Dangerous Natures


Odin (emitter), Hiei, Misa, Nariko

Date: January 10, 2014


Hiei had taken Misa outside of village walls to give her some training in shurikenjutsu. An unexpected assault, however, throws plans awry and puts one of them in critical condition.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Dangerous Natures"

A dry riverbed in the Land of Lightning

It was a cold day, but not unbearably so. Hiei had taken Misa outside of the village for some training. Since Ryouji was tied up in clan business with his folks, Hiei didn't want the day to go to waste. So he took Misa to the river bed and set up some targets for her to practice throwing her kunai. Hiei demonstrates by flicking one onto a target and hitting it. "The trick is to visualize where you want it to strike before you throw it. Well, that and proper technique. Just sort of let it slide out of your hand. Got it?"

Clan business was something Misa had very little part in. Mostly, it took the form of sending letters home to the rest of the Hebisuuhai - presumeably to be sent about and read by those sorts. Regardless, whenever she had a chance to get out of the village, she took it - and here, the masked student was happy to be out and about with her teacher.

Not that she ever really showed it.

Quiet for the most part, Misa bobs her head in a nod to Hiei, drawing her fingertips along the shape of the kunai. Glancing up to the target, she draws her hand forward using mediocre technique to slide it out of her hands and towards the target. She /hits/ the target, but far off the centre of it, the young woman flicking her head from side to side before she makes a little annoyed sound. "What do you do with your ring finger? It is always in the way."

Hiei watches her throw and then hmms softly. She had good technique but her aim was a little off. When she asks the question about her ring finger he answers. "Cut it off." He waits for her reaction before he grins. "Kidding. If it helps, try holding the kunai between your middle and ring fingers. But maybe you'd have better luck with shuriken. Kunai are generally used in hand to hand combat, but I have a tendency to throw mine as well as the shuriken. But since the shuriken are smaller, they may fit your hand better. Try one."

At the suggestion of the older nin, Misa kinda just pauses. While her face was hidden behind her black mask, one could imagine that there was a frown on her features to match the one in purple painted on said mask. A beat, and she glances from her ring finger to his own, before her eyes go to his. "You still have your own," she states.
"If you have to hit someone, and all you have is a kunai - it is good to know how to throw it," she says. At his suggestion, Misa kinda glances to him, before dipping her hand to her belt, replacing the two kunai she had left, and pulling out a shuriken. (One imagines she got a handful of throwing supplies before leaving.) Taking the academy-taught stance for the shuriken, she does manage to flick them towards the target with better technique, but a bit less accuracy.

Hiei reaches out and ruffles Misa's unruly hair. "The finger thing was a joke." He informs her before he comments on her next action. "You're right. But you're having trouble with it right now. It's okay. We'll work on it." He watches her throw the shuriken before he says. "I know they taught you how to do that at the academy, but try it this way." He bends his knees slightly and withdraws shuriken from the small of his back. He flicks them towards the target, the shuriken landing in the center in a cluster. "Rotate your wrist and then snap it back. It's not arm strength. The power comes from your wrist and forearms. You try."

Ruffling Misa's hair only adds a little more chaos to the strands, the young woman closing her eyes and lowering her head as she is kerruffled. A beat, though, and she nods. "I will practice. It is important to," she says, narrowing her eyes at the stance that he takes now. A moment's time, and Misa was mirroring him - bending her knees, hunching forward - adjusting her belt so that the shuriken pocket is at the small of her back. With a little noise rumbling at the back of her throat, the young woman reaching behind to pick up one, and fling it.

It was entirely a miss.

Closing her eyes, Misa focuses - and attempts again, the star thudding into the wood of the target… not dead center, but an inch or two above it. Her closest yet. "I like this way," she says.

Hiei nods with a smile. "My sensei taught me to throw them like that. It's a little unorthodox, but I've found that it flows better. You never have to take your eye off your target. You just reach back, because you know where they are and throw, using your arms to aim." He says to her with a nod. He should talk to the academy leaders, maybe get them to adopt his style in favor of the one they currently teach.

From the south rises a sudden pillar of flame.
It is distant, a slender thing from so far away, the figure creating it standing below, their features rendered inscrutable by distance. Those rising flames move high into the sky, soon splitting into two columns. They weave a deadly dance, swirling around one another as they begin to grow larger, gaining more and more form, their arcing path taking them nearer to the training shinobi. Soon, jagged maws open and draconic heads take form. They are silent, but their presence grows swiftly larger by the moment.

