Conflict in the darkness


Akechi, Kitaru

Date: September 1, 2012


Akechi hired to recover the family of a man from the Land of Water, ran into Kitaru who had to stop him.

"Conflict in the darkness"

Deep sea boarder between Lightning and Water

It would be the middle of the night and the young ninja found himself roped into a simple escort mission across the water. The mission was simple, slip into the Land of waves by boat and sneak out this family and take them to the neutral zone. As simple as that sounded it wasn't the case thought for starters they were trying to escape a mob boss for unpaid gambling wags. Akechi already came up with the idea that there were people on the trail. It wouldn't be surprising to him if they got ninja to deal with ninjas. However he did the first part rather easy it's the second part he seems to be stuck on. His current location is halfway off the coast of the waves village, the thick mist made it rather difficult to navigate through and the woman wasn't making it any easier she grew rather ill quickly and started to throw up. The sounds of chunks could be heard by anyone nearby. Akechi himself would try and comfort her; to his surprise she was pregnant. Sighing he would shake his head before getting back to the long journey back. "There, there, We're almost there almost made it to the other side." This was a lie since they're not even at the halfway point.
The woman would look much better now as she started to gather herself with the help of her daughter patting her back, it is than that she spoke "please hurry, don't worry about my health I will be fine I swear. We're wanted dead or alive." Akechi would keep the pace as he looked up at the moon lite sky.

Kitaru didn't like the mission. The fact that it was a mafia boss. Or the fact that the lady was pregnant. That kicked the mission up to that B-rank for him however, as it was expected that a shinobi is who got them out from under their watch anyways. A quiet sigh given, Kitaru shook his head to clear his thoughts of the past and focus on the now. Sitting in a simple row boat, he was at the edge of the land of Water's control, watching the mist for the signs of motion. Not having to work too hard, as voices echoed well across the water Kitaru would gather himself. Dead or alive, they were to be returned. Focusing chakra, he stepped off of the water to start walking through the mist. There was plenty of area for him to fight in, indeed he trains regularly while standing on water anyways, so this should potentially not be that big a deal.

The sounds of footsteps could be heard well before the safe spot, not taking any type of chances he would slip his gloves on as he sighed and shifted about until he was standing on the water as well. Looking through the mist was rather difficult for the young eyes of Akechi however he focused in on the steps. Holding his hands into a seal he would charge his chakra before forming another seal this time in the form of Ram to make a clone. The clone stood side by side with him as he moved to the boat. Waving to his clone he would get back to sailing this time in a much faster pace. The clone only goal was to hold off by any means. Akechi would tell them to remain quite for he needed to focus the woman once again felt sick and started to throw up on the side of the boat.

The sound of motion ahead of him had Kitaru move into that high gear. A sphere pulled from one pocket, he'd narrow his eyes as Akechi came into sight. That mental link attempted quickly resulted in realizing it was a clone. "Cheap tricks don't work." The sphere was launched at the clone as Kitaru would track down where that boat was at. Two spheres would form into exsistance over Akechi's head, the reflections of the mirrors within them catching his form in every minute detail. They would warp suddenly, twisting out of the mirrors to launch at Akechi himself, attempting to latch on to and drive him to his knees, as every motion he tried to make was resisted twice over.

The Clone was caught up in the explosion resulted in it going poof, as he felt even more drained. Shifting about he would create another clone as he shifted and looked at Kitaru nodding his head he would attacked. Pulling out two seals in both hands the clone would try and tag the clone onto Kitaru via touched. While the real Akechi would try and escape once more. Once again the woman stomach became rather calm as he sailed on, he would feel the pressure escaped and become lighter.

Kitaru tsked as the clone was used again. "It won't work, just.. so you know." As the clone rushed where he was at, it'd go right through the image of where he had been at. Meanwhile, Kitaru was shown to be on the front of that boat, light enough to not even cause it to shift from him landing on it. That mirror was flicked up, aiming to catch Akechi's attention and force him to go still for a moment. As Kitaru used that dark malice with the cloak to invade Akechi's head, that sphere he rolled onto the deck at Akechi's feet would focus on him, the symbol of 'drain' flaring to life as it'd attempt to draw chakra directly from Akechi.

