Crimson Tides - Riding The Blood Wave


Takeshi (as himself and emitting NPCs), Nori, Hisu, Yuri, Kazuki, Maikeru

Date: June 11, 2011


Seeking revenge for the destruction of many other small towns and villages by the Kaguya and Kirigakure during the Clan Wars, the survivors of various peoples band together to strike back. Who will stand against them?

"Crimson Tides - Riding The Blood Wave"

Water Ferry Docks - Land of Water

The docks during the day were usually a bustle of activitiy, but the recent storms had pushed the fish deeper for a little while, which had brought the fishing trade to a crawl for at least a couple of days now. Normally, they'd be out checking nets and bringing their catch back to the docks to be prepared for transport up to the village, but not today. A lazy sense of calm had washed over the docks, smoke rising steadily into the sky from the tavern and a few other houses. Old Azuma had taken his usual perch at the end of the docks on his rocking chair, watching the gulls and waves with apt interest. Just then, a sound rang out from the tavern as music began to play.
It is for this reason that ships stole along silently. Bringing in from the northwest behind the shoals, navigating them safely and now in open seas, sailing through the fog silently. Fires were lit and smoke was rising calmly into the air, but no one had noticed yet. The men on board eagerly awaiting their chance to steal ashore. Then something else happened.
There was a moment of silence before a bright light appeared in the sky, sailing in arc towards the docks. The old man looked up at it, but it sailed over him into a watchtower set up to watch the shores. A loud explosion is heard as fire consumes the wood watchtower, the watchman inside falling to the ocean below with a splash, burning pieces of wood falling elsewhere. A shinobi on guard saw it happen, but had lost all ability to communicate the attack with the watchtower. He would have rushed off to the city too, except that no one knew what happened yet.
Which brings us to Takeshi, who had been enjoying drinks in the bar but now was standing outside, eyes narrowed, mumbling about explosions and interruptions in his drinking schedule. No one was quite sure what happened and no one was making any sudden movements because of it.

It's hard to say exactly what he was here for, as he pokes around the stalls of the fish vendors which had closed early today. Nori grumbles and steps away from the stall, and places his hand on his stomach, a weary expression on his face. There's a loud rumbles, and Nori's frown deepens. Cinching up his belt, he turns and looks around the area, just in time to see the explosive sail overhead and land in the watchtower. "Woo," he says in awe as bodies, timbers, and flame rise suddeny into the air, his stomach momentarily forgotten. He looks about himself with a hopeful expression for more explosions… and then his eyes narrow. "Wait a minute. Where did that come from?" HIs attention turns to the sea

It has been a very, very long time since she was last in the Land of Water. Infact, the last time she was here… Four years ago, when Kirigakure was almost near completing the construction of the Mist Village itself. Now here she is again, but no longer because she is ignoring the conflicts of ninja and peasants alike… Hirugaki Hisu is here on BUSINESS.
She had just arrived on the docks, one of the ferries equipped with fog-lights depositing its burden of passengers upon the wooden platform that leads to the shore, when an explosion lit up the mist-shrouded beaches with the hostile red of fire. Dressed in a stereo-typical 'school girl' outfit, despite her physical development, Hisu appears to be only an average teenage girl — a foreigner as well, given her apparent lack of appropriate attire for protecting against the chill and the wet of this land. Stupid foreigners.
A pack upon her back appears to be all the luggage she carries, and this is fortunate given the sudden need to not be where the explosions are happening. Yellow eyes flick upwards to the detonated watch tower, and then trace an arc through the air, calculating the trajectory… "…Ah," she offers into what is no doubt a rather odd mix of the chaos of destruction and the silence of confused on-lookers. Then the 'school girl' starts dashing off, trying to avoid becoming the next victim of 'wrong place, wrong time'. Oddly, a number of small, dark shapes that dart and squirm beneath the surface of the ocean's waves trail alongside the dock that Hisu runs upon both to the left and right.