There was a simple nod from Misa as she regards her sensei, the grim (in her mind, at least) young woman glancing back towards the target. "I will go fetch the kunai and things," she says, starting to take a handful of steps towards the target. Although it was impossible not to notice the pillars of flame, the young woman slowly turning to look over her shoulder towards them. "…what is /that/?" she says, her voice lifting and rich.

Hiei nods and waves Misa on to go retrieve the kunai and shuriken when he notices the pillar of flame. And when it begins to open into a sort of mouth, he doesn't waste any time. He grabs Misa, tucking her under his arm and then leaps upwards, using treewalking to take them completely out of the river bed. As he looks around for the culprit he sets Misa down. "That's bad jutsu is what it is. Go find a shady spot to hide in. If this gets really bad, I want you to run back to the village."

As Hiei and Misa moved, the racing dragons did as well, seeming to hone in on the pair. Their speed was great, perhaps greater than expected by the distance. It was little time before the hungry crackling of the twin dragons' forms could be heard, devouring every bit of oxygen they encountered in their approach to their intended prey. They continued their rotating travel around one another, flickering eyes red and honed. Collision was imminent, destined in moments.

Treewalking always impressed Misa. "Bad jutsu?" she repeats, a bit lowly, her eyes flicking towards the water - Misa finds herself grabbed, suddenly grateful for not bringing her serpent along. Clutching the side of Hiei's tunic, she peers out from under one of his arms as they ascend, her eyes narrowing in on the fire dragons. "They are fast. Very very fast. They'll catch us," she says, her tone of voice even, in spite of her fingers clutching his tunic more.

After being set down, she lowers her head and starts to step away, kinda hunched over, her eyes still on the dragons. "If they see where I hide…" she says, but responds to him with a nod then. They were coming closer…! She would try to leap away if they did end up colliding.

Hiei grabs Misa again. "You've got a point. And I'm not well versed in water jutsu, but I've got the next best thing. Hold onto me." He makes a handseal. "Release: Rapid Movement." There is a glow around his body as the Yotsuki temporarily increases his speed. He then races for the river as the dragons continue to give chase. "Misa, I hope you don't mind getting wet." He comments as he streaks straight for the water. Once he's close enough, he dives in with Misa.

Swift, swift, swift, this assault; closer, closer, closer. Larger every second, louder every half — the lightning shinobi retreat towards the water to evade harm, but they are so close. The swirling dragons give neither quarter nor leniency, attempting to chase them down and reduce them to cinders. They rush forward, suddenly crashing into eachother in a large explosion, flames exploding in all directions but mostly guided towards the cloud ninja. The force of the blast shook the ground and left a scorched rent where it had gouged out a large piece of it. Stone and soil rain from the sky, and of Hiei and Misa, who had attempted to outrun the harm…?

Normally, Misa might protest a little bit when picked up and carted all around. But in a situation like this? Well, she was alright with it. It felt odd to be sorta useless, however… her hand dips to the belt she wears, fingers kinda dancing over the circular bit at the end of the kunai. "I do not like getting wet," she protests, closing her eyes in advance. Only for her eyes to pop open when the explosion occurs, Misa snapping open her eyes at the light and sound as she twists to glance up… time seeming to slow to a crawl for her…

… and the explosion jostles her. Misa wasn't entirely certain what had happened, but she finds herself flying through the air, without being held onto by Hiei any longer, the explosion having rent burns and tears upon her back and left arm. Curling into the ball as the world goes to a white-hot land of pain, Misa lands in a crumple. She'd need a moment. But she was quiet.

At the moment of impact, it really did seem that time slowed down. When the blast hit, Misa was blown from his arms and to the naked eye, it would seem that Hiei was also enveloped in the blast as well. However the Kumo ninja simply moved at dazzling speed while leaving an afterimage in his place. His first thought is of Misa, and he yells out. "Stay down. Don't move." If she got hit, she'd need medical attention, but with this guy on their tails, he couldn't get her back to the village without getting hit. He performs another handseal. "Release: Lightning Aura." A blue aura explodes around Hiei's body as he calls upon the power of the Yotsuki. In addition to that, the armor he wears begins to glow as lightning encircles his body and flows into it. His muscles quiver beneath the skin as if they are recieving electric shocks. "I don't know who you are, but you're dead." He withdraws the katana from his back before performing a handseal. He literally vanishes from the spot he was at and re-appears in the air above the jutsu caster. "Lightning Release: Lightning Strike!" He thrusts his sword forwards as a bolt of lightning lances off the end towards the caster.

