Danger On The Horizon - Part 1


Hiroshi, Tosai, Yuzuna

Date: July 6, 2010


Hiroshi leads a mission with Yuzuna and Tosai in tow.

"Danger On The Horizon - Part 1"

Miati Forest - Long Grass [Land of Fire]

Miati Forest - Long Grass [Land of Fire]

Again the trees from the Miati Forest have thinned out and the beginnings of broad green grass planes stretch nearly as far as the eye can see. The thin cane grass here ranges from knee to waist high and some of it even beyond head high. Occasionally there is the occasional copse of tall hardwood trees there to provide shade to the weary traveler and even camp sights. Oddly enough the area is not as flat as one might think, the planes fully of rolling sweeping hills, with low points and the occasional stream.


Danger on the horizon: Sheins soldiers on the move. Over the course of three days rouge samurai have pillaged twelve small villages and broken into two shrines, still their motives unknown, but now they have stepped into Konohas territory. A small village just at the borders of the land of fire and its neutral area's was supposedly the next target. This came to be quite the shock for Konoha's Hokage, who immediately dispatched two ANBU members and a single Chuunin leader ahead for this mission. Though this was truly not a mission for ANBU, samurai were ruthless and fierce and these have had the Hokage worried for some time, just what were they after. Hyuuga Hiroshi, Hyuuga Yuzuna, and Akamichi Tosai would have been sent forth to the village, but Tosai decided to take a different path in hopes to scope out the enemy. Yuzuna and Hiroshi would have arrived at a small village, known only as the village hidden in the forest. Reason for its name was that it was virtually hidden in the forest among the tree's and other vegetation.
It would be early morning when the two Hyuuga arrive, that large village entrance would appear to be nothing but a large tree with a hollow in it. As they entered they would soon venture down a dark pathway and after several moments of walking see the light at the tunnels end. The village would be small, perhaps no bigger than konoha's Chuunin exam stadium or perhaps the size of one and a half stadiums. Various food carts would be set up down the south, to the right a small lodging labeled end, and the north would appear to be town hall, which has large tree roots shifted upwards from the ground, these perhaps were used for seats. As the two entered the village they would be greeted by a large dark skinned guard carrying with him a long spear. "welcome to our village Konoha shinobi, please please, right this way. I will take you to our elder." he would say to them both. "Yuzuna, perhaps one of us should follow him to the elder, while the other gathers intel from the villagers."

Walking side by side with her elder cousin, Yuzuna narrows her pale opal eyes as they travel further towards the village as it opens out in front of them, her gaze glance from side to side in exploration. Just entering through the gate, she couldn't help but pause and blink at the rather large and overbearing guard, listening to him as a thin dark brow quirks slightly. She turns her head slightly to give Hiroshi a passively quizative sideways glance, brow still arched only just. Pondering for only a brief moment, she breaths slowly as she lowers her chin in a single nod. "Very well. Follow him to the village elder, I will go to the marketplace to see if there is any gossip going around."

"alright keep your eyes open then." he would say as he was lead towards the village elder, taking a few steps towards the north, and then vanishing. The market place would be rather busy today, busier than it has ever been. Families would all be rushing towards different food stables, loud clamor and long lines fill the area as the vendors attempt to attend to everyone's needs at once. If Yuzuna were to speak with anyone, she would notice a single mother carrying a child over her chest, a busy farmer attempting to sell his vegetables to customers, a young boy who was selling fish at a stall, and man garbed in black armor, shrouded in a crimson hood. To here he would appear to be a being shrouded in a crimson colored hood. Meanwhile Hiroshi would find himself back at the office of the elder, several guards would be at the entrance each examining Hiroshi before allowing him to enter. As Hiroshi enters he would bow lightly towards the elder peering curiously at the old man, who was well into his years. A large amount of wrinkles and a bony appearance could only give small insight into the mans age.

The corner of her lips tugs faintly with a smug smirk, though it disappears just as quickly as it appeared as Yuzuna turns her back to where Hiroshi and the guard had disappeared. Glancing over the busy marketplace as people hurry and swirl with a rush of action, her pale opal eyes narrows slightly as she glances from one set of people to another. The sounds of conversation, laughter, and heckling merge into one another, blurring with sound that could otherwise be bothersome. Yuzuna lowers her chin slightly as she steps into the crowd and merges into it, silent, never asking questions as she simply listens to the conversations and gossip that are exchanged. Being from another village, she doubts anyone would tell her anything willingly, and asking questions would only bring suspicion upon herself. So instead, she drifts, listening and grasping onto topics as one or another grabs her attention.

