Dan's Diary

Author: Mitsuo

Date: September 26, 2010

"Dan's Diary"

June 21st, One week after Kirigakure's construction was complete.

Hello Journal-Kun, I'm your new friend, Kamiyama Dan! My mom got me for
you so that I could record my life in Kirigakure! Since we're friends now,
I guess I should tell you about me, huh!? I like singing, grilled squid
with bitter sauce, the colour blue, swimming, and being a ninja! Oh! And I
like being an octopus person, it's really cool! My teeth are fused
together and I have octopus eyes! Everyone says that I look like my dad,
but his skin is red and bumpy! Well, my skin is a little red too, I guess,
but it isn't bumpy.
Anyway, we're gonna be moving to Kirigakure in a few days, which means
we'll be moving from the Beach country to the Land of Water! We've gonna
move there so that my cousins and I can get lots of training to be good
ninjas! My family have been ninja for a long, long time, but we weren't
very good at it - Not like that clan from the Fire Country, the Senju. But
my Mom and Dad say that I can be a really good ninja! They said that my
generation is a lot better than theirs, and that they were better than my
grandma and grandpa. I hope so, Journal-Kun, because I wanna be the very
best, like no one ever was! So yeah, I better go pack now, so I'll write
in you later, Journal-Kun!

June 26th, One week after Kirigakure's construction was complete.

Good morning Journal-Kun! I have to tell you, Kirigakure is so cool! It's
so different from my old home - There are water drains everywhere! And
there's this BIG tower in the middle of the city, with fountains on it and
a big glass dome on top! Dad told me that's where the people who run
Kirigakure work. It looked so cool, Journal-Kun!
Someone came to visit us when we were moving in, and she brought us
supper and everything! She wanted to talk to us about enrolling me in
something called the Touketsu Program. She said it was better than regular
ninja school, and that if I was good enough to be in it, I'd grow up to be
a really great ninja for sure! Mom was worried, but I told her that I was
going to be okay! I'm seven years old now! So, after supper, I went with
that lady over to where the special school was and she interviewed me and
got me to do a few jutsu for her. There were a few other people there and
I got nervous, but I tried my best! I think that I impressed her, but she
said that she'd let me know if I'm accepted in a day or two. Here's
hoping, Journal-Kun!

June 27th, Over one week since Kirigakure's construction was complete.

I got accepted Journal-Kun!! I'm in the Touketsu Program! And I got to
see the Mizukage!! He was at the Touketsu Academy to see the new students.
He looked like some sort of ogre, Journal-Kun! He had these curvy horns on
his head, like a bull's, and it felt like he was daydreaming and
wide-awake at the same time. He was with this woman in a doctor's coat and
spiders crawling all over her! I heard one of the other students say she
was the head of Kirigakure's research and development division. There was
another person there too, but I don't know if it was a boy or a girl,
because they were wearing this black cloak with a big cat skull for a
helmet. None of the other students knew who that person was.
Oh! Journal-Kun! They gave me my uniform today! It's really neat - I
can't wait to wear it! Tonight will be my first night at the Touketsu
Barracks. I'll be living there from now on, but I can see my family once a
month if I want. I'm going to work really hard, Journal-Kun! The Mizukage
and his teachers are going to help me be the very best, like no one ever

June 30th, Year Zero

Hey Journal-Kun. I'm sorry for not writing in you after my first day in
the Touketsu Program. We had to get up really early in the morning, and
our classes weren't over til supper time. We're allowed to hang out after
classes are over, but I was so tired that I just went back to the barracks
to sleep.
The classes are really tough too, so I really have to try harder if I
want to pass. And my classmates are rough too, Journal-Kun, one of them
was picking on me. Don't tell mom, promise? My first class teacher says
that a ninja has to be really tough. He taught us the pledge of allegiance
too - We're supposed to recite it every day. Anyway, I'm tired
Journal-Kun, so I'm going to bed. Wish me good luck.

July 17th, Year Zero

Hello Journal-Kun, long time, no see. I'm sorry for not writing for
awhile, but I've been thinking about a lot of things. My teachers don't
think that believing in clans is a good thing, because that makes people
choose between their clan or their country, or something else they like.
Are they right? I love my family…
Anyway, the classes are still really tough, and I'm tired after them, so
I just go to bed when they finish. That boy is still picking on me too,
Journal-Kun, I just don't know what to do. Telling on him will just make
it worse, but he'll beat me up if I try to fight. He keeps taking my food
when we get to eat, and I get so hungry it hurts. And he caught me singing
a little when I thought everyone was busy eating. What can I do,

September 23rd, Year Zero

He won't stop, Journal-Kun! He won't leave me alone! No matter what I do,
he just won't stop! I told the first class teacher about it, and he just
told me to deal with it myself. He won't listen, Journal-Kun!

October 5th, Year Zero

He just won't stop! It's not fair! What did I ever do to deserve this?
Every day, he picks on me and it hurts! It feels so bad I can hardly
breathe, and he won't stop!
I told another teacher, but he wouldn't help me! He just threw a big
knife on the floor in front of me and told me to beat Kibushi up if he was
being a bully. I don't want to fight anyone, Journal-Kun! It's wrong to
hurt people, right? So I can't do that, and no one will help me, and it
hurts so much…

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