Danger On The Horizon - Part 2


Hiroshi, Tosai, Yuzuna

Date: July 10, 2010


Hiroshi leads a mission with Yuzuna and Tosai in tow.

"Danger On The Horizon - Part 2"

Miati Forest - Long Grass [Land of Fire]

Miati Forest - Long Grass [Land of Fire]
Again the trees from the Miati Forest have thinned out and the beginnings of broad green grass planes stretch nearly as far as the eye can see. The thin cane grass here ranges from knee to waist high and some of it even beyond head high. Occasionally there is the occasional copse of tall hardwood trees there to provide shade to the weary traveler and even camp sights. Oddly enough the area is not as flat as one might think, the planes fully of rolling sweeping hills, with low points and the occasional stream.

It took little time for darkness to come, leaving the village hidden in the tree's not as protected with a majority of its guards have returned to their homes for rest, leaving only our shinobi, the town drunks, and late night travelers awake. The group of ninja would have regrouped in the Inn and wasted little time collecting dinner and returning towards their nightly quarters. The room itself would not be that big, two queen sized beds would rest in the center of the room, which means either one Male slept on the floor or would stayed up and watched guard, but it would seem our shinobi would not get that pleasure. "Well guys, we spent most of the evening here, and its been all talk and no fighting on my end. From what I know this may exceed a normal D rank protect from bandits mission, possibly putting this a high C, but we knew that much. But being this a hidden village we didnt know that there are about zero shinobi here other than us, from what I gathered this is just a small village oasis. And the whole hidden village thing, came from it literally being a hidden village and nothing more. The only guards are volunteers who would stand very little chance against samurai, and the village itself is not to wealthy. So we are doing this to be helpers not for the wealth it seems. So what did you two gather?" Hiroshi would ask moving over towards a single window facing the front of the inn, giving a almost clear view into the darkness. The teen Hyuuga would appear rather calm and laid back, his Pale eyes focused outside of the village, as if looking into the darkness for the answer to his question. Meanwhile the Samurai would have began to gear up, gathering their horses, and carefully covering their tracks, in mere minutes the camp would appear as if no one was ever there.

Sitting on top of the covers of one bed with her legs tucked beneath her, Yuzuna silently watches Hiroshi as he paces, pale opal eyes blinking slowly with her usual stoic expression. "After spending most of the afternoon in the marketplace, there was very little gossip in regards to samurai. I did, however, uncover something else." She shifts her right hand from her lap, slipping slender fingers between folds where presumably is a hidden pocket, pulling out a small piece of paper to hold it out in the middle of her palm. "There was a man dressed in crimson robes. There was a symbol stitched into his sleeve and after a few hours of standing in one place in the Market, he left for the closest inn. Not without dropping this, however."

Nodding to Hiroshi's words, Tosai, who stood near the balcony of the room, resting along a side wall, would ponder what had been the current state of affairs in the village. The room, had been certainly small, but it mattered not to Tosai, since most likely, things would soon escalate anyway, causing the fight to began either sooner, or later. He would look to Hiroshi, as the Hyuuga would move to the window at his side, and smirk, some of the things mentioned, causing the Akimichi to do so. "Welp, that goes to show you. Being a Hidden Village, just ain't held sacred anymore." He would look to Yuzuna, raising an eyebrow at the note she had picked up, wondering first of most what it had been. It even funnier that the Samurai would have been bold enough to even send someone here to scout, despite knowing they had a reputation now.
Tosai would say, "Yeesh… this ain't looking so good. A poor village, with nothing but a local law enforcement, and the fact that they are more a vacation destination. Talking about a worst case scenario." As for his own observations, Tosai would sigh and say, "And being that Samurai, are a little more than well prepared for this thing, this village, is Hiroshi is accurate on his observations, won't be nothing but a setting for a massacre. They'll be eaten alive. I am talking about the number of a small army, well geared, and with enough force to defend an incoming attack, as well as make one. Sure, they might not have much of a cavalry now, thanks to me running off allot of the horses, but if they get into the city, won't be much need for horses." Tosai would chinrub, and say, "I could grow some, and began to take out a couple in bulk, if we manage to get the jump on them, but if they are as skilled as Hiro-kun says, then it would be something I'll be able to tackle alone."

Hiroshi would nod lightly sighing only a bit before shaking his head, "Perhaps surprise would be our ally, but then again I have never known a samurai to cave easily. IF it were only a few I would be ok for you to take down Tosai, but the numbers are against you my friend, and I could not send you out to a slaughterfest." he would say his tone rather serious as he approaches Yuzuna who was on the bed, "The crimson robed guy, I don't know much about him, but I doubt he was a guard, or a traveler as you guys have said." he would sigh once more kneeling down. "What was that you found he dropped Yuzuna?" Hiroshi would ask curiously. Meanwhile the Samurai were geared up and ready, mounting their large black steeds the general of the army would give his battle call as the group moved out. There destination, who knows. Back at the inn Hiroshi is truly baffled by Yuzuna's find, "I'm stumped, what is it?" he would ask curiously.

Yuzuna merely shakes her head as Hiroshi takes the note from her palm, "I am not sure. The words 'half past' sounds like a time, though we still do not know of a place, or why." She gently quirks a brow as she breathes out slowly, her hand returning to her lap once more as she sits perfectly lady-like. "That is my best guess at the moment though. If either of you have any theories to what it could mean, please feel free to offer." The heiress shrugs a single shoulder, pondering silently to herself. "In either case… I do not think the three of us would be enough. Unless we do something ahead of time."

