Danger On The Horizon - Part 3


Hiroshi, Tosai, Yuzuna

Date: July 23, 2010


Tosai and Yuzuna interrogate a captured samurai prisoner.

"Danger On The Horizon - Part 3"

Unknown location

Darkness had fallen upon the village, and on this night Konoha would attempt to find out the truth behind the samurai attacks. The night sky was cloudy and the air itself was thick and for most to breathe in. Tonight was truly a hot night, which to most would foreshadow hard times. On this night a group of four interrogators would be sent to question two captured samurai compliments of Yuzuna, Hiroshi, and Tosai. The four interrogators would have each been assigned a team number. Team one consisting of Yuzuna and Tosai, and team two Tsukiko and Moriko. Each team assigned one samurai to interrogate and question. Hiroshi was originally assigned to team two, but the teen Hyuuga was still badly damaged, and was ordered to bed rest, so in turn he sent his most trusted Genin. The day before each of the shinobi would have received a message stating there mission. Find out as much as you can about the samurai and why they are pillaging the nearby villages. Each of the two samurai would be in their own cell deep within the depth of the hidden mountain Jail way. it was now 1:10 AM at night and each ninja would have now arrived outside the small dank cell, secured only by a large bar door. M0riko would have the keys to the cell for team two, and Tosai for team one.

So yeah… interrogation. It had finally come to the point where info, had to get got from the baddies. It was weird for Tosai to have to do something within this dimension of things. He usually got information, in trade for not beating someone down, but normally, he never asked for it, in exchange. It was like, "I's gon' keelz you!!", and then "No!! I'll tell it all!" But never had it been something of effect as you tell or else. Tosai would be holding the keys… for what reason? He had not a damn bit of an idea. Maybe he was the responsible one? That wouldn't be it. After all, Yuzuna /was/ practically royalty. She had been the one in charge of practically a whole clan. Tosai? Well, he was just the dude, who beat down the dude, who did bad things to the other dude. That's all.
But hey, it had been a guess that since he was apart of the mission to the hidden village, that was, well, not quite a hidden village, Tosai had to be present in order to ask the questions, and well get answers. The large Akimichi nin, was not that positive about the results of this. Most of these samurai types had a code, a strong belief. It was all in, or death. They wouldn't really tell much, because their honor, depended totally upon what was decided both on the field, and off the field of battle. That, in a way, was what made the armored warriors tough. They put their very lives into the hearts and souls of everything they did, as well as what was the mission.
As Tosai would walk up the long stretch of dark corridor that led to the cell, he would have few words for Yuzuna. They had finally been alone, and yet, for some reason, he was absolutely speechless. A red tinge of blush was on his face, the entire, time, as he would walk rather nervously to the cell, looking for the number that would identify where the captive ronin had been. Tosai would look, and see it, and finally say, "Welp.. here we are.", taking the key and unlocking it. "Ladies first?", would be said chivalrously, as he would open the heavy door with a hard tug, and pass let the Hyuuga Heiress go first.

In the shadows of the long underground hallway that connects to the cell with the lone, fallen samurai, Yuzuna leans against the hard, cold earth that stretches the length of the wall. Only her pale eyes are seen through the dimly lit hall while she peers through the darkness at the samurai behind the bars as she and herself come to a pause in front of the heavy iron door, her arms relaxed at her sides as she remains eerily silent. When Tosai unlocks the door to hold it open for her, Yuzuna slips inside smoothly, without a trace of an echoing footstep on the dirty stone floors as she stares at the samurai bound by chains and manacles. She only stares at him for a brief moment before she kneels down in front of him, eye level. "Do you know which clan I am from?" the kunoichi asks lightly.

This samurai would be heavily chained. Chain wrapped around his body completely, and over his face an all white cloth which reveals only a single dark brown eye. The moon light would just barely shine down over the area, but it would not penetrate the prisons bars, only the outside lit candles would be the light source to reveal that this samurai was there. Sitting in his bed head tilted to the side. He would speak in a raspy voice, which hisses. "Thisss one doessss not care which clan you are from. Thisss one doesss not care to sssspeak with you, and thisss one ssssugessst you leave, before the little girl getssss hurt. Jusssst becaussss thisss one isss bound, doesss not mean thissss one isss not deadly." would be said to Yuzuna, not showing much sign of respect to her at all, instead his single eye darts towards tosai tilting his head to the right now. He would ask the akamichi,"Whaaaat bringsss you to thisss onessss domain?"