As for Tosai's decision to take another path? Well it had been founded upon two principles, one of which, of course, had been to scope out the enemy, but the other, in most cases, had to do unbelievably with getting a plan on how to counter act what would be an attack against the next village, that of the Hidden Forest. With a name such as that, you would think such a village, would play agency to at least ninja that would protect it at some point in time. Tosai knew that Yuzuna, and Hiroshi, would probably get on intel on that alone, but that still led to one thing that would make this plan flawed. How would the ninja get information to one another?
Well, before hand, Tosai had came up with a plan, written rather in depth, in his worst handwriting, and slipped onto Hiroshi's person. The plan… well, if things got hairy, while Tosai would tail and infiltrate the camp of samurai, and they were to attack the village earlier, Tosai would have to hope that he could make enough noise, to beckon his comrades to arms. Even now, on his end, as he would head toward the ronin, Tosai, cloaked in camouflage, would keep his footing light, as he would try, for good fortune, and will, to make sure that he could keep and eye one what had been the case…

Gossip around the market place would be as followed, we need to get food now! Would be what most of the families were screaming. It was purely chaos and hell all around, as the loud screams of everyone talking at once filled the area. Hiroshi would receive a very similar treatment at the elders home, the old man answering all of his advisers, guards, and postman's questions before even thinking of speaking with the Konoha shinobi. Tosai on the other hand would find himself not far off into the samurais camp grounds. Horses would be saddled and ready to move out, as just about a dozen samurai begin to equip their battle armor and gear. The head leader of this group would be dressed black rather than crimson robes like the rest, and his helmet unlike the rest would protect him from all four directions. On the side path a group of four samurai were moving out towards the east curiously enough leaving an easy trail to be followed.
Meanwhile back in the village, Yuzuna could possibly over hear one paniced mother speaking to a friend about samurai attacking villages, the friend would reply in a very low tone the words w-a-e-ext" though because of the loud noise would make most of their conversation unheard. Hiroshi finally getting the chance to speak can only sigh once tilting his head to the side as he examines the many scrolls on the wall. "I am Hyuuga Hiroshi, my team of Akamichi Tosai, and Hyuuga Yuzuna have come to your village because of small call of arms posted by you lord chief." he would say calmly making eye contact now. The old chief would simply nod extending a single scroll to he Hyuuga, "In dat ther scrull is mur details." His tone rather low and rough Hiroshi would take from him the scroll, formally nodding his head in respect.

Yuzuna distinctly frowns as she moves with the current of people as it moves around the marketplace, her pale eyes narrowing at the throng of people while she struggles to keep her attention at the conversation around her, on the people around her. When seeing the crimson colors of a robbed man, the Hyuuga girl narrows her attention on him, seeing the katana on his right side, a symbol embroidered into the deep crimson sleeve along his right wrist. Certainly wasn't one of the village's shinobi it seems. Yuzuna presses her lips lightly together as she glances around her again, narrowing her thoughts on voices as several minutes pass before the word 'samurai' catches her attention. She is careful as she glances over her shoulder at a mother, though the woman's friend murmurs with hushed tones that becomes irritating to Yuzuna.

Meanwhile, with the large Akimichi seeming to close in on camp rather fast, and quietly, the samurai's camp seemed oddly well armed and well organized, especially for those who were masterless warriors. Tosai would chinrub at the fact that if this group, a small army in itself, had ever gotten a hold to another village… things would have been rather uncanny. And to make things worst, they had seemed to be setting up a base. Traps, for guarding, especially the one Tosai would almost step on, would litter this place, like eggs in an Easter basket. A sweatdrop would lace the forehead of the large oaf, as Tosai, would hear the tightening of tripwire, and freeze.
Tosai would then slowly lifting his foot, before he would then look for where the wire had been, and trail it… "Yeesh… looks like I got work to do.", would be hummed with a grunt, as the nin would remove a utility knife, the only sharp thing on his person, and began to find and disable a great deal of the traps, all the while, trying to see who the big Kahuna had been. Who was the best dressed guy in this pla-Ooooo… found him!~ The guy in the red robes, doing all the pointing. Tosai would smile as he would then take out a scroll, write down his observations of the leader, the form of the base, and what seemed to be the plans of the samurai. After a few handseals, an earth clone, in his likeness, would seem to rise up from the dirt, taking the note, and began running full blast to where the others had been, only to dissipate once the note had been delivered.. Meanwhile, the real thing, would have been still trying to get more information, and disable as many traps as he could. Next on the agenda? Getting himself a new outfit.

