Struggle With No Reward - Conversation By Oppression's Birth


Meruin, Yugao, Yoma, Fuutama

Date: May 28, 2013


There's some conversation, some training, and some general nonchalance as Kirigakure's construction of their internment camp continues.

"Struggle With No Reward - Conversation By Oppression's Birth"

The Internment Camp's Location

Down the Valley [Land of Water]

The valley separates from the thick mist in the distance leaving knee high mist, the ground of this area is a rich combination of moss, grass and rock. There are a few trees set through the area adding some texture to the valley. All around the landscape is flat, eventually it slopes down towards the east where a very large cliff face is noted seemingly blocking the valley from spreading even further.

Meruin (Lumberjack)

East - (E) [Valley Cliff Wall]
West - (W) [Path Through the Mist]

"Bring the the stone to the eastern side."
Meruin gestures towards the far side of the stone wall being raised, where it was obviously incomplete. The genin carrying the wheelbarrow of stone nodded quickly, grunted as he pushed his burden, and started rushing away without a glance back at the Okumo. It was morning, the sun barely up, but the work on the camp was going well — very well. So long as this pace continues, it should be finished by the end of the day. And the true business could get underway.
But for now, a large force of shinobi and citizenry were hard at work, getting everything to where it needed to be. The wall was being cemented via earth ninjutsu. A swift, though taxing affair. All they needed were the appropriate materials for it, which were being delivered. Looking at it, it was clear that this camp was not a military one but one for prisoners. There were buildings that didn't seem to have any obvious uses, and others that were obviously barracks, none too comfortably, the 'beds' holding chains…
Meruin supervised the creation of this weapon against the traitors."

Walking along the path to the site, Yugao is helping by pulling a cart full of supplies. She doesn't seem to be put off by the work, the girl's strength and stamina obvious as she moves, she's got muscles that aren't particularly normal for her age but she's using them and doesn't seem to be worried about it. She settles herself into the steps to bring the supplies in, drops them off and then nods to Meruin, "How are things going? Where can I be of most use?"

Yoma was technically a citizen of at least the Land of Water officially. Thus, there was a call of duty that reached even him. However, he was aware of it prior, and spoke to Yuuka as to whether he should pursue it. She essentially said it was up to him, but it would be something for him to do. Thus he was here, and as Yugao delivered the cart, Yoma picked it up and hefted it over a shoulder before walking it towards where they currently needed those particular building materials.

As it turns out all shinobi and citizens were hard at work on the construction of this prisoner camp save for Fuutama. Hard work and manual labor weren't his cup of tea exactly and when the time came he could talk his way out of a lot of situations. Somehow he'd passed the idea that it would take two high ranking shinobi to overlook such an operation. Whether that was true or not has yet to be seen but Fuutama still stands by and 'supervises' along with Meruin. With a mighty yawn Fuutama hitches a ride on the cart Yoma is now transporting. "Good work you guys. If we keep up the pace we'll be done in no time." he says while trying to get comfortable. "Hmmm not gonna happen on this surface." Fuutama peers down to Yoma "Keep it up. I'm going to go see what the others are up to." he says with a smile before flickering off towards Meruin. Once Fuuta arrives he gives the spider denizen a pat on the shoulder…or would have were they not currently being occupied by two of his pets. Fuuta cringes and just leaves it at a wave. "Moving along nicely wouldn't ya say?"

Okumo Meruin's gaze shifts to Yugao as she comes by, inclining his head to her. "Things are moving along as planned," he says, eyes on the giant Kaguya taking away the materials. It was a good move for the man to make. "We will be finished with this by day's end. In the morning, the gathering will begin. As for what you can do." He gestures to a the ground fifteen feet to his right and the shovels atop it. "You can dig." He looks towards Fuutama as he appears, but looks back towards Yugao. "We require graves to be dug. Shallow. Three feet deep, six feet long. 50 of them."
And then his eyes turn to Fuuta with a nod. "Yes. We've encountered no issues, all who should have reported have reported, the materials are on hand but for the food, and that will be here by four, Things are moving just about as well as they should be." The Okumo arches a pale brow over an eye, one of the spiders on his shoulders turning it's many eyes on Fuuta, fangs working. "I would like to know, however, why it is that you have no part of that progress."

