Pylon of Efficacy - Daichi vs Daomi: Future Allies?


Daichi, Daomi, Karakuri

Date: September 26, 2011


Two genin from different lands sent on solo scouting missions end up running into each other. Each with different views, but what ensues wasn't to be expected.

"Pylon of Efficacy - Daichi vs Daomi: Future Allies?"

Southern Pathway, Land of Fire

The young genin is once again sailing through think green forests that were all too natural to the land of fire. His footsteps light against each branch Daichi glides through the air swiftly and gracefully on patrol. His eyes adjusting to the fading sunlight Daichi keeps a sharp look out, as sharp as he can manage anyway. Until a few days ago the young genin was very confident he was fighting for his village, which he so naively believed was innocent of any provocation towards other nations. Upon hearing talk of Uchiha scientists exploiting and torturing a person in an attempt to extract physiological secrets had the boy a bit suspecting of his village. If he could have it his way he'd want to meet and talk with this 'victim' but chances are that wasn't going to happen. Such thoughts occupied the boy's mind as he speeds towards the forest on a day slowly encroaching dusk.

Against his better wishes, Daomi was sent out on a scouting mission around the outskirts of the land of fire by the clan elders of the Okumo. If possible, bring back any bodies, dead or alive for research. Otherwise, simply study, observe and bring back important and useful information. The boy wasn't excited about having to go out on his own, without backup or a more qualified leader he could learn from.
A sigh would be heard while the boy moved through forests, choosing to avoid the open paths and instead pushing through the shrubbery. Paying close attention to where he may step and listening for the open call of any arachnids willing to share their information with him. At the same time, swarms of spiders had been released and scattered about the area to follow him from a distance.

Seeing as he hadn't run into any hostiles as of yet the boy was thinking of calling it a day. He stops on a branch crouching down, the weight of Madness's Butcher not affecting him too much at all. A sigh escapes a rather melancholy looking Daichi. His head tilts to the side to rest in the palm of his hand. Blinking slowly in thought Daichi listlessly gazed forward. He was losing interest and focus. Daichi's head is riddled with thoughts and questions. Finally he comes to and stands resting his hands on his hips after stretching. "Ugh. Tiresome. I could go for a good night's sleep." His eyes do catch a few spiders on the surface of some trees but he thinks nothing of it. It's a forestbugs are to be expected.

Continuing to move about, Daomi could only begin to lose himself in his thoughts. Those of recent encounters with supposed enemies of the war, of meetings with fellow Kiri shinobi not previously met and those that were already known. The hyuuga and senju from last time he was here, neither of them did he want to bump into. Not without the cold and calculated Tsun or the fiery and destructive Sekisetsu. Simple ways that he saw them.
The Inuzuka on the other hand wouldn't be too bad to run into and possibly an easy one to bring back to please his elders. The chances of that happening were slim, however.
The boy was about to turn around, deciding there was nothing to find on this night, but his attention was quickly drawn by the call of his spiders and the vision of a boy on a nearby tree with a massive weapon. Daomi turned in the direction of the calling, peering through the forest to spot the other individual. Quickly he crouched low, but was still visible were one to look for him. It was time to observe and study he thought, while sending one or two spiders crawling Daichi's way.
The approach would be obvious of course, wanting to get the others full reaction as they continued to skitter across the branch to the cleaver weilding shinobi.

As the medic prepares to head back to the village he notes a rather odd collection of spiders heading for him on the branch. It was no longer a simple coincidence. Daichi's eyes narrow and he leaps from the branch skyward landing on another one. He looks out and though he can't see the figure completely the boy notes a white silky piece in the distance, perhaps a piece of clothing a kimono or something. Without much more though a kunai is present in the young genin's hand. He tosses it at what he believes is an enemy ninja. "Don't hide. I won't bite." He comments playfully

A simple evade from the approaching spiders was definitely not a reaction Daomi had expected. Are most konoha nin jumpy at the sight of something out of place in their own lands or is it the war that brings this out of them. Something to take note of indeed. As the boys mind raced through the many possible reasons why someone would choose that path, his eyes followed the leaping shinobi onto the next branch and caught the shimmering glint of a kunai coming his way.
A couple, quick handsigns were made and the weapon that came to attack the scout would collide with a clone that disappears in a puff.
"Neither would have the spiders." Said from Daomi as he walked from behind a different bush, "I am Okumo, Daomi. A genin from Kirigakure." A bow would be given, but his eyes never moving off the other, making sure to be aware of sneak attacks at such an advantageous point were one to be made. "Why did you attack me? I did nothing to you." He tilted his head to the side, focusing his chakra within himself only to extend it into the other boy…a teen it appeared.

