Fortune and Infamy - Danger for Hire


Reina, Nanashi, Aimi

Date: July 5, 2014


Reina and Nanashi begin the takeover of a business man’s fortune. To help with the danger involved, they approach a less-than-friendly mercenary.

"Fortune and Infamy - Danger for Hire"

Fuuma Alley

Well, its early evening in Fuuma. Rumors have it that a young mercenary has recently split from Shuuren, and kinda holeing it up in Fuuma's underbelly. Not the best place to hide, but its one of those places where with enough money, and friends in the right places, you can disappear for a short time. And well, a woman is doing just that. She's sitting at a bar, drinking some sake as a Fuuma Alley resident slides up next to her. The man smiles a bit as he looks at her outfit, enjoying the view. "Nice t-", he starts to say.

A flash of motion, and the man has gone flying into the wall. The woman holds her hand outstretched, with the flat of her palm out. SHe takes a long pull as others in the room start to draw their weapons. It takes a second, but the group of men start to hastily gather chakra. Problem is…the woman is already on the attack. Two men go down in a spray of blood and teeth as the woman draws her two tonfas out. One with the blade out, and the other still sheathed. The woman rolls up to another guy, and three slashes appear on his chest before he yells out as blood explodes out. The woman growls before looks at the man who slammed into the wall. "I'm giving you only one chance, where's Daichi?", she asks. Aimi looks at him very closely. "I'm very limited in my conversational skills, so the next time I ask, you'll lose your manhood, then your legs, then arms. So talk fast.", Aimi says as she brings one of the blades down between that man's legs, but not hitting him. She just steps on his ankles to keep him from running away as she keeps her other tonfa ready incase he dares.

Oddly enough, Daichi is not too hard to find this morning. Despite a recent attack, he and his guards appear to be doing quite fine. In fact, the man is currently stepping out of his house with his ever-silent bodyguard in tow as he steps down the road toward one of the casinos he will soon be taking control of. Though bearing his ever-confident demeanor, he does seem a touch wary, eyes moving to the shadows once in a while to look for who his next attacker will be. Still, that guard seems to be on his game, prepared at any moment to serve the purpose of his career in defending Daichi. Despite the threats, this man still has a job to do, and thus he's on his way.

Reina had been roaming the food and drink district of Fuuma, in search of a rather noisily whispered name. It doesn't seem Aimi is trying to keep the lowest profile, and Reina soon falls in beside Daichi. "Daichi-kun, I heard there's a rather energetic woman looking for you in that nearby bar. I'll go ahead of you." And without waiting she'd walk into the bar where there is crashing. She takes one glance around at the pools of blood, strewn bodies, and some poor wretch getting interrogated. Her eyes would move over Aimi's face before she politely steps back outside and closes the door. It takes only a minute to return to Daichi. "A very persistent mercenary is looking for you, in a bar. Shall I…?"

Aimi deals with the last of the trash, and pays the barkeep to clean up. She spotted the woman who quickly made her way out of the bar. Aimi looks outside, and then starts to follow the woman. The woman is no ninja, but she's a highly skilled soldier, used to living like this. It doesn't take much longer before she starts walking towards Reina and Daichi. She slowly starts to draw her blades out, letting her eyes deaden a little bit.

Its clear that she's fought in wars. The woman is looking at Reina, Daichi, and his bodyguard all at the same time, and taking each one into account. A stratgic plan starts to set itself into her mind. Reina would be first, as a diversion, then twist, and the second guard would step in front of the Daichi to protect him, and then while both are recovering, elimate the target, and collect the bounty. There's no talking, no warnings. Just her thoughts carrying into her actions as Aimi prepares to attack.

As Reina approaches, Daichi cants his head slightly at her then narrows his eyes and simply nods then waits for her to inspect the situation. A hand is held up to signal for the guard to stop, and they'd simply wait for Reina to return, not seeming any more friendly when she walks back out. "… Perfect," he grumbles then looks to Aimi as she approaches. "… It looks like we won't have to look far for her. I thought you'd be better at making sure you're not followed."

Reina doesn't look surprised or sorry she led Daichi's attacker straight to him. Her expression is slightly rueful as if to say "oh well." In fact, most of her attention is on Daichi to see what he might do under the circumstances. She says to Daichi, "I did know she might follow me. I also know which of the people she is, and that she works alone."

She turns to Aimi and actually says, "We're all here now, and attacking may seem like a good course of action for you. But I have an even better one." She points at a noodle booth. "Stand up ramen. It's very good. Before you do anything, shall I treat you to a bowl and we can take, Aimi-san?" She'd pause and say, "Am I correct? Aimi, a formidable mercenary who has recently had a split from her associates. Though apparently you were drawn into this when you came to Fuuma Alley."

