Cooking and Slicing: How to Become a Great Shinobi!


Nendo, Hotaru, Kaneko

Date: September 17, 2015


Nendo takes his two pupils out to the training grounds for some training, and it ends well for them! … Technically.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Cooking and Slicing: How to Become a Great Shinobi!"

Stone Fields - Mountain Stream [Iwagakure]


A mountain stream flows through this area of the training ground, running down from the mountains surrounding the village. This area has a few small clearings complete with trees and flora and paths leading off to various parts of the training ground. The ground is rough and jagged rocks stick out in various places between trees. The stream brings with it life, fish not uncommonly found within the cold waters. Bears, deer, and other wildlife that live within the training grounds forests come down to the river to eat or drink. There are a few training posts and targets set up around the trees near the river, allowing Ninja to train their skills.


Nendo would be working with poles in the stream under the setting sun's evening glow. He was in an area of the water deep enough to almost reach his waist was being speared with those poles before one by one he lit the wrapped tips on fire with some of his father's spark powder. The poles were spread out by several feet in the water, giving each one a fair distance from one another and making sure they were low enough that they wouldn't cause a problem when the time come. The piles of stone dotting the ground behind him showed that he'd been a busy genin in setting the areas up for his students… Where were those students anyway? He'd told them to show up before it was a quarter past the hour so they had a few more minutes at best but he'd not be willing to wait. Of course he could excuse Kaneko, he'd made sure she knew that she needed to do stretches before her training, wanting her to be as warmed up and ready to run for her life as possible. Hotaru on the other hand, he'd told her to wear something water resistant and bring a set of spare clothes for after training.

Kaneko comes over to the mountain stream and gives a quick salute. "Reporting for duty, Nendo-Senpai-sama!" she says cheerfully, grinning. "I haven't stretched yet, so I think I'm gonna do that real quick. But I wanted to make sure I wasn't late. What're all these-" she paused as the idea crosses her mind. "Oh, is that it? You're smart, Sensei! I wouldn't have thought of that. If I ever get students, I'm gonna have to keep you as an example!"

Water-resistant clothing was not the watanabe way. She asked her father about it, and he practically just told her to stay away from water, or walk over top of it. It was even difficult to convince her father to get a swim-suit for her. She had to cry for hours before he finally gave in, and even then Hotaru didn't like it. Mostly because she didn't like how it showed her legs.
She ended up arriving in a black and yellow one-piece wet-suit that had short sleeves and were legless, wearing a towel around her waist and making sure it draped over her legs. She also wore her rusty red cloak with the hood up, at least until she was in the area she was supposed to arrive in, mostly because… truly… she didn't want to be seen in public like this. Nendo has truly besmirched her good name by asking her to wear something water-resistant. She'll never forgive him.
The cloak would have to do for the change of clothes, given she wasn't apt to carrying much right now. Her cane tapping the ground to hold her weight as she walked was a clear indicator she was coming, her face curled into a shy little frown… eyes half-liddedly worried-looking. "J-just so you know Nendo-sensei, I… I don't really like water…" She warns, though it likely won't help her situation, she already sees where this is going. "So… do I have to… walk in water?"

Nendo would smile at Kaneko while wading his way out of the water and stepping onto the dry land with a slight grunt when the little chill of the breeze made his legs feel ice cold.. A camp fire would be good for relaxing and the genin brought with him some treats just in case the girls did well so it could work out quite well for the three of them. "Don't think I'm giving you something too simple Kaneko, but I'll explain your part when you're done stretching. There's a clearing in the rocks large enough for you to do that over there." Nendo explained, pointing off toward the trees where one of the largest piles of cleared stones was resting. There was a reason for them having been saved in piles but she'd learn that reasoning later on.
The arrival of Hotaru was the last piece.. they were even both on time so that he didn't need to worry about it. Hearing what the little angry girl had to say however brought a bit of a frown to the genin's lips. "You're going to be standing in water today while we train, you'll find out why when you get into it. And don't worry, I'll save you if anything happens that I don't already have planned." Nendo explained before pointing to the area of the stream that he'd marked off with those flaming torches. "Not liking water and knowing the benefits as well as how to deal with it will help you grow stronger. There are shinobi that manipulate water and one day you might be forced to know how to swim, when to hold your breath, and how to tread water when travelling. This will help get you started in that regard."