Huh? What? Explosions at the docks!? Strange ships approaching!?! Some old guy mumbling into his booze!?!?!!? >Over-sexed school girls<!?!!?!?!?!11!!eleven This sounds like a job for…
…A wife and mother of two kids?
Suzaku Yuri is not a normal ninja and thus does not get assigned to normal guard duty. She is one of the Seven Ninja Swords(wo)men of the Hidden Mist Village, and she gets to pick and choose her assignments most of the time. But right now, garbed as she is in her typical outfit, pantless and all, this Jounin kunoichi is abandoning whatever business she had a moment prior as her nasty, paranoid, sociopathic mind turns 'unrecognized ships approaching' into 'possible enemies' before the bright light even appears. When she manages to break her attention away from one of the many individuals she 'dallies' with outside of her marriage, the watch tower goes 'ka-boom'.
Well, there goes her 'mission' to 'instruct' this village girl — just out-of-sight of passers-by and in a rather underdressed state. In Yuri's book, ensuring she stays alive comes before the pleasures of teaching younger females how to have fun. So she turns away from the startled teenager and takes only a brief moment to adjust her own clothing… Then she is dashing along towards the nearest guard post and the warning bell swiftly enough that the other girl didn't even see where her 'tutor' went.
She does not stay silent during this, and yells out as she runs to ensure that all these stupidifed dimwits don't just stand around and gawk. ">What are you waiting for!?< Sound the alarm! Get a fire-crew down here! Treat this as an >emergency<!" Calm, calm, Yuri. Keep it together. Play your 'role'. There will be plenty of time for killing later.

Kazuki wasn't up to much, and there was nothing new. All he had were his thoughts, music and rhythms running through his mind as he relaxed in a hidden spot among rooftops in the mist village. But as always he could not fully enjoy his rest, the sound he heard was out of the ordinary even for the likes of Kirigakure. His ear twitched and his eyes spring open, as that explosion caught his attention. It was almost as loud as his ninpo! Interesting, he thought now forgetting his apathey about the whole situation. He flickers toward the area, what he finds is more than curious. The tower crushed by an explosion, the whole scene not seeming as hectic as it might elsewhere, and a young girl, something about her sparked an unlikely kind of fear in the young Yamayuki, but he decided to ignore it, his curiousity taking over. His senses stay alert as he approaches further slowly.

The waves were still quiet, even with the ships getting closer. Still no clue who had created the explosion or out of what, but it wasn't too soon after that a swarm of firefly looking things filtered into the docks area. At first glance, they appeared to be nothing more than miniature fireflies, but upon closer inspection, they were not bugs, but rather small wisps of fire. There didn't seem to be anything to fear from them as they flitted through the area and into homes and buildings, and that was partially true. They in themselves weren't dangerous as people looked on in fear, suspended disbelief and awe. What was dangerous, was the resulting chaos as they began to explode. The explosions wouldn't hurt anyone, maybe burn a couple of hairs or singe an arm, but nothing lasting. No, it was what they created. As they exploded, shrill pops echoed into the air. What happens when something has just been blown up and now this? Yes, Mass Panic as people flee from the area.
In the midst of the chaos, there is a cracking sound heard even on the shore as a boat in the water, one of Kirigakure's own vessels, is snapped in two from the bottom as a massive spike of earth drives through it. At first, there's a loud sound, the sound you get as metal groans to keep itself held together, and then silence as it breaks and the pieces fall, followed by a loud splash that echoed throughout the shoreline. Whoever this was, they were making sure that everyone was on edge by the time they got there, maybe in the hopes of spreading confusion and mass hysteria. It was working.
The old man in the doorway of the tavern is pushed to the side willingly as he lets the people stream by. He was wearing his robes which clearly identified him as an elder of the kaguya clan and the elder was holding a bottle of sake in one hand and smoking a cigarette with the other. "Well, that's interesting. Is someone actually attacking us?" There was a loud chuckle from the elder as he put the bottle to his lips after removing the cigarette.
A chug later he hears a whistling sound coming from behind him and he turns around to find a massive ball of fire heading straight towards him. The bottle is dropped to his side as the impending explosion besets him, "Oh, well damn." The explosion threw the people behind him into the water and some onto the docks, the roof of the small awning outside the tavern flying into the air and pelting the ground and buildings around.
A massive booming voice echoed then, "We have come to have our revenge upon the Kaguya and others. We will steal your gem, we will steal Kirigakure." Well, motives are clear now, not that it really helps. The voice echoes once more, "The student has returned to kill the master. Your very own trained us, now we use that training against you."
As the smoke settles, the kaguya elder is holding a bottle in his left hand, staring at the broken thing with contempt. "What the hell…I was drinking that…Did he have to come back now."
As if that wasn't enough, suddenly there's screams as up the shore further, men are rushing from the trees to strike down the fleeing villagers. On the waters, ships are slamming against the shore, against docks and against homes on the shore. For a long moment there's only screaming and then nothing. This was the calm before the storm, the ships open up and an army streams from them and also from behind, more and more men exiting the forests. Well, now Kirigakure knows as the massive warning bell can be heard even here on the docks as the main city becomes painfully aware of the need for defenders. But for now, they're alone, just the few standing around, a handful of men and women soldiers, along with a couple of shinobi.

