Daichi’s Training Starts Now! Part 1 - “What I have to work with?”


Tosai, Daichi

Date: Unknown (log received October 13, 2010)


Daichi’s recent losses in spars and other training excercises have gotten attention from a certain well known Akimichi!! But will this end up being the start of Daichi’s worst torture yet? Or will he began something wonderful, and blossom into the Springtime of Youth? In this scene, Tosai has called for an assessment of the boy’s skills. Will Tosai be impressed by Daichi, or will things fall over and flop.

"Daichi’s Training Starts Now! Part 1 - “What I have to work with?”"

Training Area #26 - Genin Training [Konohagakure]


The Special Genin Training ground, in Training Area #26, is designed to suit all of a Genin's training needs. As well, it serves as an excellent place for Jounin to teach their Genin team members. The area is mostly a large expanse of grassy field, surrounded by forest, with a nearby lake, and various poles and tree trunks for practicing attacks on. There are boxes, carefully camoflauged, containing supplies of shuriken, kunai, smoke bombs, and similar basic ninja equipment, as well as racks nailed to a few trees, with weapons stored on them. They are all covered to be protected from the environment, and regularly checked to make sure they are clean and in good condition.

There are also medical supplies hidden around the area. Most of this equipment can't even be found by most Genin, since their containers are meant to be known to and used by Jounin only, but a Jounin teacher may point out the location of a few for when he or she isn't present and the Genin want to train anyway.


Training day starts now!! Thats right!! Now!! The cold would not interfere with that Tosai had in store for a kid whose weakness, seemed to peak his interest. Daichi, had shown a strong spirit of fighting upon the battle field. However. Indeed, the boy had still been in need of two things. Fine strategy, and the tweaking of skills that will make him great as both a ninja, and as a warrior. The invitation, more like an order, had been given for Daichi to meet on the field. It was one which would command a tone alot like that of an soldier of rank, to a private, Tosai's way of making sure that Daichi knew his seriousness.

Of course, Tosai would have no problems in making sure that this kid, found his direction. It was not beyond anything that was unusual. Every ninja, had a nindo, a ninja way, a path for which they followed that would make all there goals be fulfilled in life. Tosai, was here, in this begining day, to assess that skill, as to know exactly, what he had to deal with.


Daichi gets Tosai's message and heads to the destination while he reads it over again. "It seems like he is really serious about this. Must have something intense in store for me." Daichi smiles out of excitement and picks up the pace with zeal. Daichi arrives seeing Tosai off in the distance. This was a huge training ground, Jounin must be really destructive. Daichi begins walking toward Tosai with a calm look on his face as he smiles fiently "Yo Tosai-sensei." Daichi waves with a polite look on his face, don't piss off the intructor and maybe you'll have a better experience.

Feeling the footsteps first, and then hearing the voice, Tosai would close his eyes, and smile, saying, "Just intime. I am surprised a slacker like you could be punctual.", the large man laughing before he would start stretching. Grinning, Tosai would wave and say, "Welcome to day Zero, Daichi-san. I expect that my letter must have made a big impression for you. If you aren't, ready yourself." Tosai would finish his own stretch, and then look to the boy, scanning his physical form, before he would continue speaking.

"I am going to be needing to assess your skills, to determine if your body, and equipment as it stands, will be able to take what I am going to dish out. Now, I know that I could have asked Hiroshi-kun about you and all, but as you can probably see, our obvious style, differ, but only by what we affect." "Along with you skill, prowess, and physical ability, I will have questions. After all, if you can not think on the battle field, your ability to fight, will be diminished greater than what you think. I suggest, Daichi san, that you do not do as you did Tsukiko, and hold back on me. It will shame us both."

Daichi feels his confidence and self eestem fluxuate with each of Tosai's words. One minute it's a compliment, the next critizism. Daichi however just looked and listen to the rest of Tosai's words. "But she was my team mate, i didn't want to…" Daichi looks at Tosai before he continues "errr right, ok not holding back then." Daichi draws his katana. Following Tosaai's advice Daichi tries to think before he makes his move. 'Ok Hiro said once…I think….always test the opponent from a safe distance.' Daichi thought. WIth his unoccupied hand he reached into his pouch and grabbed two shuriken. Jumping back, not too high, he created some distance between himself and Tosai. Daichi threw the shuriken each closing in from the opposite side of Tosai.