Hotaru groans with a stark frown and a furrowing of her brows. "Nendo-san! B-but…" She bites her tongue when she remembers what the Kage herself said though, which causes the young girl's features to soften. "… I… I guess you're right… I-I mean, h-hai, whatever you command. S-so I… I just need to get into the water and… walk across?" Easy with her cane, surely, she thinks…
"Kaneko doesn't have to do this?" She asks. "W-what does Kaneko-chan have to do?" She wonders.

Nendo shook his head at her commends before walking toward the shoreline and holding a hand out to her. "You're not crossing the water, you're going to go to the middle and stand there while we train, and you need to leave your cane here. You'll understand when you get into the water." Nendo explained though at her curiosity about Kaneko's training, the genin put on a thoughtful expression before speaking. "Both of you will be training in different ways but both will involve evasion. Kaneko is going to be training with Taijutsu and you will be training using your Ninjutsu. The water will help you stand without the cane and free your hands up so you can more easily make seals. The fires I set up will mean you don't need to make fire of your own as well. All you need to focus on is dodging and standing." Nendo explained… hating water or not, it was the best thing he could think of to help her use her legs more independently during training.

RP: Nendo transforms into SPAR-I.

Hotaru slowly inched over, often looking back towards where she came from in the event that she decided to try and 'run' away. Her hand was on her can the entire time, as she moved close. She was still wearing her rusty-red cloak when she finally inched her free-hand to Nendo's. Several moments later, she unclutched the cane. Nendo's hand immediately took most of Hotaru's weight, and she would soon have fallen into him by accident, wincing her eyes as an embarassed blush creeps into her face. "I… I don't know Nendo-san… T-this is really silly…"

Nendo smirked a bit when she fell into him and helped her to right herself, holding her shoulders to give her a little time where she could get herself situated. He'd work her cloak free so he could take it from her along with the cane before setting both by the water's edge so they were in reach of the girl when her practice was over. "Hotaru, I've had to learn earth techniques by playing in dirt and making pots. Standing in water won't be the death of you." The genin chided before looking her over and giving a slight nod of approval at what the girl was wearing though the towel would be a slight problem if she thought she would be going into the water with it still on. "Come on now, get into the water and try focusing. We're going to be doing some sensory training as well since we both couldn't sense anything wrong with those rocks."

Hotaru wouldn't remove the towel until her legs were firmly in the water, though Nendo could tell that they were unusually thin. There were strange tattoos upon them as well, which appeared to be medically related sealing script. Her legs were coated in these strange symbols all over her legs, likely a sign her father was still trying to defeat the disease using the best ninjutsu he could afford. When she was fully in water, she would likely clutch onto the nearest of the sunken poles so that she could stand upright until much of her waist was fully in water. "I d-don't know any sensory jutsu…" She notes.

Nodding at her words, Nendo stepped back and closed his eyes in thought for a moment before he'd point to the poles and then to Hotaru. "You won't be using a jutsu, you're going to be focusing on the world around you and trying to feel where I am. Now then, those poles are your limitation, you aren't allowed to go more than two feet beyond then. Inside this range you're going to have to remain and try evading anything I throw at you. Take a moment to focus your chakra and get ready, I'm going to be harder on you than the first time we practiced." Nendo warned. He knew it would mean some failures but he couldn't wear cotton gloves and simply boost the girl's ego when he wanted her determination and skill to be what was raised. He had a few ideas in mind for keeping her determined even if things didn't work out though.

COMBAT: Hotaru focuses 1784 stamina to turn it into 2000 usable chakra!