Both of his tactics worked, as for Akechi he would fall onto the deck, holding his torso, as he struggled to get back onto his feet he would notice the panic expressions on their faces. Making it back onto his feet holding his hands into a cup formation his clone would run towards him. Using his speed and leg power he would launch the clone into the air before having it crash down into the water to cause some type of distraction so he could get them across halfway point or at least hidden within the mist.

Kitaru cursed softly as he'd fight for footing, that shadow clone caused him to lose sight for a moment of the boat as he got pushed back. Frowning, another sphere was pulled and with a glare at the clone, it was launched right at the clone Akechi's chest. The explosion would light up the area, giving him a brief look into what was going on, however Kitaru was going to have to regain that link before he could continue his assault.

Akechi would spotted the explosive tag, however so did his clone, using his wits he would toss a seal, it would be the seal of deflections. As it flew through the air he himself would dash right into the face of Kitaru, this was only done due to the body flicker technique. Once he was up close and personal he would speak "so what are you looking at? What are you looking for? Well well what is it?" Laughing as he was this close he would have a huge simple on his face as it appears that his distraction technique is working however he was approaching a new problem his chakra was getting low.

Kitaru would smirk at the clone as it got up in his face. Arms folding over his chest, he'd raise one hand up after a moment to point over the clone's shoulder. There of course, was Kitaru, once again rushing that boat as the image faded away into nothingness. Closer to the boat, Kitaru would target all of them as he ran through those signs. Finishing, he'd utter the words softly, "Mirror Edge: Void Mirror." The real Kazeodori would suddenly see a massive mirror surge out of the water before the boat, the three foot tall mirror showing his reflection as just a faint speck within the center of it. That mirror finishing it's motion, Akechi would feel it reaching out, latching on to his mental state and sucking him into the world of the mirror. That darkness that was only hinted at within Kitaru's dark cloak was vivid here, very real as it'd cause the mirror's surface to go black, clawing towards Akechi, pulling at his very soul to shred it. After but a moment, the attack would fade, leaving him able to defend, if staggered from the assault.

Akechi could feel it reach out to him, suddenly his power was gone as he fell into the water, his clone would be gone as well. "I'm sorry," is said as he surfaced and reached out to the side of the boat, the wife and the child would try and pull him on board. Akechi would be breathing rather heavy now as he was fading in and out of it. "Genjutsu, last of the data needed." Akechi eyes started to close he would fade, his Uzuamki blood would start to surface as he struggled to get back onto his feet, he would be shaking from exhaustion.

Now that the clone shinnanigans was dealt with, Kitaru would walk over towards that boat. Akechi studied for a moment, Kitaru would go through a set of seals before one last sphere was flicked his way. Once again, the two spheres formed over Akechi's head, reaching out for him to claw at his very being, as if his images were trying to grab directly at his heart. Meanwhile, the sphere that Kitaru chucked would once again siphon off that chakra from the worn down Akechi. Yes, Kitaru was being merciless, it seems.

Akechi would slip down and pass out, completely drained by the last two the young man eyes would start to close, as the little girl would tug on him. "Wake up, please weak up." Akechi would struggle but it was all for nothing his body was out of jucie anything he could do he can't. He would tear up at his failure to move, "forgive me." Akechi last word as he passed out.

Kitaru held on to that next sphere, watching Akechi pass out. A moment's frown, studying the kid for a long pause, before he'd give a nod. Attention turning to the woman and girl, he'd point back to land. "Swim or go with me." Turning, he'd walk off long enough to recover his boat, walking back over to the other ship to offer it to them for a ride. He was basically allowing them to swim to their death, or go back under the thumb of the mafia. Trying for an honorable exit to what seemed a bad situation to him.

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