Crime without Results


Sachiko, Naruko, Hisomu, Yori, Michiko

Date: January 19, 2015


Kumo shinobi have been sent to find the missing son of the Lightning Daimyo. Everything goes well, but tensions seem to have been created amongst the team!

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Crime without Results"

Land of Lightning

The Land of Lightning has a Daimyo just like every other land. He, like many older men, has a family. Of course, being Daimyo and a member of his family results in risks for that person, specifically kidnappings. It was a typical peaceful day when the alarm rang out to Kumogakure. The Daimyo's son has been kidnapped! Michiko sent Hawks out to several people, the mission detailed in the statements. Naruko was appointed as leader of the mission due to her rank, and Sachiko was to be second in command thanks to her skills.
The team was sent to arrive at the Daimyo's home, though several hours would have passed by the time they had gotten there, meaning the trail they were following was getting stale. Coming to meet them was the assistant to the Daimyo, the man bowing apologetically. "I'm sorry, but he was in no state to see you in person… You're free to look wherever you like, but please find the young master and bring him back home," says the aid.

Well… that's quite a predicament. Sachiko was quick to bring her own son to his grandparents and explain, briefly, what she was off to do. Once they arrived at the Daimyo's home and got the information from the aide, she appeared slightly annoyed. She held her tongue and thankfully her blindfold helped hide the disdain in her eyes, but she wanted to get going already. The Daimyo was clearly useless… No information on who kidnapped the child — apparently /no one/ was watching him — and not even information on who, precisely, might have their hearts set on causing the Daimyo trouble. They just had to sniff this kid out like dogs, apparently. At least that's something Sachiko can sort of do…

Having arrived with Sachiko, HIsomu looks to her as she listens and then looks to the Aide before looking at Sachiko again. She frowns at the news of the son of the Daimyo being kidnapped. She then sighs and then shakes her head, "We can't just search the whole of the Land of Lightning." She states and nods her head, "Sir, we need more than just bring him home if you hope to see him again." He nods, "We need a starting point at least." She then looks to Sachiko a moment hoping she didn't overstep her bounds.

Yori received word and immediately packed and set out to meet the rest before going with them to the Daimyo's house. The new Genin kind of stays back and just watches the others, glancing here and there guard-like to try and make sure that if anything else happens within the house he might see it. Best to always be alert and all that, after all. He's not much of the scouting type so he's really only here as support. You know, 'Oh I see you threw a kunai, here's another one to replace it'.

It was mission time and Naruko truly didn't mind it, being a leader was a bit new to her, but this was a perfect opportunity to sharpen up on her 'interpersonal' skills. As she approaches the assistant she lightly rubs a hand behind her ear, straighting out a few loose strains of golden hair before narrowing her eyes upon the person before them. She sized them up quite a bit before finally speaking. "So are you sure the young master is missing? Are there any leads to where he may have been previously?" Naruko lightly scratches her head, "Last whereabouts would be best, then we can just sniff him out and hopefully follow the trial.

The aide feels the disdain from Sachiko and steps a bit away from the woman. To Hisomu and Naruko, he turns and nods. "Of course, of course. I'm sorry, I'm just a bit out of it…" He pauses to collect his thoughts. "The young master was last seen with his guards in the music room, but then there was a noise, some shouting, and the sound of shattering glass. When we walked in, the guards were all passed out, and the young master was missing. We're not sure how they went down, and we also aren't sure who would be targeting us… That's all the information we have. The music room is just that way."

The redheaded woman considers the 'excuse', as she sees it, from the aide, but accepts it as it is and just moves to follow after when he leads them to the music room. It seems Hisomu did pretty well, but Sachiko doesn't specifically praise her or anything, though she does offer a small smile over to her. Once in the room, she hums and takes a deep breath. Then she wanders over to the window and reaches out, pressing her finger to some of the glass that is still in tact, pointing out the blood. "I wonder… if it's the younger master that got hurt," she murmurs.

Following after Sachiko, Hisomu nods to her and then to the aide. When Yori joins them, she gives him a curious look but then looks forward. She is starting after the group when Naruko shows up and she walks over to stand next to Naruko, nodding to her but moving in closer to the girl as she walks along, seeming more comfortable next to Naruko than anywhere else as they approach the room. Looking to what Sachiko points out, she hmms and then starts over to the source of the glass, being careful where she stepped and then hmming softly before saying, "Naruko, can you follow a trail?" She looks back to Naruko.

