Pylon of Efficacy - Creature of Shadow


Shintaro, Gin

Date: September 21, 2011


A pissed off Shintaro swims up to a fairly empty shore in the Land of Water looking for someone to kill and finds Gin.

"Pylon of Efficacy - Creature of Shadow"

Some beach in the Land of Water

As the sun begins its descent toward the horizon from the point of view of Kirigakure, things seem rather calm. One one of the shores bordering the Land of Water, black snorkel tip is hardly noticable coming in with the calm waves of dusk as the tide rises. However, what's underneath the water headed this way is not so calm. When the snorkel finally comes near the bank, a muscular figured covered in black stands up out of the water.
Pulling the snorkel attachment off his mask, Shintaro looks around the area. His modified Chuunin clothing have no marks of Konohagakure, but he does not look to be here simply for the view. He stares out with cold eyes, his breaths almost like growls as he searches for any sign of life on this beach.

Standing near the shore, very much alone, is what would appear to be a very short peasant farmer. His clothing his shabby, greys and blues over some sort of white undercothes, and he wears a very wide-brim straw hat atop his head. A rake of sorts rests against his shoulder as he seems to have his back turned in the direction of the waves, pondering something perhaps along the lines of why a farmer would be near the water.
Reaching up to adjust his hat, Gin looks backward over his shoulder as a rather strange looking muscular figure steps forth from the foamy sea. The boy tips his hat back a bit, his smile leading the way as he turns to face this new-comer. There isn't much confusion to his look, though he does seem strangely out of place on the sea shore. The rake tips down and plants the front end into the sand as his hands rest on his hips, tilting his head to the side in mock confusion. "Hello?" He offers in cold greeting.

Looking to the farmer as he speaks, the black creature glares. Kirigakure has wiped out so many in his homeland without mercy for young or old, soldier or civilian. They even killed… her… They will pay. "Darkness take you, slave of the Mist!" Shintaro voice rings out as he brings his hands up, focussing chakra through his body. His shadow begins to creep out, moving to join with shadows of the environment around him. The Chuunin has one thing on his mind tonight… blood.

"Tsk… tsk.. .tsk…" Gin says as he reaches up and unclasps the rope tied lightly around his chin to keep the hat in place. "Where /are/ your manners…" The hat falls off his head, revealing a tuft of blonde hair upon fox-like features. That smile persists, even in the face of impending danger. His hand adjusts and he takes a step forward, the rake slipping slightly as he runs a hand through his hair. "Slave of the mist? Hardly…" His hand twists.
Stepping forward, a short sword slips out of the rakes handle, and the 'farmer' reaches up and undoes the shabby kimono he was wearing over his other clothing. When it falls off, the true form of a white-clad Shinobi stands before the Chuunin. Black and white. Strange color choice. He tilts his head to the side. There is a tense moment before his arm jerks forward and he unleashes a very well-aimed kunai at his opponents face.

Shadows move up onto the black-clad shinobi's body, creating a hard shell of shadow over him, which the kunai simply bounces off as he turns his head slightly. "You will have to do much better than that," Shintaro says with a dark chuckle, bloodthirst quite evident in his voice. His hands move into the Rat Seal, and his shadow moves toward Gin, intending to join with his shadow and freeze his body to force him to mimic his own motions.

Gin watches closely as the opponent begins to manipulate his shadow, attempting to merge the two together. He looks up, "I'm sorry, but you seem to be laboring under a false impression…" He says quite simply as he nearly disappears from view, moving very quickly to alter his position on the beach and get his own shadow away from his opponents. "I don't think I can allow a dog of Konohagakure, especially a Nara, touch me…" His arm flicks out again, the Chuunin launching another Kunai at his opponent which his other hand tosses the sword up in order to spin around and throw another one. Both are aimed expertly as he rotates around to grasp the hilt of his shortsword again.

The kunai simply bounce off the Nara again, another dark chuckle let out. "You mistake a wolf for a dog, and tonight I will feast upon your bones," Shintaro says as he shifts his hands in seals once more, this time his entire body being covered with shadow as shadows link up with all those around him, creating a large radius of shadow around him. As they link, the shadows move toward Gin once more, attempting to latch onto him and freeze him in place.

Gin stops midstride and attempts to dodge out of the way again, this time his opponent manages to actually ensnare him in the technique. His eyes open slightly. "This truly is bothersome…" He says as he reaches toward his wrists, a sinister grin seperating his lips and making that smile wider. He hadn't even thought of using this technique for a long time, though now seemed to him to be an appropriate time to use it.
He whips his arms to the side and /something/ seems to touch the sands, though there is nothing there. No weapons, no chakra flowing freely. Then his fingers tense for a moment, twitching lightly as he draws his arms in toward his chest. Dust explodes from the sides of his body, leading toward his opponent in five razor thin lines in the and that disappear imediately. He was attempting to ensnare his opponent with /something/ but just what was he using?

Gin stops mid-stride as he fails to roll out of the way of the second attack against him, his opponent seemingly shifting and becoming a little more powerful at the very early stages of the fight. Froze in place, his hair dips low over his head and all that remains visible is that smile he wears on his face. "So whats next? You seem so.. adament on killing one whose done nothing to your village…" He seems to want to add something there, though he does quiet down after a moment. Waiting to see just what his opponent had in store.