Hotaru does as she is asked, focusing herself and welling the chakra around her body at will. It's particularly easy for her to do this, she needn't even make hand-seals to focus. "O-oh… O-okay… I really wasn't planning on moving away from these bars…" She at least manages to say. She clutches those bars indeed, as she tests the water. It was rather hard to move around in water as it was, so she knew dodging wasn't going to be fun. "I don't know, Nendo-sensei. Feeling is kind of hard…" Can't she just look?

Kaneko comes back after a bit of stretching, calling out, "Hotaru-chan! You can do it!" She grins cheerfully, then looks to Nendo. "Nendo-sensei, is there anything you need to set up, or am I gonna end up working on my own? I don't mind if you need to work with Hotaru-chan more." She gives a small nod. Then asks, "So what's the plan?"

Nendo smiled as he watched Hotaru and then drew free a kunai from his pouch. "You can try, Hotaru, but I'm not going to play the role of a ninja that shows himself forever." Nendo warned while listening to Kaneko and turning his attention to her. "Kaneko, take off your shoes… Your training is a bit more dangerous than Hotaru's; you're going to be running around in this rocky terrain barefoot and under fire." Nendo explained in a casual tone of voice while reaching out to a small pile and gathering a few of the sharp stones from one. "You're going to be dodging, countering, and over all trying to make sure you don't get distracted by stepping on sharp rocks." Nendo spelled out while tossing the sharp rocks in his hand a few times and then tossing his kunai over his shoulder in Hotaru's direction. He'd not use much force and rather than it being directed at her, the kunai was being launched to stab into one of those torches in her reach.
"Both of you will be sparring with me and I expect both of you to be trying to hurt me as I'll be aiming to land hits on you two. This training will hurt and will be exhausting, so I want you both to show me you can endure this." and to see them overcome it, but Nendo would leave out that last bit. He wanted them to do this session without much encouragement.

Hotaru doesn't like where this is going. She immediately tucked into the water when she saw the kunai leave his hand. She was not happy when she re-emerged from the water, head all wet. "Hey! W-warn me before you start throwing things, okay!? I mean! Warn me when the training begins!" She says with a snobbish frown. Showing her true noble colors right now, under all these negative pressures. Shy to a point, until she has been besmirched to the point where she is angry! Oh, those watanabe and their short fuses… "Okay! I'll make sure I'll hurt you extra good for making me do all this silly stuff!"

Kaneko blinks a bit and nods quickly. "Hai!" she says, sitting down to remove her shoes quick. And her socks. Then she brings them off to the side and sets them near some rocks that look like decent shelter before going over to Nendo. "Ready, Sensei!"

Nendo would smile a bit at Hotaru's attitude and let His eyes narrow as he tossed those rocks once more. A warning…? "I'm your teacher right now, Hotaru; you aren't going to get any warnings from me that you wouldn't get from an enemy shinobi… You should just be happy that I've given you a kunai to defend yourself with incase you can't dodge." Nendo explained as he jumped back quickly and launched one of the stones at Hotaru from the fair distance he'd made for her. There wasn't much room for mercy here but still, he'd make sure not to aim for anything vital. No good would come from causing lasting damage to his students after all. With Kaneko ready he'd have a bit of a hand full, using the rocks he had piled up for ammunition and beginning to throw those rocks as though they were shuriken for Kaneko to avoid so she knew that just like Hotaru, he'd be attacking both of them.

COMBAT: Hotaru defends against SPAR(16) attack from Nendo with a DODGE…4
COMBAT: Hotaru loses the roll and sustains 118 damage.
COMBAT: Hotaru defends against SPAR(6) attack from Nendo with a TENSE…2
COMBAT: Hotaru loses the roll and sustains 62 damage.

