Crocodile (?) Killer


Yoichi, Tsubaki, Akane

Date: March 3, 2015


Tsubaki is apparently ready to be a genuine. Like all students, she is to face off against a dangerous beast within Kirigakure’s arena.

"Crocodile (?) Killer"


Leave it to the wielder of the Kiba blades to come up with a time for a Genin Exam to throw its taker off. Tsubaki would've been sent a missive only hours ago informing her to be at the arena at this time, almost 2AM when most sane people wouldn't be training, much less risking their life fighting some creature from the depths of Hell, otherwise known as the deepest parts of the Blood Marsh. A giant cage sits in front of the dam, currently surrounded by a flowing wall of water to keep one from completely make out the enormous creature that sits inside it, though once in a while a hideous growl and the banging of its body and tail hitting the cage in impatience to get out can be heard ringing out behind the muffling of the water.
Standing atop the cage as he awaits the arrival of the competitor in thus brutal contest, Yoichi has his arms folded over his chest. Soulless crimson eyes stare out into the arena below as he waits. At least the village management was kind enough to assign a medic to be this one's Proctor, though whether his orders are to save her or let her perish if she gets in trouble may be in question.

Akane had on her usual clothing, her glasses set on her head rather than her face for the moment and came accompaned by a child… in a fluffy dress with lace and frills in white. The child had long black hair and big golden eyes and cleaarly toook after Ishino in the way she dressed in the western fashions. Right down to the mary jane shooes and the big bow in her hair. The medic led the child to the front row of the stands and lifted her up so she could sit on the wall of the stands, leaning against the railing to be sure she did not fall. "See? There's Tsubaki-chan." The child nodded as Akane pointed to her.

Tsubaki is no stranger to getting woken up at odd times. The girl is roused, and she snaps out of the haze of sleep very easily despite being tired from training rather hard the day before this. She gets dressed in her actual student clothes, which she hasn't done in a while, and heads to the arena. As she comes in, the girl would look around, green eyes searching for the reason why she was summoned here. Did she do something wrong, or… The banging of the cage is enough to break her out of her thoughts, and she stares up at the creature that is several times her size.
"… I suppose this is all something important…" she comments softly, noticing the crowd gathered in the stands. "Though a public execution doesn't make sense…" She glances upwards, noticing a familiar face in Kit. It took a moment for the girl to recognize her, but it was fairly easy upon noticing her style of dress. She doesn't quite acknowledge Kit, as she isn't sure how to handle herself, but at least she knows a few people there.

As Tsubaki enters the arena, Yoichi narrows his eyes, waiting for her to approach before he finally speaks. "Shirayuki Tsubaki, you have been nominated for promotion to Genin. As you should expect, there is a strenuous test you must pass… Simply put, you must kill this creature with your own might. Do so, and you will have earned your hitai-ate. Fail… and you'll probably have been eaten." He then brings his hands together in a seal, causing the wall of water to drop down from around the cage to flow out into the arena with little regard for if she defends herself from it. After all, one who couldn't handle a little wave wouldn't be ready for this…
What is revealed is something rather scary, an enormous alligator that rejoiced in its ablity to kick open the door of the unlocked cage. Even odder about this thing compared even to its size is that it stands up much higher than its cousins, seeming to be perhaps the only survivor of a long-extinct breed of this creature that has mutated and grown even more powerful in the heart of the Blood Marsh. Its muscles are more equivalent to a far different creature than normal, one able to move at much higher speeds. A vicious roar parts its enormous jaws, spewing saliva along with a powerful wind from its throat at her to begin the battle.

Tsubaki looks over when she hears her name, Yoichi getting her full attention for the time being. When he mentions that she's going to be promoted for genin, her eyes widen a bit in surprise. She wasn't expecting that… The girl quickly gets ready, though, chakra focusing steadily as she prepares to face off against the creature. She idly wonders who her opponent is going to be when the cage drops, and a large alligator comes out. The water buffets against her small figure, but she stays where she is with a bit of chakra to keep her feet in place. "… Huh… I wonder how they find these creatures…" She murmurs, tensing a bit in her spot as she waits for the first attack to come for her. She didn't want to charge head on just yet… She didn't know what she was facing.

[NPC System]: Gator roll(s) Headbutt vs Tsubaki from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 36. - Rolled by: Yoichi
[NPC System]: Gator roll(s) Tail Swipe vs Tsubaki from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 25. - Rolled by: Yoichi
RPCOMBAT: Tsubaki defends against with a ICE-CLONE…44
RPCOMBAT: Tsubaki counters with ICE-CLONE…24
RPCOMBAT: Tsubaki took 221 damage.

The creature doesn't seem to care much about Tsubaki's preparation. It's only hungry and ready to destroy something and consume it. It was likely kept hungry for this version reason, so it'd fight harder. Charging directly at Tsubaki, it goes to ram its head into her then spins around rapidly to swipe its tail at her with intent to crush her small frame and send her spiraling into the arena wall.

COMBAT: Tsubaki attacks target 1 with WATER-CLAMP with a roll of: 20
COMBAT: Tsubaki attacks target 1 with WIND-SHARP with a roll of: 29
COMBAT: Tsubaki attacks target 1 with HIDDEN-MIST-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 22

When the creature comes at her, the head would simply ram into a clone made of pure ice, the girl making her way towards the other side of the giant… crocodile/alligator/dinosaur/thing. Sadly, she wasn't expecting the tail to come at her, and she ends up getting knocked to the side and hits the side of the arena. She winces a bit, rubbing where she got injured. No blood, but a lot of pain… The girl frowns, eyeing the gator for a moment before going through some handseals, water forming to clamp around the gator to keep it in place. She was using the terrain to her advantage. A kunai is drawn and thrown at the gator, then, before she fades from its sight, hopefully. A thick mist has started to coat the arena, though it was likely a few could see her moving around.