Aimi raises an eyebrow. She puts her tonfas back in their sheathes for a second. The woman can quick draw them if necessary. She looks at the pair a moment. Aimi takes a second to think about her options a moment. She nods her head. "One bowl, and my choice on what I order. And I want it made where I can see it, and away from you.", she tells. The woman is cautious, and thinking a few steps ahead. "And are you prepared to pay me out of the bounty?", she asks.

Daichi seems reserved as the two mercenaries speak, lifting an eyebrow as one actually suggests lunch. "I suggest you remember what you're being paid if you're thinking about double-crossing me with this one," he notes before looking back to his other bodyguard for a moment, a bit of silent communication going on between them it seems. For now he remains back, waiting to see what transpires between the mercenaries.

Reina looks to Daichi and smiles, amused. Although Aimi mentioning being paid off gets an outright laugh. Reina says, "How about I offer you your life, Aimi-san." Her eyes are gleaming. "Let me tell you what I'd do, if I were after my client's life. I'd wait a few blocks away, out of sight while you boldly and idiotically fought. Either you die…no problem for me. Or you win, and limp off to get your reward, where I promptly stab you in the back and go to claim the reward myself."

She pauses. "Even if you have some payment plan to compensate all of you regardless, your employer still hired you alongside hit men, of at least two who enjoy killing…just because. He doesn't have your safety at heart. So I have a proposal. Work for our side. Help us neutralize these hit men, because we /do/ have a reason to consider your safety. We need a well known mercenary whose name is solid enough to scare off any amateur assassins who come around. So. Work for my employer. Daichi-kun is a worthy client, and I can vouch he does pay his debts." Then she returns to her ramen. Yum.

Aimi takes in a deep breath for a moment. She watches Reina, and one hand slides onto the hilt of her tonfa. "I don't know anything about any hitmen, or I would have killed them myself already. I'm not very nice to assassins.", she tells. The woman stretches out a little bit, and glares a moment. "And offering a Soldier their life? Really? Lives are cheap, action isn't.", she says. "And in the end, money pays for action. What proof do you offer to back your claims, besides vouching with your tongue?", Aimi asks. Somebody's gotten a bit more aggersive, yet its backed with confidence and caution.

"I don't need proof," Reina says. "It's simple logic. Your client would hire more than just you. If he comes out of this on top, he's going to be one of the richest men in this region. You don't pinch pennies and only hire one mercenary to get the job done. It'd be a hired army, if both sides didn't want this done with a certain amount of discretion. Well done on the discreet part, by the way." She rolls her eyes, and glances in the direction of the bar Aimi wrecked.

"Besides, I never said Daichi-kun wouldn't pay…though that's up to him. So what'll it be? If you two can hammer out terms, I can tell you, Daichi-kun, she'd be a reliable asset. Or if you can't come to an agreement, our meal will end right now, and only three people will be walking away." She slurps up the rest of her broth as she gathers her chakra. But she doesn't get out of her seat or even tense up as she does so.

"If you're the one adding her on as a contractor under you, she'll be paid out of your contract," Daichi points out, still standing back with his bodyguard, arms folded over his chest. "Those would be the terms since adding another person onto the team was your idea." With that he'd move to a seat a few feet from Reina, ordering a cup of hot tea and waiting to see what happens next. Somebody might be having a bit of fun getting to play the boss this time…

Reina sighs a bit as Daichi drops the whole client act. She shoots Nanashi a look. She's supposed to be Reina's superior, not a teammate. Much less a tight fisted casino strip owner. But there's nothing for it. She gives Nanashi a winning smile and says cheerfully, "I should kill you right now and collect the bounty, you insufferable pain in my butt. I swear, if I wasn't so nice I'd drown you in your bowl of…" She trails off.

Then she turns to Aimi. "Y'hear that? You'll get your payment. Exactly what your client is paying you after this is over. As for any bounties on any of the assassins we take down it will be split evenly between us or any of my associates involved in neutralizing them. This is a fixed offer."

Aimi rubs her face, and looks at the pair. "Nice job, but where's the real Daichi?", she asks. "How do I trust somebody whose playing body double, and then blows their cover. Besides, what else are you offering for my services?", she asks. THe woman stretches out a little bit as she takes a bite out of the super spicy speical. The SSS Ramen! So good, so hot, it melts the bowl!