Hotaru can't move in water! She didn't even thing to grab the Kunai sitting right above her sunk into the torch. She tries to move, but the water… Sizzling bacon the water made it so hard! The first rock made her flinch, making the second rock… well… hit her nearly automatically, even if it was the slowest stone thrown in the history of shinobi. "Oww! Oww, oww, oww! That's not funny!" She sniffles. "N-nobody better be laughing at that…" She says, before she remembers she was allowed to fight back. "O-oh, right… C-cause… I can." Ox, Bird, Serpent, Dragon, Bird. These handseals were those that she formed when she let go of the pole. It was -so- much easier to form handseals when her legs weren't needing to be supported with her full strength. "Katon! Dragon Fire Jutsu!" *Huff* She breathes in, focusing the chakra to her mouth. Most ninja do not call out the name of their technique before using it. It's a name, and has no bearing on how powerful a technique is. This isn't Bleach. When Hotaru exhales, she pours fire out along the water, steam bellowing into the air where it hits. The stream of fire almost reaches out to engulf Nendo, as if her anger is giving the illusion of sentient flames~.

COMBAT: Nendo defends against DRAGON-FIRE-TECHNIQUE(17) attack from Hotaru with a DODGE…11
COMBAT: Nendo loses the roll and sustains 269 damage.
COMBAT: Nendo defends against DRAGON-FIRE-TECHNIQUE(16) attack from Hotaru with a DODGE…9
COMBAT: Nendo loses the roll and sustains 258 damage.

Nendo leaped back from the flames though it was almost like they chased him and the hot feel of those flames licking at his legs nearly forced the genin to cry out. Rather than losing focus however, Nendo raised his sleeved arm to take the brunt of the flames and whipped his free arm to send the remaining stones in his hand streaking through the air toward Hotaru. "This is a C rank attack, don't go using your trump card unless you have to!" Nendo would call out, teaching the girl even while rushing off toward the side to collect another supply of rocks in preparation for her next attack. The little habit she had of calling out what she was using would be fine for the moment, it could be touched on in a situation where he wasn't under threat of being cooked alive by a nine year-old!

COMBAT: Hotaru defends against SPAR(11) attack from Nendo with a WEAPON-BLOCK…10
COMBAT: Hotaru loses the roll and sustains 27 damage.
COMBAT: Hotaru defends against SPAR(16) attack from Nendo with a WEAPON-BLOCK…8
COMBAT: Hotaru loses the roll and sustains 83 damage.

Hotaru was worried she hurt Nendo rather bad. After all, she must have baked Nendo so much that if he had any clay in his pouches it might be unshapable now. Her sensei might literally be smoking. She didn't want to do that. Hotaru saw the stones burst through the flames she had created, and she barely had time to try and block them with the kunai she tried to unlodge from the torch… Not strong enough to do it in time, though. Both rocks hit her. "I-it's the only offensive fire technique my papa taught me…" She says, rather worriedly. "H-he only knows Taijutsu. He's not really that good at Ninjutsu…" Her father literally had to go up into their attic storage to blow the dust off the scroll containing that technique. "N-nendo-san, are you okay?" She asks. It felt as if using anymore ninjutsu to attack was not a good idea…

COMBAT: Hotaru defends against SPAR(10) attack from Nendo with a TENSE…3
COMBAT: Hotaru loses the roll and sustains 78 damage.
COMBAT: Nendo heals Nendo for 121 with FIRST AID.

Ducking behind the bushes for a moment Nendo fished through his pouch for his medical supplies. Nendo took a moment to apply a bit of salve to some of the worst burns but at the worried tone and words of the girl, Nendo stepped into view to let her see that he did have a few reddened marks on his face and exposed legs, a bit of dark tan colored paste covering a few areas where the burns were bad enough for him to think she'd be overly worried. Putting on a brave face, the genin tossed the rocks once more as casually as he'd done before in warning of the coming throw. "You've got fires around you Hotaru, you should make sure you dodge these next ones while thinking of other ways to attack besides that big blast. It really wears you out and passing out on the battlefield's the end of a shinobi's story…" with those warning words, He launched the handful of rocks in the direction of his little student to distract her while he slipped off to hide himself once more.

Hotaru would duck under the water, as the rocks flew where her head was a moment ago. For a few moments while she us underneath, the heat of her lips diffuses into the water, as steam rises from the stream a few moments. When her head submerges, her eyes blink a few times. "Ah, the fires! That's right!" Not to mention the ones scattered around the area now, unfortunately. "I-I'll try that technique!"