"Don't you just love a clean job?"
Hoiru Honoo's smug expression swiftly morphed into one of shock just before Hiei appeared above her, lightning coursing through his body. She looked up towards him, the light from his armor shining off of her stricken Konoha headband — and soon belitted by the reflection of the lightning bolt streaking straight towards her. It was a bare, corkscrewing backflip that took her out of range of the attack, leaving her landing in a wide crouch as she skid backwards.
She flashed Hiei an angry look, part snarl, part smirk. "Well, I guess one of you is going to give me a little workout before you die, huh?" She blazed through swift series of seals. "Too bad both of you couldn't be so fun." Her words end as she brings a hand to her mouth, shooting out a spray of flames, the fire a sudden blooming from those fisted fingers. It is a long stream, the woman turning her head to follow the Yotsuki wherever he may try to travel.

Misa didn't quite hear what Hiei had said. Ears ringing after the blast, and eyesight bleary, the young woman glances up from her position, slowly uncurling her body to lie flat on her back and stare up at the sky. Of course, the pain on her burned back at that motion steals her breath away, and she flounders for a moment trying to gather the strength to roll back onto her side, the young woman bringing up her hand to yank her mask down - she was having trouble breathing, and the fresh air seemed to help a little bit. Darkness was tinting the edges of her vision, but she sees a bunch of plants to the side - and she starts to crawl that way - slowly but surely, casting little glances from the scrub to the two nin. A bit far away for many details, especially with her blurry vision.

Hiei turns his body to the side, the first fireball moving past him. He does it again, but this time the fireball singes his hair, but Hiei doesn't even look like he feels the heat. "Konoha shinobi. And here I thought we were allies. I'm going to enjoy this." He cants his head down slightly, his voice cold and detached. He had made the conscious decision to kill and it excited him. "I'm afraid I can't allow you or your jutsu to touch me." He fights the urge to shift his gaze towards Misa. He saw movement out of the corner of his eye, but he doesn't want to draw attention to her. He runs towards the fire witch as he draws his second sword from his back. He flicks the shorter blade towards the woman, sending out a shockwave of energy as he runs past her. He plants his foot, spinning around to deliver both blade towards her at the same time.

Honoo spits on the ground at her feet as Hiei stated her allegiance to be with the leaf. "I don't have anything to do with that disgusting place. Not anymore." She sounded offended. Looked it as Hiei ran towards her and she moved through a series of seals. As the shockwave streaks towards her, she throws herself into a sudden cartwheel. Both of her do, in opposite directions of the shockwave. They both move to converge on the Yotsuki only to find his double bladed tactics too fast to react properly to.
A burst of flame lights the air around her as the fire clone is torn through and a blade scores a cut along her arm before she can move fully out of the way. She lets loose a grimace, eyes suddenly glowing a peach color, the rest of her body doing the same. Hiei was so fast… she had to be to. And she was, suddenly appearing outside of melee range. An ethereal light eminated from her, suffusing her form as she flicked her arm to the ground, splattering a little blood there.
"You'll be paying for that one, cloud-nin."
Handseals were finished nearly so quickly as to not have even been made, eight clones of herself suddenly present about her. The each of the glowing women sneered before suddenly closing in on Hiei to attempt to batter him with kunai or fists, each imbued with flame. The true Honoo stayed behind, growling out, "You've stopped being fun, shinobi."

Did Misa blank out a bit? Or was Hiei truely moving /that/ quickly? The details of the fight were drowned out by the dance of lights and sound, seeming a bit muffled in Misa's mind. Reaching the bush, she crawls within the dubious safety of it, displacing a beetle that was just hanging out on the branches of the bush. Every inch of her just… wanted to close her eyes and rest, curl into a ball and wish the pain away, but of all things to cling onto consciousness for, she did want to see Hiei fight. And so she positions herself so that she can compromise with both pain and curiosity, curling beneath that bush, eyes wide and staring at the light show in the distance.