Electricity and blood… These things can be quite fearsome, but it is the smile on Nori's face as explosions ignite around him that is more so. Electricity leaps along his skin and branches from his arms to the the ground, his blue eye glowing as chakra surges through him. Reaching back, he draws forth a blade of bone from the top of his shoulder, and twirls it deftly. "Finally," he says as his teeth take on a sharp and serrated appearance. "Something entertaining." His stomach growls, and the demonic appearance he had assumed is lost as he pouts. He glances around and sees a sack of melons, dropped by a fleeing villager. "Maybe after I find something to eat though." He stabs the bone blade into the dock, and goes to crouch beside the sack and chow down.

There are explosions everywhere. What a nice 'welcome home' after almost half a decade of self-imposed exile. Some of the explosions appears to be smaller than others, making a 'popping' noise, rather than an ear-drum shattering 'KA-BOOOM!' But the ones that do make the latter noise make up for the quieter ones one-hundred fold. The supposed 'school girl' that is Hisu is regretting agreeing to come here on business. Obviously she was aware there was the potential for danger… But that is part of daily life for her. Being on-site during the start of an invasion? That is another matter entirely.
The swarms of wriggling, black-and-quicksilver worm-like creatures that previously followed Hisu in the ocean now begin to move at much higher speeds than such invertebrates would be capable of naturally upon dry land, as they nearly 'flow' across the sand and dirt, seeking out places to hide for their 'queen'. <Danger. Danger. Fire. Blood. Death.> This is the silent, chanting, simple-minded message delivered to Hisu by her dear pets. This is not a safe place to be. But where else can she go? An army is being deposited upon the shores, cutting down civilians as they flee! If she exposes her capabilities now…
Hisu does her best to simply find a place out of the way, and avoid drawing attention to herself, but with all of these soldiers roaming about, it is unlikely that she will remain undetected forever. Huddling down behind some crates, the information-broker simply tries to remain out of sight for as long as possible. When combat becomes necessary… Only then will she engage in it.

Yuri tries to retain her calm demeanor, but every crazy instinct in her crazy head is telling her that she should withdraw and observe while sending others to get reinforcements. Picking off these invaders nice and quiet-like is something she is equipped for. A standing battle… Not so much. If in doubt: preserve oneself first and foremost.
But she knows how it would look if one of the Seven Swordsmen appears to be fleeing while civilians are being butchered on the docks and on the streets. Maybe most people are leaving the area, but she has to make at least a token effort to help… Sighing, the black-haired woman leaps up onto one of the rooftops that is >not< on fire and slips her Hunter-Nin mask into place in the chinstrap she wears, concealing her face. Then she withdraws a scroll from a slot on her belt with one hand, and unsheathes a sword that resembles an over-sized sewing needle from the straps at her lower back with the other hand.
'That girl better still be alive when I'm done here,' she thinks about the subject of her latest tryst before spreading the scroll open, aiming it at the soldiers loading onto the shore, and unleashing a hail of senbon needles at high speeds upon them all. When the scroll has expended its payload, she rolls it up and throws it into the midst of the invaders, revealing that it has a secondary purpose… The opposite side of the scroll is plastered in explosive tags.
They all go off at once, hopefully giving a taste of explosions to the intruders.

Kazuki's instinct was usually keen, but maybe his relaxed state made him slower. What was happening around him? It was surely an attack, but what was the real reason? His questions are answered in part by the voice, he immediately tries to pinpoint the location of the speaker. "Heh, a feud." He chuckles, it was the kind of thing that made the world go round, the type that brought battles, opportunities for him to improve his strength. His eyes shift back and forth as he gets into a stance with his legs shoulder width apart and his knees bent, raising a hand seal before his chest, gathering chakra. He made sure to be out of range of the explosions, he was depending on his super hearing if something came up on him. Rubbing his hands together, "Time to warm up." He says with a smirk, taking one last check to see the positions of his allies, which there were few compared to the intruders. Sigh, this might be more difficult than he expected. If so it would be quite a hassle 'Maybe I should play it cool, Kaguya techniques can get pretty crazy."