Taking the shovel, Yugao nods her head, "Excellent." She states, "I shall prepare the graves immediately." She then turns and starts to move to the designated area and begins to dig. She really…well, is somewhat robotic in her actions. One would think she doesn't care what the holes she is digging are for, as long as they are dug.

Setting down the hefty load, Yoma would return to find there was no more currently at Meruin's location. He'd look around in silence for a moment, his massive form rolling this way and that as he tried to discern exactly what progress was being made. He would not Yugao had begun digging for some reason, and that Fuutama was here. He'd not seen him since the incident at the restaurant. At the moment, Yoma hadn't seen anything in particular he should focus on, thus he'd merely wait while Fuutama and Meruin spoke.

Fuutama looks around idly at the work as if he didn't hear Meruin's question. But he answered eventually "Things are progressing as planned right? So my help isn't required. Besides I'm supervising. My eyes are all that need be used." Fuuta says with a chuckle. "I'm not the hole digging type. Perhaps if I were an earth ninjutsuist." He adds once more before looking back to Meruin. "Eeek. Why is it looking at me like that?" Fuuta shys away a bit. "Before your spiderlings get any other ideas I think I'm going to have another look around, just to make sure there are now issues." He says moving away to observe those digging graves. "You should try and lighten up Meru."

Meruin inclines his head to Yugao as she makes her way to the grave work. "Excellent." He'd look towards Yoma then, watching as the giant of a Kaguya came towards him. He simply considered him throughout the time that Fuuta (eventually) spoke to him of his excuses and such things. The spider on his shoulder watches the man as he begins moving away without a comment from the Okumo.
To Yoma, "Graves. Three feet deep, six long," are his only words.

Yoma grunted slightly with a nod. His eloquence either lost or enhanced by the sheer simplicity of his semi verbal acknowledgement of the task. Regardless, he would move on, grasping his blade from his back and lining himself up opposite of Yugao's grave digging. He looked at the dimensions for a moment of the first dug grave, before he would leap in to the air a bit, ramming his blade down in to the ground before taking two small (for him) rapid steps forward, gouging out the dirt from the ground and ripping it free, leaving one grave sized scar in the flesh of the earth and moving to create another.

Meruin always did give Fuuta the creeps but the Okumo was nothing if not efficient. Yoma and Yugao were superb gravediggers too. You'd think with all this hard working going on Fuuta would lift a finger and help but the best he could do was give a clone a shovel and tell it to get to work, which
is what he did to keep Meruin and his spiders from hissing at him. The clone joins Yoma and Yugao in their grave digging endeavors, and Fuuta supervises. "Compared to gathering the prisoners up this part is easy." He comments motioning his clone to get to work.

"I hope that you realize that you will be a part of that effort as well, Fuutama," speaks Meruin, his misted eyes surveying the valley and it's new construct. "Yugao," he then says. "It appears that Kaguya Yoma will have that task settled by himself in short order. Drop the shovel. Confer with Yoko Fuutama to learn method of disabling a person with a blade without killing them. Your time will be better spent thus in preparation for tomorrow." A moment after this, the Okumo turns and strides the small distance towards the grave site. He moves around it, stepping a step back from where the next grave should be made by the Kaguya. He asks him a question. A simple one. "Why are you here?"

A look at Meruin and then she nods, "I see." Yugao then stands up and walks toward Fuutama. She nods to Fuuta before pulling out her own Katana, looking at it as she then looks at Fuuta, "You know of a new method that I should be learning?" She hmms, "I am good at killing people but I wouldn't mind learning something that would mean I could avoid killing them for later torture and questioning."

Yoma would continue to plow harder than anyone… cause he's good at that sort of thing it appears, as Meruin would step to him. IT didn't stop his work as Yoma would answer, "It gives me something to do." quite simply. Yoma enjoyed work, even tasks that were simple like this one. Manual tasks that involved him to continually use his body, now that he had a comfortable place to sleep and plentiful food to eat. His body craved to struggle and work endlessly, as it had for the past decade; as it has for the past two decades in fact. "If the creation of this place is going to be used to protect your home… then it seems it would be used to protect mine as well." he would further explain.

