Sousa (emitter), Suterusu, Chitose, Fudo

Date: May 4, 2013


An escapee from Guratsuku Asylum arranges a dangerous game.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.


Land of Wind

B-rank: The Suna Council received a tip-off letter about a shipment of illegal narcotics being smuggled through the Land of Wind. The letter took a rather peculiar tone, treating the tip-off as an invitation to a game, but the Council has reason to believe it should be taken seriously. Security for the shipment is expected to be tough as underworld operations go, quite possibly including rogue shinobi.

The Sunagakure Jounin Council recently received a rather odd tip-off. It read like this:

You are cordially invited to a game of Cops'n'Robbers at the Ayashii Warehouse in Haruka in three days' time. You and any guests you choose to bring along will be playing as the Cops. The Robbers will have a shipment of illegal narcotics stashed in the warehouse at that time. Your objective, naturally, is to capture this shipment, with bonus points for every Robber also captured. Bring some expert players, this should be quite a competitive game.

A prank tip-off? Possibly, but apparently enough of the Suna Council thought it should be taken seriously that a high-ranking mission has been assigned to follow up on the lead. Now the day of the planned bust is here, and all seems fairly quiet outside of the Ayashii Warehouse, with just a few thuggish guards standing watch at the various doorways…

That figure was tapped to be on hand for this whole potential prank thing. As he was the jounin with the most active team, they get sent to that time and place to try and figure out what was going on. Chitose, being one of the faster genin, would get brought along with him, working together as they tended to do, for capture and detain me. Of course, if it went south he could always shake her up til she's nice and arrested off, then let her level the place he'd suppose.. That'd be left as a secondary plan. Outside of the immediate range of the guards of that warehouse, he'd look to the other that got sent with them, a Konoha nin that seems to have been tipped off to some criminal elements. Interesting, but ultimately a distraction at best. Can't allow foreign nin to know the secrets and all that. He'd deal with it when the time came. For now, after that study of Fudo, his attention turned to the warehouse, pushing that other sense as hard as he could to reach out towards the building and try to figure out what was going on, or at least get a clue to how many chakra signatures were there.

Coming along with, Chitose would note Fudo's presence, only giving him a nod before she would look toward Suterusu. Once they are there, she'd peer at the warehouse, hmming as she did before she would glance to Fudo again, "So, what made you decide to come along?" She'd ask quietly, peering at him for a brief moment before looking forward, "Wanted to see Sunagakure in action?"

Itami had been asking for information regarding Fudo, and he'd been rather tight lipped due to the fact that he might also implicate Yuzuna in some way. So when this opportunity arose, Fudo would use it to provide a bit more than he was capable or willing to say before. Besides, he had come to Sunagakure specifically to investigate activities by underground groups, so this was in a way convenient, though unlikely to be related.
Thus Fudo would locate the area in which the meeting for this particular game was to take place. He wasn't given all the details, but he'd heard enough to get the jist of the situation enough to know where to go. Besides, it was always good to have an opportunity to do for himself and test his own mettle even though he was still a very new shinobi. Perhaps it was simply foolish ambition in the end, but he would push himself regardless.
Wearing his hooded traveling cloak yet again to keep the infernal sand out of his face and clothes, Fudo would have it pulled down quite a bit over his eyes as they were all staring at the warehouse. His Sharingan would activate, only one eye going to the two tomoe level as he'd quickly scan the building in order to get his own head count of the chakra inside. "Something like that. I also owe a bit of a debt to one of your council members." Fudo would reply as his sharingan would fade once he'd gathered that intel.

Inside the warehouse are the chakra signatures of a reasonably sizable group of people, about a dozen all told. Most of them are the comparatively weak signals of those with no ninja training, although maybe a little stronger than the average civilian thanks to tough living and physical development. A few are more ninja-level, high genin or low chuunin perhaps. And then there's one more, a bit short, but glowing more brightly than any of the others. He's in the center of the group with most of the others very close by, as though they're having some sort of discussion.
In addition to getting an idea of the strength of the opposition, the chakra signatures provide some suggestions about how to go about invading the place. The ninja-level baddies are hanging out near the walls, disciplined enough to keep watch on the windows while the rest are having their chat. There aren't enough of them to cover all the windows, though, so it'd be possible to slip in through their blind spots. There's a skylight up on the roof as well, somebody could try getting in that way, though they're likely to cast a noticeable shadow in doing so. And of course, there's always the direct approach of taking out one of the outside door guards, they don't look too tough by shinobi standards. 'Course that'd probably alert the baddies on the inside, but maybe that could be a good thing, use it as a diversion.

