What If? Bingo! - Culling the Failed Experiment


Akiko, Kiji, Naoya

Date: November 29, 2014


Okumo Naoya has been deamed a unstable failure of an experiment by the Okumo clan. Shimizu Kiji was dispatched along with a more local scout Hayate Akiko to execute the experiment and dispose of the body.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"What If? Bingo! - Culling the Failed Experiment"

Land of Tea

Akiko has been sent to the Land of Tea to help them take out an experiment that has been deemed a failure. The target: Okumo Naoya. She's to work together with Shimizu Kiji, as the latter has experience with the Okumo clan in general. The target was in the Land of Tea for some sort of mission. At least, that's what he thought. In reality, it was a way to get him further away from the Land of Water and closer to the Land of Wind so that it would be easier for Akiko to get him…
Kotone is with the Hayato, of course. She's flying overhead while Akiko travels on the ground. She has yet to meet up with Kiji or Naoya, so for now her senses are on high alert.

Raising his right hand up close to face, a spider stares at Naoya as he looks it over carefully. "We have some time before we need to meet back with the others again, we need to collect the local species for testing later on. Understand?" The spider in turn rotates a few times before raising an assortment of legs, a response in the form of a silent dance. With a nod the young teen moves his hand over to a nearby tree, letting the spider crawl onto it.
Looking up into the sky, he squints his eyes while trying to track the sun briefly. "Not much time left.. Hmm." Nodding faintly to himself, Naoya begins to hop into a tree and move to another site not far from the first to deposit a few other scouts quickly.

Kiji was within range of sensing Naoya but had not approached him yet. The Okumo had declared his experiment a failiure and thus he would be eliminated. It was probably some kind of test for Kiji as well, to see how far she would go to follow an order. She could sense Kotone and Akiko as well so she made herself known when the suna nin was close. "You are Akiko-san?" She tilted her head, her eyes a light golden tone, preparing for battle. "He is ahead. And alone. So now is a good time to take him out."

Kotone alerts Akiko to both Naoya and Kiji's presence, so she's not completely startled when meeting with the Kiri-nin. The girl nods a bit in response. "Yep. And you're… Kiji-san?" She removes her bow from her back and prepares a few arrows, letting Kotone help her pin down exactly where the Okumo is. "So… I can do ranged stuff, obviously… What're you good at?" she wonders, not sure how this is all going to work out. "I can see if I can trap him? It might be easier to take him out, then…"

Tilting his head slightly to one side, Naoya nods lightly then shrugs a moment before hopping to the next point. Landing on a branch, he lowers a hand and lets off a few additional spiders. 'Stay where you are, they are likely assigned as a back up team, took longer than we thought remember? Hmm.. Keep them in sight then, nothing more' was spoken softly as the young Okumo's eyes begin to turn to a dull amber tone. Looking around himself, he begins to make his way away and at an angle, completing a loop around the area as he dispersed scouts.

Kiji allowed a 'vine' to sprout from each of her wrists, a vine that crawled it's way up and around her arms, coiling like a bracelt or snake, made of her own blood. "Me? I can do ranged and close up. Let me try to pin him for you so you have a better chance of striking him." She headed forward into the trees and then when she was close enough she stood up and stared down at Naoya. "Okumo Naoya. Your experiment has been declared a failiure. Accept your death honorably." And with that she flicked her wrist, sending one of the tendrils out trying to snake around him, to pin his arms for Akiko to strike…..

Akiko nods a bit to Kiji. It's good she can do close and long range attacks. It means they can probably work well together. The girl waits for Kiji to make her move, carefully selecting her arrow for this attack. It's an arrow she managed to come up with, springloaded with spikes that would allow for extra damage. Her bowstring is drawn back quite a bit as she readies the shot, allowing for even more power than could come of a normal shot. Wait for it… Once Kiji has Naoya ensnared (hopefully), the girl lets the arrow lose, aiming right for Naoya's midsection.

Raising his head slightly, he looks towards Kiji when his name is called. A flat glare is Naoya's only response when she began to speak his 'charge'. Hastily, silk begins to wrap around his left arm to bat away the whip but in turn it's snared and pull him off balance as a arrow is fired, cutting into his side. Wrenching his arm free, the young Okumo takes a few hops backwards as silk begins to wrap around the wound along with the remaining points of exposed skin. With his lap two hops, the boy's form flickers with a burst of unnatural speed.