Yori listens carefully to what is explained by the aide and the boy frowns thoughtfully. Someone knocked out the guards? That couldn't exactly be an easy thing to do. He follows after Sachiko, pausing to bow to her in greeting before he nears and looks at the glass where she points. "Good question Sachiko-sama…" the boy muses quietly as he scans the surrounding area and stops as he spies a small something hanging from a piece of glass. A shreded bit of royal blue cloth. "What was he wearing?" He doesn't ask anyone in particular because, well, he's not exactly /important/ enough to really be asking questions. Maybe someone else can take it and ask the aide or…something.

Naturally Naruko made a beeline for the music room, putting her sniffer and her keen sense of vision into action. "I should be able to sniff out how many other people was recently in this room…and hopefully they were sloppy with covering their tracks…" Naruko spoke out, a grim expression suddenly on her face. "There goes hoping this was all a ploy… i guess something wrong really did happen here. Do you all notice anything else unusual?" Naruko asks as she takes light steps forward, her nose leads her directly out the window. "I do have a trail… We can follow it and move along unless anyone has found any other good leads?"

Everyone would notice that the room itself was a mess from the struggle. There were a lot of broken instruments and a few places where no wreckage was. Those spots were likely where the guards had passed out by some unknown means. Most of the signs show that the kidnappers had run out using the window. Now the question was 'where did they go?'. The aide pokes his head in nervously, saying, "If you shinobi need anything, let me know… We really don't know much, but the guards are starting to recover and might be able to help some more."

A look at the others and about the room. Hisomu hmms as she looks at the various ways the room was moved around before she considers, "I imagine that genjutsu was used." She states and nods her head, "To take down that many people fast speaks of either poison or genjutsu." She then looks ot Naruko and nods, "Naruko-san, you should lead us out then." She then nods to Sachiko and she herself simply dives out the window and on to the wall outside, immediately looking around the area to see for signs of struggle and/or a trail before she lets Naruko lead them on.

Yori tries very hard not to make a face as hes given an…ear? Seriously, that's just gross. But he bows to Sachiko, offering a "Be safe," before he goes to the aide, putting the ear safely in a side pocket. No need for anyone else to really pay attention to that right? "Please lead me to the guards so I can question them." The boy says before giving just one glance back at the others. He silently hopes they'll be okay as he goes to do his part.

Naruko grins at sachiko, a slight grin formed about her lips as she questioned her confidence on her sniffer. " Haha, you better believe I have a good trail. It's pretty strong too so that can't be too far away." Naruko then flashes a smile towards Yori. "Oh no you don't! You might be new but I'm going to make sure you get in on some action too. I'll handle the guards when they wake up…" With that she forms a single hand seal. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" A shadow clone poofs to existence right along next to her as she smirks at…herself? "Question the guards when they get up will you? We are going to keep on the trail as a group," With that Naruko salutes off to herself and the aide, sliding the window further open so she could lead the way. "Right this way people! The trail leads to just up ahead… Looks like there will be some weird building along the way…"

Naruko-clone would get to talk to the guards once they woke up, and they would describe a 'fuzzy feeling in their minds' before getting 'knocked out by a few pokes'. There were two guards to question, but they didn't seem to be providing useful information. The group itself would travel, Naruko's nose not leading them astray. Eventually they would come across a beatdown cabin, the roof long gone and the walls barely standing. It was a poor hideout in that there was no way to keep intruders away, though it also didn't arouse much suspicion.

Sachiko doesn't say a thing and just moves to head out with the group. If the poor kid got injured because of Naruko, it wouldn't be her issue. Maybe he would be able to improve this way, though. Still, shinobi got plenty of experience beating the pants off people, not so much extracting information. The ear just dissolved at some point, leaving a sticky sort of mess either in Yori's pocket or when he handed it over to the clone. There was no purpose to it anymore, after all.

For her part, Hisomu isn't that much further ahead of Yori and lacks skills for this sort of situation. As they start moving off after Naruko, she just follows along, keeping her eyes open as best she can. She keeps her eyes open as she moves along before she spots the cabin along with the others, looking at it and frowning but as they are approaching she keeps her mouth shut, trying her best to go unseen as she moves along. She looks to Sachiko for direction, already focusing up her chakra just in case she needs it.