Daichi grins at the boy "You Kiriagkure shinobi are a dangerous bunch. Better safe than sorry. You understand right?" the medic explains. "I appreciate your honesty. Sadly I am on the same type of mission." The genin rubs his head slowly "So, you should get out of here if you're not serious about fighting." He says "Otherwise I'll have to get hostile." He adds. The young genin pulls his hand back slowly giving Daomi time to think. Time's up. 1..2..Daichi released two projectiles at the Kirigakure genin. One was the kunai he held the second was a shuriken traveling in an arch arriving at his target after the kunai makes its attempt.

Daomi had thought that despite a war between their two nations, one that he wasn't fully supporting, that he could have found a way to communicate and understand those from another nation. He was afterall, a nester in the Okumo, researching is what he was bred to do. He would rather leave the fighting to the nester types…to Meruin.
However, that didn't seem to be something he was going to be able to accomplish with this shinobi as a kunai came flying his way. Daomi wasn't prepared, thinking civility could be reached causing his attempt at creating a clone in his place to fail and the kunai to cut through his silk and into his flesh. Despite whether or not another attack was to come he prepared a clone and it worked with the shuriken falling into it.
"You are right, we from Kiri can be a dangerous bunch and yet you still attack me? I must not be dangerous enough. Perhaps I can change your opinion." As he spoke the slash he received through his silk kimono had already closed up.
"Prepare yourself." The boy raised his arms before him while purple tears flowed down his face. His clothing began to move about and swarms of spiders crawled out and across the forest, racing toward Daichi. The swarm would grow in size as it skittered on and other arachnids would join in from their random spots scattered about only to increase the mass.

Daichi smirks at the boy's words "Well I figure I better take out the danger before it takes me out. Never was much of a runner." He explains. Seeing his kunai had made contact with his foe Daichi draws his cleaver and prepares to charge in. His grip tightens on the handle of the massive blade. However an enormous amount of spiders comes forth from Daomi and puts Daichi on the defensive. His blade is swift as it rings through the air fanning away as many spiders as he can. There was no end to them though. The young genin was soon immobilized by the spider's silk webbing. Struggling Daichi doesn't let go of his weapon. "Damn."

Daomi took a deep breath, calming himself to a point where the poison no longer filled his tear sacs and then lowered his arms to his sides placing a hand within the slit of his kimono, allowing it to rest gently. "You still think simply because I am from Kiri, that I am a danger? Perhaps I could have been one of your greatest allies that simply resided across the waters in another land."
The boy stared in silence for a moment, gauging what he could from Daichi's face before looking to the ground and leaning forward in a crouch only to leap into the air and land on the same branch as the teen. The whole movement seemed unsure and done as if on borrowed strength, from the jump to the landing, the entire action possibly taking a lot to accomplish
He let out a sigh as he moved closer to the other shinobi before sitting down on the branch, his legs dangling over the sides. "Despite falling for that illusion, you are still very skilled with that massive cleaver. I could see it as you swung with incredible speed. Were those spiders real, each one would have been hacked to pieces." Daomi reached over with a frail hand gently nudging at Daichi before looking straight ahead.

Daichi is silent as the boy speaks not swayed by his words. He tried already; he just couldn't understand Kirigakure shinobi. They seemed distant convicted to some sort of twisted aggression that he couldn't understand. As the boy drew closer Daichi tensed up expecting an attack. To his surprised he was informed he was in a genjutsu and that the spiders where fabrications. The young genin blinks once movement is regained. Looking at Daomi's position now Daichi notices the boy is more than vulnerable. Something in Daichi wouldn't let him attack the guy though. He groans and tucks his cleaver behind him. "Ok you're an odd one." He sighs "Sorry." He grumbles folding his arms and turning away from Daomi "For attacking earlier." He hisses under his breath.