As things seem to start with Yuzuna's question, Tosai, finds himself not being shocked by Yuzuna's direct approach. After all, the Hyuuga, was no nonsense, even by most Hyuuga standards. He would look to the samurai, who had been bound in chains. He would look around the dark room, taking into account the ways in and out. Just because this samurai had been such, didn't mean that possibility of escape hadn't been possible. Just meant that the tactics were different. Tosai would lean on a nearby wall, letting the Hyuuga do the work, watching what he had been seeing from the woman's approach to this, and taking it in.
As the samurai would hiss out something of his own carings, and what not, he would speak of a girl. A hostage? Tosai would look to the man, rather curiously, as he would then began his own slow approach, hearing all that the hisses had entailed, and being sure to throw in a, "The woman asked you the question, as far as a domain is concerned, you have been out /yours/ for a week now, ugly." Tosai would come to a crouch right near by as he would grab the back of the head of the man, and squeeze… hard, saying, "Now.. do you know what clan, she is from.", being said asked with authority. "I think it prove prudent of you to answer, and answer truthfully… Otherwise..", the other hand being crackling knuckles as it would form a fist, and be accompanied with a stare.

Though her expression doesn't change as the hissing samurai speaks to her, it seems to darken as she stares at his one good eye. "Then you are ignorant of what I am capable of, samurai." Yuzuna murmurs a bit lower, giving pause as Tosai gets into their prisoner's face and squeezes at the back of his skull. Giving her ally a glance, she shakes her head at him only once, a silent indication to release him before she looks back into the eye of the samurai. A silent moment passes before a dark smile tugs at her lips, evil hinting at the smirk as the smooth skin at the corners of her pale opal eyes sudden bulge with pulsing veins, from her eyes spiderwebbing towards her temples with a terrifying gaze. "I come from a clan of witches and sorcerers." she murmurs in near whispers, her velvet voice haunting. "My eyes can see everything… all of your hopes, your fears… your death. I can see into your very soul…" The dark smile grows. "Even if you somehow escaped, you will forever be haunted by my eyes until you become mad… and then, you will surrender your soul to my demons and forever be lost. Never to cross to the shinigami…" Her pale as death eyes widen with madness. "And you can never escape my eyes…"

The samurais chains would rattle as he struggles against them, in an act to intimidate the shinobi, although one of his chains does become loose from the wall as it falls towards the floor clanking against the stone. But several other chains have him restrained. "Tuurrrn back now, and thissss one will not ssssshred you." would be said, before the samurai goes silent, holding his head down to face the ground. As tosai grabs the Samurais back head, he would only hiss, but the hiss would soon come to an end. Silence would fall over the chained samurai, is he dead, did Tosai kill him, A moment would pass Tosais stare going unmatched. The samurai would simply listen to Yuzuna's words before a small chuckle escapes his bandages, the samurai in a hissing laughter as he begins to speak. "And where wassss thisss ability, when our general wasssss, desssstroying you? thisss one did not ssssee anything sssso sssspecial at that time. Sate thissss ones curioussssity then, and do your worsssse, but firsssst remove thisss insssect, from thissss onesss neck. Hisssss Misquito stingssss, are only annoying not effective."

Letting go, and throwing his hands up in innocents, Yuzuna stare would cause Tosai to back off. But then the whole tangent about the eyes, would sort of throw him off. Lying. Maybe that might work. He would let the woman go on with the tale, not believing that Yuzuna had managed to cook all that up. He would smile some, standing being the man and readying himself, as the old chains he had been wrapped in, would seem to be allot weaker than the man they had bound. He would sweatdrop, getting totally tired at the man's hissing. Either this guy had a horrible lisp, or, perhaps he just like the letter 's' a little to damn much.
Tosai would hear the questioning of the samurai, as he would say of what he had observed, and what had been the truth. Looks like lying wasn't working at all. He would then sigh, and gesture to Yuzuna, to back off some, as he would come up to the man saying, "You sir, are asking entirely too many questions and answering none.. Who do you work for? What interest had been had in the village we stopped your pitiful squad from attacking? And how in the hell does that hissing sound work? Do you have a forked tongue or something?"