"Well from what I see here, the Samurai have attacked three other villages, and in the current pattern which is formed, which looks strange in itself, they are heading here next." Hiroshi would say stroking his chin thoughtfully. The teens pale eyes would dart over towards the elder peering curiously at him as one of his aids come towards his side. "And what of your villages shinobi might I ask?" The elders aide would simply shake her head in dismay as a soft sweet voice escapes her red lips, "We are a small village, though we are not poor we do not have the funds to support shinobi training, for a long time we have depending on our trained guards, but that is all. Sure the villagers try to help us defend, but most are just single mothers, and older man who are only looking to retire. Note we are a peaceful hidden village, and we wish not trouble." Hiroshi can only nod and sigh, quite the event he has once again gotten himself into. And with that Hiroshi would stand to his feet bowing his head as he leaves the elders office, heading towards the towns inn.
As time passed the market place itself would begin to die down, though the crimson robed figure does not bother to move not so much as even a twitch as he stands at attention. This would not last forever however as the evening time came the crimson shrouded being would turn to face the lodge a small chuckle heard from under his hood as he makes water towards the inn. As he walks a small white paper would fall from his robes, he would not have noticed it, and it would have become trampled by the many customers still trying to obtain their food and head home. Truly it was time to regroup with Hiroshi now, and hopefully Tosai would have arrived at the village. Meanwhile back at the Samurai's camp the horses would have become startled, it would seem something had triggered one of the samurais booby traps causing a rain of arrows to scatter from a nearby bush lunging several horses in the left butt cheek causing them to break free of their hold and scatter, this would surely set them back. The source of what triggered the trap was not located, but a single samurai was scouting the area, left hand on his blade a handle red to swing whenever. By now Tosai's clone would have made it to the hidden forest village remaining at the entrance near the inn, in clear sight of Hiroshi or Yuzuna.

Yuzuna lowers her head slightly, allowing the hood wrapped over her head to partically shadow her pale eyes as she keeps her gaze inconspicuously on the crimson-robed man. Time passes slowly, the crowd in the marketplace dwindling and still she keeps her pale moonlight eyes on the large man. The moment he moves, veins bulge at the corner of her eyes to spiderweb over her temples, hidden slightly beneath the hood as she sees the lone piece of folded paper to fall from the folds of his robes. With the range of the Byakugan, she follows his movements as he approaches the inn while she also walks through the thinning crowd and towards the paper, pressing her foot on top of it while stepping in front of someone that undoubtedly was about to inadvertently rip it beneath his trampling footsteps. Her intense eyes linger on the passerby for only a moment before Yuzuna calmly leans down and picks up the piece of paper from under her foot, careful not to damage it further.

As for Tosai… yep… talking about close calls… He would have been working well with the traps for a while, things seeming to come naturally to him, as he would take apart one trap after the other, all the while remaining rather unnoticed. But something about that last trap, had been really weird to him. Nothing about it screamed hard, but nothing screamed tricky either. It must have been the dummy, cause when he would go in, repeating a developed routine of snipping the tripwire on one end, while holding it tight at the other, he would seem to stumble on a second wire… literally…
Click, and woosh, would sail pass Tosai's ears, about several times, as he would sit their, rather puzzled, and feeling extremely lucky. Moments later? The galloping and neighing of horse in the background, would be heard, and made known, without Tosai ever needing to turn around… Man… luck must have really been on his side… He would mumble, "Uh-oh!", and flicker to another position, only to see the resulting calamity ensue, horses seeming to run off in almost ever direction, and being chased by armor clad samurai, who weren't really fast… Tosai would chuckle, and say, "Hehe… lucky indeed.", before he would then move on to his next step… raiding the supply tent, and stealing himself some enemy uniform, and armor… Next stop! Actual infiltration of the enemy camp!

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