Nodding, Tosai would say, "I don't plan too. Not in the least. The guy in black, the lead of this thing, seemed pretty impressive. I didn't get a clear look at his capabilities, but hey I wouldn't count out as a punk at all. That guy, is well trained." Tosai would look to the note that Hiroshi was passed, and ask, "Hey.. You mind if I have a look?" Tosai would look to it, and see why Hiroshi had been confused. If given the note, he would look to it, and his eyes would widen. It was written in code. A rather simple one, but still, it was really different. He had seen something like this, back in the Land of Iron during the clan wars. The wording was meant to be read keeping in mind not what it meant, but what it implied. "Half past, midnight… village ass-… Oh crap.. what time is it!"
Tosai would look around to see a nearby clock, and when he would notice it, his eyes would widen in shock, and in a large burst of speed, the large nin would go crashing through the wall he stood by, bashing through it rather destructively. He would be seen, on a nearby roof soon, looking out toward the edge of town, and before long, scream out.. "Their here! The note was a hint!!" The Samurai had been arriving, in drove, and formation, proceeding in mass to come and attack the town. Whether they liked it or not, looks like the battle would be tonight. Tosai would charge his chakra up in a large amount, all at once, and began bounding from one building to another, until he would arrive 6 building way from the villages border.

Hiroshi's pale eyes could only go wide at the though of the samurai arriving at the village. The half moon, the passing symbol, it all mad sense now. Arriving at half past midnight and it was only moments before then. However they would not all charge into the village nor would they make a single noise, they instead ride quietly single filed to hide their numbers. Hiroshi would stand in shock for only moments as he performs a single hand seal gathering a set amount of chakra. Nothing seemingly could stir the Hyuuga's cool, that is until Tosai takes down a wall, "Uhhh, we are so gonna have to pay for that!" he would shout out, but desperate times as one might say. Hiroshi would turn to his cousin sighing at how calm she seems to be, "Well nothing seems to stir you huh, alert the people in the inn t o stay put and then meet stick to the shadows close to the villages entrance, we are gonna ambush em as soon as they come in." He would say, and with that Hiroshi would activate his Byakugan, the bulging veins coming to light as his eyes give a pale white glow in the darkness. And with that Hiroshi would go off in search of the large nin Tosai meeting him on a building not far from the entrance. "We will ambush em, slam down as hard as you can at the entrance once they erupt, I will be sure to meet them there.
Mean while if Yuzuna were to go down stairs as asked from Hiroshi, she would notice the crimson robed figure, standing tall, sword extended towards the inn keeper, and another towards an elderly women. Both of the inn keepers were rather elderly, appearing to be in their late seventies of age, and terrified with fear. As Hiroshi flickers from Tosai's area, the teen Hyuuga would stand just before the villages entrance, 30 feet from it to be exact, his pale white eyes giving a glow in the darkness as the sound of horses are heard, and the first horde of samurai emerge firing two arrows at the Hyuuga (30 each) followed by a group of 2 in a single filed line charging forward(Physical charge-30 to dodge or counter).

As her attention snaps to Tosai with his sudden rush of movement, which is odd for an Akimichi, Yuzuna blinks briefly before frowning. Only after a moment passing and the destruction of a wall does her soft lips part slightly, her pale eyes snapping over at her cousin with realization that also shows in his own pale gaze as shock. At Hiroshi's reply, she arches a dark brow, seeming unamused as she shifts her weight to rise smoothly to her feet with hastened pace. "An Akimichi running for a reason other than food alarms anyone that understands the meaning behind it." Yuzuna answers easily enough, lowering her chin in a silent nod at his command.
Lifting her right hand with two extended fingers, she concentrates a burst of chakra before the smooth skin along the corners of her pale opal eyes suddenly bulge with pulsing veins that spiderweb towards her temples. Not even a moment after does her image blur and disappear with quick speed, leaving Hiroshi to his devises as he goes to assist Tosai on a nearby rooftop. Downstairs, Yuzuna blurs into existence in the hallway just at the foot of the stairs leading to the second floor, her intense gaze sweeping the hall as she moves forward with silent footsteps, searching each of doors that are attached to the hallway itself. With each occupied room, she warns its inhabitants to stay put and arms themselves, though the Hyuuga kunoichi doesn't go into details, moving to the next room.
Pausing just outside an open doorway, Yuzuna presses herself lightly against the wall as she turns to glance in, her expression darkening to see the crimson-robed samurai with his sword extended to the neck of the innocent innkeeper with a second towards what is assumed to be his wife. Her hand tightens into an unconscious fist at her side before she forces her hand to relax, instead pressing her weight through her legs as she suddenly speeds into the very room, moving from behind as she reaches up and presses her fingers against the side of his neck. Releasing a sudden jolt of controlled chakra through her fingertips, she aims to paralyze him before taking him out.