Kiji saw the glare and even though the combination of her snare and Michiko's arrow were effective, Naoya was proving that he did not care what his clan said. Very well. She lifted her arm and drew blood from her own veins, forming it into two separate clouds she kept at a distance for now, fireing four clouds of blood at her target, the groups zigging and zagging to make them harder to avoid before they came in to strike.

Akiko is able to see where Naoya is thanks to her falcon's keen eyes looking out in some of the more unexpected directions. "You're not going to get away…" she mutters, nocking three different kinds of arrows. One has a flash-bang attached to it, meaning that the Okumo would be blinded temporarily while the second was weighted to inflict more damage. The final arrow was a normal one with no special effects.

While his steps allowed him to avoid some of the bolts of blood, Naoya turns around and thickens the webbed mesh around his arms to act as buffers while trying to bat aside several of the approaching blood needles. Some of them were force away while others lanced into his arms, mixing with his own blood with stains. Turning to focus on Kiji for a moment he hops forward onto to dash to the side, avoiding a flash bang by using a tree to block line of sight. The young Okumo continues to hop and shift altitude to avoid the arrows while focusing on his mark.
When he draws near, Naoya swings with his hands into a diving kick towards Kiji's chest. At this point she would be able to see that the boy's arms and legs were chakra focus points. Not lingering with the first blow the boy would bound once and toss a laces shuriken at the girl before bouncing once again with great speed, focusing on hitting and retreating for now.

Kiji watched the boy turn aside a few of her needles but simply smirked. She could do so much more than fling blood around. It mixed with his own blood on the fabric of his shirt and she could sense it on his skin. She felt something cut her arm and she blinked but simply drew more blood from that wound to add to the whips around her arms. She thought for a moment, then tilted her head, her orange ringed eyes shaded close to a bright purple a she was curious how he would respond to this.. She simply focused on the blood already on his skin and exploded it into spikes to pierce his skin and rip up his clothes a bit more.

Akiko continues to rely on Kotone to keep an eye out for her. "A-ha!" she exclaims, turning to try and send another arrow at Naoya. This one suddenly poofs, a net extending from it to try and entangle the Okumo boy. Well, if it fails or not, she doesn't care. She just needs to take him down somehow. THe girl sends a normal arrow at him in hopes that it'll at least catch him on the side. That first shot was very lucky

The young Okumo continues to hop, bounce and slide in a crescent evasive pattern around the pair. While most of the strike were off center, a few of the blood bolts manage to pierce into his leg before losing solidity. Licking his lips briefly he moves a hand into a his left pouch and rotates them in his hand briefly coating them before hurling them with a strong arc, allowing a thin strand connecting them to guide them in flight.

Kiji chuckled as one of the strikes hit Naoya, her eyes returning to the bright yellow of combat. But she'd been playing and that showed as another of his attacks left a cut on her arm again. She jumped down from her tree and the whips uncoiled from her wrists as if laying there. then she lifted them and lashed out, no more playtime. This was supposed to be an execution. "Why do you defy your clan?"

Akiko grumbles as it seems she needs to step up slightly. Kotone helps her keep her eyes on the target, even as he continues to move around. It seems that he doesn't think she's a threat (which actually might be the case), and the girl takes the opportunity to send two shots at him. They come in at odd angles, allowing for them to be more difficult to avoid.

Kicking off again, Naoya's ankle is ensnares as the barbs cut into his flesh before he can move move it out of the way. The second strike is prepared for, using his silk to act as light armor and move away. The barrage of shots once again begin to chase the boy off with a grumble, not able to stay in one spot for too long, soon returning to the ground.
Bringing his hands together, the boy begins to weave a few seals before hopping backwards, the air thickens as vision becomes obstructed from a rapidly growing mist which covers over the boy's head. Rather than simply trusting in the mists, the boy focuses onto his legs again, attempting to use the mist to further obstruct his routes.

Akiko isn't as affected by that mist as Naoya as hoped. She's able to see him quite clearly by focusing chakra to her eyes and and relying on Kotone. "Keep still…" she mutters, nocking another arrow with the net mechanism that she had used earlier. "Kiji-san, are you doing alright?" she asks curiously, making sure her teammate for this time is okay. She didn't attack… "I think I got him with that…"

At first when the the barrage of blood came to a halt he thought he was free though some of his brood noticed Kiji was perched high, watching. At the sight of an arrow through the mists, Naoya kicks back sharply but the netting caught him off guard and ended up ensnaring him with a thud as he hits the ground with a thud. 'Blundered nets..' Shifting his hands what he could, he using his fingers to work down to his pouch, trying to get a kunai to cut himself free as quickly as he could.

