What If? Critter Character - Party Animals


Reina, Koseitama (as Bea)

Date: May 6, 2014


A couple of Hakumei members take part in some random revelry.

"What If? Critter Character - Party Animals"

A bar in Sunagakure

It's worse than happy hour at the bar in Suna. Those lucky enough to show up at the right time saw a late night engagement between a pig and a dog, who said 'drinks are on me!' And indeed he left an open tab long after the two engaged waltzed out of the room. The patrons are now abusing this kindness to an alarming degree, drinking as much as they can short of passing out — or actually passing out. Scorpions, falcons, camels, and kangaroos are sprawled across tables or on the floor.
Reina is still awake though. She'd just come in and started chugging down a mug of icy beer. Black and gray fur, ringed eyes, and a bushy table — the sly and dark raccoon has a certain craftiness as it looks around at the sorry state of the bar. And when some people wake up tomorrow they may find they are short wallets or rings.

There is a shout from outside just before the door is slammed open. A husky leans on the door handle for a moment, catching her breath. >.<
"…said is free drinks here tonight on them!" ^.^
The husky, one Bea by name, makes her way over to the bar, where the rumor is confirmed for her. 8D She obtains a mug of some unspecified liquor and commences lapping from it before she's even done panting. Once she feels reasonably steady, she turns and wanders around the room with her drink, patting the other bar patrons on the back or shoulder regardless of whether they're conscious to receive it. "Is good night to be here! We are all very lucky peoples, yes?! Cheers!" Then Bea sees somebody she recognizes. "Ah, Reina-san! You are lucky person being here tonight too! This fills my heart with gladness!" n.n

They all hear someone barking from outside, and when Bea comes in one of them points at her. "It's a talking dog!" the person says, before slumping down drunk. He's acting as if dog can't talk. He must be drunk.
When Bea comes to pat Reina on the shoulder, she gives the husky a beady eyed look. Her ear flicks. "Could you be any louder?" Reina the raccoon says tiredly. She waves for more beer, which is brought over promptly. "Hehehehe. Those two are going to regret this. They won't have enough money for the wedding. Bea-inu, you should be more careful. People may think you're trying to feel them up." That's when Bea may notice a few of the patron's possessions on the table…including her own wallet, deftly picked. Reina grins.

Bea wags her tail. "Ah, is getting married? I did not listen very long after they said is free drinks." X) Bea raises her mug high. "TO SPONSORS OF TONIGHT'S REVELRY! MAY THEY SOON HAVE MANY FINE LITTLE PIG-DOGS!" Those few patrons who aren't passed out or regretting having tried to get quite so much worth out of the couple's generosity toast with Bea. Bea sticks her muzzle into her mug to get at the liquid toward the bottom. "Is no problem if they think I am too friendly. If is strong and handsome, maybe I give him shot. Otherwise, I get practice for smashings!" X) The presence of Bea's wallet on the table doesn't bother her much, she's come to expect that with Reina. She knows she'll get it back sooner or later, and they tend to have a collective fund anyway.

Well, Reina had lifted Bea's wallet more to demonstrate her unwariness, not take a few coins. The best part about Bea is her forwardness—and that's her greatest weakness too. Reina shrugs, and grins, toasting with all the rest. Free drinks is certainly something she's willing to toast to. "Practice for smashings," Reina says, as a falcon soars overhead, and a chimp hoots and pounds the table for more beer. "Hehehe. Maybe we should have a match together, Bea-chan. It seems to me your bark may be better than your bite." She rubs her paws together, as if washing them in the river. Now she thinks of it, she'd never seen Bea fight.

Bea shrugs. "Maybe sometime. Not tonight, though. Is bad idea to practice smashings after drinking. Forget is practice." X) Besides, who'd want to spend time sparring when there's DRINKS to be had? :D Bea goes to get a refill from the bar.

That's when a wave of scorpions swarms into the bar. Every customer turns in surprise as they take over tables, the bar, and every area of the room. It seems the Shippodoku Clan has heard about the happy hour. But breasting the wave is the soon-to-be-husband who looks frantic. Apparently he's heard how the good residents of Sunagakure has been abusing his tab. He goes over to quickly cancel every drink until then, much to the loud protest of everyone there. Shouts of "cheapskate!" and "c'mon, just a few bucks!" rises up. Everyone seems reluctant to start their own tabs for the booze.
Reina sighs. "Well, we had a good run," she says. But she waves for more drinks anyway, as she gulps one down like it's water. "Heh, this stuff…weak…" she hiccups. "Need some… stronger… yum… Bea-chan. Tell me. Are you truly okay with…with Hakumei? You seem half…halfhearted, y'know? Maybe even… uncommitted."

Bea sniggers at the outcome of the groom-to-be's generosity, even though it means her supply line of drinks will be cut short. X) No point in crying over what could've been when she already got something for free, and at least she got her second just before that. >) She makes her way back over to Reina and sits down. "What, you want I should make blood oath or something?" she remarks after taking a gulp. "Hakumei is business, yes? We help each other because is safer and make more money that way." Bea's tone is matter-of-fact and open, not defensive or miffed. Bea laps some more beer and smirks. "Is becoming friends too, of course. Not happen all at once, but helps to do smashings of enemies together, or having drinks." ;)

Reina squints at Koseitama with her beady raccoon eyes. She hiccups. Her ear flickers almost as if in annoyance. Then, she shrugs. "Whatever you say—my food!" Her meal has finally arrived, and she attacks it with both paws. All around animals are quaffing down beer and scarfing up food, like pigs. Of which there are a few in a corner table. Hoots, barks, hisses, and other sounds fill the bar. And that's when it begins. A scorpion and falcon start squabbling, and soon both the Shippodoku and Hayato are brawling, flinging food, insults, and wrestling. The rest of the bar gets sucked in, and soon every corner of the bar seems in a riot. Even the guard dogs can't restore order. In all this, the raccoon sits calmly eating her food, as pandemonium reigns.

Bea watches the scuffle with amusement. n.n As the fringes of it expand toward her, she leans over and brings a fist down on the head of a leopard who fell nearby. "OW! What was that for!?" >.<; "Do not be pulling on my tail, pervert!" >O "Huh? Hey, I didn't pull it on purpose!" "Ho, then I did not smash your skull on purpose!" It's all a lie, Bea just wanted in on the fun. X) But it's fun that could turn into trouble pretty soon. "So, will you be fine here on your own? Is getting much rowdy." e.e;

A bottle bursts above the chair on which Reina sits. If she wasn't a raccoon, she'd be tall enough to have to duck. But some of the beer still does sprinkle on her head. She scowls, and hurls a cup into the melee. No one notices to the source yet, but Reina has decided it's time to leave. She stands up and says, "How about we leave?" Nevermind that she didn't pay for that last drink. She scampers on all fours between the increasing violence, and slips out just in time. Enforcers are coming in to forcibly restore the peace.

Bea nods. "Is good with me." Bea heads after Reina, shifting a few bodies away from her as they make their escape. Free drinks, a little play, and leave the party just before it turns ugly — what more could a couple of animals ask for? ;9

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