And though the Hyuuga chuunin, both might have seen the outburst of Tosai, as he exited the wall, seeing the urgency of the large Akimichi, even this would be enough for speculation, at how the Akimichi had really felt at this point, as he would stand on the building, which had been, coincidentally, a war surplus warehouse. He would stare at the impending army, noticing well that they had been not knowing at all of the presence of a small plattooned armed force. Tosai, for the most part, had been tense, yet, for some reason, smiling. It was battle, just like the days of the Clan Wars. The Akimichi, after all of the waiting back in Konoha, had been finally getting a small war to fight, and with the impending doom he felt, Tosai knew well that he wanted this fight, badly, just to test his might.
Hiroshi, would get no look, as Tosai would say, "Hai", in lew of his orders. "I think I can do that.", would indeed, be said with a righteous laugh, as Tosai would then wait until the nin had been done, before he too, would go about his way. The nin, would take a single step of the building he now stood, and seem to sink into the ground, like it had been water, using the Underground Fish Projection technique, to make his way, quietly, to the front gate. On arrival, the nin, would seem to shoot up from the ground, twirling once, before landing, and looking out amongst the armies, would even now, seemed to be way larger, the closer he had been. Tosai would inhale deeply, and smile, his smile then going from cheerful, to that of an intense stare, as he would say, "Heehee… looks like these guys picked the wrong day." With that, he would light bulb, an idea being sparked, at the thought that he himself, might not make it out this battle, unscaved, if not that, alive. He would reach into his pouch, and pull out, a large green pill. Tosai would sigh, and look down at the thing, knowing well that buy taking one these little buggers, there was no looking back. He would shrug, and say, "Here goes nothing.", and with a lob of the thing into his gourd, Tosai would crunch down on it and chew.
Before long, the nin would then began to feel a harsh pain in his stomach, before soon a surge of chakra would seem to envelope his body, like a flame! On a molecular level, the fat of his body, would began to be metabolized, converting the property into chakra, so potent, that Tosai himself, before long, would seem to not even be Tosai. His skin, cause of the Houren Gan Pill, would began to darken and tan slightly, steam from his body emitting almost immediately, before the nin would gain tolerance of the twinges of pain surging throughout his entire body. He would then seem to grow, all at once, to a height, of about 20 feet, before the nin, would then stare at the Samurai, and after raising a large arm into the air, he would smash it into the earth, all at once, causing it to first ripple, like water from a dropped stone, and before long, the earth would quake, and shake, as if the tectonic plates themselves had moved all of a sudden, the punch into ground, sending masses of earth chakra in, to both rupture and rock the ground beneath him, but send waves of dirt and blunted rock, in to break the ranks of all samurai in range.

Hiroshi would simply stand still for a moment as the first arrow rain came forward, and with a swift turn he would dodge the first storm placing himself into a closer position, "Now!" he would shout out dodging the second swarm only this time he would flicker back an even greater distance, his location only noted by the reflection of the light casted in his pale opal eyes. And at that moment the ambush would begin. Meanwhile back in the inn Yuzuna would have her own problems to take care of it would seem, one single samurai spy would be holding the old couple hostage, so the female Hyuuga jumped into action. As she charged forward attempting to paralyze the samurai he would simply duck within the bat of an eye elegantly squatting down as he is now face to face with her knee, and at that moment he would attempt a double slash (sharp-20) bringing both blades up towards his chest he would attempt an X shaped slash at the konoichi.
Meanwhile back at Hiroshi and Tosai's end, the two Samurai would appear to get caught in Tosai's assault, but upon close examination by either Tosai or Hiroshi, they would noticed the samurai left their horses, what the. Moments later a loud neeeeh of a large steed could be heard, and before long three samurai stand ready and fit before Hiroshi, but where are the others? Hiroshi would stand his ground as the samurai form a triangular formation around him, all three screaming out, "Delta Tri-force Reverse!" As all three draw their sword and prepare to plunge at Hiroshi (35) Mean while, a group of Samurai would attempt to force their way into the village to infiltrate it even more. (30 to delay 35 to completely engage). The numbers were few thanks to Tosai's earlier jutsu, but 6 have already seemingly made their way in, with 6 more attempting to barge in, and one spy.
Meanwhile the elder would sit inside of his home, watching over the village as the small run invasion begins, Samurai of all beings, attacking his once peaceful village, the old elder can only shake his head in dismay, stroking his long white beard for a moment before saying to his assistance, "Bring meh, my old Gi!"

The corner of her lips tugs with a slight and irritable scowl as Yuzuna narrows her already intense pale opal at the samurai as he manages to duck from her paralyzing touch. Her hands tighten slightly, though she is already in movement as she blurs with sudden speed, seeming to rematerialize feet away and out of reach of his slashing blades. The corner of her lips tugs subtly with a quiet smirk that is only known to the Hyuuga clan. "Today just is not your day." Yuzuna murmurs lightly as she swings her right arm out in front of her, already lowering herself into the Juuken stance. The smirk fades into a stone and harsh expression as she suddenly moves forward towards him with another burst. Slamming her fingers, Yuzuna yells, "Two palm! Four palm!" She slams harder, "Eight palm! Sixteen palm!" The sheer force pushes him back as her hands blur even faster, "Thirty two palm!"