"Team mate are not, you were bested not because you weren't better than Tsukiko. It was because of your mindset. That will be remedied however." The shuriken would be thrown. 'A traditional start. I will have to teach him to vary his approach.', would be thought in his head as with each hit, the Akimichi, would seem to bend and contort. One would hit Tosai's neck and another would seem to hit him right in the forehead, both being fatal blows!! Had this been over from the start? The large oaf would fall back before Tosai would then….poof into white smoke? A clone!!! Soon Daichi would hear from a voice from behind.

Tosai saying, "Do not leave you testing to the starting of the fight.. Assess your opponent before hand!!", a palm strike, being felt right after to the back of the mednin's knee, attempting to try and either take him off balance, or even flip him. Tosai had been extremely low to the ground doing all of this. Soon he would see Tosai skidding to a halt, and standing up straight saying, "Your greatest objective, in any fight, while it may not been to kill, is to disable. To do so, you must first develop strategy. But even before that, you must set aside what may be the most personal assets a human being can have.. feelings. You were concerned true, about her safety, and she inturn had such about yours.. However, your aim's and mindsets, were indeed different. Now continue, and do not hold back."

Daichi gawks as Tosai appears to go down. 'No, can't be that easy.' his eyes survey the area while he backs up. Tosai's clone jutsu pretty convincing. Hear his voice from behind Daichi's eyes widen his head snaps around to see Tosai, crouching low Daichi listens as Tosai speaks still shocked that Tosai had gotten behind him fast. "Assess before?" Daichi thinks. His sight is soon redirected to Tosai's palm as he tries to dodge, but Tosai is too fast. Daichi fell to a knee and in that same instant Tosai would appear over quite some distance standing. "What?" Daichi says as he turns slowly to stand. Tosai's word force Daichi to ponder his next move before acting. He tries to see what he knows about Tosai. Akimichi are known for their size and expansion techniques, but they were slow. This explains why Tosai uses ninjutsu to to defend. But he's a still Jounin. Daichi gives it a shot and attacked Tosai with several flickering speed slashes after concentrating chakra to his feet. Keeping the pressure on Tosai Daichi sought not to give him time for ninjutsu.



"Yes!! Combine what you know, with what you have observed, and make for a greater offensive!! Use that!" Tosai would look to the boy as he would then seem to disappear out of his sight only to slash him several times. 'Hmmm…. no power.. but speed is still very much their. I can use this.', would be though in the boy's head as the second set of strikes would practically take a block of wood, and dice it to pieces.. "I see.. You have assumed that I am slow. That brings me to my next lesson.. Expect the unexpected.", and with that, Tosai would seem to burst into speed, dashing at Daichi, and just before making contact, he would seem to phase completely through him, twice. Daichi would feel nothing as Tosai would seem to then appear standing on his side, and smiling with his folded. Soon Daichi would bruise form on his chest, neck, and leg.

"Beware, that I am the fastest Akimichi in Konoha from now on."

Daichi smiles as he hit Tosai just once. 'Good, I've made contact.' Tosai's ninjutsu was faster than Daichi anticipated as he soon was slicing up a log. Daichi looks to see Tosai a bit beyond him in the distance. Daichi going along with his plan tries to rush in and keep the pressure on Tosai, but Tosai would prove Daichi's thoughts about his speed to be false as he in turn dashed at Daichi. "Expect the unexpected, what the hell?" Daichi says as he tries to dodge Tosai's first strike, failing Daichi noticed that he didn't feel anything from that strike, these were non lethal attacks which means Daichi had the chance to learn from them through trial and errow without taking damage. At Tosai's second strike Daichi concentrates chakra to the soles of his sandals and attempt to dodge, it took too long to focus chakra making Daichi react too sluggishly to Tosai's second strike. Getting a good glimpse at the third strike Daichi tries to deflect Tosai's attack and comes close, Tosai was just a bit too fast but Daichi had gotten the timing somewhat. Tosai's attacks came at inconsitant speeds to make them less predictable. Awaiting Tosai's next strike Daichi looks around as Tosai seems to have vanished again. "Damn it where did he…' out the corner of his eye he found Tosai standing with a hand on his shoulder. "Wha-" Daichi looked down at his leg, "A bruise?" Daichi winced as Tosai's strikes seemed to be more than meets the eye. Using the moment since Tosai had gotten close Daichi attacked with a punch and a swing of his sword. Initially the strikes were just to get Tosai to go on the defensive and hopefully drop his guard at a moment when he felt the attacks had stopped. After attacking with a change up in speeds, Daichi vanished again to Tosai's rear with a quick flash strike of his blade.