Daichi's eyes narrow at Reina as she speaks, and then a sigh is let out as Aimi figures it out thanks to the threat. "… Smooth, Reina," he says, scooting over to the woman and raising a hand to lightly pop her shoulder, which then moves into the tapping at that rhythm… 1 2 3 4… 1 2 3 4… 1 2 3 4… "That ability of yours taking away your ability to keep your cool?" it asks with a smirk before looking over to Aimi. "But, seriously… announce this to announce this to anyone, and I'll kill you. That is not a threat. It's a promise."

"Clearly it's not a nice job if you found out," Reina says to Aimi, with no warmth whatsoever. She looks at Daichi and rolls her eyes. "The soul of tact speaks. Remember that the next time." She doesn't even have to say what the next time is. "And no, what's taking away my cool is her. I thought she'd be a dependable, respectable, and useful (beyond beating a bar full of clueless drunks) ally who could join us and we could actually confide a bit in. Instead, I find out she's a whiny woman who says she doesn't trust us, demands answers, and doesn't even thank me for buying them a free bowl of ramen." She looks at Aimi and says, "That's just rude."

Standing before you is a young woman with flame red hair. Its cut to medium length, and tied back in a long pony tail that seems to float freely in the air. A long bang extends accross her brow to cover the woman's left eye. This makes her stand out a bit, but not as much as her light blue eyes that seem to shine in contrast to her hair. She has a slender build, and looks very atheletic. Her five foot, 6 inch frame shows signs of some muscle growth, but a very well care for body. Her skin is smooth, and gentle.

As for clothing, this woman has a very interesting outfit. Her basic outfit is a tight fitting midriff shirt that is cut semi low, and sleeveless. Its light tan nature adds a little contrast to her light skin. Over it is a sleeveless buttoned chest jacket. It is buttoned just at the point where it covers the center of her chest. The jacket clearly is a combat jacket though, as it has a very high neckline, and could be buttoned to become a mask over the woman's mouth and nose. There are armor plates on back, but clearly this is not a jacket for taking hits in. On the back of the jacket also is a symbol of a mercenary group. On her hands are fingerless gloves.

As for pants, the woman has on a pair of light tan pants that ride just a little below the belt line. A small weapons belt with a ninja pouch hangs loosely off to the side. Kriscrossed behind her back are a pair of tonfas that are in easy to draw notches. Clearly these pants were designed for freedom of movement as they fit snuggly against her frame. Her shoes are another thing. While being created for movement, and fit snuggly against her feet, these shoes are light combat boots that slide up her ankle, almost half way up her calf.

Aimi looks at Reina a bit. "I'm sorry, but I must disgress. I trained the Land of Tea's troops. Mind you that many of them did survive the Creeper invasion, last I heard. Well enough that Shuuren performed a highly difficult surgery upon me. For starters, I came after prey, only to have an offer made to me by body doubles. Not to mention that said body doubles blew their covers. Second, they threaten me three times in one conversation. Third, the only whining I'm hearing is the one who seems to have been beaten at their game, instead of rubbing two ryo together, and putting them on the table. When negotiating with a mercenary, you show the color of your coin first, and then offer a price. The Mercenary discuss terms after that, and haggles the price. I don't care about who you are. All I care about is wine, riches, and women. Well, just a woman who I can be comfortable around. You have shown me none of these things, and think that a bowl of noodles is enough to satisfy me."

"Because threatening your client with death is completely tactful," Nanashi retorts with a chuckle, taking a sip of the tea delivered before it stands and walks back over to the bodyguard. Suddenly, it whips around, placing a hand on Aimi's stool and in attempt to force her to face it, except, when Aimi turns around, she'd appear to be within kissing distance of an exact replica of herself with a hand on either shoulder of her stool. "You see, there's one problem with your theory," it says, voice even perfectly mimicking that of Aimi. "You've discovered our plan, so that means you're either working for us or not leaving here alive, which is rather perfect since my "bodyguard" can be made to look like Daichi's corpse, and I can let your client find me, collect his head, and collect all the bounties while you rot underground."

Reina actually looks a bit embarrassed by Nanashi pointing out the obvious so openly. Embarrassed for Aimi. There is certainly a reason Reina was fairly open about a few things. Had Aimi forgotten what they were doing a few minutes ago, before they all sat down for ramen? But she does say, "It was reckless on my part, too."

"Sad to say, I don't have the riches in my pockets right now. Or wine or women for that matter. I guess you'll just have to take my word when I said I'd pay you. And I must admit, I might've paid you in advance. But torturing a man to find and attack us does put a bit of bad blood between us."

She tilts her head and smiles. "It's only you who has been lying to use. I've offered you three things. Your life. Payment. And being reliable. Since you question my reliability and deny I'll pay you, apparently the only offer still /possibly/ on the table is your life. Which you said was cheap. So prove it. Attack us and show us you consider your life that cheap."

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