That figure studied the outlook of the scenario for a few moments, before finally a small nod was given. Gathering himself, everything on him would go still, that control for silence complete as a shadow clone would come into existence and meld into the terrain. Gathering it's own chakra, mirroring that silence from the original, it'd come up out of the ground behind one of the thugs, using the daiklave it made of earth and fire to clamp a hand around the man's mouth and slit his throat. The clone would immediately push the man to the ground, lowering down with him so that he wouldn't spasm for further noise or anything, forcing his head down against his chest while the jugular would end his pain relatively quickly. With a guard down, it'd be an opening for Fudo and Chitose both to get to the wall at least, for the start of their assault on the place.

Watching as Suterusu leaves, Chitose nods to Fudo before turning her attention back to the 'commotion'. She doesn't even seem affected by the death, just nodding as it happens and then moving in quickly and quietly. Suterusu wasn't wrong about the genin, she is as fast as it gets for someone at her level and upon reaching the wall she doesn't hesitate to move right up it. Once she is on the roof, she slips along the edge of it to be directly over Suterusu before looking for Fudo. She isn't going to be taking the lead here, mainly due to her not having the slightest clue as to what is going on inside.

Watching as Suterusu would make his moves on the guard, Fudo would begin his approach, calmly walking towards the wall near by before he'd begin to scale it. He didn't say anything, but he did gesture that he'd be going up and lying low. His skills required him to take advantage of opportunities rather than creating them, so he'd not be going in directly, but he would be using the height advantage later to assist in this raid. As Fudo settles beside Chitose, he would take a pouch from his side and open it, showing her the contents to be smoke bombs and makibishi. He'd gesture towards a wide dispersal pattern and then point to his eyes and take her hand with his other before nodding to her to see if she understood the plan.
Fudo would activate his sharingan, two tomoe in each eye this time in order to allow for her to see some evidence to his silent plan, and he'd stare in to her a moment. She was the same as Misaki. What ever was going on with that Kumogakurean kunoichi was also a factor at play with this kunoichi from Sunagakure. A strange patterning and coloring of chakra, held in her. Odd, but certainly not entirely unfamiliar.

With the strike team now close up to the building, they can hear the conversation going on inside. "Wait, wait a minute," says one man. "All this time you've been describing this stupid game, you were trying to tell us somebody's actually gonna show up and try to bust us?" "It's not a stupid game," retorts a boyish voice. "But yes, they're the Cops, we're the Robbers, how many times do I have to explain it?" "How'd you find out that something like this is going down?" "I didn't find out, I arranged it. Honestly, everyone knows you can't expect to get a good game without inviting good players." "Wha — YOU RATTED US OUT!? WHY YOU LITTLE PIECE OF — C'MON, WE GOTTA GET THE GOODS OUTTA HERE!!!" Uh-oh, looks like the element of surprise is at least partially gone.

Joy. Shaking his head, the figure would focus, watching them go up with a small nod, he'd do the opposite of course. Still keeping silent, those three clones were summoned and all of them would go to ground, sinking into the terrain as they'd move within the building. Rather the two up top did the action first or second, didn't really matter to him. Those clones would spread out, to cover as much area as possible within the warehouse for that upcoming jutsu. Chitose, having worked with the figure a few times now, probably already knew what he was going to be doing, the formula simple, detainment, then elimination. Of course, with this number of people it may not be as easy as all that.

Removing his traveling cloak and keeping his sword still and quiet as he did so, Fudo would dump all of his smoke bombs and makibishi in to the cloak, and then he'd also dump all of his senbon and shuriken in to it as well. He'd reach for another small pouch and place an explosive tag in to it. A gift from Naota even though he'd not been trained in the proper usage of it. Fudo would carefully open up the sky light as he kept an eye on Suterusu's movements inside of the warehouse, him being distinct as the … people… having split off and circumvented the crowd. Once he was in place, Fudo would finish binding up his cloak to secure it for the fall as he'd toss it down towards the center of the group and then quickly close and hold the sky light shut, taking Chitose's hand again as he said, "Wait for it." in a very low tone.
For her part, Chitose merely had to watch as Fudo gathered everything up. This wasn't really her style. She was far more then straight forward type. Strategy was fine but stealth wasn't her thing. So, for the moment, she just waits as she watches everyone move to their spots. She'll wait for the big bang and then all the screams, then the rivers of blood, then the death…then the going home. At least, when Suterusu was involved that was typically the order of things.