After hearing the explosions from a little way down the path, Daeshiro Maikeru started on his way here. Now arriving, he spots the chaos on the shore and on the sea. Eyeing the soldiers and bats, the Jounin shakes his head. "So much for a peaceful day of training," he says with a smirk. "Indeed," the dark voice of Jigoku rings out from the possessed arm as it glows a bit brighter. Chuckling a bit, Maikeru says, "These idiots have no idea what they're doing." He raises the possessed hand, and it glows even brighter before a man about the same height as himself appears beside him, having white slicked back hair, darker skin, and eerie yellow eyes, and adorned in a black trenchcoat with a white tail, black pants, and white long-tailed vest that shows off his pectoral muscles and abs.
"Come out and play a while, old man," the Jounin says as the arm grows brighter and brighter, chakra building up in his body and through the arm. "Let's get rid of these maggots then, shall we?" the chakra-manifested Jigoku asks as he glances to Maikeru for a moment before they run down into the blazing town, charging toward the soldiers. A dark excitement is clearly visible on Jigoku's face, as he has not killed anyone with his own hands for quite some time.

The ground beats in tune with the number of feet treading along it, pushing forward towards the docks to destroy the defenders and hopefully set up a base of operations. They probably didn't expect so many shinobi to be present immediately judging by the looks on faces. Still, they had to expect that a bunch of shinobi would eventually show up given the situation, so they were probably prepared for such a happening. Sure enough, it seems they were. Even as soldiers are blown up by Yuri, they continue to stream out of the boat, running over their allies broken bodies and limbs. The defender militia left by the daimyo in the area prepared to meet the charging mass from the forests, but they were just a group of fifty men, how long they would last would be up to luck and individual skill. However, the enemy wasn't going to let the shinobi get involved.
As Yuri stood atop a roof, there were machinations involved above her in the leadership of this misfit group of berserker raiders. Whether or not Yuri would sense the small vibration in the chakra fabric around her would be up to her own senses as an enemy above her slices with a sword. The chakra embedded in the weapon pushes outwards in a force wave. If she manages to dodge it, the house would still be cut in half, one half of it crumbling away into the docks next to it and knocking windows out of the homes around it. Then the attacker would be revealed.
Who was Yuri's attacker? A small girl with bright purple hair that flowed down to her waist wearing a gothic lolita getup (See Ruri from oreimo). There was a grin on her face, "Let's play onee-chan!"
Hisu wouldn't be lucky enough to get left alone either, even in her hiding spot. Of course they would notice a massive gathering of leeches and the person that controlled them. For her, she gets a special greeting as a man simply appears in front of her, his blade pulling across her body if she didn't move fast enough. He had come out of nowhere. Well, so much for being hidden. "Evening, Gakusei. It's time for Physical Education." The man was dressed in a long trenchcoat, hat on head and sword in hand. The clothes beneath the trenchcoat were bland, just a simple pair of pants and a blue shirt. (SEE:
Kazuki was next on the list, a girl coming out of the ground as shuriken break free and fly towards him, all of them flying around his head before going in to strike at his body. She was dressed modernly, with a sundress and hair tied into a ponytail. Her hair was also a bright purple like the other girl. "Hey, Onii-san, let's play dodge ball!" (SEE:
Finally there was maikeru, who got a giant of man which came down with a bladed hammer upon both maikeru and jigoku. The blades were on the side, but the hammer itself would still hurt and the aftershock created by chakra didn't help either as windows burst and buildings had new doorways renovated into them. There's a grin as the big man brings his hammer back up, "Oh yeah, this'll be fun." He was dressed in a suit with sunglasses on, oh yeah, he meant business. (SEE:
Nori got the best gift, a buxom beauty with twin swords that came out of nowhere to land on his head in an attempt to push him to the ground. Whether or not she did, she would giggle. (SEE:
She would stand up and dust herself off before turning back to look at Nori, whether he was on the ground or had successfully dodged, "You're kind of cute. Too bad that whole bone thing makes you creepy as hell." Giggle.
And last but not least, there's Takeshi, who is set upon by a lone attack, a man that's in his late forties. There's a sound of a snap as a clone made of fire comes to strike at Takeshi and then detonates, destroying the awning of Takeshi's favorite tavern as the creator shows up on the docks that are left in tact. He wore the gi of a martial artist, so perhaps it was fitting. "This is hello again, crazy old bastard." Apparently he knows Takeshi. (See:
So this is it, the only remnants that remain are the soldiers. How will this end? Only time will tell.