With Tosai seeming to have heard the signal from Hiroshi, even though it was, well, sort of belated, the nin would definitely begun moving, without the need of being told other wise. Not being able to help Hiroshi much, would not make for a happy Tosai, the large nin seeming grimace, and grunt, as Hiroshi would be hit with the formation slash. Hiroshi, had been okay of course, but Tosai knew well, in part, that this had hit the ninja, very hard. But Tosai could worry of it, for it seemed that despite the nin's size, the samurai, seemed bent on pressing into the city regardless. Though He was friends with the Hyuuga, Tosai knew well, that he could only pray for the Hyuuga's health, for other matters, had need of being attended to. Even the curiosity of Yuzuna's well being, had to be stayed, because of the fact that this battle was getting way out of hand. The Samurai beneath him starting to move into the city.
Having to remedy in some sort of way, Tosai, in his large form, would make a large hop, and land with an earth shattering thud, as he would land in and try to block the six samurai who had begun moving in. With one hand coming down upon the group, Tosai found himself enlarging the already super sized palm, just to slam down upon the invading group with righteous fury. And if that hadn't been enough, he would proceed to push back the same six, along with the second wave, who had not made it quite into the city, by sticking a thumb into his mouth, and, blowing up his entire torso, and body, in mass, causing a large sphere-like belly, to smack against the samurai, like an iron wall, and send them flying. But for some reason, the spy would seem to have been missed. "Ugh! Hiroshi! I am missed one!", would be said, as he would notice the scurrying samurai, and with that, hope the Hyuuga lead, would have an idea of what to do next.
As for Tosai, the large nin would have been removing a scroll from his pouch, in hopes that the surprise it held, might give the group and edge.

Hiroshi would brace himself for a moment, attempting to enter into a spinning rotation, but is cut short dead in his tracks, the Delta technique is complete giving the Hyuuga a three way slash, Hiroshi is left purely speechless, what speed, what force, these samurai are indeed, Hiroshi would say if not for the later effects of his kaiten, he may have been more fatally injured, "Darn it three on one, not my idea of a good fight." he would say figuring he could even the odds as he enters into his clans Juuken stance. "Secret Jutsu eight trigrams bleeding palms!" he would shout out, moving into range of one samurai two fingers aimed directly at his eyes, but he vanishes, "what!" Hiroshi would shout turning around for a second strike, and the other samurai vanishes, during all thirty two strikes not a single one hit, like playing whack a mole blind.
Back in the inn Yuzuna would have her hands full, or not, as the Hyuuga heiress easily dodges the strike of the twin swordsman. The swordsman would be silent, as he peers at her for a moment, cocking his head to the left as he places one sword into the wooden floor board, leaving it there as Yuzuna moves in for her attack. Once again the samurai would try to depend on his speed, but he was not so lucky this time, managing to dodge the first 8 palms he would trip up finding himself caught in a barrage of other palms. The small beams of light would discharge from his back as he is forced further and further until he falls, but is he down for the count? His body would twitch, twitching again, before his lower half, pulls away? The samurais shirt would rip in half as an even shorter samurai forces his way out, two in one, you gotta be kidding me. Wasting little time the smaller samurai would head for the free sword, but not before throwing down a powered bag, tear gas! (30 evade)
Tosai really knew how to throw his weight around, and that is just what he did, the effects of his clans secret pills had turned super boy into superman, literally. Hiroshi would even note the extreme amount of chakra coursing through his friends veins, and figure to himself, its time to take it up a notch. Tosai's Partial body size would be just enough to block the samurai who were attempting to move forward, and including the ones after Hiroshi Tosai's super fatness would crush four of them between loads of fat and chakra, but leaving one to escape into the village, and the other four heading Hiroshi's way.
Meanwhile back for Hiroshi, stakes were getting high, and Hiroshi has already received a blow leaving him wounded but not down, The teen Hyuuga would sigh, taking several steps back, attempting to bridge a gap between himself and the Samurai, and at that moment he would release his Byakugan, gathering up an even greater sum of chakra, a small ripple of wind would swirl in a vortex around his feet, but to someone like Yuzuna who would notice, a large amount was being concentrated into his right arm. The teen Hyuuga would jump forward now, back into battle as he begins to unravel his right arm, allowing the bandages to untwine falling aimlessly onto the ground. "I got it!" or so he thought, though Tosai managed to take out 4 of twelve of the samurai with his body size, another group of 4 were merely grazed, not counting the one heading into the village, "Tosai Incoming!" he would shout out as it seemed the Samurai was about to make way into the village, with Tosai and Hiroshi's hands full.
A new challenge has arrived, or so it seems, the old elder of the village would leave his house, making way towards the battle field, a large wooden cane in one hand, and his handy assist to his left. The bald long beared elder would step forth grunting at the rouge samurai who has entered his territory, "This land is mah land, and belongs to mah people, be gone!" He would say stomping the ground with a powerful force as he flashes through s round of hand seals, "Doton: Iwayado Kuzushi!" he would shout out, stomping the ground once more as a large bulk of earth fires towards the rouge samurai."
Meanwhile in the darkness, three more Samurai await, one mounting a large black steed, and he himself garbed in large black armor.

Breathing a bit quicker, Yuzuna keeps her arms extended with pale eyes narrowed harshly on the still form of the crimson garbed samurai. Her eyes sharpen as she watches the samurai's chakra system, though only the top half seems to fade and slow before completely stopping entirely. While normally this would mean death, bright blue charka still moves through the lower half of the clothing. She scowls a bit darker in irritation, "Come on out, ingrate…" Yuzuna growls as she watches the clothing twitch with movement. By the time the shorter samurai crawls from the other half, she shifts into the Juuken stance once more, already annoyed with the setback as he takes the other sword and throws a bag at the floor. She blinks once in quick realization before a scowl flashes across her expression, blurring with sudden speed as she moves to the cowering Innkeeper and his wife. While dodging the thrown tear gas in such an enclosed space, Yuzuna pushes the older couple through the doorway and into the hall, making sure both are out of the way before she turns her attention back at the other samurai. Her scowl darkens as her fingers flex at her side, glowing faintly with chakra as she rushes towards him and presses her hand to the side of his neck, attempting to paralyze him and be done with it.