Hiei smirks a little as the Konoha nin sends the fire clones for him. "You'll have to do better than this." He makes a handseal and calls forth a crimson bolt of lightning from the sky. It strikes his location and once the dust clears Hiei is no longer there. Standing to the side of the real caster, he sticks both swords into the ground as his hands begin to rapidly make seals. He finishes one and then immediately goes into another. After the first one, he holds his hands palm side out as a shockwave of lightning flies towards the other shinobi. Then he holds his palm up as a disc of lightning forms. Spinning around in a circle, he launches it like an olympic discus thrower. "Suck on this." He growls under his breath.

Hoiru Hotoo let out a small sound of surprise and leapt away from Hiei as he appeared near her, hands moving through seals. "You're getting really annoying. In fact, if you were as protective—" Her blur shifted between the bolts of lightning from Hiei's electric shockwave before vanishing completely from before the energized disc.
"As you were annoying," she continued from before the Yotsuki, flashing through yet more handseals, "Then maybe your little friend wouldn't be slowly bleeding to death right now." The final seal was complete, a ram seal brought crashing together.
"And you wouldn't be joining her!" is her shout as flames suddenly streaking out in a tall wall towards Hiei — but not at him. Rather, it'd be a few yards off to his right up until a burst of wind chakra send the flames suddenly streaking towards Hiei and far, far beyond in a flash fire.

Bleeding to death? Tearing her eyes away from the fight to glance down at herself, Misa brings the gloved hand up from her belly. The fairly serious burns on her back were starting to ooze, and the gloved hand had a shimmer of blood on it. In the back of her mind, a faint thrum of panic does set in, her eyes still wide open and watching the fight, a whisper of sorts leaving her, "Please don't lose, please don't lose…"

Hiei grabs his swords out of the dirt and attempted a technique that he had only just learned. But his timing was off. He had tried to parry the attack, or look like he was while he moved away at super speed, but some of the attack gets through and Hiei just stands there, not being able to move at all. "My friend..is more resilient than you realize. She won't die. I won't die. Because we're Kumogakure shinobi. We are the best ninja on the planet." He wills his arms to move, but they aren't responding at the moment. The burns he recieved from the attack hurt, but he pushes that pain out of his mind. He bares his teeth. "Why are you doing this anyway? Who's paying you?"

"I CAN'T BE BOUGHT!" suddenly boomed Honoo as she appeared before Hiei, flame chakra sparking up around her arms, her glare filled with dangerous light. As quick as those flames came, searing air from lungs, they soon dissipated, nothing feeding them with the wind chakra gone. "The True Fire Movement works for change, not lining our purses." She lunges forward, sending a heavy punch Hiei's way, flames sparking higher. "I'm going to ENJOY THIS!" she shouts out, a falcon of flame leaving her fist and bursting forward in a powerful blow, taking Hiei a distance with it.

Drawing silent after her little chant, Misa watches, reaching down to her belt - too belatedly, and drawing a kunai to clutch to her chest. Not that she expected to be able to do much if Hiei did not win, but. She was not going to give up that readily. Just watch, and listen - what she tended to do best at this phase in her life.

Hiei takes the punch full on. His body is catapulted backwards as it rolls like a rag doll several feet. It creates a groove in the ground, and it seems like the Kumo nin is hurt badly as his body comes to a stop in a heap. An unusual sound comes from the Chuunin ninja. Laughter. Hiei starts to chuckle as he pushes himself up to his feet. Aside from the scar on his face, he seems to be alright. He spits some blood on the ground. "Ah. So you're one of those losers, eh? I should have known. Thought we either killed all of you guys or put most of you in jail. You're pathetic. Can't even kill one lone shinobi." He moves his head from side to side, a cracking like sound is heard. "I really didn't want to do this…but..you brought it on yourself." He forms a series of handseals. "Release: Lightning Dynamic!" There is no explosion of chakra this time. Lightning encircles his body, flowing through his skin and causing his eyes to glow. His muscles expand even bigger than they already are. He begins walking forwards. "Be afraid. Be very afraid."

