Crimes Against Science


Ataru, Atsuro, Ryo

Date: January 18, 2013


A mission for Konoha starts as a simple science expedition, but things get hectic as Ataru is ambushed by his enemies in the mob.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Crimes Against Science"

Land of Rice Paddies

This mission was slightly complicated. The basis of the mission premise was simple enough. There was a scientific convoy that wanted to go to the land of rice paddies, research a before now unknown strand of grass, then return to the land of fire. Considering where they were going, it was deemed appropriate that shinobi were sent to guard the convoy while they spent the 3 days gathering information. Of course, Atsuro was selected for the outdoor capabilities he had. Ryo was well known for his observation mastery and as such was sent for guard duty. Ataru being a genin, was put into the rapidly formed team as well.. the grunt. At least, that was the semi-unoffical reasoning. The offical reasoning was that he needed to show he could handle missions outside of the Land of Fire. Either way, with how close they were to Fuuma, he was worried it was going to get ugly.
Ataru had his gear ready for the trip, a tent, materials for food stuff, basic supplies anyone would have when roughing it, as it were. Since he didn't have any nifty magic ninja way to hold such things, it was simply a rather large pack that was slung over his back on top of that coat. Being the genin, he was meant to observe. Although Ryo and Atsuro knew him well enough that it was probably going to be more on an even balance for all three, then him being treated like a genin. Maybe.

The Fuuma-Ataru connection didn't escape Atsuro's notice. He doesn't know who picked the composition of this team, but apparently they weren't aware of that. So now, on top of the usual bandits and thugs, they've got to worry about possible attacks from a crime family. Considering their performance last time, Atsuro would much prefer the family stayed out of it, but it's not really his choice.
His camping equipment is divided by him and Taizen. On average, not too much bulk added to their usual load. With his sensory abilities and scouting know-how, his responsibility is… pretty much everything. He's been scouting ahead, checking out the rear, keeping the flanks secure, and watching for traps. At the moment, he and Taizen are actually standing atop the largest wagon, their sharp eyes and ears working with their extra-sharp noses, watching out for anything amiss.

This was simply another mission for Ryo. As he watched Ataru with his massive pack, the young Chuunin more or less laughed to himself. He use to do the same thing. Now he learned to use other means of survival. He pondered how long it took Ataru to collect his gear. Genin 101 basically meant being prepared to be on a mission at a moment's notice.
Then as Ryo glanced towards Atsuro and Taizen, it finally dawns on him, he was was the only one travelling really light. Hopefully the others did not hold it against him too long. Either way the boy had no clue of Ataru's connection to the land. Even if he did, he might not mind. It would only raise the chances of seeing action. For now he simply glances around activating his sharingan once in a while to get a bit better perception.

Ataru was rather well aware of both the surroundings and his potential additional danger he brings to the team. Indeed, he's rather glum about the whole thing. His luck, the mission was going to fail and he'd be to blame. Shaking his head slightly, he'd frown. There wasn't a need to be like that. Looking at the caravan, he'd watch the wagons for a moment, before looking about him. Of course, his looking about was much less useful than Ryo or Atsuro.. so it wasn't like he'd find anything. Once again he was reminded of the reason why he needed to learn more, to become a better shinobi. Of course, there was also that way of the ninja that Naru had talked about too.
Contemplative, Ataru almost missed the lead caravan finally calling a halt to their forward movement. The lead scientist hopping off that wagon to walk over to a patch of grass that looked almost exactly like every other patch of grass around here, only to lean in close and nod with a glee reserved only for odd scientist. "This is it! We're here. Set up camp, we begin research in the morning!" Those non-shinobi of the caravan would do just that, an area cleared for a fire, the wagons locked down so they don't roll off and the animals tended to. Ataru would set up his tent a bit out from the fire. Maybe if he wasn't as close, it'd be less likely they got attacked? Either way he didn't think he'd get much sleep tonight.
Something of note both to Ryo and Atsuro.. The grass looked like it had a visible chakra aura to Ryo.. either someone was doing something to it.. or the grass itself had an emination that was.. refined, like a chakra user could do. For Atsuro, it smelled.. like oranges, of all thing. Very very unusual, considering the location they were at.

The grass certainly looks no different from any other grass around, at least at Atsuro's level of expertise. In any case, he's glad that they were able make it to the site before too late. Much darker and he'd have advised the caravan leader to stop for the night.
He pulls a few things out of his pack and a few things out of Taizen's, then gets to work on setting up the tent. It's pretty big — probably because there's always going to be at least two occupants, neither of which are petite. "We'll take watches," he tells Ataru and Ryo. "Me, then Taizen, then Ryo, then Ataru. Taizen'll be guarding in the darkest part of the night, so he can put that nose of his to good use." He pauses and sniffs the air, then he and Taizen exchange glances. "This special grass," he begins, "It supposed to smell like oranges? Anyone else getting that?" He glances between Ryo and Ataru. "Or are you guys using non-standard rations or something?"