"Nothing, eh?" Shintaro says with a chuckle. "A slave of the Mist has business speaking of innocence with the blood your armies have spilled." Keeping his hands in seals, the Chuunin lunges forward, driving his knee directly up toward the chin of the farmer before spinning to drive flying roundhouse directly at the man's skull.

The hits strike the child solidly, Gin barely moving an inch. "You keep saying that I have personally shed blood however…" He leans forward lightly, his body still not behaving properly as he reaches up to wipe some blood from his mouth, his eyes very much open now. One green, one blue. "The only blood that I have shed… are members of my own village. However, I believe today… I will make an exception to this…"

"Is that a fact?" Shintaro says, his bloodthirsty voice ringing out as he steps into stance, hands going back into seals. "I'd like to see that happen." The angered Chuunin glares at the boy he plans on thoroughly destroying, his growling breaths hanging in the air as he waits for him to strike in retaliation.

"I wish I were lying…" Gin says quite simply as he takes a step back, reaching up to his wrists as he toys with his outfit for a moment. He seems to adjust something there, letting his hands drop to the sides and his fingers flex lightly. "You know… I've not used this technique since I graduated and became a Genin…" He says simply as he looks down at the ground. That smile persists, despite the beating he has recieved. He looks back up at Shintaro. "Nameless Nara… you have insulted me by simply assaulting my person, like a brute. And then doing battle in a dishonourable fashion."
He raises his hands up and then snaps them back down toward the ground. There is a moment of tension. "Please. Be silent." He says as he brings his arms up quickly to cross his chest in a snapping motion, the invisible wires exploding from their once hidden home wrapped around his wrists. They snake up, ripping up the sands as they lash out at the Nara. If they would entangle his foe, he would raise one hand over his head, fingers twisted strangely, while the other would clench in a first and rest just below his chin.

As the wires come up toward him, the Chuunin vanishes and reappears a few feet closer to Gin. "I require no name. I am the darkness that will devour your soul," Shintaro says hands shifting into seals again. Suddenly, several tendrils of shadow rise up from the ground, moving to pierce straight through Gin's body and bind him down. It seems this Nara has no intentions of taking it easy on this boy. He came for payment in blood.

As the next attack comes in at him, the Chuunin realizes at the last moment its just to much. His hand wraps around something on his waist and he raises a tube up to point at the air. He grins just before the attack hits him hard and a large explosion of red fire rockets into the sky, a signal flare. Then the attack hits him and once again, he finds his body immobile. He lets out a sigh.

Just as he is about to move in for the kill, Shintaro spots something out of the corner of his eye, some figure. Is that another Kirigakure Shinobi? He takes a few steps back, the tendrils of shadow falling back down to the ground and away from the boy. "It seems this day might favor you after all, worm," he says as he steps into stance, eyeing Gin as he waits for an attack.

Gin allows his arms to drop by his sides as he eyes his opponent, his lips quivering and a sound escaping his throat. Its laughter. Deep gutteral laughter. "Nara…" He says simply, running a hand through his hair as his body starts to regain its locomotive function. He looks up, his eyes once again closed into those narrow slits that he normally has, and his features settling back to give him the look of a fox. He wipes some blood from his mouth. "If you're intent is to kill me. You had better make it quick." With that he runs a hand through his hair and tilts his head back to reveal his throat, arms by his sides with his palms facing skyward.

Looking up to what he sees coming and then looking back to Gin, Shintaro chuckles a bit. "See you on the field," the Nara says before turning to pick up the snorkel attachment for his mask and attaching it as he runs out to the water. Attempting to get away before any more Kirigakure shinobi show up wanting to team up on him, the Chuunin dives under the water and heads back to Konoha.

"Running away?" The Chuunin says as he takes a step forward and brings a Kunai to bear again, staring at his opponent over it though it dangles off a finger. "Tsk tsk tsk…" He grasps it in his hand as he brings it accross his body, the wires having been either coiled back up through manipulation of his chakra or simply discarded for the moment. "Why don't you stay a while?" His opposite arm instead snaps out as he throws his whole body into the motion, a Senbon instead of a kunai being loosed. Gin picked out the nerve cluster, he had only to hit it for his ploy to work. "I'm sure my friends would enjoy your company…"

The shadows still connected to his body as he moves out, Shintaro chuckles as the senbon bounces off him. He goes under the water and moves down into the darkness. He will swim out a good way to where he cannot be seen in the darkness before surfacing and running toward Konohagakure. Of course, he'll have to be careful not to get blown away by that Death Ray thing as he moves.

Gin sighs as he stands up straight, his attack having missed its mark. "Hmph." He offers, as he runs a hand through his hair. Moving back toward his hat, he picks it up and holds it under an arm as he waits for the others to arrive to pass on his report. Looking over his shoulder, he curses softly under his breath. "Will have to do more research on those techniques…" He says simply as he reaches up to touch the blood gathering at his lips. "I will not allow this to occur a second time…"

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