"Holy heaven and hell, a Mist Shinobi that is willing to learn how to spare a life rather than take one. Color me surprised." Fuuta comments after Yugao draws her katana. He glances to Meruin and makes a mocking face "Yeah yeah yeah I know…sheesh." Fuuta looks back to Yugao and then her blade. "It's really simple. You can either use the blunt ends of your weapon as in the base of the handle or the reverse side of the blade or can aim for crippling blows rather than fatal blows. Say right here behind the knee or this thick little tendon at the heel." Fuuta points to both. "It's really up to you. What I normally do is aim for the limbs. Be sure to avoid the arteries elseways your target will most likely….bleed out." Fuuta finishes. His clone continues to dig and listen in on Meruin and Yoma's conversation. "So that help or are you looking for something a bit more specific. Like a jutsu or something? Don't be afraid to ask. The GREAT Yoko Fuutama has a wealth of knowledge that he is more than will to bestow up you, his loyal yet edgy subjects."

A brow arched at the answer Meruin received from Yoma. 'Something to do.' Not at all the one that the Kaguya was supposed to give. That one, though, came a moment later and the Okumo gave a mental nod, stepping to the side to allow continuation of the next hole in the ground. Mother earth got a good plowing indeed. "What if I were to tell you that you were working without greater cause? That you were never going to be accepted into Kirigakure's ranks? That the best you would get was a swift death to prevent others from gaining information on the Kaguya physiology?"

A look upon the one known as Fuutama and Yugao seems unimpressed…or rather emotionless. She merely looks at her blade and then nods, "I was wondering about a far more specific thing. I already know how to cut people in a way that is not lethal." She then looks at the other side of the blade, "And I will have to practice with the blunt side. Swinging it in reverse is not so easy." She nods her head, "The blade is not meant to be handled that way."

"A blade is a tool." Yoma said as he rended the earth once more with his own. "It is used how ever the wielder demands, not the weapon." Yes, he would be butting in to their conversation, but only to state a simple fact of life: To not to be bound by your tools. Meruin would receive a brief look as Yoma continued on with his work. "If you were to tell me that, then I would say that I have no expectations, I have heard that before, and that you are far too late for any secrets my body has to offer to be secured simply by death or getting rid of of me." And he'd just keep plowing open graves over and over without pausing. "I would also say, that your regeneration better be flawless by the time I am through protecting this life of mine, or I will not be the only one whose best option will be a swift death."

Fuutama points and winks at Yoma. "Bingo. If you're going to use a blade then use it. Don't let it use you. Tools were created for that purpose and that purpose alone." Fuuta takes out a kunai and twirls it before Yugao. "It's always harder to NOT kill. So if you're the kind of girl who would shy
away from a challenge then I recommend you just stick to killing." Fuuta chuckles and continues on "But if you want something specific I recommend…" He taps the base of her sword's handle with his kunai. "You know how to use a target's momentum against them?" Fuuta asks. "Well in the same fashion would slice or cut a person you would instead hit them with that end. AND if you're more of an iaijutsu master then you can do such with a simple flick of the thumb." Fuuta demonstrates by wiggling his thumb. "May I see the katana?"

"Joints, Fuutama."
Meruin tilts his head slightly, looking up at Yoma as he continues to rend the earth through sheer power. "The statement that you have no expectations is little more than a deflection. You have your hopes. That we should take you on, that the Kaguya should take you in, that you can secure your place and a future with… Kaguya Yuuka. And her daughter. You have your fears, essentially the antithesis of your hopes. And, perhaps, that it would be the death of you — that you should escape your prison after so long only to have your life ended here. Perhaps even for the very reason that you were in that prison, and we would not want what it made you getting into other hands. And you have your guesses, where you match your hopes and fears to reality, and decide how likely each is to happen. Kaguya Yoma. By the end of this debacle, there is a notable chance that I shall have your blood on my hands." he says
"Now make a guess for me."

