Covering The Darkness Beneath



Date: November 01, 2010

"…Covering The Darkness Beneath"

The chambers of Takahiro Shuichi, the Daimyo of the Land of Grass, were
more expansive than three average-sized homes put together. Such
extravagance was common in the homes of a country's ruler, and the Land of Grass was no exception. Part fortress, part dwelling, the Daimyo's castle
was impressive by any standard. The bedrooms were lavishly designed, but
not distastefully so, allowing one to enjoy the finer things in life
without being surrounded by complete decadance. Of course, for those
staying here in the castle lord's favor such hedonism was only a ring of a
bell away. Datura rang that bell often.

"You look uneasy, Little Flower." Datura had to fight not to grit her
teeth at the nickname the slimey greaseworm insisted on calling her. The
thought of going to bed with him was bad enough, but suffering his
endearments was adding insult to injury. She ceases her brushing, had only
really been using it as a stalling tactic and looks at the Daimyo through
the mirror forcing a smile onto her lips. His hands brush across her
shoulders, pushing her sleeping kimono aside, a shiver of revulsion
passing through her. So it was that time again.

"I cannot help but worry, my lord. You have let so many enemies into your
homeland." God, I hope one of them kills you. Datura turns towards her
'lover' with an earnest expression she did not feel to match the story she
invented, which conveniently covered for the ill-eased expression she had
but a moment ago. If only this toad knew that expression was solely caused
by the knowledge that he would soon be crawling atop her. "Shinobi are
adpet at assassination, are they not? What if some of them have hidden

A finger to her lips cuts her off. She had never wanted to cut off
someone's digits so badly in her life, to saw through them with a rusty
file and revel in the pompous asshole's screams and cries for mercy. It's
all she can do not to back away from him physically as he leans in close.
"Worry not about such things, Little Flower. I have it all well in hand."
Datura closes her eyes and swallows back the bile threatening to choke her
at the feel of his lips on her skin, gasping softly for air afterwards.
Her mind wanders as she tries to think of another, an image that would
make this odious chore a bit more bearable.

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