Smelling something rather pungent coming from behind him, Tosai would be prompted to look back, the smell immediately bringing his mind to think of Yuzuna. What would the nin see, in his extremely tall and enlarged form? Smoke… Tear gas? It was safe to assume that it could only be so, the smell, even from where he had been, causing the large oaf's eyes to water. "Yuzuna-him.", would be mumbled from his lips, as he would worry slightly of the woman. Yuzuna had been tough, true, but even the best of nin could have one pulled over them, in an intense battle. Tosai knew this well, his own, body seeming to feel the strain the longer it pressed. Tosai's time was winding up. As long as the pill was in his system, the nin knew that the body he had pride in, would only degrade the longer he fought. The perils of the Akimichi clan's enhancement pills, weighed heavily on him, and thus he knew that things would get dangerous for his health if this fight had been longer.
Caus of these facts along with others, this skirmish was amounting to be a battle for which the larger nin of the team just couldn't understand. He would have panicked only slightly, at the infiltration of the smaller samurai, before the call of a jutsu, would exchange that doubt, with curiosity. The jutsu's release would fill the air, taking down the spy, whom he had failed to attack causing the Akimichi to wonder, 'What now?!". Tosai would look around, in his enhanced form, and say, "Huh?", as he would wonder what was going on behind him. An old man! And a fierce one at that, had used earth ninjutsu. Tosai would smile. "Heehee… I knew we should have had a fourth guy.", being said jokingly, as he would then thumbs up to the elder, and keep himself moving. Tosai would see the four samurai, whom he had managed to blow back, seek Hiroshi's destruction, and react in a way that was truly unseen on his part, before now. For earlier preparation, had been well worth it for Tosai, who had planned a surprise just for cases like this, when the chips were down, and the cards were stacked against the missions's success.

Remember the scroll he had held? Well, it had a little something special, for cases like this, when time was at a lost, and things had to get done quickly. The fat nin, would fling it into the air, and with a single handseal, a large nin, about the size of a house tarp, would appear, littered with kunai, and spikes, which would seem sewn into its links. Had it been to capture the samurai, in a trap? Nope.. For if Tosai had been looked for, he would not be in the spot he had been formally, any more. He would have flicker, into midair, just above the net, his torso and core, expanding into a large ball. Once this had been achieved, the Akimichi, would then withdraw his arms, feet and head within the ball, before plummeting right into the net. The result?! An improvised enhancement, of the jutsu known, as the Akimichi Clan's Human Bullet Tank, spiked and sharpened, given enough tread, to go bowling through two of the attackers, seeking to make mince meet of Hiroshi.
Talk about a weird twist of events, not only was the elder kicking butt, he was doing it ninja style. Who would have suspected, this morning the old guy could barely breathe, now he is waving hand seals and chunking large bulk sizes of earth at people. As Hiroshi would seemingly go into a small state of worry and panic, the last time it was three on one, now its four, this just isn't his day is it? Things were looking down for the Hyuuga teen, taking a step back he would enter into his clans Juuken stance, and just as two of the samurai were to charge forward, they would find themselves in quite the sticky predicament. "Doton! Mud ground jutsu!" the old man would show out blurring through a hand of seals, clapping his hand twice before slamming it down onto the ground. The area around two of the samurai would quickly liquefy, almost as if trapped in quicksand. The muddy ground would quickly engulf two of the warriors submerging even their swords within the ground. "Doton: Ground Mud reverse jutsu!" he would shout out, as the ground hardens around the samurai, now hard as stone, unable to move within only their heads above the dirt, two of the four samurai lay beaten, leaving two for Tosai and Hiroshi to take down.
"Report back tell our lord that this area has no shrine, but the village itself possess little threat, and it should be ours for the taking. I myself will see to this personally." The large leader would say as he rides his black steed into the darkness. The other two samurai who await outside quickly follow their masters order and in a single filed line head into the opposite direction. The large cocky leader would have at his sides two crimson hilted blades, with onyx etchings each galloping along with him

Yuzuna would waste no time defeating her enemy, no longer than what was already taken, the Hyuuga heiress would safely get the shopkeepers into hiding, before taking down the small samurai, who just light his counter part one hit was all he needed to fall. The midget would be more than stunned he would literally kill over, surely not from just a simple stun strike, if not that what could it have been? Meanwhile things outside were turning for the best, just as Hiroshi saw himself getting tired, and tired he would be saved by his once again over sized buddy, "Good looking out!" Hiroshi would shout as he watches Tosai quickly end the two samurai, and that seems to be all that there is to it, The invasion was stopped and with the last two samurai down, and two more trapped in the mud, things were finally starting to look up for the group, that is until, their final enemy shows up, not making a single sound he simply steps from the shadows of the cavern slowly walking the horse. Hiroshi would not have noticed him, instead he would run over to the now exhausted elder curious about just where did he learn all those jutsu.

The second and smaller samurai falls from her grip, his body relaxing as Yuzuna watches his chakra slow and still just as the first did. She scowls mildly with irritation at the delay, not knowing what kind of trouble Tosai and Hiroshi have probably gotten into, though she doesn't doubt that she will have to get them out of it. Pressing her lips together, she does a quick look around, making sure the Innkeeper and his wife are uninjured and mentally stable, for the most part, before she takes off towards the gate. She pushes for speed, her expression stoic as she comes soon upon piles of bodies garbed in deep crimson. When she does come to a stop beside the gate, Yuzuna presses her back against the wall as she narrows her eyes at the figure that leads a horse by the reigns. It only takes her a quick moment to realize that neither of her teammates are aware of the danger. Her heart beats a bit quicker in her chest as without hesitation, her figure blurs with sudden speed, already focusing chakra through her palms with the dash strike.