Ryo noticed the aura around the grass as he scanned over the area with his special eyes. "The grass is glowing. Like someone has added chakra to it." Ryo responds as he makes his way towards the other two. "Something seems pretty odd about it. I wonder why it would smell like oranges…." He then glances towards Ataru and bac to Atsuro. "Think we should make mention of this to the group?" he asks pointing back to the caravan setting up.

Ataru would glance from Atsuro to Ryo and back. He'd look over at the grass the scientist seemed so excited about, try an experimental sniff, before giving a shrug. "I don't smell anythin. Ya'll can tell them ifn ya want.. I guess that's why they're here to study it, huh?" Ataru smiled briefly, before his attention would return to the direction of Fuuma. "Ya guys pickin anythin up from that direction.. I mean.. we're close.. and I thought I saw one of the signs at that previous village.. but I ain't fer sure.." Ataru would shake his head, looking back to Ryo and Atsuro. "yeah. I'm fine with the watch. We'll just have ta be ready.. just in case, yah?"
If approached, the scientist were happy to note down the extra information Ryo and Atsuro could give them. Adding it to an already quickly growing list of information it seems. One of the scientist seemed to be shinobi enough for basic sealing as they were starting to set up a seal dome over the grass. Probably if inquired into enough they could find out what was going on. Otherwise it was mostly a mystery.

"Really?" Atsuro asks. "Man, having a normal sense of smell must /suck/." He gives Ryo and Ataru a grin. Then he turns in the direction Ataru indicates and sniffs the air a little. Taizen joins in as well, and after a few seconds, he turns back to Ataru. "Don't smell anything out of the ordinary," he says, "But keep an eye out just in case. The wind might be bad, or they might be hiding their scent somehow. Tai and I are good, but we're not perfect. Not /yet/."
Figuring he may as well, Atsuro goes and tells the scientists about the orange smell. Maybe they'll care, maybe they won't, but there's no reason not to be helpful. Also no reason not to exaggerate any gratitude. "They're going to name a university against me," he says as he returns to Ryo and Ataru. He sits down by the fire and rifles through his pack, pulling out a few rations for him and Taizen.

Ryo was not quite done yet with his own investigation. His eyes began to follow the grass. Then he noticed it. There were patterns spread out in the direction of Fuuma. "I wonder what this could mean…" he states as he starts to walk out towards the grass. The grass having chakra was not natural and he knew it. "Ok guys, how does a section of grass gain chakra?" he asks.
RP: Ataru joins the roleplay.

Ataru would ponder that question before he shrugged towards Ryo. Of course, him approaching one of the hazy patches revealed what it was after he got close. A small wall, on wheels, had a set of seals along the side of it. Those seals seemed to be giving off the chakra, as the grass on the wall itself was clumped almost haphazardly if they are looked at closely. Behind the wall was 3 guys, who would immediately jump out to try and attack Ryo. The other hazey locations started spilling out guys as well. Seems the worry that Ataru had? it was correct. Ataru was caught slightly off guard, only belatively focusing himself into that stance as he'd prepared for the attack. "I'm sorry guys.. they're after me.. I knew this was a bad idea.."

Atsuro and Taizen follow Ryo and Ataru shortly behind. "What's this?" he asks. The question almost dies in his throat as he begins to smell something else now. The scent of the orange-grass hid them before, but yes, there are indeed quite a few men about to attack. He grabs two ninjato from Taizen's vest and draws them, settling into a kenjutsu stance immediately. Taizen grabs a sword of his own, a katana, and holds it in his mouth.
"If you have time to apologize you have time do something," Atsuro says, taking charge of the situation. "Ryo, watch the left flank, Ataru watch the right. There's a lot of them, so keep close. They're probably after Ataru, but protecting the caravan is priority." Orders given, he charges for the three men attacking Ryo. Not that he thinks the kid can't handle himself, but it /was/ a surprise attack. If he acts fast enough, maybe it's a surprise of his own. He and Taizen leap into the air, then spin rapidly as they fly towards the three men. They attack each one after the other, attempting to knock them up into the air and temporarily out of commission.

With his Sharingan up, the speed of the men were no match compared to his own. Ryo was dashing away from them before they could even touch him. As ordered Ryo turns to the left flank and draws his ninjato blade. Despite his feeling to light these men on fire, the last thing he needed was one of them running and bumping in to the caravan, or to heat up the grass and cost the experiment to somehow fail. As he meets the men, the boy makes three slashes attempting to at least keep two or three of them occupied at once.

Ataru would nod at Atsuro's command, balling his hands into fist as he'd watch the two of them deal with most of the initial set. The rest of the swarm of men started to attack. They were pretty decent, at least at having a mass of weapons swinging in close to unison to hit the shinobi. Ataru tried to dodge away, but wasn't quite fast enough, getting knicked for his attempt. Each shinobi had two enemies facing them, the rest crowding around so that when they attacked, it was more a wave of metal, than fighting any one individual. For now, the line held where they were at, the scientist at the caravan gawking towards the fight.
Ataru only needed the one hit to snap him out of it. Whatever pity, worry, anything like that he had before was gone. Instead, this was the time to fight and he was going to do so. Suddenly a blur, Ataru would leap between those nearest to him, a storm of fist, feet, knees, elbows. Everything and anything was used as a weapon, the blows were hard, easily able to shatter rock normally, it was vicious on the human body as he'd knock them flying. Ataru wasn't mad.. he was just determined. They were not going to be brought down due to him!