Honoo only smirks as Hiei comes to a stop in a graceless heap, shaking out her hand and starting towards the man. That one punch hadn't quite satisfied her. She wanted to pummel this guy before she killed him and his friend. And she let him know. "I'm going to leave you bl—" she broke off, coming to a stop as Hiei's laughter reaches her ear. Her smirk falls from her face, turning to a grimace when he made his way to his feet.
Not good. She'd spent a lot of energy with all of the jutsu thus far, and she hadn't managed to get any hits in but that one. And he just shrugged it off. She could hear her breathing. She felt sweat on her back and forehead. And this hazard was /insulting/ her, her cause, and the sacrifices of its people. The muscles in her jaw clenched. She focused chakra into readiness to bring things to a close.

Hiei picks up his lost sword as he continues to walk towards the fire kunoichi. "YES!" He exclaims as he picks up his abandoned sword while still walking towards her. "That's the look I want to see. That look of fear in your eyes as you slowly realize the fact that you're going to die here today. I had given you plenty of chances to run. But no more. Now you die. I hope your cause was just. Because now you're just a failure." He flicks his wrist and lighting infuses itself into his blade. It makes a high-pitched humming sound as he crackles along the blade. "You're going to die just like your silly movement did." He takes one more step before he simply vanishes, moving at high speed and slashing towards the kunoichi's upper body.

Honoo's expression darkens as Hiei's words and his sickly, perverted enthusiasm reach her ears. Her hands clench into fists before abruptly loosening just as the Yotsuki's final words are loosed. He vanishes and just a moment later, so does she. A thin stream of blood splatters against the ground in a line from their point of contact to where she appeared off to the side, shouting the words, "If I go, it will /NOT/ be alone."
She is already moving through handseals, ignoring the pain that flares in her from the cut seen going from the side of her left breast over until it curves down her arm before her elbow. After those seals are made, she brings the final seal to her lips, spitting out a small fireball to the ground in between them. And when it strikes…

As the kunoichi's jutsu goes off like a tactical nuke, Hiei stands firm. Or at least it looks like he does. From her point of view it looked like he tried to block the jutsu with his sword and was enveloped completely. But Hiei had moved faster than the human eye could follow and remembering the lessons that Kasuya taught him, he moved to the safest place possible. Directly behind the caster. Wielding both swords he whispers to her as he stands behind her. "For what you did to my student. I hope you rot in oblivion." Then he swings both swords at the same time in a scissor like motion.

While daydreaming, a sense of dread coursed through her veins as her kunoichi where withall felt a disturbance in the force. It was within moments that Nariko woke from her daydream and ran, looking for Hiei. She looked all over, couldn't find him, then she made her way out of the village, down the trails, searching for him. Thats when she came upon the group. Misa looking, well, not so hot, and Hiei, with that crazy look in his eye. That was never good. She clenched her fists at her side, she was not happy. She ran to Misa's side. "You'll be okay. Just hang on." She looked at the woman and eyed her, not very happy, she only wanted to make the woman blind for just a second. She lifted her hand up, the lightning coursing around her arm as she spit out bolts of lightning towards the woman.

Honoo took a step forward, spitting towards the high flying flames and the man that was dying within them, sneering right up until she felt him at her back once again, whispering words of damnation. "No," she spat, desperate, her form blurring as Hiei's blades come in, the only result being her rolling across the ground to the side, a cross cut in the cloth and flesh at her back.
She abruptly dug a hand and her feet into the ground, skidding, a vein pulsing in her temple as pure, distressed determination flooded her. She started crafting seals, sharp eyes on Hiei when they suddenly went blind. White. The genjutsu had a little trouble connecting to her erratic chakra with her state and pain, but it made a firm one. The first of Nariko's lightning bolts struck her dead in the upper shoulder, nearly hitting her neck and making her stumble back with a cry. It was reflex and instinct that allowed her to lean back and avoid the second. But it overbalanced her. She fell back, hand coming out to keep her from falling on her rear.
Breathing hard, blind, she brought her legs under her and crouched there.
"No…I won't… I won't let you…"

Beneath the bush that Misa was watching the battle from, it began seeming a bit like a dream, overall. Hiei with his switch away from anything she had ever known about him, becoming essentially a bloodthirsty monster, and some woman she had never known, with fire and lights and things that flickered in the back of her mind. The arm that Misa had facing the sky was the burnt one, her back and arm seared fairly badly, but Misa does respond with a bit of a smile. "Okay," she says in response to Nariko's voice, her already quiet voice sounding wistful, faraway.

