because he watches and is ready for when things go wrong.

"Assimilation, huh?" Tadashi asks, looking up at the creature curiously. After a moment, he would finally ask, "So, what is this training you're wanting me to perform?" Rather direct. After all, there are other things to do to bring order to the world. This must be done expediently.
"Even with immortality, you are impatient?" the creature asks, shaking its his and chuckling a bit as it looks down on him. "What I am going to teach you is called Senjutsu. You'll have to learn to sense and gather natural energy from around you. Learning to gather and use this energy is not an easy task, and you could very well die from it, but your massive chakra pool, especially combined with my own, makes that risk a little lower."

The figure glanced back at Tadashi and the beast, studying them for a moment. Interesting. "Does it have any more information about nature chakra? This is something important, it feels like.. as it's going to be an entirely different style of combat…"

Tadashi would cast a glance back at Banshi before looking back at the Crawler, listening carefully for any details it would give. He remains silent for now, deciding to let it finish its explanation before he'd ask anything.
"To gather nature energy, you have to learn to be completely still," the creature says as he looks down at Tadashi. "Since you are already a sensor, this will be a bit easier. You just need help along with picking out the nature energy from the rest so you can gather it for use. It's surrounds you in the earth and atmosphere. You just have to know how to take it and add it into the physical and spiritual energy you already use as chakra. To achieve this, you have to become one with nature in a meditative state, and that will allow you to control the flow of nature energy in and out of your body."

The figure listened attentively. It was facinating information, to be sure, although he didn't know at all what specifically was required. Afterall, he didn't have a summon. Those clones would spread out then, scattering wide so that they can do patrols over the area, at least within the mile radius. Considering Tadashi was needing to focus on the lessons from the evil entity, he wasn't going to allow them to be interrupted. Of course he wouldn't leave that spot, just the clones sent out. He didn't trust the beast, so he wasn't going to give them an opening.

With that speech done, the Crawler would point his hand over toward the seal, causing some sort of ooze to come forth from it. "Take some of that and rub it on your skin, and you'll become temporarily more aware of nature energy. Don't use too much since it will help you take it in. Use too little nature energy, and your techniques just won't work. Take in too much, and you risk transforming your body into a Hitokage and then turning into stone forever. With that, it'd produce a black rod in its hand. "This will help me remove the nature energy from you when you start to change until you get the hang of it."

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