Daichi New Power


Abel, Daichi

Date: October 17, 2010


Abel vs. Daichi

"Daichi New Power"

The Waterfall: Land of Fire

Abel would be standing there looking at the spot where Midoru slamed me into and he would start to fill it with the near by dirt. "Damn that shit hurts." is said as he worked he would smile as he the sunny sky would be there to brighten his day. "Think Abel…think….You have to think about your skills you're going to use." is said as he worked he would stand there for a moment and then tapp his foot onto the ground.

Daichi would be under the water fall on a rock facing the falling water in the stance with the cleaver. His eyes are closed as he is concentrating on the the right technique to swing the cleaver successfully without letting the water fall take him. Tosai did not intruction him to do do this, however Daichi felt it was necessary in his training, to evaluate his progress. Daichi breaths slowly to calm himself, he decides to use the same method Natsuki taught him to concentrate and calm himself. He imagined his blade splitting the water with all the grace and speed of the wind. His breathing almost undectectible now as he had become completely focused. 'Now' Daichi thought as he stepped using the appropriate foot work, his room for motion was small but Daichi would still succeed as he finished his swing returning to the same stance as before. The sound of water falling was delayed as Daichi was successful in his efforts.

Noticing the skills of Daichi Abel would look start to slowly walk over to him as he walked with the pride of an Uchiha he would have his right hand in his pocket while his left would flow like the wind. "Tsk…what brings you here?" is asked as he walked closer to him he would then reach into his pocket with the right left hand as he would keep his pace. Pausing slightly as he looked back at the spot that seems to be uncovered again somehow he would shake his head and turn back towards Daichi stopping out of range of Daichi sword but close enough so he could hear him. "Daichi…what made you leave the squad?" is asked as he would stare into the eyes of Daichi he would clitched his grip as he stood there the water would fall onto his hair. "Well Daichi answer me." Abel would smirk as he took his hands from his pocket.

Daichi prepares to repeat the feat he justt accomplished, as he hears Abel speaking to him. Daichi just breathes slowly using Natsuki's method as it made it easier to swing the cleaver. He does however answer Abel. "Power…" Daichi replied as he swung the blade again. This time with more force as the falling water wall was divided even greater this time. Daichi returned to the same stance out of his kata and exhaled "I seek power, I couldn't find it with my old squad…."

"Power?" is asked as he stood there Abel would laugh as he stood there and tapped his foot on the water, "How about you show me that power." Abel would then look at Daichi as he waited to hear his answer. "I will show you the power I have obtain under the leadership of Hiroshi."

Daichi repeats the kata again. He looks at Abel as he spoke now. "You….can't fathom the power I seek. Nor can you match it." Daichi turns to Abel, placing his cleaver into the rock Daichi faces Abel. His hair now blowing in the wind. 'But I'm curious, show me this power you speak of." Daichi vanished behind Abel and attacked with a leg sweep. After using that opportunity to disable Abel momentarily he punched at Abel's stomach with his chakra being channeled through his fists.

Abel using the low level clone he would shake his head as he stood there back to back with Daichi. "So this is the power you've learned?" is ask as he laughed slightly beofre going on the offensive this time he would attack with a knee in the back of the head he would then use the ceilling of the water fall to attack with a falling axe kick going at high speed. Once he would dive deep into the water he would use this time to hide.

Daichi counters Abel's knee seeing as he left himself open. Vanishing and reappearing with great speed Daichi stabs Abel's thigh. THen as Abel came to axe kick Daichi would upperut him. Seeing Abel dive into the water Daichi would be able to follow the trail of blood Abel's wound left behind. He attacked by tossing a kunai into the water after Abel. "…….."

Taking the hit from Daichi he would then fall out of the water standing there Abel would shake it off for a moment and then wave threw some hand seals. "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" releasing the flames Abel would stand there for a moment to watch the movements of Daichi using this time he would pick up two kunais and attacked him with. As he closed his eyes he would attack him with a fumma shuriken and then he would attack with a kunai that would have that special Uchiha arc in it.

Daichi was cought off guard by the fire ball, it caught his shoulder as he dodged. The shadow shuriken reached him as well, but it gave him the proper insight to counter Abel's next windmill arc. Before Abel had the chance to aim it Daichi tossed a shuriken at Abel's shoulder. Daichi would land, injured slightly from the attacks. He popped a pill to aid in wound recovery, soon his wounds would close up. He looks at Abel, he has been wounded severely. Daichi stand as his body recovers "I will obtain power…..the power to defeat any enemy and defend any victum. I can't lose to the likes of you here….." Daichi turns to walk
away after grabbing the cleaver.

"This is far from over Daichi!" is said as he takes the healing he would struggle to get up and look at Daichi for a moment and stared at him as he walked day and once he was gone it would start to rain good for the young Uchiha inner pain was made outward. "Tsk…damnit!" is said as he made his way to land his head would be drapped and he would fall into the hole that was made by Midoru attack and just laid there looking at the sky. "Tsk…how did I?" is said as he was breathing heavy. "Where is my power?" is said as he laid there the rain would pick up and so would the wind.

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