What if? Costume Party - Badger Badger



Date: November 7, 2012


None given.

"What if? Costume Party - Badger Badger"

Unknown location

Contestant after contestant, each one dressed up and performed what
seemed like well rehearsed acts that either wowed the crowd or the two
judges that were present, Sousa and Yuge. Where the Hokage was at the
moment, seemed to be anyone's guess, but sure didn't leave any favoritism
to those from Konoha.

Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, "Alright, next up, Satonezu Eremi of

Hearing his name called from within the crowd, Eremi took in a deep
breath, making sure to hold it for a bit and then as he exhaled it all at
once, he vanished.
Just next to the catwalk several medium-sized, prop trees began to appear
one after the other, followed by bushes that lined the catwalk itself.
Throughout the ballroom, a light, grey mist moved within the crowd to help
with setting the scene, created from a pair of fog machines at opposite
ends of the room. Now with everything in place, at the very center of the
stage as if standing there the whole time, Eremi suddenly…reappeared.

The young teen was dressed in some sort of scouting attire, except for
his torso, where he's sporting a white, furred sweater and wrapped around
his neck is a red, furred scarf. On top of his head is a green, bucket hat
that completely manages to cover his hair. A tuft of blue fur hangs out
the center and badger like ears protrude from each side. Strapped to the
front of the hat are a pair of wide, red goggles. On each hand is a pair
of green gloves. A blowgun is held in one hand, while draping across his
shoulder is a collapsible telescope. Brown pants and green boots are worn
on his lower half and to finish off the look, a backpack is strapped
behind him, with a variety of things inside hidden inside.

"Captain Teemo, on duty!" Eremi shouted while looking upon the crowd with
a forced smile upon his face, fighting through the fear of it all. Then as
if through some jutsu, he disappeared, several gasps would be heard from
within the crowd as he reappeared next to one person, handing them a
cupcake decorated like a mushroom then disappearing to do the same to the
next. The process only made realistic through his use of the gates.
Something the judges may or may not be able to see through.
He repeated this process until finally standing on the stage once again.
This time though his back was turned toward the crowd while he foraged
through one of the bushes, hands moving this way and that until finding
what he needed and turning around. Quickly, he waddled to the front of the
stage, placed a much larger mushroom down in front of him with what seemed
to be a seal placed along it and then straightened himself out.

"Never underestimate the power of the scouts code!" The moment the
sentence finished, the seal ignited and the mushroom exploded into a fine
purple mist and glitter that left the stage empty.

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