Seeing indeed, that the two he attacked had been caught well as Tosai, in his balled form would have done well. He would seem to flip out from his sphered state with ease, looking to Hiroshi, and giving the thumbs up, as he would seem fine. And thanks to the old man, who Tosai would get to see in action, the attack seemed to be staved, for the moment. While Hiroshi had been tending to the old guy, Tosai, had indeed been keeping his eye out on the horizon, and thanks to being without his glasses, he could not make out the dark figure, who seemed to face them now, in the middle of the night. But with Yuzuna seeming to flash pass the group, in the middle of a blur, Tosai's eyes would widen, knowing well that this person, was probably not a good guy.
"Yuzuna, wait!!! We don't know who were dealing with!", would be shouted loudly as Tosai would dig his foot deep into the ground, and push of, with massive power, launching himself slight above the two. Who had this guy been? Not sure on his part, but who ever had been, would not be determined, until Tosai would seem to close in on him, in mid air, landing behind the man, and skidding to a halt, just as Yuzuna attack, had started. He would watch for an opening, and only if the man had been knocked back, would Tosai, use an extra large hand, to grab him from behind, and throw him him behind him, at high speeds, before ripping the earth up from the ground itself, in a domino effect, which would bring chunks, and plots of ground, flying up, in waves moving in a straight line.

"Ehm, Shinnobi." would be all that's said as a single samurai remains, curiously Hiroshi peers at the old elder who was now huffing and puffing attempting to catch his breath. Hiroshi would pay little attention to the black armored samurai as he comes onto the scene riding his large black steed. "Well, it would seem my men have fallen to an old man, and two shinobi from Konoha." would be said as Yuzuna charges forward just at lightning speed, the teen Hyuuga would become completely aware of his surroundings and how his cousin rushes forward, but did she get him. A small explosion would go off just as Yuzuna would come into contact, though it was not large enough to cause any serious damage, but the samurai and his steed were gone in an instant only to appear meters away, seemingly taunting the Konoha shinobi. "Next?" He would ask awaiting Tosai's attack, and it would be at this moment the Samurai and his horse split apart, both dark figures dashing towards their opposite corners a Tosai's large grip, and earth upheaval are dodged. Keeping to the shadows the Samurai himself would be quite the tactician, taking from his side pocket, a canister of tear gas tossing it into the general area of tosai (35 Dodge). And while the Akamichi was wasting time there, the samurai would make his moves towards Yuzuna, appearing in her area in an instant as he draws hi sright sword, attempting to slash her left leg. (sharp 35)
Taking a moment to jump back now, the black armored Samurai would regroup with his large steed, which he quickly mounts, "I am Loa Feng, General of the Shein soldiers, I demand you all either surrender now, or you will be killed." would be said knowing very well reinforcements from Konoha would take some time, and the two shinobi were obviously exhausted from their fight. Wait where was Hiroshi? The teen Hyuuga was back into action as he charges forward, unleashing an assault on the General and his steed purposely attempting to strike the steed twice with his dash strike, and its master in the spine, though this would seem to have less effect, what's this, iron armor? Hiroshi would ask himself, in peer shock as the general extends his sword out to swipe at the Hyuuga. (35)

Yuzuna blinks once before the explosion sends her flying backwards through the air. Scowling some, she twists herself through the air as she lands in a crouched position, her hands pressed against the ground to brace herself as her intense opal eyes snap up at the last samurai. Rising to her feet, she barely has a moment of thought to react as Loa Feng draws a sword with his right hand and slashes it at her leg. At thin air. The Hyuuga Kunoichi has already disappeared and reappeared several feet away, dodging the blade just as it began to swing at her. The slightly irritable scowl lingers in her expression as she stares at the samurai, narrowing the Byakugan at him as she tries to get a read. She can only blink as she watches her cousin suddenly blur as he dashes forward with an clear killing intent. Her pale eyes widen with growing fear, "Hiroshi!" Yuzuna yells his name, though useless. The scowl returns as she dashes forward as well. Though her cousin has aimed for his chest, she aims for a place that would be unguarded, more than likely. The back of the neck.

Meanwhile, Tosai would have no idea that this man, had been this strong, the attacks by he and Yuzuna, obviously being dodged in such a way that he would seem to have no way of telling the man's speed or tricks. The general, as it seemed, had been well verse in tactics, enough to know how to both disappear in the midst of an explosion, using it as an distraction, or how to avoid the enlarged palm of an already enlarged Akimichi. Tosai knew that the group did not need this type of foe, especially at a point in time, where the longer he himself fought, the more of a chance he had to circum to the effects of his clan's pills. As the tear gas would land near him, the large ninja, would enlarge his hand and arm, enough to be able to launch himself, high into the air, before it would explode into noxious fumes.
It would be in midair, that the nin, would not be seen flickering into nothing, the ninja using speed, to hide and then appear, right near the general, after Hiroshi's attack had landed, to smack him dead into the ground, with a fist the size of a truck. It would be after this attack alone, that Tosai would flicker out of sight once again. His strategy? Wait for the Hyuuga's to connect and distract the general, only to appear with a hard hitting attack, strong enough to flatten Lao Feng into dust. For example. After Yuzuna, Juuken Strike, the nin, would appear, flickering into view, as his sphered form, bowling right into the general, at high speeds.