Takeshi's eyes flit over to the left as the clone comes from the side to strike at him, the initial blow doing nothing to deter the older man from staying where he was, the explosion following managing to put a patch of burnt on his face, neck and upper shoulder. As the explosion clears away, the kaguya starts walking down the steps that are left on the tavern, an annoyed look on his face. "I liked this tavern and you all destroyed it." He stops at the foot of the docks, "So, Ganyuujin. I didn't expect you to ever come back. Thought you died on that rock."
Takeshi cracks his neck and then his knuckles as he turns to face his opponent, "So, this is what you do now?"

Nori's face is plunged into the melon he is munching on as a girl lands upon his dome, smashing melon pulp into his nose and splattering rind all over his chest and the dock around him. He growls low and slowly returns to a stance before he turns to look at the girl who'd caught him. The red juice of the melon streaks his face, and gives him the appearance of some monstrous cannibal, his teeth manipulated into long, sharp fangs. "The seven demons take you," he says. "You're pretty cute yourself, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to kill you anyway." He springs forward, taking up the bone blade as he circles the girl, and then changes angles suddenly to strike at her with the sword.

Hisu was hoping to just stay out of the way. She is not gathering Chakra, she is not making herself a huge obvious target, she is not causing trouble… And yet some man in a black coat decides to appear in front of her and try to slash her with a sword. How typical. Being the disquieting individual that she is, Hisu simply allows the blade to strike her, cutting across her grey-and-white 'sailor fuku' and sending shreds of fabric scattering to the wind as she is hurled backwards, never even having the chance to scream in fear or pain before she lands a few feet away on her back. She lies there limply, with her head semi-propped up against the side of a crate, and…
The school girl just stares blankly for a moment, presumably dead, before her opponent may notice that she is not bleeding. Infact, though there is a slash in her outfit across the belly, revealing a smooth, flat expanse of pale skin… There is no sign of an injury at all. Did she luck out somehow and manage to throw herself backwards and just get her fuku slightly torn? Her yellow eyes turn from the empty air to focus on the coat-wearing stranger.
Then she offers utterly calmly, to match her placid expression, "Please, leave me be. I am no ally of Kirigakure or its Clans. Can you not conduct your slaughter or vengeance or whatever you wish to call it, and leave the innocent to their own fates?" Rather formal and precise… Especially in a situation such as this. However, as the crate she is leaning her head against teems with leeches that are hidden within, just out of sight, she draws the Chakra they have stored in their wormy bodies into her own… She doubts this man will let her live if he was willing to attack a teenage girl simply for BEING here, but stalling until one is ready to kill everyone is a time-honored tradition of the Hirugaki family line that has been passed down for GENERATIONS!!! Ahem.
She is lying there limply. She has no visible weapons. The only strange thing about her is her calm demeanor. An easy kill or a non-threat? That is up to her attacker to decide. But if he acts as she suspects he will… There will be no mercy, just as he did not intend to show her any.

Some sort of combat loli battle-tank is attacking a super milf!? If she weren't already insane, Yuri might almost think she was crazy. Instead, she just somehow detects the incoming danger or perhaps is just plain lucky as she leaps upwards at the same time that her attacker commits to the ambush. This means that by the time the blade is being swung, she is already on her way past her opponent, rising upwards and upwards, performing a backwards somersault in mid-air as the house is slashed in half by the potent Chakra and amazing strength of the combat loli, and then coming down with her feet planted on the cliff face the house had been nearly nestled up against before it met its gruesome fate in the form of… A 'home-icide'.
…Whatever the loli's reasons for attacking Yuri previously, she is now perfectly justified in wanting to kill the top-heavy kunoichi. The pun was >that bad<.
Anyway, standing on the side of the cliff as she is, the mask-wearing Swordswoman observes for a moment as the little girl speaks to her, and decides to employ her very >favorite< scientific principle. 'The quickest way to kill someone is usually the best.' Or something like that. What was that called anyway? Something about a razor…
"Whatever," Yuri responds. Before the last syllable has even left her lips, a hand is raised and a puff of smoke accompanies the appearance of a kunai in her hand, already prepared to be thrown! This she does… Followed by a more slender throwing-knife that follows along a half-second behind the first blade… Which in turn has an explosive tag wrapped around it. It appears to be a single attack, and a single projectile. It's three at once. But it's mostly just testing the waters while the Hunter-Nin observes the general combat situation from her spot above it all. Where are these soldiers going? Reinforcements should be on the way already, given the bell has been rung, but… She shouldn't assume.
Best thing she can do is ensure that they have nowhere to retreat to and no one to give the order to run in the first place. That means getting rid of this under-developed little girl.