[NPC System]: Gator roll(s) Step Through from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 18. - Rolled by: Yoichi
[NPC System]: Gator roll(s) Gator Perception from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 32. - Rolled by: Yoichi

With the clamp going around its foot, the giant creature is caused to stumble, which allows the kunai to strike its underbelly and leave a large gash. This seems to only anger it further, as another feral roar bellows out as the monster moves itself up to its feet once more. Despite the mist, its killing instinct seems to be on point, as it charges forth through the mist without hindrance with intent to clamp its jaws around the girl and then bash her into the wall.

[NPC System]: Gator roll(s) Gator Chomp from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 24. - Rolled by: Yoichi
[NPC System]: Gator roll(s) Gator Bash from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 22. - Rolled by: Yoichi

RPCOMBAT: Tsubaki defends against with a WATER-RIBBONS…35
RPCOMBAT: Tsubaki counters with ICE-CLONE…35
COMBAT: Tsubaki attacks target 1 with ICE-CLONE with a roll of: 32

Kit suddenly gasped, a tiny sound of air, no voice and covered her mouth as the croc roared, moving closer to Akane as she watched. She'd wanted to be here for Tsubaki and Akane had agreed to bring her. Mostly because this would give the girl a chance to see what shinobi were like. She fully intended to give Kit the chance to choose between being a normal girl and being a shinobi. Akane stroked the child's hair and soothed her, promising that those creatures did not come into the village, she was safe with Ishino and her.

Water rises up to block the jaws enough so that Tsubaki can dance backwards away from the hungry alligator. She skids a bit across the wet surface of the arena, green eyes deadlocked on the beast she was facing. When it comes in to bash her into a wall, a clone made of pure ice appears again, arms outreached and 'sharpened' to be much like a spear so that the gator might get a head injury if it's not careful. The Shirayuki leaves the clone to disappear, another clone forming near the belly of the gator to strike again with sharp edges of ice.

[NPC System]: Gator roll(s) Step Leap from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 25. - Rolled by: Yoichi

When his attempt to get a bite to eat ends in a flurry of ice shards, the giant creature tries to leap out of the only, only to be heady by another flurry from the next clone. He roars out in pain as he rolls over, blood leaking from his wounds still as he stands back up and leaps to try and crush her with his full weight and then crush down on her with his jaws once more.

[NPC System]: Gator roll(s) GATOR CRUSH!!!! from 24 to 40 and get(s) a 30. - Rolled by: Yoichi
[NPC System]: Gator roll(s) GATOR CRUSH!!!! from 24 to 40 and get(s) a 33. - Rolled by: Yoichi
RPCOMBAT: Tsubaki defends against with a ICE-CLONE…26
RPCOMBAT: Tsubaki defends against with a ICE-CLONE…39
RPCOMBAT: Tsubaki took 506 damage.

COMBAT: Tsubaki attacks target 1 with ICE-CLONE with a roll of: 36
COMBAT: Tsubaki attacks target 1 with ICE-CLONE with a roll of: 35

Tsubaki scrambles to try and get away from the creature, but she ends up getting smashed into! The girl ends up stuck underneath the giant creature for a time, struggling to remember how to breathe as her entire world just went a bit fuzzy from the single hit. As it rears back up, she regains her senses and is able to replace herself with a clone made of ice, this one not as spiky as the others. The girl feels her wounds are… not too bad, but not the greatest. She focuses her chakra once again and forms two more clones of pure ice, and both charge in at the large gator, icy shards piercing through the creature's hide.

[NPC System]: Gator roll(s) Step Leap from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 17. - Rolled by: Yoichi
[NPC System]: Gator roll(s) Step Leap from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 26. - Rolled by: Yoichi

Despite its attempts to leap away, the gator is pierced by each of the clones. It bellows out a giant roar of pain as more and more blood pours from its wounds until at last it falls over dead with a thunderous crash. That crash echoes throughout the arena, a loud and clear signal of the Shirayuki girl's victory over this monster. A true sign of her victory comes as, a moment later, Yoichi would appear in front of the girl and nod to her. "Congratulations," he says as he withdraws a piece of cloth from his coat, opening it reveal a brand new hitai-ate that he presents to her. "Shirayuki Tsubaki, you are officially promoted to the rank of Genin."

As Yoichi announced that Tsubaki had passed suddenly there was enthusiastic applause from the little girl in lolita dress sitting by Akane. She grinned big and happy, clapping for all she was worth and then some. Akane chuckled and smiled, holding around Kit's waist lest she slip in her enthusiasm.

Tsubaki looks at the creature, looking about ready to attack again when it's declared dead by Yoichi in a more official manner. The girl doesn't quite get out of her tense state until Yoichi actual says that she's graduated, half-thinking this is all a trick. But the hitai-ate looks real enough… The Shirayuki eventually relaxes a bit and reaches out to take the forehead protector, holding it in her hand and absent-mindedly rubbing the spot where the gator fell on her. "… Arigatou," she says with a small bow towards Yoichi. Then her gaze falls onto the girl up above that's started clapping. She offers a small smile in her direction.

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