Yuzuna passively arches a thin brow at their hostage, watching him silently for several moments as Tosai moves in. Stepping back lightly, the Akimichi gets into the samurai's face as begins to demand answers for questions, only to ask about his hissing. She sighs lightly as she shakes her dark head, keeping silent for the moment as she instead, focuses the intensity of the Byakugan on their prisoner. Yuzuna narrows her bright pale eyes on the samurai, focusing first on his chakra, as the blue moves steadily and perfectly normal. Except. She frowns mildly, moving her attention not on his chakra, but into the shape in which his chakra system froms into throughout his body. Humanish, perhaps. Taking a slow step forward, Yuzuna narrows her gaze as she reaches for his mask, pulling it off smoothly and quickly.

The hissing Samurai would simply stare at Tosai, not seeming intimidated at all, instead another hiss, though even louder now would emit from him as if purposely to annoy the shinobi. "Thisss one doesss not need a reassson to do what he wantssss, and whatever thissss one wantssss, thisss one getsss." would be said as he struggles against another of the iron chains which are bolted to the wall. IN a split second the chain itself would snap in half, as if this samurai had some type of stored away potential, or was a chain breaker. Either or he would still be restrained thanks to several other chains. A moment of silence would pass as Yuzuna reaches up and removes his mask covering, at that moment, a ray from the moon would shine into the jail, hitting the Samurais face, only to reveal his blood red eyeball in his left eye and dark brown normal of his left. His skin seems to have overly reproduced, giving his cells a diamond like roughness and shape. His big red lips would oose from them a clear slime, and with a flicker of his non forked tongue he would eye Yuzuna. "Thisssss one isss the real terror."

More hissing. Well this was getting funny. Looks like Tosai had met another one of thos other more hardened little minions who really had no interest in giving up. Exciting.. Really. Tosai would hear the man, is that was what he could be called and then look at the other chain that had been breaking. This was not looking good. Tosai knew well that at the rate this was going, they would have to deal with whatever this man had to fight with, if he had gotten loose. That could be more troubling then an actual interrogation. Tosai had not been wanting to deal with this. Not for a moment.
And with Yuzuna now ripping of the mask, they knew well what this guy had now been. He seemed like an experiment. It was ugly, at its most ugly. And frankly, Tosai was just about outdone. "Man.. you really would work for someone that would do this to you? Pathetic. Really." He would look to the man up and down, and hear his words, and how he still tried to maintain confidence as he would sit there, simply daring the nin there to do something. "Oh really.. you claim that you do what you want, huh? You also think that you are the real terror? Well guess what, my friend. I had 100 breakfast burritos this morning!!" And this is where the fun would began.
Looking to Yuzuna, the Hyuuga, would be tossed some nose plugs. Had Tosai planned this all along? Not sure, but it would probably get the job done if this nin had ever planned such cruelty. Tosai, would come to the man, and turn around, leaving nothing but a large rear end for this partially snaked out nin to see, and then it would happen. Typhoon force winds, noxious in odor, from the buttocks of the large Akimichi, would come blowing out, hitting the chained nin with such force and poison, that it would blow him toward the back wall. "Pooooootttttt!", would echo the halls, and mountain with the loudest of horned sounds, causing the place to shake off its foundation. After that one had been done, Tosai would shout, "Answer my questions or the /real/ terror is shown!"

The only reaction that Yuzuna has is blinking once at his image, narrowing her orbs at him with a scanning glance as he eyes her in return. After a moment or so, she quirks a thin brow before breathing out slowly, a hand reaching into her robes as she pulls out what looks to be a thin hollowed tube made out of bamboo. With that in her left hand, her right snaps up to catch the plugs in midair, giving them a glance before looking to Tosai. He had planned this, it seems. Sighing lightly, she presses them into her small nose and dares to hold her breath, waiting as the sudden rush of 'wind' bursts through everything in its wake as the very earth around them shakes. Its only after this does the Hyuuga realize that now only are the Akimichi worse than skunks, no doubt their odor will cling to everything it touches. Hair, flesh, clothes. Yuzuna somehow manages to swallow a mild growl of irritation, "I have something that is a mixture of a sedative and a truth serum…" she murmurs a bit flatly.

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