Daichi’s Training Starts Now! Part 2 - Nostaligia and a big new addition to training.


Tosai, Daichi

Date: Unknown (log received October 13, 2010)


Daichi’s recent losses in spars and other training excercises have gotten attention from a certain well known Akimichi!! But will this end up being the start of Daichi’s worst torture yet? Or will he began something wonderful, and blossom into the Springtime of Youth? In this scene, the real fun begins, as Tosai, implements a new element into what will be Daichi’s new training regiment. But will it work? Or is it just a tad bit to much?

"Daichi’s Training Starts Now! Part 2 - Nostaligia and a big new addition to training."

Training Area #26 - Genin Training [Konohagakure]


The Special Genin Training ground, in Training Area #26, is designed to suit all of a Genin's training needs. As well, it serves as an excellent place for Jounin to teach their Genin team members. The area is mostly a large expanse of grassy field, surrounded by forest, with a nearby lake, and various poles and tree trunks for practicing attacks on. There are boxes, carefully camoflauged, containing supplies of shuriken, kunai, smoke bombs, and similar basic ninja equipment, as well as racks nailed to a few trees, with weapons stored on them. They are all covered to be protected from the environment, and regularly checked to make sure they are clean and in good condition.

There are also medical supplies hidden around the area. Most of this equipment can't even be found by most Genin, since their containers are meant to be known to and used by Jounin only, but a Jounin teacher may point out the location of a few for when he or she isn't present and the Genin want to train anyway.


It was two days after the assessment when it would be time for the beginings of what Tosai had been calling Operation Groom and Doom. The man had a surprise for Daichi. One he was sure that the boy would not expect. But it came in a form that was very risky. One that seemed to bring back old memories, and a bit of negative nostalgia for Tosai. He had managed to find /it/. That weapon. The one for which clung an old reputation. It seemed prudent that this weapon be used again, but for Tosai, its use had been sort of life changing, bringing only regret and sadness for past sins. He had been very much digusted by its very appearance, and yet for some reason, he could never look pass its uses both former, and now, latter. It was heavy. Before he cleaned it, and shaved off the nasty mixture of blood, rust, and particles of bone, it always stunk of human remains, and flesh.

The very sight of the weapon even after this, was enough to throw the Akimichi into a fit of anger, if it had not been for the learning of self control that came with his more secret occupation. The weapon itself, was strange to behold even in its bandaged form. Though dwarfed by Tosai, in terms of height, 5'5, the width of what might be assumed was its 'blade', was just as wide as the Akimichi himself at about 3 feet even. A cook would doubt his first mind at what the weapon could be, but only cause of the sheer mass of it. Other wise, such a cook, would be dead on with what it had been used for. The carving of meat and flesh. The Akimichi, would have been waiting on Daichi, along with this massive thing, carrying in his other hand, a carved wooden sword, for his own use.

The time had been morning, and Daichi had been ordered to the same place. He would find Tosai standing in the middle of the clearing, simple waiting on him to come in and resume what they had begun.

Another day of Tosai's training had Daichi excited abou getting to the training grounds. Become more punctual now that he has developed more of an interest in his growth as a ninja Daichi makes it a point to arrive on time. Daichi having left early wouldn't have to travel at his typical breakneck paste to make it to the training field on time. He appears on time relaxed and well rested as he sees Tosai with a wooden blade and a GOOD LORD ALMIGHTY, is what ran through Daichi's mind as he saw the other weapon that Tosai held. Keeping his calm composure Daichi would wave to Tosai as he approached him. &r "What's the matter that was the biggest one you could find?" Daichi says sacasticly as he stares at the bandaged massive weapon.

Laughing rather loudly at the mednin's reaction, Tosai would then look to the explanation, but only after he would have alittle fun with Daichi. "Nope.. just the second biggest. The first, you aren't quite ready for yet.", being said with a chuckle. He would then lift the immense weapon, with one hand, almost like it was a broom stick or lighter, and then sit infront of Daichi, nodding for him to grab the blade. "You know, before I became a chuunin of the Leaf, this weapon, had made me well known outside the village. It was a reputation, alas, that was tainted, but alas, in its day, it served its purpose well." He would wait for Daichi to test the weapon, its weight, and all, as he would smile.

Daichi, would probably be caught off guard by the fact that the weapon, for him, would even be hard to be keep standing!! It was wide, and cumbersome, and when he would try to lift, he would feel himself needing to use his entire boy, legs and all, to even get it above his shoulders. Tosai would have been in the meantime, would have already begun showing him actions, of what he needed to do. "The weapon, shall be held in this manner, slide across the shoulders, just along the bridge of the neck and steadied with your strongest hand. I am allowing that you use the strong one now, but in practice, if you do not learn to use either arm, I will notice." He would then seem to lower, and widen his stance, almost seem to slide one foot forward, as he would guide his own wood sword simulataneously, along the opposite arm, and guiding to a resting place, right where he was explaining.