The gang inside hurriedly moves to start gathering up their illicit wares, which is unfortunate for Fudo's tactic because it means fewer of them are caught in the blast. The teenage boy who was in the middle of the crowd is about the only one to notice when the cloak plops onto the ground. "Hmm, looks like the game is starting." :) *BANG!* Crooks yelp as bits of sharp metal are embedded in their skin and a thick cloud of smoke spreads out from the middle of the warehouse. The ninja amongst them respond, a couple figuring out where that package came from and heading for the skylight. One of them spews a big fireball ahead to roast whatever joker it was that's dropping presents in through there. :P Meanwhile, several of the crooks figure the gig's gone sour and burst out the various exit doors, some carrying armfuls of 'product'. Not very sporting of them to leave the game so early, but hey, should give Chitose something to do, right? ;)

The bang was as good a signal as anything else. While everyone scrambled and scattered, those wires would be sent out from the 3 clones and that figure. Together, they'd start binding down the building and.. everything in it. Sending the wires through the walls to snake and coil around, it'd soon rapidly turn into one massive wire trap that would suddenly close in on those within. He didn't catch everyone, those who left early would get away, however any that were inside would have to be dealing with the mass of seeking razor wire, the metal with spikes almost akin to living vines that would latch on to anyone and everyone within. They may fend it off to continue the attack, but for the most part, most of them would probably be collected, as it were. Interestingly enough, the short one, the strongest chakra signature was left alone. That was.. a trap in his mind. One of the clones would appear on the roof, nodding to those who did get out. "Chitose-san, please detain them rapidly." This was of course, after the fireball had passed.. the two should be fine after that, right?

Watching the chaos, this 13 year old would be…well, unphased. They certainly raise them unflinching in Sunagakure, or so it seems as the girl simply nods, "Done." She then hops down and starts moving quickly to not only try to detain the weaker goons but see if she can't snag a few who might have escaped. She seems quite pleased to finally be moving and if Fudo watches closely, he'll see the girl stretch her limbs out farther and and at odd angles people don't normally bend.

Tracking the shinobi preparing fire jutsu was not difficult, and Fudo had stepped back with Chitose in tow as the flames erupted from the sky slight, allowing some of the smoke to plume from it.Now, with fire and smoke coming from the ware house, there certainly was no secret to this meeting any longer. Local authorities may be slow, but hopefully they were not blind. Getting away from Chitose was going to be hard enough with no where to go regardless. As the order was given to the girl, Fudo let her loose with a nod before saying, "I suppose I can try to handle those that are coming to the roof while you clear out everything in there and… i guess also help with the roof." Fudo stated, not knowing if he himself was a clone or not at his level, but knowing that he was in multiple places at once. "Your call, i'm not jumping in to that meat grinder until you say it is clear." Drawing his sword in one hand and a kunai in the other, Fudo prepared himself for either situation.

The ninja inside manage to avoid being ensnared for the most part. That's the trouble with attacks that go after a large number of targets at once, they're generally not very effective individually. Worked great for putting the minor thugs out of commission, though. The two ninja who were headed for the skylight pop through and immediately make an assault on Fudo, one coming in low with a kunai stab while the other spits several flaming darts at Fudo's upper body. On the inside, one of the higher-level ninja uses a wind scythe to cut some of the thugs loose, then blasts a door open and urges them outward. He's experienced enough to know when he's outclassed and retreat is the best option. c.c; And he probably 'saved' those few thugs mainly to give the enemy somebody else to chase. <.< >.>
Meanwhile, Shorty McGlowychakra observes the wires' reluctance to assault him bemusedly. "Hmm, nobody wants to play with me it seems like. Oh well, more points for me." The boy seals a lion's share of the narcotics into a scroll, then uses a high-pressure water jet ninjutsu to cut out a window and the wires over it, hopping out through the hole.

Choices choices. Many or the one? The one was the stronger, the many would end a lot of this ring. With one of the clones tied up on the roof, it'd have to go for individual control. The clone on top would assist Fudo as he could, a daiklave drawn from the ground to rush the fire user, leaving Fudo to deal with the kunai charge. The clone would make a metal clone to stop the fireball attacks at Fudo as he went.

