Dan's War Journal

Author: Pilot

Date: September 24, 2010

"Dan's War Journal"

October 17th, Year Zero

I did it. I got him when he was trying to take my food at lunch. I cut
his ear off before the teachers came. I did it, Journal-Kun, I really did
it. And I didn't even get in trouble either! When my teacher asked me what
happened, I told him that Kibushi was picking on me and he wouldn't stop.
The teacher told me not to do it again unless someone else is bugging me
like that again, but he didn't punish me! And Kibushi's friends didn't
even bug me for the rest of the day either!

May 2nd, Year One

Hey, Journal-Kun. Classes are over for today, and I'm not tired so I
thought that I'd write in you. My classes are still tough, but I'm doing a
lot better now. No one bullies me anymore either - Well, there was that
one other kid after Kibushi, but I broke his nose with my lunch tray. I
got punished for that time, though, because I broke the tray, but you
already know about that.
Anyway, I found out that my natural element is Wind, and since
Kirigakure's specialty is Water, I'll have to work extra hard if I want to
be a good ninja. They say that the Mizukage uses Wind jutsu too, so I want
to get really good at them and impress him. Even if I'm from the Kamiyama
family, I really like the Mizukage and his Touketsu program - I've learned
a lot because of them! Some people don't like us, but they're just jealous
because the Mizukage chose us instead of them. There are posters in the
city that are sort of like the ones at the Touketsu place, talking about
working together and stuff. My mom called it propaganda, but I don't know
what that is. I don't get the people who don't like us, but I heard them
call us names before - Should I cut their ears off too, Journal-Kun? My
mom was really worried about me the last time I went to see my family, she
said that they were changing me, but I'm still Dan, aren't I? I'll talk to
my first class teacher about it. Good night, Journal-Kun.

September 24th, Year Three

Writing in this journal has become a mental exercise lately. I use it to
express how I really feel about things, because I'm not always honest with
people. There are a lot of boneheads who think that just because we fight
savagely that we're savages. It really annoys me, so, I've been saving my
allowance up from helping out around the barracks and academy. I'm going
to do something about it, rather than just sit around and complain, so
I've got a surprise for you, Kirigakure. It'll have to wait for tonight,
because it's lunch time right now.

Year Four, the IC start of 2.0

It's been four years since I came to Kirigakure with my family from the
Land of Beaches. My teachers say that I've come a long way since then, but
I can't stop now.
I took the genin exam last week, for the whole week, and I would have
written about it afterward, but I was too exhausted. That test is very
hard, even with the extra training that us Toketsu cadets got over the
regular students. The first part of the exam was a written test that
lasted all day long. It covered a lot of subjects like loyalty,
decision-making, math, and language. The second day was a taijutsu test,
in which we showed the teachers what we could do, and they even made us
spar each other a little. The next two days were the same thing, but with
ninjutsu and genjutsu. The last three days were the hardest though: We
were given another student as a partner, and we were dropped off in part
of the marsh below the village with no food or water. We didn't know were
we where, and we had to make it through the marsh to where the final test
was going to be. My partner was some sissy kid from the regular academy,
so I had to work extra hard… Damn wimp. We had to make it to the final
test in two days, and with my plans, we got there.
The last test was definitely the hardest. They tied my partner and I
together with a rope around one of our arms, gave us one kunai, and made
us kill a Blood Marsh Anaconda. That was the most pissed off snake that
I've ever seen and I never want to see one again. The rules made things
really tough too: Both of us had to fight the snake, and we weren't
allowed to break the rope. We also couldn't let our partners get too badly
hurt or eaten. It must have taken twenty minutes for us to finally choke
that snake to death with our rope. I had to pin my side down with the
kunai because I wasn't as strong as my partner.
I feel tired just writing about that exam, so I'm going to take a nap.
They gave us a free week to ourselves before the results of the genin exam
are released, so there's going to be a lot of karaoke. I better see a good
turn out at Nanami's when I wake up for supper…

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