Yori blinks in surprise as he's called back to the group and, when the shadow clone comes over, he gives her the 'ear'. Yeah okay he would've honestly felt damn weird talking into the thing but he'll let the clone worry about that now. With that done the boy nods and follows afters the rest. He watches Naruko curiously as she seems to lead them along the trail and he silently wonders how but, hey, he's not going to ask. Instead he just turns his attention to keeping an eye on their surroundings while he lets the others lead the way and such.

Naruko finally did lead them off in the right direction, she was going to use this as a good opportunity to check out everyone else's sensing skills…and hopefully get to the bottom of this mission fairly quickly. "Welp, this is the place. The young master could be long dead but…. people tend to ransom off nobles rather than killing them off. How about we look around this place and see if we can find a good opening or cralw space to squeeze through… It would be really bad to get caught…but I'm pretty sure he is in here somewhere. " Naruko states to the group. "You have some pretty good ears, hai? Sachiko-san?" Naruko asks her curiously, "Do you hear any movement?" Naruko asks while gesturing for Yori and Hisomu to go forward, and somewhat take the lead. Naruko on the other hand was looking out for any traps… it would suck pretty badly if either of them got hurt.

The house itself would reveal nothing unusual. It was filled with nothing but some dirt and grass. Eventually, however, Hisomu would see something akin to a trap door in the ground that was covered in some dirt. Yori would notice another thing that would belong to the son, this time a royal blue slipper. This simply confirms they're on the right track. Naruko might notice a few scents coming closer to them, though, which implies danger is coming… Sachiko would hear footsteps because apparently these kidnappers forgot twigs existed…

"That's not something to joke about," Sachiko mutters. "You should never suggest the person you're looking for is dead. You should look for the person as if they're someone close to you." She definitely doesn't like Naruko at this point, that much is certain. Even so, she listens and shrugs. "They're not very discreet. I don't know how they got into the Daimyo's home…" She lifts a hand to gesture in the direction she hears the footsteps.

A look to the others as they get near and then she nods to Sachiko specifically. Naruko had her go forward and as she did, she shifts her foot over top of something that she squats down to look at. She peers at it carefully, reaching down to move dirt out of her way before she glances to Sachiko. She heard what she said so she decides to simply do what was necesssary and opens up the trap door below her, or at least tries to as she calls out softly to Sachiko.

Yori is close behind Hisomu and the boy just happens to step on something while his eyes are actually at more person height and looking for danger. His gaze flicks to the floor and he crouches to pick up the slipper, showing it to Hisomu before putting it in his pouch for now. The boy goes to his knees when Hisomu opens the trap door to peek down while pulling out a kunai. You know, as a just in case thing. He's too focused on what he and Hisomu have there to hear what else is going on. People? Really?

A sweat drop tricked down Naruko's cheek as Sachiko had began to scold her. On a mission really? "That isn't a joke, we have to be ready for anything that might happen, and act quickly when we realize it," Naruko mutters back before she catches some scents approaching them, slowly but surely. Yori and Hisomu's catch was a good one, as naruko didn't actually catch anything else inside the building. "They aren't inside…so that must be it… It's too risky to fight out here without knowing where they put the young master. Let's squeeze into that trap door before they show up!" She ushers everyone to slip on through, waiting at the rear in case the guards discover them a bit early.

Yori wouldn't see anything after his initial inspection, but once people go into the trap door, then would notice someone else is there! In fact, it's the missing son of the Daimyo. He's about ten years old and dressed in navy blue robes. The boy seems startled when the people come down into his hiding spot, even as the kidnappers above start calling out. "I thought I saw people!" "I see consequence, dude. Let's just get outta here, they prolly have Shinobi on us," grumbles a voice. "Fine! Coward… But the missing kid is coming out of your pay!" "What pay?" Their shouting starts to fade until it's merely a babble, and they walk away completely.

The redhead was begrudging, but she did step into the hiding spot, her head shifted slightly toward Hisomu. "Good job," she utters quietly. Sachiko takes note of the boy hiding out in the same spot they found, but listens to the kidnappers. Her hand rises to rub the bridge of her nose, shifting her blindfold around a little. She certainly hadn't been needed for this mission in the slightest. "Now that things are settled… If you don't mind, I'll leave the returning him to you shinobi."

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