Nendo had used the moment she was under the water to once again hide in the brush, crouching on a tree branch and quietly muttering about the power that attack carried.. She was a literal firestarter and the genin was worried that if he didn't take her a little more seriously that she'd actually make him look worse than a natural burn victim. For now though, he'd test her ability to sense out and try finding someone she couldn't see while his medical paste finished working its medicine on him.. It would help make the burns look less severe but he'd most likely soak in the hotsprings later on to try relieving himself of any lingering aches the burns had caused.

COMBAT: Hotaru defends against STEALTH(5) attack from Nendo with a PERCEPTION…9

Hotaru looks around, eyes dancing amongst the flames. Right now, the flames are able to cast shadows, and thus Hotaru points towards the tree Nendo hides behind when she sees the flames create a human-like shadow. "AHA! I found you!" She says as she throws her Kunai over towards the tree!
What a sloppy throw indeed… Looks like she needs some work on that.

COMBAT: Nendo defends against SPAR(8) attack from Hotaru with a BLOCK…10

The kunai made no sound of hitting anything as Nendo swept his sleeved arm so the blade was caught in it and could easily be withdrawn and held for a moment. He'd give her a short moment; a little time to see if he could shake her certainty in her senses being on target. After a moment however, that kunai would flash in the fire's light when it was thrown back at the student while Nendo dropped from the tree and threw his gathered stones as well.

COMBAT: Hotaru defends against SPAR(6) attack from Nendo with a DODGE…5
COMBAT: Hotaru loses the roll and sustains 37 damage.
COMBAT: Hotaru defends against SPAR(8) attack from Nendo with a FIRE-REPLACEMENT…12
COMBAT: Hotaru defends against SPAR(12) attack from Nendo with a FIRE-REPLACEMENT…22

It was by some strange act of fate that the stone woke Hotaru from her stupor, and her hands quickly formed seals. This was just in time for her to get struck by more rocks and a Kunai, though that Hotaru would explode in a flash of flames that created another steamy screen of vapors. Hotaru replaced herself with one of the torch flames, and this appeared there. She ended up falling right into the water with a loud splash! Struggling to get on her feet and to the surface, she breaks the water a few moments later. "Nendo-san! My hands are much faster now! It's amazing!"

Nendo would chuckle a bit as he listened to the splash of a successful replacement but wouldn't let her get off too easily. "That's really good Hotaru, but you'd better be ready for a counter attack as soon as you dodge." Nendo warned while he form seals under the cover of the clearing cloud of steam and gather earth onto his right hand. Once the fog had cleared, Nendo stood with his arm outstretched and scanning the waters for where Hotaru was while keeping only his index finger extended. It was Nendo's dreaded finger gun of the earth release..! "Bang."

COMBAT: Hotaru defends against NIN-SPAR(11) attack from Nendo with a FIRE-REPLACEMENT…15
COMBAT: Hotaru defends against NIN-SPAR(10) attack from Nendo with a FIRE-REPLACEMENT…20

Hotaru once more formed her seals far quicker than before. When the stone bullets struck, her body once more turns into a pile of flames causing another plume of steam to form. This time, when the steam disappated, Hotaru was no where to be found, meaning, she didn't use the torch flames for her jutsu. She used the ones she created, which were off to Nendo's side. She was creating hand-seals to use that C-rank technique again, but… she stopped mid seal formation. "A-ano, Nendo…" she says, "I'm… I need a break…" she says before falling against her side and panting. She was no longer in water, so her legs gave out fast.

As Hotaru vanished from sight Nendo blinked, he'd planned to use the posts against her and point out the weakness of just using fire replacement but when she spoke, Nendo looked to his side at her. The fatigue was written on her face and he dropped the last of his rocks to begin walking toward her. As the girl fell, Nendo moved off to retrieve her effects and soon enough was kneeling at her side while wrapping her in the towel and beginning to dry her head off. "That's the other thing you need to know: Your limitsc your Dragon fire is amazing but it's taxing so you don't want to use it in a drawn out fight. If the opponent can survive it, you'll be in trouble. Instead, we're going to go shopping for scrolls once I'm finished training Kaneko and see what fire release scrolls are on sale. See about getting you something for the E or D ranks."