Kiji narrowed her eyes as she watched Naoya try to hide again. but she was a sensor.. stealthing against her ws kind of pointless. After charging herself again, she moved forward. "Yes, I'm alright. He's wounded and fatigued. Let's finish him… Ahead." She simply walked right up to Naoya and slashed with her whips again, aiming for his throat and chest, hoping to cut deeply.

Akiko nods and keeps her distance, preferring to stay at a range as she sends three powerful shots at Naoya. They aren't very accurate, but she doesn't need to be if he's trapped in the netting. "Got it," she says, glad she had a really efficient partner for this mission.

'Not in someone's web..' was mumbles as the first whip lashes out and cuts deeply into the boy's neck. His amber eyes become slightly more vivid as his focus is broken for a moment. Jerking once again, he manages to cut several of the core cables of the thin net binding him and raise his arm, wrapping the whip around it and moves back, letting it rip away silk and little else. The barrage of heavy shots were met with awkward movement, no longer hopping and jumping, the boy rolls left and right, before rolling backwards, a thick trail of blood in his wake.
Moving his lips as he pants, a gargled hiss could be made out, the words he tried to speak long muddled. Even though it failed him the first time, he attempts escape once again after throwing a distracting shuriken toward's kiji his hands freed begins to sloppily make seals before he retreats further from the forest's center, attempting to out race the pace towards the village, towards where he might find refuge.

Kiji felt the strike that hit and it was a good solid strike.. She could also sense that he was in serious condition. Shesnapped up one of her whips which caught the thrown shuriken. The end of her whip curled around it, securing it in the end of her whip and effectively barbing her blood. "Come out and lay down your life, Okumo Naoya. You can still die with honor." She stopped, just before him, orange encircled eyes staring down coldly. "Die as you should."

Akiko is only able to see Naoya barely, a faint flicker in that obscuring mist that alerts her to his presence. She has her bow ready with another arrow, but doesn't fire. "If you give up now, then we'll be sure to give you a quick death," she calls out. Well, that might not be true, considering she's been out of luck for the longest time, but it's likely Kiji will be able to keep that end up the deal.

Panting with a hiss, Naoya comes to a stop as he could near Kiji was still close on his tail and he could hardly move at this point. Turning around, he look at the girl with unfocused eyes. Breathing in, he snarls and spits out a wad of clotting blood before closing his eyes briefly, seeming to focus on his breathing. 'Die on.. feet, not knees..' was mouthed slowly, his voice unlikely to carry at this point. From her vantage point, Kiji could tell the boy wasn't yielding but amassing chakra, even if it was only a faint amount.

Kiji wtched Naoya as he began amassing chakra. She watched his lips, read the words there. And she tilted her head for a brief moment. She landed on her feet once again. "I respect that Naoya-san. So make sure you have your back to a tree." She gathered her whips and aimed once again for his throat, aiming to cut through his jjugular and make it quick.

Akiko supposes that Naoya has decided to not give up. She checks her arrow to make sure it's the one she wants, sending it right towards Naoya's neck to try and make it a quick death. The shot is a bit wobbly, as the girl isn't quite used to killing someone so close up. It's a tad unnerving to see a kid about the same age as her still fighting in a rather hopeless situation.

A faint snark crosses his lips as Kiji spoke again, directing him around to a different position. Moving a hand down to his side, he begins to fish out additional blades before the whip nosses around his throat. The silk was woven too loosely and serrated several of his muscles, the second lash was not resisted at all, Naoya was hardly conscious at this point. The following arrow through his throat was a clean shot that almost pierced all the way through, toppling the fresh corpse over and onto it back, the knees partially bent at a normally painful angle.
The Okumo's body, even after death continues to writhe at points as the brood within him began to escape and scatter around, counting over seven dozen in all that had once used the body as a nest. Rather than retreating the spiders encircle the body as a protective line of defense of their 'territory'.

Kiji remained silent as their attacks landed, took the Okumo down. She could see the life was gone from him. Then the spiders left his body and formed a circle. Of all the people to send, Kiji understood what was going on. She stepped back and held up a hand telling Akiko to not approach the body either. She regarded the spiders. "Take your meal, little ones. We must destroy what is left."

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