Creating An Embassy, Konoha Side


Hashiramako, Kazuo

Date: September 16, 2013


Kazuo gets Hashiramako's approval for creating a foreign embassy in Kirigakure, and allowing a Kirigakure embassy in Konoha

"Creating An Embassy, Konoha Side"

Hokage's Office

Kazuo walks up the stairs towards the Hokage's office. She had news from Kiri…. Well, it sure was exciting, the Hokage didn't even know Kazuo was there until she got a hawk with a letter saying she was, and making progress on improving relations with Kiri while she's at it. Now Kazuo was home, requesting an immediate audience with the Hokage, barging past the line (with grace). Stopping at the Hokage's assistant. "Hey.." She says, as if greeting an old friend, pointing at the door to ask permission to enter. She's been here countless times, and still her heart is racing somewhere in her throat! maybe it's the bloody stairs!

Hashiramako is in her office. During the chuunin exams, she was being a public figure, much seen around the village, and in doing so, she allowed her paperwork to pile up. Truth be told, she far prefers the former to the latter. If she could, she'd be out in Konoha every day, getting more involved in the lives of the people, villager and shinobi alike. But, she knows what she can do with her own two hands are limited, and she understands that the bureaucracy can do so much more for so many. It's just… joyless.
As she hears Kazuo's voice, she smiles. A visitor, even doubtless here on official matters, is a welcome break. The Hokage is setting a second cup for tea across from her on her desk even as the aid bows, and invites Kazuo in.

Kazuo calmly walks into the Hokage's office. Bowing formally and waiting on permission to sit before doing so. "Good evening lady Hokage. Apologies for the urgency and the sudden expedition to the land of water. I know I must have caused a terrible inconvenience by not being available for that time." She sounds like her usual diplomatic self, it usually takes her a few minutes to warm up to Hashi and turn more 'human' in her speech instead of pure diplomat. It's a great skill to have though! "I bring great news from Kiri!" She says with a big smile, happy to report success! Even though it wasn't an official mission handed to her. Her initiative might just pay off greatly!

The Hokage doesn't verbally ask, but gestures to a steaming pot of tea, and so long as there isn't a sign of dissent, she fills the cup she had set for the Sarutobi. "No need to apologize. Urgency can require action, and it often pays little attention to schedules that we may think we have set. Please, continue, I could use some good news, especially about Kirigakure." Hashiramako says, sounding a bit world weary.

Kazuo nods. "I went over there to qualm the rumours of warcries in Konoha. It's a serious issue, but I managed to convince them that we do not intend for war, aren't mobilizing and that any rumour will be squashed. We need to be weary of illspeaking about Kiri in the village. Word spreads like fire, and some people are calling for war." She knows that calls can often turn to conflict, which is the causes belli most need to start a war! "Then, I offered them a step to improve our relations." Kazuo explains. "The Mizukage's aid and I devised a system. We opted to have embassies. A kiri embassy in Konoha, and a Konoha embassy in Kiri. Each with an ambassador and staff. Like a permanent diplomatic envoy. The Mizukage already gave his blessing."

Hashiramako considers, but only briefly. "That is an excellent idea. If the chuunin exams serve to bring the villages closer for a few weeks at a time, a permanent diplomatic presence within each other's village can only serve to reduce the possibility for misunderstandings between our villages, and provide for readily available diplomatic channels to defuse any potential hostilities before they build to a breaking point." she says, then takes a sip of her tea. The small pause gave her a moment, to collect her thoughts. "You may consider this undertaking to have my blessing as well." The Hokage gives a bit of a smile, "I hope I didn't shortcut around too many of your planned arguments if you were expecting to have to work a bit harder to convince me."

Hashiramako stands, and meets Kazuo's bow. "I have one concern about the position of ambassador. On the face of it, you are the perfect choice. This is a step forward made only because of the sweat of your brow. My concern, however, is for your clan. I do not want the Sarutobi to become adrift because their Head is serving in Kirigakure, and I fear that while travel between the villages may become common for the ambassador, I don't think that an ambassador could serve with a foot in both villages." she explains. "So, yes, there is one other thing I could have you do for me. Consider recommendations. I'll be thinking of candidates as well, but your opinion is something I very much want to hear."

Kazuo nods, considering that and agreeing in the end. She loved traveling so it was something she hoped she could use… The Hokage however was right. "I will meet you next time then, with recommendations."

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