Shopping for scrolls? "Neeeendo-seeensei…" Hotaru says, sluggishly. "You can't shop for scrolls like you shop for clothes. You have to have the Kage's permission to purchase them, and you have to be a genin to even get the basics." She knows this, because she asked her father. He said it was hard for even him to get scrolls to help her. It'd be easier to find fire-technique scrolls in Konoha. "Ano… I don't even know where they sell them." She sort of forgot Nendo -was- a shinobi, but the issue is, where does one purchase scrolls at?

Nendo chuckled a bit as he shook his head. "I am a genin so I'm allowed to shop for scrolls up to the D rank in certain stores… I don't think the kage will be upset with you being given a chance to learn something that will let you be more active in missions." Nendo spelled out in a simple tone of voice though before that, he tilted his head and looked her over. "But before I actually buy you any scrolls, I'm going to have to hear how you feel about being given a weaker technique. It means you can use it more but it won't hit as hard nor have as big of an effect." The genin spelled out.. It was also fair to say that just having a scroll tell the steps and how a skill works wouldn't automatically mean she could use it..only practice and time would allow her to learn the jutsu. The student did have a minor point though.. it would take a lot of time to make it to Konoha and even then, there was no saying that they'd actually share any techniques with a genin.. It wouldn't hurt to check the square but there was no surefire vendor that would have that kind of scroll.

Kaneko had been watching the two go at it, Nendo having completely forgotten about the Murasame. Though in truth, Kaneko had to work to avoid those flames, getting mildly bruised and burnt regardless of her best attempts. "Hotaru-chan, I bet I could help! You know my clan. We've got those kinds of things up our sleeves."

Hotaru was so tired she didn't even realize she was showing her legs, the spiral tattoo slong the front of her shin was indeed medical in origin, and at one time it was a lot worse. This is truly the only thing that is letting her legs even remain remotely functional at all. A special type of Fuinjutsu. Yet, that's a different story for a different day. Hotaru wouldn't be able to tell you if you asked. She would crawl over to her cloak and bundle herself up in it while resting against a tree. She could likely use the medicinal hotsprings herself…

COMBAT: Hotaru left combat at 46.5 percent stamina.

Nendo would take some time pulling out dead wood into a clearing near where Hotaru was resting and digging a small trench so that the fire wouldn't spread if it wanted to.. Then he moved to the water and put out those torches, only leaving one lit so that he could light the small camp fire that he'd pulled together so Hotaru could warm herself up while Kaneko's lessons were taught. Rather than pulling a kunai or gathering rocks however, Nendo evened the playing field when he stepped out of his sandals and onto the sharp rocks. He stood on the stones and then shifted his foot with a satisfied expression, adjusting the stones beneath his feet to minimize how much they pressed into his skin. Raising his fists and stepping forward with his left leg, Nendo began slowly pacing toward the right as he looked at Kaneko. "Here I come." was how Nendo announced his coming assault and quickly charged toward Kaneko to throw two quick punches toward the girl's abdomen.

COMBAT: Kaneko defends against SPAR(8) attack from Nendo with a DODGE…13
COMBAT: Kaneko defends against SPAR(8) attack from Nendo with a DODGE…10

Kaneko squeaks and jumps back, avoiding the punches but getting a couple of sharp stones in her feet. "Dang-it! Ow!" she huffs out, rubbing some of the rocks in her foot. "This is almost as bad as Meanie-sensei's training!" she exclaims, ducking to try and tackle into Nendo's legs before turning and kicking out at his butt to send him flying forward.

COMBAT: Nendo defends against SPAR(15) attack from Kaneko with a BLOCK…18
COMBAT: Nendo defends against SPAR(14) attack from Kaneko with a BLOCK…13
COMBAT: Nendo loses the roll and sustains 21 damage.