'Hmmm.. he is feeling good about himself. He needs to stay humble..' A thought in his head been sai just as he would watch Daichi's reaction to his burst of natural speed. It was certainly surprising for any person to see a 378 pound man like Tosai, moving with the speed of someone 3 times as light. It was as if the man had moved with the intangibility of an apparition, a ghost on the field. "Yes… Do not assume that all things are concrete. As a ninja you will find many foes who will look one way, and have a power that will surprise, taking you completely off guard." The sentence would end just as Tosai would then watch for the rebutle by the kenjutsuist mednin. The mixing of moves, while varying and very nice, they would show Tosai something.

Their had been a total absence of technique for Daichi in the way he used the blade. The slashes.. they lacked finesse somewhat, as well as unpredicatability. Not to mention that now that Daichi had been surprised by Tosai speed, it made him very hesitant, seeming to over analyze. Tosai would sigh, before he would then say, "The blade is an extension of the arm! Your arm can move more than one way!!", the sword's fast slashes seeming to slice through nothing. "You are observing to much!! It doesn't matter that what speed I am moving, if I am faster than you completely!!", the second punch passing through yet another after image. Then came the flickering flash strike. Tosai would say, "Quit your repetition!! It makes you easy to counter!!", and with that, a hand would move to the sword arm of the boy, snatch it and proceed to swing the boy about his head, like a merry go round!

He would then sit the boy on his feet, before saying. "Do not follow with just your eyes!! Feel it out..", and with that, Tosai's palms would no longer be visible, as they would touch Daichi in more than one place on his body, before one palm, with power, would be push at the nin's face so hard, that it would blow his hair back out of his face, all before Tosai would simple pluck the boy in the forehead, and send him flying!!

Daichi eyes widen as the giant moved so quickly "What the hell?" Daichi thought as Tosai continued to avoid his strikes. Daichi thought he had him with the flash strike but it was too slow as Tosai easily countered it. Then Daichi would be swung by his head "T-T-Tosai-senei!" Daichi screamed while on the merry go round of hell. This would probably establish motion sickness in Daichi for a couple of days. When Tosai finally lets him down Daichi tries to quickly regather his senses and estinguish the images of spining shuriken from around his head. One his senses returned and the shuriken now gone Daichi would listen to Tosai scolding. Daichi had too feel it? "Ok…I think I get you now." Daichi rose but Tosai had already gone on the offensive with his two powerful strikes. Daichi parries them having learned the timing of Tosai's current strikes. The finger pluck looked dangerous for some reason, Daichi couldn't parry it with out feeling the amount of force stored away in it. "Whoa I guess this what he ment by expectiing the unexpected." Daichi jumped back now deciding to change up his battle plan. IF he wanted to continue to show improvement he had to do as Tosai instucted and stop holding back. Daichi sheaths his blade and begins concentrating chakra after making a simple hand seal. What would come next is a release of Daichi's full power as allowed all his chakra to flow through his body. Daichi grits his teeth though, he wasn't suppose to have hesitation but the last time he did this he almost lost control. "Come on, stay in control…"

Indeed.. Tosai, had truly been fast, but he was going easy. After all, he had been really trying just make sure he was well aquinted with the boy's abilities… Tosai would smile as he would then tthen see the boy seeming to correct himself, rather easily from the spin, and with that his senses, and moving with great speed to deflect his touches and pluck. "Good!! Remeber! Instinct, and thought, one never over rulling the other!", before he would then see the boy jump back, and strategize. Tosai would stand there, rather stoically, and look to the boy, and his thoughts. 'He is seeming to learn rather quickly. I like this. I think however, he still needs that one bit of-..Hmmmm?'