Daichi smirks at Tosai "Nice…what were you a famous butcher?" ask Daichi as Tosai sets. 'He wants me to pick that up….he wants me to pick that up?' Daichi thought. Well best to give it a shot, Daichi motions toward the massive weapon and tries to go for the simple approach and lift with his legs. Not good, now the blade seemed heavier than Tosai made it appear, using his back and arms now Daichi was barely able to get it up over his shoulders. Looking and listening to Tosai's example Daichi mirrors Tosai and holds the weapon in the described stance. It felt like his neck was going to subcome to the weight of the weapon. "Ok…*grunts* now what?" Daichi asked as he tries to maintain a balance. He found his center eventually after steadying the blade with his left arm.

Smirking at the comment, Tosai would say, "In a way.. yes…", before frowning with some resentment to the question. However, he would say nothing else, only observing Daichi would take a heave of the large cleaver. 'Hmm. So he lifts it on the first go.. very good. But he is struggling. I gotta make this work for him… He has to get it.' Tosai had been in thought, as he would say to Daichi, "You will injure yourself if you let pressure hit your neck like that. Remember. Arms, shoulders, and back.. These muscles, will be essential for the style you are learning. Now first, the foot work." Tosai would seem more graceful as he would move slow in example. The style would seem silly, almost like that of ballet. And to see Tosai, with all his girth, seem to slide his feet, bending knee, and moving in slowly with slight dashes, and side steps.. It was something peaceful, yet at the same time, would appeal to the speed in Daichi.

"Key one, in what I teach you now, lies in the foot work. The style, conserves your strength, allowing you time to gauge a weakness in it before then…", and with a turn, the wood blade and Tosai, would spin, as with a back handed swing, one handed, the air pressure would change, causing a loud whistling sound, to pierce the air, before the wood stick, would yet be mounted in place in the stance for which Tosai had started. The slice to the air, was made in a spin so face, that the turn would cause a small little pit in the ground, where Tosai's foot had balanced most of the turn from. "Pay attention to this.. Most of my weight, is placed in the most forward facing foot. Because you will learning the stancing from both sides of you body, you will need to make sure that you balance the heaviness of the blade evenly. Otherwise, you will throw completely off balance."

Tosai would move over to Daichi, and help him adjust the blade correctly. It was be a light touch for Tosai, however, once the blades position was corrected, Daichi would notice considerable strain, enough where even making a step with the blade, was enough to bring him to his knees!! Tosai would then say, "Now.. repeat what you have seen, and that includes the mimicing of the swinging of the blade. I will allow you to use two hands, but in the end, you will need one. The strikes with one arm, are extended by exactly six inches with the full extension of a single armed swing." Tosai would stand relaxed, and waiting for the boy to began the kata. "Before this day is through, you /will/ have to have learned this kata in full. The cleaver indeed, is very heavy for you, but, you will have to bear. Just take things slowly."

At first when Daichi hears Tosai comment on the correct way to hold suck a blade he would try to adjust it himself. Fail, he couldn' even move it it seems the weight of the blade had locked him muscle in place. He would have to grin and bare it though as Tosai went through the demonstration on how to swing such a thing. The foot work, it was graceful, smooth and elegant perfect for quick movements but also "A little girly…." Daichi mumbles. How the hell is he gonna do that with such a huge meat cleaver on his neck? As Tosai explains it Daichi would understand the concept a little better. The weight of the slash was concentrated on his forward foot so as to control the momentum of his swing, with a large blade like this that would be the ideal foot work. The speed and strength not to mention the coordination this technique required would be great, but Daichi wouldn't be intimidated by the thought. He decides to give it a try after Tosai corrects his stance. But there was a slight problem, before he could take a step he had to figure out how he would overcome the intense pull of gravity as the blade made taking a step seem….damn near impossible. A techinque like this would require the use of chakra, and use chakra Daichi did, he had to distribute it throughout his entire body to swing the blade like Tosai had demonstrated. Putting the weight on his forward foot Daichi spins and using both hands (a gracious gift from Tosai) he would swing the blade like Tosai demonstrated. So far so good, now just to return to the orginal stance….but he hadn't come out of the spin yet, in fact he was picking up rotational speed. "Wait I must've done something wrong…." Daichi says as he spins like a top. It would feel like his arms were almost being ripped out of their sockets as maintained a grip on the blade.