Nendo handled her attempted tackle but her kick caused the genin to stumble forward awkwardly. Bowing forward and kicking off of the ground, Nendo placed a hand into a cleared area that was free of rocks save for the single stone he caught between his fingers. Pushing off into a flip, Nendo landed with his feet planted firmly into two more clearings and showed a grin. "This is only the beginning Kaneko; the fists of a Toujitakumi can be used to make whatever they hit explode. Remember that when you think of blocking." Nendo explained, while he couldn't do it at the moment, he wanted her to fight him as though being struck could be the end. Looking to the ground briefly, Nendo rushed toward Kaneko with only a brief moment's hesitation which let him mindfully step in the clearings rather than the sharp rocks. "There are clans who can push their chakra into their opponents and make organs burst on contact." Nendo informed the girl as he whipped his arm to throw that carried stone and followed it with an open handed palm thrust directed at Kaneko's chest.

COMBAT: Kaneko defends against SPAR(5) attack from Nendo with a BLOCK…9
COMBAT: Kaneko defends against SPAR(14) attack from Nendo with a DODGE…11
COMBAT: Kaneko loses the roll and sustains 51 damage.

Kaneko pauses for a second, then nods. "Yessir!" she says, batting away the stone before forcing herself back. Of course, she ends up getting hit by Nendo. While she doesn't explode from the Toujitakumi, she does let out a grunt of surprise. "Dang it… I should have just dodged both…" she mutters, ducking down again and feinting a strike to Nendo's legs before shooting herself upwards to headbutt into Nendo's sternum.

COMBAT: Nendo defends against TAI-TRAINING(20) attack from Kaneko with a DODGE…13
COMBAT: Nendo loses the roll and sustains 0 damage.
COMBAT: Nendo defends against SPAR(12) attack from Kaneko with a BLOCK…13

kicked off of the ground to try avoiding the feint but narrowed his eyes when he saw what Kaneko really had in mind. Rather than his sternum, it was the palm of Nendo's hand as closed it on Kaneko's head instead so he could try holding her in place for just a brief moment. As his feet touched the ground, Nendo felt the bite of the stones pressing into his flesh but ignored it. "That was good, Kaneko, but I'm going to start mixing in Ninjutsu as well." Nendo warned as he raised his right leg to kick forward so he could try putting more distance between himself and Kaneko. As he kicked, Nendo released her head, not wanting to cause unneeded harm or loss of hair by hanging onto the girl in a training session.

COMBAT: Kaneko defends against SPAR(7) attack from Nendo with a DODGE…9

Kaneko grins a bit and nods the best she can with her head in Nendo's grasp. "I'm ready for anything!" she says, shifting to the side to avoid the blow that almost got her in the stomach. That could have hurt! Her feet aren't as used to the ground as she'd like, so they're sort of hurting… Also a bit bloody from all the running around! But she pushes through like a champ, aiming a punch at Nendo's leg as he tries to bring it down before dashing backward and drawing a (fake) kunai from her pouch and throwing it at the genin.

COMBAT: Nendo defends against PHYSICAL(16) attack from Kaneko with a DODGE…6
COMBAT: Nendo loses the roll and sustains 112 damage.
COMBAT: Nendo defends against SHARP(17) attack from Kaneko with a WEAPON-BLOCK…16
COMBAT: Nendo loses the roll and sustains 50 damage.

Nendo grunted at the feeling of that punch that hit his leg before he could regain his balance. He put less weight on it and when he next looked at Kaneko he saw the kunai being launched at him. Shaking his sleeved arm and gripping a blunted training kunai, He raised it but felt the kunai scrape against his fingers and growled before shaking his hand. "Alright, Kaneko, I'll kick things up a notch then…" Tilting his head back, Nendo smirked a bit and let out a long sigh before he threw his kunai sharply at Kaneko and started forming seals. Range wasn't good for the girl and he'd make sure she remembered what happened to things at range against Nendo. As the earth and stones gathered to his hands, he focused it all onto just his index fingers for greater speed of use and then raised his hands to follow the kunai with two shots of his Ninjutsu.