The enraged samurai seems to be toying with the group, his own steed even able to defend against Hiroshi's strikes, and with Hiroshi finally getting close enough to land a spine strike onto the Samurai, he would notice a sharp pain erecting through his fingers, Iron armor? "What is this guy?" Hiroshi would ask out loud truly speechless at this display of power. The teen Hyuuga would sigh lightly only to have his question answered by the sure sign of this samurais power, he was nothing more than a demon. Sure he was a man, but he fought like nothing Hiroshi has ever seen, and he is only a foot soldier? Hiroshi would grit his teeth jumping back a ground distance almost as if he were retreating leaving his allies behind. The demonic Samurai would only laugh at the shinobi, throwing his head back to cackle as he uses his horse to counter Yuzuna, bucking its front legs up defending for his master knocking the Hyuuga heiress back. The steed itself seemed to be apart of this fight, and with its master were both able to tackle dodge both of Tosai's strikes, even the human tank bullet.
"Darnit body armor, fast movements, we may need to pull back this guy is giving us a run for our money, darnit he wasn't this fast before what could it be." Hiroshi would ask himself still hiding off in the distance the teen Hyuuga would squint his eyes in the direction of the Samurai, who has now drawn Both swords twirling them elegantly in his wrist as he is seen moving in Tosai's direction, the large Akamichi obviously would be feeling the effects of the pill he took, and Yuzuna, she was slowing down to it seems, but Hiroshi of all want panting loudly, the teen Hyuuga seemingly exhausted but why. "Just a little bit longer, but what, what is the source of his increased speed now." he would ask him, but doesn't seem to get an answer other than the Samurai charging forward on the large steed once more, this time especially aiming for Yuzuna, who was bucked back earlier by the steed, dual swords in hand he would bring them towards his chest forming an X "X-Slash" (35 for one 44 second) and with that he would circle around heading towards Tosai now, heading towards the Akamichi at full speed. (40 blunt take down 34 slash) The stallion itself would seem to want to lock horns with the Akamichi, power vs power, could this horse actually over power such a large nin.

The pair of hooves thrash out to send her blasted backwards through the air, sending Yuzuna rolling across the earth to come to a skidding halt. A moment passes as she makes a pained face, long dark locks straggling around her face as she places her left hand on the ground, struggling to push her weight slowly up and stand to her feet. She winces as with every deeper breath, a burst of pain spreads through her chest where the hooves slammed into her. Her scowl darkens as she watches the samurai calmly approaching her, blades out at his side as he lifts them and slashes towards her in an attack. The corner of her lips tugs with a thin growl, though the next moment she blurs and she simply isn't there. Speeding several feet away, Yuzuna kneels as she narrows her intense Byakugan on the samurai, focusing her chakra as she studies him. It would be foolish to try another attack without finding a weakness.

Meanwhile, Tosai, wasn't really the scanning type when it came to such things.. Not much time when ya got a steed staring ya down. He would watch as Yuzuna, would get trampled, wincing slightly, only to wonder is whether or not, the Hyuuga had been okay. He would look to the nin, as she would skid out the way, and began to resent the samurai, with a deep hate. When the samurai would head his way, Tosai, would have no problem, with knocking him off his high horse… in a manner of speaking. As the swordsmen would come in hot, swing his slash at Tosai, the Akimichi, with a fist, the size of a small car, would bash the blade way, only to then take the horse's charge head on, grabbing it by the head, and body, and stopping it dead, probably forcing the Samurai, thanks to forward momentum, to fly off the steed, as high speed.
It would be then, that Tosai, would watch Lao Feng fly, flickering to meet him, in the end, with a devastating attack. His attack? Well, it would start with enlarged hands, in his already huge state, being enlarge to the size of trucks. When the general would be in range, he would find himself, the fly, being smashed in between the largest two hands he had probably, ever seen, the force enough not only make his ears ring considerably, but to probably make a couple of cracks in that armor of his, weakening it. And surely, the smack, thanks to its force, would probably disorient him quite a great deal.

How could a single Samurai general do so well vs three shinobi, although the group managed to survive the deadly slashes of the samurai, how long would it be before they tired out? The samurai seemed to have no weakness as he charged for Tosai on his steed, the proud warrior showing no fear of locking heads with the Akamichi, especially after Tosai shows what he is made of blocking the samurais strikes sending on of his blades into the distance, and it doesn't stop there, the large nin even does so much as to force the Samurai to demonic his steed. This would seem to not agree with the Samurai, who is now enraged it would seem as he examines the large nin.
Hiroshi would simply stare from his hiding, squinting his pale eyes at the samurai, gazing at him as if he is awaiting the answer to pop out of nowhere. Slowly the Hyuuga's eyesight would focus in slowly, he would be able to see the connection. Hiroshi's eyesight would blur for a moment, the teen Hyuuga almost panicking, until everything begins to come clear, the bulging veins once again begin to protrude, only this time they would scatter even further than before, covering a small section of his cheek now. "Is that chakra, what is it, why, why couldn't I see this before?" Hiroshi would ask himself as his once all pale eyes become moon light silver, as they begin to burn with more intensity. "That's it." He would say having finished gathering the chakra for his jutsu Hiroshi would take to the skies, as he shouts out, "The Horse was the source of his speed and increased agility, Tosai take that steed to the moon!" Hiroshi would say landing on the ground not far from the samurai. "I was watching, and I would have never truly figured it out if not for my clans Byakugan, and your skill Tosai, when the swords man was dismounted i noticed a extreme drop in his movements and chakra level, which pegged me is strange because I was unaware the samurai here used chakra in their techniques, so it would seem his horse and him are one, and without it. He is just another regular foot soldier!" Hiroshi would exclaim, getting into a variation of the Hyuuga Juuken stance.
"Your tough armor is a pain, but lets see where it lies when I reveal my most power jutsu!" he would exclaim lowering his left hand towards the ground, "Eight trigrams, sixty four bleeding palms!" At that moment Hiroshi's own speed would slightly increase as he moves in for his assault two palms, four palms, eight palms, sixteen palms, thirty two palms, with each passing strike Hiroshi seems to grow more fatigued, but slowly his chakra strikes begin to lay damage towards the samurais armor as the force of his chakra connects with the enemies open flesh locations and vitals including his forehead with the sixty fourth palm.