Hearing the mumbling, Tosai would nod. "Indeed it is.. But indeed, every art you learn will have a yin, and a yang.. Without both, you will never know the essence of the true art." Tosai would would look to Daichi, as his true difficulty in lifting the blade would be shown with its adjustment, and sigh. Looks like the boy was getting it. However, something perculiar was happening. Daichi would seem to pause. It was sort of evident that Daichi, had been focusing on something. Before long, Tosai would notice Daichi having a bit more manueverability, but only after a longer period of not moving. Chakra use perhaps? It was highly possible, with Daichi's being a mednin and all. But Tosai had been rather angered by it. The style was pure strength, and physical movement. It was /not/ a style that would use chakra.

Tosai would only say nothing, because of what he had wanted to see in actuality. Had Daichi actually gotten the kata. Everything, seemed to look good so far. "Looks like your feminine side, got things moving rather quickly.", would be said jokingly, as Daichi would seem to go through things a bit slowly, but moving rather well. Sure, there were the occasional mistakes, and pauses, but things seem to go well. That would be, until the actual slashing occured. Daichi's top-spin, would make Tosai facepalm, before a hand move move to grab the cleavers dull edge, stoping Daichi's spin with a great halt. Tosai would shake his head, saying, "That is what you get for cheating, though I must say, use of chakra to help your strength, was a great idea." Had Tosai been a sensor?? Nope.. But he wouldn't admit to not being one at this time. "The use of chakra, by yourself, may have helped you lift the blade, and move, but I will bet anything that you are twice exhausted as you should be." Daichi would probably feel himself rather winded, and sweating from just that one kata. as Tosai would pass the cleaver back to him.

However, as usual, Tosai was critical of Daichi, as he would say to the boy, "From now on, if I have the slightest inkling, that you are cheating during practice, you will have to circum to one of my beatings… Using chakra, during this kind of weight training, will not make you any stronger with the blade. Besides, because the chakra was being used, it made your kata go by to quickly, because you weren't able to gauge the weight of the blade you carried. You must move with you lower body. Abdomen, legs, chest. Your core, and the muscles of you shoulders, and upper back, are key to your balance. Lift the blade, in stance, with your arms, and move through the sequence with you lower body. Now… again.. and this time.. no chakra."

Daichi stops suddenly with the entire world looking like it was tossed about. Shaking off his dizziness Daichi would try and listen to Tosai. "CHEATING!? I thought I was being smart…." Daichi thought as Tosai mentions it. Tosai's ban of chakra use made Daichi frown for a second but at the threat of a beating he would make a mental note not to do it again. How is he gonna lift this thing now that he was tired too, from one single kata Daichi waisted a nice chunk of stamina. "Right…no chakra…totaly….I can do it." Daichi gets back into the stance, it's a easier this time but still freaking heavy. Daichi goes for the foot work first, putting an immense strain on his legs but he is able to distribute the weight of the cleaver to go along with his steps. Using his core as suggested Daichi stops and starts the foot work to get the feel for it firsts. From there, after getting accustomed to the foot work Daichi would go for the swing to complete the kata. Putting all the weight on his forward foot Daichi is able to guide the cleaver through the steps and end in the starting stance. Of course now his legs are on HOT fire! But he felt good about accomplishing the kata.

Tosai would nod in approval. It was coming together. Tosai would look to the boy and his work, and where the kata faltered, Tosai would make mental notes. It was indeed, something to behold. Daichi was now moving at an even paced, having went through it a second time. He would move through rather well, before then the swing would happen. As expected, Daichi's swing had been rather weak and slow. But it was correct. Tosai would say, "At ease.. well done.", before then allowing Daichi a chance to rest.

"Now that we got that down, I feel that for now, self practice will be rather important on your part, until I get back. However, I do have some assignments, as far as excercise is concerned. From now on, until I call you once again, that weapon, will be the weight for which you will work out with, every single day. You will do 4 sets of 20 in lifts above the head. You will run with it strapped to your back. Squats, with it held above you head, and Kata's every day. The Katas.. I want you to do them until you are tired.."

As soon as Tosai gave the ok Daichi drops the cleaver and falls on his back. "Sweetness…" he says as he can relax finally. Daichi's head would lift up though as Tosai would speak of self practice. "…………what?" Daichi can't beleive what he will have to do with that giant of a weapon. One Kata was enough, two was pushing it and three…well now thats just ridiculous. Still Daichi agreed to do all of what Tosai instructed "No problem!" Daichi says with a smirk, his head flops back on the ground with a thud. "But….I'm gonna need a break for now…." the use of chakra really did tire him out.

"Indeed you may rest. Training, for today, is over. You will have more once I have arrived back from missions, but for now, I suggest that you train well. For the next time we meet, you shall have to fight me with that weapon. And it will not be a fight for which you will have it easy." Tosai would then look to the boy as he would rest ont he ground, and give a nod to, before turning his back and saying, "I shall see you in a matter of 2 weeks, if I live. Until then..", and with that, the Akimichi would flicker out of sight.

End of Part 2

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