COMBAT: Kaneko counters against a SHARP(9) attack from Nendo with a SHARP…20
COMBAT: Kaneko defends against HOLLOW-EARTH-BULLETS(19) attack from Nendo with a DODGE…18
COMBAT: Kaneko loses the roll and sustains 173 damage.
COMBAT: Kaneko defends against HOLLOW-EARTH-BULLETS(15) attack from Nendo with a DODGE…22

Kaneko grins a bit wider. She was getting somewhere! Sure, Nendo was a genin and going easy on her, but she was holding her own! The girl draws another kunai, throwing it rather accurately at the kunai coming at her and having it bounce off, hopefully at an angle that would hit Nendo (though if this is caused by luck or skill is left in the air…) Of course, she blinks a bit as he starts making handseals. "Wait…" she says slowly, peering at the jutsu. "Wait, cr- OW" She yelps, rubbing her stomach where the bullets hit. It gives her the incentive to avoid the next volley, though. "I'll show you!" she huffs out, charging in at Nendo again and aiming a quick punch to his 'face' (or at least, the highest point on him she could reach), then dropping and kicking upward in a weird acrobatic style before kicking back and landing on her back. It knocked the wind out of her, but she was okay!

RPCOMBAT: Kaneko took 100 damage.
COMBAT: Nendo defends against SHARP(20) attack from Kaneko with a WEAPON-BLOCK…8
COMBAT: Nendo loses the roll and sustains 127 damage.
COMBAT: Nendo defends against PHYSICAL(11) attack from Kaneko with a BLOCK…8
COMBAT: Nendo loses the roll and sustains 66 damage.
COMBAT: Nendo defends against PHYSICAL(15) attack from Kaneko with a DODGE…13
COMBAT: Nendo loses the roll and sustains 60 damage.

Nendo was feeling a bit sluggish when he raised his kunai only to again feel the sting of that kunai slash him. It gave the girl enough of an opening to land her punch and that kick that made Nendo cringe. He'd step back and then shake his head a few times from the ringing in his ears and the ache of his teeth. "Awgh… That stung a little…" Nendo admitted though he'd soon hold up his bleeding hand and smirk as he looked down at the fallen Kaneko. "I think you two win since you've gotten me worn down to this point. Both of you did really well today.. you managed to win against a genin." Nendo admitted as he leaned back and let himself fall against the stony ground… which was a bad idea when he felt those sharp rocks dig into his back… "Ow…"

RPCOMBAT: Nendo took 50 damage.

Hotaru was resting up over by the tree, watching the fight. Over time Nendo was looking so incredibly worn out from the spar. Burns turned to cuts, to the point where she could see Nendo begin to bleed… "Nendo-san…" Hotaru says quietly, watching as he finally does decide to stop training for today… Thank goodness… She was worried…

Kaneko hears Nendo's words… sorta. They pass through her ears and go right on to her brain. It takes her a few moments, but she jolts up once she does, a large grin on her face. "Haha! Yes! We won, Hotaru-chan!" The girl would leap for joy, but she's not got any shoes on… So her feet would hurt! "Let's celebrate after a hospital trip! Nendo-sensei looks like he needs it."

Nendo would sit up slowly, supporting himself with his arms and shake his head a bit. "The nurses will get a kick out of this.. The little girl that used to come in for bruise treatment bringing in a genin because she and her friend beat him up." Nendo commented, taking a moment to imagine it before starting to laugh out loud about the idea. He'd move slowly and pull bandages from his pouch to wrap his hand in, gingerly flexing it to make sure it was still able to be moved before he'd set about pushing to his feet. He groaned like an old man but once he was up, he patted himself off and covered up his pained expression while looking over the two girls. "You both are going to become great Shinobi. Maybe better than me. Now come on, we're going to find a scroll for Hotaru before the hospital, and then from there we're all going to have a nice rest in the medicinal baths so we feel better tomorrow." Training day #1 was a success.

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