Kazuki had a lot of things on his mind, like where to place his first attack, mainly aiming for the ground beneath a bunch of enemy warriors, exploding them similar to how Yuri did. It wasn't long though, before something catches his attention. His sharp sense of hearing alerted him to the presence of someone approaching him fast, the only thing he wasn't expecting was that he could hear the approaching ninja even through the ground that she was hiding in. His mind raced excited to be confronted with a battle such as this, and he still hadn't even seen his enemy yet. Then suddenly when she appears he is able to defend quickly with a hand seal he flickers out of the way of the incoming shuriken and into place at a ranged distance. It was on, but his opponent, was not what he was expecting either.
The sound of her voice put him at ease, to an extent. Was this part of her tactic? It didn't matter to him, it wasn't going to work. He had to stay focused, but he could still have some fun. This was the time he could show her that he wasn't someone to mess with. "Hehehe, I'm glad to see you are into playing games." He chuckles, easing into a casual stance, his hand sliding into his coat pocket. "So am I." He says as his eyes lock onto his target, and with a instantly quick motion of the hand that was in the pocket he lets a couple shuriken fly with a whizzing sound around the girl. This seemed like it was going to be a ranged combat hence the term dodge ball, he figured. It was a deadly game and he kept his cool, for he was still warming up.

As the man comes down toward himself and Jigoku, the Jounin spots him. Maikeru steps back out of the way of his hammer, and Jigoku steps into the way to take the blow and disappear, naught but a clone of a much more powerful being. "Quite fun," the voices of Maikeru and Jigoku ring out together in a chuckle. "You get to die today." With that, he thrusts the possessed hand forward, sending an enormous form of it flying at his sharp-dressed opponent with intent to literally punch his entire body all at once. Just after the point when it would impact, he vanishes, reappearing behind the man to drive his elbow directly into his spine to create a second impact and send him flying the other way.

Nori's attack at his buxom gift succeeds and the bone sword slashes across his clothing, tearing strips out of it and causing the girl to shriek in mock horror, "Shouldn't you take me out to dinner first?" She giggles at him as she sashays forward, "Come on now, why don't me and you find a nice place to have some fun." As if it wasn't creepy enough to have her enjoying this, now she was stepping up to him and whispering in his ear but not before she takes two slices with her swords, a chakra powered X flying towards Nori.
Yuri's moe gothic battle loli was not amused when she got hit by the kunai, her perfectly tailored gothic clothes being torn in certain places. There's a puff of indignation as the next few attacks simply destroy multiple fire clones, the battle loli appearing next to yuri, "I liked that dress you know. I even thought you might like it too, apparently not. Old witch." She pulls back a hand, makes some seals and then at close range throws it back towards Yuri. And that's not all, as Yuri dodges or gets hit by the barrage of fire bullets, the loli girl has disappeared from sight, flickering into existance behind yuri, a fist trying to slam into the resident seven sword's back.
Hisu's enemy was more obliged to entertain a little smalltalk for now as he stared at her, "Maybe not, but you're a liability. Can't have anyone trained enough to stop us just sitting around can we?" He flickers out of existance before another blade is brought down towards her head this time. There is no question that the blade used this time is different either, or is it?
The girl after Kazuki simply bursts into an array of fire leaves. The perfect fire clone before she simply flickers into existance behind him, a leg going up to strike his neck before she flickers out again and handseals are made, a great fireball streaming out of her mouth towards Kazuki.
Maikeru's enemy is struck on all accounts, the giant of the man absorbing the blows and moving backwards a few steps, a grin on his face. "Haha, maybe this won't be so slow after all. I was afraid you'd be weak. Let's go!" He flickers out of existance, a surprising speed for one so fast, the hammer's blunt side being brought against maikeru as he flickers back into existance with a laugh.
Takeshi's enemy, on the other hand, Ganyuujin was his name, he stepped forward slowly towards the kaguya elder, "We'll do this the old fashioned way old man." He bows once at the kaguya before stepping in and beginning an assault using a style amazingly similar to that of Takeshi's, but not the same. A couple of punches and kicks is all ganyuujin goes for for now.

And, as yet unnoticed, one lone figure remains behind on one of the invading ships, watching all the battles, gauging the extent of the defenders' abilities, and preparing for the future… A future in which Kirigakure has been purged from existence.

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