The rest of the spiders that Daomi had scattered around the forest to watch his back came skittering up the tree in a black wave, each spider climbing over one another until reaching the boy and climbing inside his clothing. "It's fine." He turned his face toward the teen, who wasn't even much older then himself, his wide, black and red eyes staring blankly, "I honestly expect you to still attack, but we wouldn't be shinobi if we trusted so easily." He tilted his head, wondering to how prideful Daichi was, how long he would stay turned away. A slight sign of trust or perhaps a foolish mistake on the others part. "Kiri seems to get into tons of wars, which if won or lost, interrupts the natural order of things. Stopping growth and progression for a point until it's able to catch back up, but it's never the same. Lost time to spend studying and researching if you ask me."

"I agree. War is pointless. This is the second one I've been in with Kirigakure. I don't understand why still." He says in a bit of an aggravated tone. "It's not good for the people of that nation. It isn't what they need. I mean the villages are still new that Great War wasn't too long ago. You'd think they'd do their best to avoid another catastrophe like that." The young genin seemed to be a bit too revealing and he realized it after he finishes his rant. His guard still up around the smaller presumably younger Genin , the young medic doesn't turn around to face him and probably won't. "I just don't get it. But I'll do what I can to make sure it ends as soon as possible. No one wins in war." Daichi blinks softly "Oh. This doesn't make us friends or anything. I'm just choosing not to kill you violently" he adds

"Maybe the reason why Kirigakure goes to war is because they are bored. You know, if I didnt have stories to try and learn and tell, I am willing to bet I would be a tad cranky also." A voice calls. Karakuri approaches, a playful smile on his face. White hair, white skin, golden eyes, and yet he bears the insignia of the desert dwellers of Sunagakure. "Please, dont rush to accomadate me, I can help myself to a seat. What is going on, why not the old fashion killing and fighting each other? Are you both telling stories?" He asks with a friendly tone.

Daomi nodded, even if Daichi wasn't looking his way, "Second one for me as well, though the first one I didn't really participate in. I probably wouldn't be here today if I did." He glanced down to the ground, needing something to focus on as he spoke, if Daichi wasn't going to face him. "Thank you….for not violently killing me."
Foolishness seemed to be on the okumo's part as well, for when he called his spiders back, he was unable to tell the approach of another. The voice caused his head to snap over, eyes staring blankly at the newcomer as he extended his chakra as a reflex more then anything. Not planning on attack, only saving himself for a defense. He then placed his hand beside him and a few spiders crawled from his sleeve and across the branch into the forest. "Why would we kill each other? Because we are two genin born into different lands? It doesn't make us different on the inside, only taught different values that may or may not be correct. Are you here to kill me?"

Daichi shakes his head "Don't thank me. If it wasn't just the two of us here then it would be very different." The genin states. Compared to Sekisetsu, Tsun, and Marorin..oh yeah and Maikeru Daomi was probably the nicest least likely to eviscerate shinobi he's met. Still he was weary. When another joins the duo Daichi turns their way. Seeing it wasn't another Kirigakure shinobi the genin doesn't draw his weapon yet. He raises an eyebrow at the stranger's words and figures he's joking. "No I normally don't tell stories." The medic responds.
Listening to Daomi's retort to the visitor's comment Daichi finally looks towards the boy although he makes sure it's brief, pride and all that. He shrugs "Not exactly the same. I don't have spiders inside me. But you make a good point."

The moment the Genjutsu had hit the boy, he instantly explodes as a giant bursts out of his little body. This being was ten feet tall and looked to be fully metal. If any had seen the full plate armor of the Kuroyari, then they can recognize the armor style, and perhaps why the spear he carries on his back resembles an bladed anchor. A metallic chuckle is heard from it as a metal hand is raised, wagging a finger. "I try to keep my killing to a minimium, however isnt it rude to genjutsu someone when they approach openly talking?" He asks before the helmetted head would turn to Daichi. "Forgive me, I probably should explain. I like to call alot of things stories. Life is filled with alot of stories, some false, some true."