Talking about having your train of thought interrupted. "Hmmm.. so.. you /can/ push harder. Very well then." Tosai's stance would widen. "I have this feeling that my blending of ninjutsu, and my natural speed, may be my undoing, if I am not careful. Come at me then.." Tosai would seem to put more emphasis on the word may, as he would hear the boy's verbal push to control his state, Daichi's hair seeming to fade in color as he would then charge chakra, moving small bits of rock out his range. Tosai would say, "You will have time to work on that. Calm down, and bring your mind into focus.. The power will do the rest. In the meantime… Dodge!!!", and with that, Tosai would slam his fist into the ground beneath him, causing the cracking earth, like ripples in a pool of water, to cause earth, dirt and rock to flood toward the mednin in a wave.

Daichi keeps pushing and pushing his chakra rising. As Tosai spoke Daichi would try to hear him, but his own inner voice was beckoning him to insanity, Daichi manages to hear one word. "Dodge" Daichi thinks as he looks up. "The hell!?" all thoughts of insanity fade and all Daichi can think about is that ripple coming at him. "DODGE!?" Daichi said to get himself moving. Just in time he moved. Daichi was quick very quick. He could see Tosai, his openings after the attack . Daichi wasted no time he unbuckles his arm belt and dashed at him. Daichi draws his blade and attacked the Tosai's foot with a downward stab aimed to into the ground and his foot. Daichi then loosens his grip and props his hand on the handle of his sword to extend the range of his next attack which was a kick at Tosai, Daichi expecting Tosai to dodge the kick follows up with a pursuit attack his sword appearing to be stuck in the ground. Daichi's arm belt however had been fastened to the sword when he proped his hand upon it. Tugging hard on his belt the sword comes flying towards Tosai but Daichi would catch it before and let it glide like the wind, like a blade right at Tosai.

This indeed, had been a unique assessment on the part of the Akimichi. Tosai, for the most part, had managed to instill alot in Daichi's techniques, and this attack, would miss. Tosai would see the boy moving just above the attack, and smile. "Thats right!! Clear you mind, and let the form flow. Don't let it use you. Use it!!" The boy had gotten faster because of his form. Tosai figure well what he would have to do, but it was still not clear. Tosai would smile as he would then watch the boy come in hot, attempting to follow the first bit of advice he had been taught: To Disable. If the sword had stab him in the foot, Tosai would have been immobilized. A simple step back would be quick enough to dodge it.

"Mmmhmm.", would be said in response to the first attack, but an arm stretching back to the earth behind him, would be a response to the second. Tosai would drag himself back, avoiding the kick, smiling at the boy in approval. This strategy had a plan. But it was three parted. Tosai expected the coupe de grais soon after. And it would come in the blade that Daichi had seemed to lose, being tugged from the ground, and brought down in a slash. Tosai would smile.. It had everything that had been taught to the boy. Tosai, was impressed. But had his appetite for what had been Daichi's assessment been sated? Nope.. Tosai would say, "And now.. we conclude this.. It is time to see just how perceptive you are to real ninjutsu strategy.. Assault me with all you have!!", his chakra rising almost exponentially, shaking the very ground for which Daichi now stood.. "Give me your best for a great finale!!"

Daichi nods as Tosai commanded him "Ok here I come." Daichi fully undoes his belts and lets his arm fill up with chakra. Taking his katana and sheathing it Daichi charged at Tosai, Daichi could sense the increase in chakra but wasn't too concern, it was jusst information. Daichi decided to match up with Tosai, close range and swift he would attack before Tosai could react. A swift fist is launched into Tosai's belly where it would be easy for him to send the chakra straight through to all of Tosai's organs. Daichi didn't stop there he attacked with a second faster punch putting all his ability into that punch.

As expected, Daichi would come in hard. Tosai would spot the boy, unwrapping his arm and the belts. Some kind of releasing of movement? Could be dangerous if it was a trump card. Tosai would look to this, remebering it from now on. He would look to the boy and his straight forward attack and smile, handseals blazing, as the strike would come hot. Tosai would gesture his hands to move above his head, before stone and rock would then form a perfect half dome, above him, and around him. The dome would seem to absorb the first punch almost incredibly, however, the second would seem to demolish the punch, and enter Tosai's gut with visceral application. Tosai would bend forward, seeming to wince in pain, before hanging on the boy's arm rather limply, almost seeming dead!!!