Inside, the three remaining, two clones and the figure, would come up out of the ground, red eyes watching the teen. He wouldn't get stopped but as the others tried to make their way out, and tried to free people, the three would attack. More wires, manipulation of shuriken to bind those who attempted to escape were used by the clones to try and lock down more people. Meanwhile, the figure himself would deal with the higher ranked ninja who freed some from the wires. His own daiklave vividly sharp with that heat as he'd rush the man to try and cut him down. If they didn't surrender, then destruction was the next step.

As the two nin appeared, Fudo was ready for them, striking his sword down in to the building as he'd flip himself up over the pommel, blocking the kunai while evading the darts as he sailed through the air. His seal would be formed over his kunai as he spit down several fire darts on to the one whom was below him before throwing his kunai straight at the one who kept his distance as he arched through the air, trying to use their attacks against them by reversing them in return. Of course the metal clone would have shielded him and the other clone would have also attacked the fire user.
As Fudo landed, he immediately sprinted past all of this, his eyes tracking the biggest chakra signature as he'd leap from the building in to the open air, flipping forward a bit as he'd draw out a fuuma shuriken and fling it behind him towards the building as he twisted himself forward in to a free fall. As the shuriken made contact with the building, easily slicing in to it and finding solid purchase, Fudo yanked the wires in to his hands and slowed his descent as he'd let go when he made contact with the ground, rolling along the ground smoothly and kipping to his feet as his hands bleed a bit from the wire tearing in to his palms a little due to the actions. Facing the chakra pumped drug lord, Fudo would state, "I didn't get to finish my turn."

Things are started to get pretty well wrapped up, and not just in the sense of Suterusu's wires tangling everything. The rooftop ninja lose their nerve at finding themselves faced with a clone that can simply shrugs off fire attacks, and quickly surrender. o.o; The senior ninja downstairs manages to block Suterusu's daiklave with a kunai, but it only blunts the momentum enough to keep the blade from cleaving completely through his shoulder. "Gaaaah! Okay, I give up already!" x.x; One or two thugs from before may have been lucky enough to get away, but Chitose caught up with several and left them bound for later collection.
But of course, Fudo has to go chasing after the target that even a jounin was hesitant to mess with. The boy, a bishounen teen with shiny blue-black hair, grins at Fudo with sparkling eyes. "Oooo, you play for big points. I like that!" He smirks while doing handseals. "Unfortunately, though, the Robbers don't score points for taking out the Cops. We just have to get away." The boy spews a wide jet of water at Fudo, which then rushes inward to trap him in a bubble.

Fudo kept his gaze upon the teen and gathered as much detail as possible on him. His mannerisms, tone of voice, his mentality, everything he could see and hear and experience he paid close attention to. "I play to win, just like you." Fudo stated as the jet of water would come racing at him. It was fast, and so was the formation of the chakra. He didn't even use seals for it, giving Fudo almost no time to react. And unfortunately, his defenses were not developed for wide area attacks. So he would primarily block the water, which allowed for the teen to move in and convert that water in to a bubble with ease. Fudo attempted to get out of it, but the water tension was superb, almost like thin rubber. Narrowing his eyes, he'd continue to watch the teen.

The boy shakes his head condescendingly and pats the water prison. "Oh no, you've got it all wrong. I don't play to win, I play to have fun. Although winning usually is pretty fun." ;) The youth turns and walks off with a backwards wave. "My name's Mesahin Darei, by the way. Maybe we'll play together again sometime. *FLICKER*
Well, that's that. A drug ring lost a shipment and a bunch of goons, but the mysterious informant got away. But considering he did make the raid possible, maybe it's a good thing he's still on the loose? c.c
…Yeah, probably not. e.e

"Mesahin Darei…" Fudo would repeat as he would leave him behind, remaining in the bubble for a bit of time after as Fudo worked on it with his kunai, trying to built up enough momentum in his strikes to burst it quite literally. The nature of the bubble made it difficult, as he had to accomodate the way that it just conformed to the movements and pressures within it, making it a perfectly adaptive prison, but eventually a creative usage of water walking to still a potion of the bubble gave him just enough tautness to escape. After he did, he'd look around to see if the chakra was still anywhere near by, finding that it wasn't. He'd have to go inform the others of the situation, it was Sunagakure's problem to handle in the end.

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