Control, Control, Your Chakra Control


Kenta, Kyuketsuki

Date: March 23, 2015


Kenta introduces two chakra control and medical ninjutsu exercises to Kyu as part of the Genin's medical lessons

"Control, Control, Your Chakra Control"

Konoha Hospital - Kenta's Office

Kenta glances up at the timepiece on his wall as he clears his desk inside his office. All the paperwork, knickknacks and medical tools that he had on it is moved to some side tables. The young medic-nin walks over to a cabinet by the window and kneels to doing to take out some materials from it. He sets all of this on the desk that he had just cleared - some scrolls, a few books, a medical kit, some forceps and a big jar made of opaque black glass. He lies everything out neatly before he sits back down on his chair. Another glance at the timepiece. Kyu should be arriving any minute now.

Kyu opens the door slowly and walks in, he knows he's a bit late but he got distracted, ending up relaxing by the lake, and since he isn't allowed to run he had to walk all the way there. "Hey Kenta, sorry I'm late. I got distracted and forgot. And walked all the way here. I'm not allowed to rush really. Since your orders including not straining myself." He sits in the nearest chair. Not supposed to strain himself, so he won't! Not even by standing for too long. He wants to be action ready asap!

Kenta nods his head at Kyu. "Good! You shouldn't be pushing yourself too hard. A leisurely walk will improve your strength as long as you don't strain yourself. We're going to go easy on your lesson today too, since molding chakra can be hard exercise too." The medic-nin points to a pile of scrolls and books on the left corner at Kyu's side of the desk. "That's reading material for you. One of the scrolls also contains another list of books that I want you to look for. Umm… I'll have one of the volunteers walk you with that later. You really shouldn't be carrying it all yet."

Kyu looks at the stuff, seems like a lot! "Heh. Wow. Uhm. Okay." He unrolls some of the scrolls and looks at them. "So just study all this stuff in my free time? Will do. So what is the lesson today exactly? Chakra molding? I've heard of that. Hmm."

Kenta shakes his head. "Ummm… not exactly. There's too exercises that I'm going to introduce you to. Both of them are mainly for chakra control. I don't want to tax you too much, so I'm just going to make sure that you get familiar with what the exercises and then I'll let you leave." The medic-nin stands to take one of the scrolls from the pile. It's tied with a braided blue string. He spreads it out to show Kyu a series of seals written on the inside. "This is the first exercise."

Kenta places both hands over the seals and starts channeling chakra into the scroll. The characters begin to glow with a cherry red light, like heated metal. "This scroll converts chakra to light. There are four levels. The first is red, the easiest to maintain." Kenta increases his output of chakra and red flashes to a warm, orangey yellow. "Next yellow…" The amount of chakra increases again and yellow fades to a cobalt blue. "Blue and finally…" The light flashes to white. "White."

Kenta pulls his hands away. "The colors are associated with the amount of chakra channeled into the seals. There's a specific range for each, and the range narrows with each progressing color. I want you to be able to focus your control to the point that you can easily maintain each color without even needing to think about it. Red has the widest range and is the easiest by far and you shouldn't have much problem with it. Keeping the light white for longer than a few seconds is hard most Genin without practice. It's almost like walking a tightrope. Tilt a little too much one way and you'll fall."

Kyu looks at the scroll. That looks actually kinda fun. He reaches out and places his hands on the scroll. "So, red…" He starts focusing his chakra into it, turning it red. He carefully adjusts his chakra until he gets it to be the yellow Kenta showed him. "Hmm. Its not that much different then genjutsu or tree walking." he decides to stop at yellow, just holding it there. Again, doesn't wanna strain himself. After around twenty seconds he'd stop, and look at Kenta. "Tree walking taught me how to do this basically. I just need to find the 'frequency' and hold it. Simple. I don't want to try blue or white yet. I don't want to delay the healing process any."

"Good, you know how to tree walk already. Can you water walk too? This is definitely similar, but you have to maintain a greater output of chakra. That'll tire you out quicker and you'll probably start making more mistake as your stress you abilities to keep maintaining a specific output for a long time." Kenta nods his head in approval as he watches Kyu keep the seals glowing at yellow. Blue is a big step up and would be noticeably harder, but probably not too bad if Kyu has good enough control. Kenta doesn't urge the boy to do it though, since there's a second exercise. "I want you to work with this scroll for about thirty minutes a day or until you feel tired, whichever comes first. I want you to work to the point of holding white for a full fifteen minutes without causing the color to flicker even once."

Kyu shakes his head at the water walking part, "No, I've been trying to figure that one out but it's significantly harder. I'll get it in a few more tries though, once I'm all healed up. I just know it." He listens to the lesson plan. "Got it. Thirty minutes daily. Keep it white for fifteen minutes without it flickering." He nods. "So when does this lesson plan begin?"