Had Daichi killed Tosai? Had this been really over for the chuunin, defeated by a lone genin in an assessment that wasn't even to the death? Nope… Just as Daichi would probably wiggle is hand inside Tosai's 'innards', he would probably notice nothing but dirt. Wait… Dirt? Thats right!! Gravel and soil. Leaving Daich in suspence, the earth clone, would then tilt his head up and smile at Daichi, saying, "Surprise!!", before bursting in an explosion of the same. Just as this would happen, Tosai's hands, if he had not been noticed moving by more subterrean, would have been felt, dragging the boy down into the ground, leaving him neck deep in dirt and soil.

Daichi would smile as the barrier came up "Thats not gonna stop me!" Daichi comes with the second punch through the barrier and it connects into Tosai's belly. "Got!" Daichi started to say before Tosai would become dirt? "You?" Daichi says as it appeared to be a clone. Where is the real Tosai, Daichi couldn't tell but he felt the vibrations form underneath. Jumping away with great speed Daichi slides as that was it, his energy was spent he haad to revert. Panting Daichi looks at Tosai "How was that?" Daichi said with a smile as he feel to a knee.

Tosai would say from behind the boy, "Sloppy.". Wait.. if that had been the real Tosai, then who was the one climbing out of the ground? That one would wave, and then be reduced to a pile of dirt. Another earth clone!! A pat to the shoulder would be made before Tosai would say, "You, kid, are going to give me alot of work." He would sigh, and come to his knees, before inviting Daichi to sit with him. He would say, "So lets see. You are a fast learner. That is wonderful. You are a fast kid. The fastest. However." Tosai would seem to pause, as if it had been really bad news. It was about the longest pause he had ever made.

He would then say bluntly. "You strategy, is shotty at best. You are too hesitant on the field, and when you do rush in, your technique, seems to be only bent on slashing, and not using the threat of the blade as an advantage. Those punches.. They are weird, and powerful, however, due to the fact that you lack ampidexterity, one strike with your offhand, suffers drastically and you end up missing. And you tactics, don't imput compensating you own strengths and weaknesses to you opponents. With brains like that, coupled with your speed, the only thing that will happen is you, running at high speed, into a brick wall.”

Tosai would then look to the boy as he would probably be taking this all in about now, probably feeling like Tosai was doing nothing but insulting him. Tosai would then smile at the boy, and say, "Man.. I never thought that I would find someone that fights exactly like I did when I was your age. Its such a freaking conundrum. If it wasn't for you lacking my clan's jutsu, you would be me. Fast, lacking power, but having plenty of stamina. Sure, you can be alittle clumsy, but that will come with practice. I will be training you well, Daichi san.. Not just because of everything that can be improved upon, but because in the end, if I can be stronger.. than you can be as well."


Daichi managed to make his way over to Tosai as he waves him over Daichi sits down next to him. Daichi smiles as Tosai's clone goes poof in a cloud of dirt "Hehe that was cool. You have earth chakra then. Awesome." Daichi now listening closely now to Tosai as he pauses. "Well" Daichi's fist tighten with anticipation as he waits for Tosai to finish his analysis. "Well?" Daichi says leaning in now as the suspense has him on edge. "Well!?" Daichi asked at the peak of his patience. Then Tosai finally speaks "Shotty?" Daichi keeps his hopes up though something good comes up to compensate "hesitant?" Daichi's enthusiasim dropped again but all hope wasn't lost yet, this was it something great and incredibly positive was about to emerge from his lips "Weird….Powerful! Lack Ampi de what?" Daichi slouched as he stares at the ground. One would think he was depressed but Daichi was actually excited that he had so much to improve on. As Tosai would compare Daichi to himslef Daichi would look up with a smile at Tosai "Really…you were skinny once too?" Daichi asked kind of caught up in the moment. Daichi chuckles "Well sensei lets get stronger together." Daichi said holding out his pinky, quite seriously "Promise…." Daichi said with a serious look on his face.

"…….NO…. I was not skinny once..", would be said with an eyebrow twitch.. 'Moron.' being thought in his head. Poor kid. For a mednin, Daichi didn't seem all that bright. "And you can't use both hands equally. Not yet anyway." He would look to the kid as he would be given a pinky to swear on. Really? Pinky swearing? What was Daichi? Five years old? Tosai would look to it, and then look to the hand, and sigh, before letting out a loud laughing, and eclipsing Daichi's pinky with his own. "Deal.."


End of Part 1

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