As the two men close in on them, Atsuro and Taizen dance out of the way of their attacks. Atsuro spares a glance for the scientists watching the fight, but quickly faces back to the men. They really shouldn't be here, but if they're set on watching, that's just how it's going to have to be. If he signals for them to get away, the enemy might tumble to their relationship and attack the scientists as well. Best to keep fighting and hopefully draw as much attention as possible.
Focusing their attention back to the attackers, Atsuro dashes forward, Taizen slightly behind him. One after the other they attack, each skillyfully striking at one man with their blades.

Ryo saw the blades but for some reason as he dodged he moved right into the other blade allowing both to slice into him. The boy growls in anger at his own misuse of the Sharingan. Even with as mastered as he has become over it, he still makes bad decisions using it. "I will not fall behind." Ryo states through gritted teeth to both men attacking him. The boy then lunges forward aiming his own blade at both of them. "Taste my steel!" becomes his battle cry. The boy does not seem too worried about the other two combatants as they seem to be able to hold their own.

The men they were fighting with seemed well versed in a gang vs few situation. While Taizen managed to hit someone and actually cause them to stumble badly, the rest of them were able to deflect the attacks coming in. They were pressing that advantage of superior number. While it was only a few who could attack each shinobi, there was a good 20 people there. Of course, with the 'special' grass everywhere, they couldn't exactly start wrecking the area, right? Once again that wave of strikes would come at the shinobi, multiple hits from multiple people, all bundled together into the deadly dance they were finding themselves in.
Ataru attempted unsuccessfully to avoid those attacks. Everywhere he tried to move, they were there stabbing or swinging. He'd get cut quite a bit, although it didn't look like it was really slowing him down. Gritting his teeth, he was starting to get tested off. It was one thing to attack him, it was another to torture his friends with this pointless assault. He knew they wanted him, but really? Going even faster this time, Ataru was a true blur, vanishing and reappearing through the crowd that was attacking him, each shot was a massive strike that would even break metal of the defending weapons. He was going full out. This fight had gone on long enough, it was time to break the offensive and surrounding group.

Atsuro and Taizen have no trouble avoiding all these attacks, but there still remains the question of exactly how they should be attacking. Swords are good against single opponents, yes. And the two are fast enough to use them against multiple opponents too. But in a crowd like this, Inuzuka techniques are what really shines. Getting back into formation with one another, the two lower their blades, then leap towards their opponents. Once again, they start to spin through the air, though this time they're not using quite the same coordination as before. Instead, they each attack a few different enemies, using one sweep to knock them up into the air, then another to drive them down into the ground, hard.

Again the blades manage to catch Ryo. He is sliced up pretty badly and now showing several wounds. "The test be damned…" he states as his hands now move into his fire style hand seals. Soon his hand comes back up towards his lip and he spits a small fireball out towards the group of bandits. He then proceeds to dive behind a nearby rock. He did not want to be around when this little fireball turned into a hell storm of flame. His eyes then glanced towards the others and the caravan. At least they seemed to be pretty safe.

The three shinobi managed to out last the crowd. Ataru's attacks, that rapid, monsterous full out assault was finally enough to shatter the offensive, bodies sent every which direction as he'd break free of the press. Mostly by shattering weapons, bones, bodies, yeah, it was messy. As Atsuro and Taizen tore into the men, it'd catch them off guard, causing that massive follow up attack to definitely break free of the group there. With most of the men routed, Ryo's flaming barrage was enough to finish the job, causing those who didn't scream in agony as they die, to flee back for Fuuma. It was one thing to take on a taijutsuist, it was another to take on a squad of ninja!
Ataru would immediately switch over to clean up duty, working on putting out the fires where he could to save the grass, the flames immediately putting the scientist into a panic as they'd cry out for the three to stop the fires before it ruins the research. Can't please everyone, but at least they were going to be left in peace for the study.. right?

Okay, so the enemy's gone, but the mission is still in danger of failing. "Someone get some water," Atsuro orders, "Get fire blankets, through sand on it, anything!" As for Atsuro and Taizen themselves, they're saving that some of that grass, even if it's only the tiniest amount. They dash over to an area that's safe from the fire for the time being and start to dig. Atsuro pulls back the soil with his bare hands while Taizen uses his paws in classic dog style. Reaching beneath the roots, Atsuro pulls up a plug of the special grass and runs it over to the scientists, then rejoins the fight to save the grass, this time by combatting the fire directly, digging up more dirt and throwing it on the fire.

Ryo was simply happy the fight had ended. He glanced over towards the Scientists as they seemed to go nuts about his firestyle use. After checking his wounds quickly, he decides he's still capable of action. The boy takes his ninjato blade and begins slicing around the areas that were on fire. He was creating little gaps in the grass so that the fire would not spread over into those areas. Then if one of the others used a fire blanket on the area, it would snuff out easier or eventually go out on it's own. Once it was finished, he moved towards the caravan and took a seat on one of the wagons. He was going to be needing medical attention.

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