If it was a dream, having Nariko show up in it made it a better dream. Even if what was before her was rapidly turning to a nightmare.

Hiei looks down at the almost helpless kunoichi. He turns his palm up as lightning flows down his arm and into the palm, creating a disc. His gaze is cold as he bares his teeth. With the addittion of Nariko on the battlefield, he didn't have to worry about Misa as much. Though part of him kept the younger shinobi in his thoughts. Perhaps he wouldn't have gotten so angry, but..someone has gotta pay for her being hurt. And there was only one person that fit the bill. He hurls the disc towards the woman. "Don't loose your head." He says with nothing but malice as he aims the disc for the back of he woman's neck.

Nariko looks at Misa, giving her a "Be brave smile" before looking back to the woman. "Well, too bad, cause we won't let you continue." She keeps her hand raised and shoots more lightning towards the woman, for extra, just in case. She looks down to Misa. "We'll get you home soon as we can." She would make sure she was taken care of.

As the buzzing of Hiei's lightning disc filled the air, growing more intense, the blind woman rose to her feet and moved to avoid it. Impaired as she was, she hadn't even taken a full step before the attack hit her in the back on her right side, going -through- that section of her chest.
Blood burst from her with a cry cut short by the ruin of a lung, Nariko's blast of lightning hitting her full on, blackening skin and sending her crashing to the ground. The second bolt of lightning hit her prone form without resistance, scorching another section of skin.
She was completely still, her lifeblood fushing from her, the start of a new lake of the salty liquid. And then she coughs up some of the crimson ichor… Shakes her head. 'No,' the silent word her lips curl around. 'No, no, no, no, no, no…' She slides a hand above her head, fingers digging into the earth, struggling to pull herself forward…
Still blind, but now the world is black instead of white.
What does that mean?

Misa kinda quirks her head a bit to the side as Nariko looks to her and smiles. A little bit of a smile touches Misa's features in return, a shiver running through her. The obviously (to her, at least) fatal blow draws her attentions back to the enemy shinobi, the smile vanishing as Misa's eyes flicker unblinkingly on the woman's last moments. No revenge on her face, less shock, less fear - death was a natural part of life.

Even if this seemed more than just killing to eat.

The pain had receded to a lingering sting since she had been sitting still, even if the simpliest movement felt like she was tearing something she really should not. But she was good at sitting still. And watching.

Hiei watches the woman die a horrible and pain filled death. And there is no remorse on his face. He wipes his blades on her clothing and slides them back into their sheathes. He closes his eyes, releasing his technique as his muscles shrink back to their normal size. He spits on the corpse before turning on his heel and making a beeline towards his student. He kneels down next to her, the anger gone from his face and replaced with concern. "How is she?" He asks Nariko as he cradles the girl's head in his arms. "I'm sorry. This is my fault. I should have been faster to shield you from that blast…" He jaw clenches with anger for a moment before he says. "We've got to get her to Amani at the hospital." Hiei looked a little tired and he had a busted lip, and there was a burn mark on his shoulder, but that was pretty much it. "Should we move her or should I run back to the village for help?"

Nariko looked down to Misa. A hand going to the girls body. She looks to Hiei. "I'm not sure, but I do think we should get her to the hospital as soon as we can." She shakes her head. "It is not your fault. Don't blame yourself. Times like these remind us why we are becoming shinobi." She smiles and moves to hold Misa in her arms. "Let's take her, for all we know it could be awhile before we get a cart out here. I'll carry her as long as you open the doors." She smiles and carries the young woman back to the village.

Of course, touching the burned bits of her back and arm would cause Misa to hiss in pain - not really cry out, but it was a sort of hiss that might threaten a bite if one continued to harass the hisser. Not that Misa was in any position to bite anyone. Lolling her head to look towards Hiei, there was a bit of a faraway glimpse on her features. "You were so strong, Hiei-sensei.. but… so angry," she says, her words quieting more with every syllable, until she seems to just kinda daze off. It may cause concern, but it would be easy enough to tell that she just lapsed into sleep rather than any sort of death.

Hiei looks away from Misa when she talks about how angry he got. "You shouldn't have had to see that side of me." He nods to Nariko and walks back to the village with her while she carries Misa. He'd come back to retrieve the body later, if the animals haven't gotten to it by them. When Misa goes to the hosptial, Hiei will be there as well, parked in a chair inside of her room.

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