Daomi brought an arm up to wipe at the tears that rolled down his cheeks, "There are many things that can be perceived as rude, I do not believe what I did was. It didn't hurt you or inhibit you in anyway, it simply protected myself. The same way you use your puppet to do so." He glanced up to Daichi, curious if the stranger was a friend of his, but knew at the least it was an ally to Konoha since using puppets was a Suna's skill. They were both about the same age, teens at least. The okumo returned his attention to the puppet, the spiders he had released earlier spread out around its base, ready to crawl inside any holes if necessary. Quite interesting to see someone dodge an attack within an enclosed space. "What brings you out here?"

Daichi shrugs "I guess so. I don't mind a good story now and then." He blinks and shakes his head "I mean wait wait wait wait" he looks between Daomi and the 10ft puppet. Two shinobi each from different villages, certainly the genin wasn't this dense. "This patrol isn't as boring as I thought it'd be." He grins. Looking to the puppet now Daichi can only think of one thing to ask ithimwhatever. "Who are you?" he glances to Daomi as he stole his second question. "Yeah and what brings you here?" his hand goes for his cleaver once he notices the spiders on the move. Looking between both shinobi Daichi warns "I may end up having to fight both of you."

"I am Yamada Karakuri. I am a Genin from Sunagakure given permission to come and offer aid to the Konoha ninja under attack by Kirigakure. It seems Kirigakure does nothing but the same old story: Murder mayhem and death. Violence should only be used to progress a story, not be the main center." Karakuri says as a puff of smoke envelops the puppet and he is seen rolling up a scroll. "Much better, and a sign of faith that I am not all violence and fighting. I can be civil if those around me are civil." He says. He really looks to be in his early teens, maybe ten or eleven, atleast by height.

"Seems more like two vs one and I simply came here to scout things out for my clan. I must have stayed longer then I should." Daomi's eyes first moved toward Daichi, "If I was here to fight you, I would have left you trapped, but I wanted to know more about who it is Kiri fought for myself. To see if it is indeed worth helping the cause. So far, I don't see it." He then turned back to Karakuri, titling his head as he did so. It would be foolish for him to not try once more, despite what it may provoke. The boy is in enemy territory and needs every leg up he can get to defend himself. So once again, he extended his chakra toward the newcomer, "I am Okumo, Daomi. No where near as scary as the Defiler of the Flesh many know from our clan, but the stories of that one are hard to catch up to…Someday, maybe."

Daichi blinks at Karakuri. Suna…allies? "Oh sweeeeet." Daichi chuckles and eased up on his cleaver. The young genin sighs "That's good. Gotta say I wasn't looking forward to fighting the both of yah." He turns to Daomi "I'll say this. You're different from the others. I hope this means all Kirigakure shinobi can't be bad." he Daichi yawns. "Well Karakuri I leave him to you. I've got to go report back to the village." Daichi smiles and offer a rudimentary salute before turning to departs. He gives Daomi another look before he goes "If we meet again avoid the genjutsu or I'll gut ya." He jokes…maybe..can't be sure. What is certain though is that he leaves Daomi to Karakuri and takes off vanishing in the deep forest.

"And I dont care what he does. Course…he could reveal potential information to his allies yet at the same time. Lets let you just go for now, and if we meet again, we can do the whole business of trying to kill each other another day. Had enough problems with a bunch of wraiths." Karakuri says as he begins to walk off away from Daomi.

Daomi stood up from the branch as Daichi was departing, "No, from what I've seen they are pretty bad. You'd do well to stay cautious around any Kiri nin. Even me." He turned in time to see the salute, watching him head off, "If we meet again…" Trailing off as he turned to Karakuri, "Let me go for now?" Another genin who doesn't believe the Okumo to be a threat, this was troubling indeed and the puppet user was even cocky enough to turn his back on him. At least Daichi suspected him and even tried to attack him up until the point of being caught in the boys Genjutsu. Then it was over….Which even know Karakuri has become linked in. Perhaps a demonstration of his skills? Daomi shook his head, letting it go. The spiders that were trailing behind the Suna genin as he walked away suddenly stopped and came skittering back to their host. "There are always wraiths around." With that, the boy faded from his spot as he headed back to kiri.

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