Looking at Fuutama, Yugao nods and then hands her Katana over to him, hmming as she steps back a little.

"A hope is most certainly not an expectation." Yoma would say to Meruin with a deep rumble. Though at this point he would stop his grave digging, just 10 short of the total now. He leaned on his sword a bit an eyed Meruin. "I am alive, so I move forward. I am alive, so I remember what came before. I am alive, so I handle what is right in front of me." His recessed gaze stared at Meruin unwaveringly as his deep base voice seemed to thrum through the ground in to Meruin more than travel
through the air to him.
"As far as my guess about you. The reason why you bother to "warn" me as it were, is because you fear that we are too much alike, and that people like us should not exist in abundance. That perhaps too many people who were forced in to being "special" would unbalance things. Perhaps that your place and your future may not be as secure as you would like. You have rank and title, influence, and the ear of the Mizukage… but you are not like anyone else. You will always be different, and while you do not fear it, nor are to stricken by it as if it were some ailment, deep down you are entirely aware of it and have always wondered where your place actually is. If you are only still here because you are useful here and that has been enough for you all this time."
And with that, Yoma would begin to finsh the rest of the graves just as vigorously as he'd begun.

Fuuta takes the katana and nods "RIght joints. That's what they're called." He says with a smirk. He gets a feel for her katana and shrugs. "Nice blade." he says before twirling it around to hold the handle upwise. He peers to Yugao and raises the handle to her chin. "The chin is a good spot. Strike em there and they'll be stunned for a good minute. All you have to do is get in close." Fuuta moves towards her lowering the katana to his side. The then flicks it upwards and stops short of her chin. "And I'm not even a swordsman. So I can imagine you'd be pretty good at it." Fuuta hands her the katana back. "That's as much as I can show you for now." he says. "If you don't want to use the reverse side of the blade….make friends with the handle's base. Your reach will be short so you'll have to be quick."

"Perhaps what you say is true," speaks Meruin, gaze as steady as it'd been when it'd been surveying the progress of the camp's creation, undeterred by the Kaguya's size and power. "Perhaps you have too human a view of me. Who would speak in testament to the truth of either statement? Just recall, Kaguya Yoma. A shinobi is a tool. It is used however the wielder commands, not the weapon. And to the tool that has been aware that it is a tool for the whole of it's existence…?"
The question he posed went unanswered. Meruin stepped away, starting back towards the two who'd been practicing their subduing tactics. "We are taking trees from the west for use as lumber here. When you are finished here, go and see one returned here. There won't be enough carts. You will have to carry it." A nod would be given to Fuutama and Yugao as he passed by. "Take care with the chin. Too easy to catch the throat in battle. Injure their knees first, then proceed with a blow meant to stun." And with that, he would continue on and past the pair, moving to intercept the path between the camp in creation and the village. Coming closer is a runner, making good time. A message, then. More business to attend to.

A soft nod comes from Yugao as she watches the man work. She hmms and then turns her gaze to her own hands for a moment before looking back at Fuuta, "I see, this may be of some use."

"A tool can never be a man. No matter how much it hopes to be one day." Yoma would state clearly as he finished the graves. Even with the threat of his life and the words of the weapon that threatened it, Yoma still simply moved off towards the forested area in order to start bringing in the logs with his strength. Strangely for a Kaguya, he did not seem upset at all by the threats. Perhaps he's heard it all before. Perhaps he doesn't believe Meruin, or perhaps in the end, he knows when to lash out and fight unlike most other Kaguya, despite everything that has happened to him.

"A tool doesn't even have desires. That's how you can tell the difference between a tool and a man." Fuutama comments to Yoma before looking back to Yugao. Fuutama nods "Sure sure." he looks back to his clone and dismisses it. It seems Meruin and Yoma's conversation has gotten pretty intense. Fuuta would want to excuse himself anyway. "So then, I'll return in a bit but I need to go take care of some things." He yawns and waves at Yugao. He had half a mind to tell Meruin he was going but that might be more of a hassle than he'd like. "Just tell Meruin I went to the bathroom, if he asks." Fuuta says before wandering off.

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