"Water walking is definitely going to be too dangerous for you for a while, but this should be good practice to prepare for it. Umm… you can start doing the exercise tomorrow, since you already had a long walk today. You can start on the reading material instead." Kenta removes the scroll from the table and rolls it up. He sets it aside, but immediately takes a different scroll. This one is about three times the size and covers most of the table's surface when he spreads it open. The second scroll also have seals all over it, but the seals form a circle around a blank spot in the middle.

"You're also going to start working with this, but it's actually trickier. I often have my students start out with this exercise. I'm not doing that with you, since you're still recovering," Kenta explains. "This scroll takes your chakra input and molds it for you into medical chakra. It's very weak, but will get your familiar with how normal chakra goes through the transformations needed to produce healing effects." The young man starts unscrolling the top of the black glass jar.

Kyu watches as the scroll is taken away and the new one is produced. "Wow.. Uhm." He's glad he doesn't have to do it again. It looks kind of threatening, he looks at the black glass jar. "Huh. What's that?" He shifts a little, trying to see whats inside. Hmm.

Kenta sets the lid on the desk with a soft clink. He picks up some forceps and reaches into the jar. A big, writhing earthworm is pinched between the ends of the forceps when he pulls them back out. "Worms. You're going to start with healing worms," the medic-nin says, in what must be the hundredth time since he started teaching medical students. Kenta drops the worm in the middle. He sets the forceps aside, but takes a sharp scalpel in its place. He makes a visible nick in the middle of the worm, enough to cause the poor thing to curl up and thrash around. "Invertebrates have simpler physiology, so they're easier to heal. You're going to channel you chakra into the scroll, which converts it to medical chakra, which will heal the worm. Like with the other exercise, you have to maintain a correct amount. Too little and nothing happens, except wasted chakra. Too much and the worm will show clear signs of greatly agitation. Too much for too long and the worm dies."

Kyu watches this curiously and when he says this he looks a bit surprised. "I-I'm doing this now?" he stares at the writhing worm. He doesn't like seeing it clearly in pain, he looks between Kenta and the worm with a 'do I do something or am I waiting for you, but if it's you can you please hurry so the worm doesn't die?' face.

"Hands over the seals, centered on the worm inside the circle. Channel a little chakra into the seals. There's a bit of a feedback mechanism, so you should feel the shift to medical chakra. Keep increasing the amount until you see the worm get uncomfortable and then lower the amount a little. Try to maintain it that way and watch to see if the worm starts to heal. I'll correct you if I see that you're not hitting the right level even after a few tries." Kenta makes an encouraging gesture at Kyu to get on with things.

Kyu nods and stands up, placing his hands on the places designated, he starts out with a small amount and slowly works his amount of chakra up, until he sees signs of discomfort, just like Kenta had said, after he did that he lowers it again, also slowly, he does this significantly slower than he could manage if he were more experienced, but still enough to get it done without major catastrophe and worm explosions… This time.

Kenta watches Kyu's progress carefully. He's done this enough by now that he can tell how well the boy's doing with a glance. After a moment, the medic-nin nods. "You've got the correct level now. Just maintain it like that for a minute and…" Kenta pauses. He nods in satisfaction. "There." The nick in the worm had sealed back up. "You might not manage it every time, but that's a good start. Ummm… so you can take the worms with you or dig up your own. I suggest taking these, since I already have them here. Just keep making a small cut and practice healing that. After a while, you can find injured mice or small birds, which are much harder than worms. Each type of creature requires a different level of medical chakra. Keep in mind that this scroll's no good for anything bigger than a small rabbit."

Kyu nods, he didn't plan on cutting into any small mice or anything! But if he came across an injured one he'd certainly heal it up! "Hai. I will definitely work on that Kenta. And hopefully I won't kill any. I won't like cutting them either but… If I have to to learn… I suppose I can get over it. Heh, thank you Kenta-Sensei. I feel like I've learned a lot. And with practice I'm sure I can get this down in no time. So begin training tomorrow right?" He sits down again. "Is that all the lesson for today?" Kyu tilts his head slightly.

"Yes, that's all for today. You can go get some rest. I'll have one of the volunteers catch up with you with this stuff or just send it directly to your house." Kenta gives Kyu a stern look. "Remember not to overdo yourself when you do these exercises," he warns for the umpteenth time. "Rest well, Kyu!"

Kyu nods. He didn't plan on overdoing it. He takes specifically the scroll that changes color, "I want to carry this, I'm not going to use it, I just want to carry at least one thing." He wasn't lying… completely… He'd walk and try to keep it at the lowest red he can manage. He wouldn't be straining himself, just using some excess chakra, not much though. Just until he got home, to see if he has the chakra to do it! If he felt tired he'd stop though.

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