Yuzuna snaps her dark head around to where Hiroshi leapt, Byakugan narrowing intensely as she listens to his reasoning just before he moves to strike at the samurai once again. Her pale gaze snaps towards Tosai, pausing a quick moment before lowering her chin in a silent nod. Shifting her weight, she moves into the Juuken stance, waiting long enough for Tosai to attack and take out the horse, the source of the samurai's power, before she moves into a blur of speed to attack as well. "Eight trigrams! Thirty two palms!" she screams as she slams her fingers forward with blinding speed. "Two palms! Four palms! Eight palms!" Her barrage of attacks add to her cousins, "Sixteen palms! Thirty two palms!"

And as Yuzuna, had been lighting all hell into the horse of a different color, Tosai, would have held on tight to that steed, gripping hard with enhance hands, as he would feel the mammal, vibrate, and struggle, with every hit that Yuzuna would make upon it. After the last palm had been delivered, Tosai, would proceed, and saying, "Hiroshi! Move!", just as he would swing the horse around, several times, spinning on his heels, before heaving the horse mightily… at his master! And that wouldn't be all. Remember that chain net, that had been ditched a while ago. Well, don't think for a second, that Tosai had truly ditched it.
For a yank of some wire, would reel it in, only for it to be then caught, and vanishing, right along with its master. Where would Tosai have gone? Well, net, plus rolling human sphere, often don't equal good things. Tosai would have been descending upon both the horse and owner, with righteous furry, as a ball, of metal, and meat, attempting to one shot both in a furry of rolling might, as the Akimichi clan's Spiked Human Bullet Tank.

And that was all the samurai wrote, reveling not only the full force of the Hyuuga secret jutsu, only to have his own stallion casted back at him and soon reduced to nothing but garbled flesh and dirt. The ninja of Konoha did not exactly stress the idea of damage to the area, so for one thing the villages entrance sure as hell looked like a battle field. The old elder would stand to his feet now supported by his staff slowly approaching the Konoha teens. "Well dag nabit I'll be, you kids got some spunk in you, I couldna did it better myself." would be said as he stops the ground twice with is stick. A small ripple in the earth around our heroes would be felt as the two Samurai left alive would be uprising from their earthly hold, only to have the mud still restricting their hands, legs, and now mouth. "Ah figured Samurai attacking like this wouda beh a little strange, so I best believe you Konoha citizens take them in fer questioning." would be said by the old man, who today has shocked the hell out of everyone.
"Yes, we have dealt with Samurai like this before elder, and now that we have even more-" Though Hiroshi would not finish his sentence, the teen Hyuuga would become a bit dazed as he falls to his side robes would obviously be soaked with the blood from his still bleeding wounds from the Samurais Delta strike, hopefully one of his trusted beloved, friends! would watch him before he would fall side first into the ground.

Yuzuna breathes quick and deep as she rests her weight through her hands against her knees, a thin of sweat glimmering against her pale skin as she stares at the remains of the horse and its master. After a moment, she shifts her head to glance to the town's elder, the Byakugan still intense with veins bulging with a steady pulse. The corner of her lips tugs slightly before the Byakugan fades into nothing, leaving the pale skin of her temples smooth once more. When Hiroshi's stance falters and he begins to fall to his side, her pale moonlit eyes widen with fear. Not even a moment passing as Yuzuna blurs with an instant speed, her slender arms cradling Hiroshi's weight to support him and make sure that her cousin doesn't fall on his wounded side. Gritting her teeth, she shifts slightly to get a better look at his side, her stomach twisting as her slender fingers subtly curl along his robes, "We need to get you to a mednin."

Meanwhile, seeing the downed samurai, would make the larger of the nin happy, yet, seem sort of well, sad. The fight seemed to end before it even seem to began, and with his body still moving with enough adrenaline, and chakra, he was still rather wired. But then things would calm down, as he would see Yuzuna flicker out the corner of his eyes. He would look to the nin, and blink, and rush to the side of his friend, saying, "Heehee… at least you'll know not to get stabbed this time, Hiro-kun.", begging his pardon to Yuzuna, as he would take and lift the boy up gently, cradling him in large arms in biceps. Yuzuna, if she had looked at Tosai's body, would notice not only a large well of chakra within his system, much of still coursing like a flame, but she would also notice a slight thinning of his mass, the result of the pills activity over the last few hours.
He would nod to the Elder, in saying, "Before we make a trip all the way home, please tell me, you have a hospital for something like allot of blood lost, and probably some cut organs?", the nin's tone taking a rather cynical, yet semi-worried tone. "I don't think it would be safe for us to try and make a trip with him in this condition."

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