Abel, Rain, Tessen

Date: January 11, 2011


The first meeting


Flower - Seed

Strange things occured no matter the place. Secret and hidden things, as well as outright open things. During a collaboration of peace, there was also an underlying presence of deciet and trechery; of power plays and of opportunism. The peace that everyone came here to seek, outwardly, was never meant to be. Plucking a crippled child from a flock that has so readily disgarded him was far easier than it should have been. The night was dark, perfect given the situation with Abel and his circumstances. Rain had asked for Tessen to bring Abel swiftly, and that explination would come only then. As they arrive, Tessen having his hold over Abel, Rain would glance to the both of them i nthe darkness of where this village began and the fate of it's future continued.
"We are all born in to darkness. We open our eyes to find the light. For some, it is there, readily available and for others, they remain in that darkness and adapt. When we die, we return to darkness once more. Darkness is assumed to be bad, or death, or evil. It is rarely taken as what it is… a place where light occassionally passes through, and little more. You have been forced back in to darkness against your will. Only the Uchiha would know how to shun you so. Only the uchiha know such betrayal of their kin." Rain would state at length before glancing towards Tessen. "Just because we can see the light, does not mean we are no longer in darkness. What are you willing to sacrifice to continue your path, Uchiha Abel?"

The last thing the young Uchiha would know as that he was taken from his place of rest as he awoke he would look at the man saying his speech, "what will I give up?" he would repeat as he sat there he thougth about it for a moment. "I would give up everything inorder to regain my sight to the light, or is there something else you'll rather me give up?" Abel would be shaking his head as he thought about it again and then that's when he notice of who that Uchiha was the air around him would be taken from him and replace with anger.
"Foolish. It is for that reason you remain blind." Rain would state quite clearly with antoher glance sent towards Abel. "If you sacrifice everything for your sight, then your sight no longer belongs to you. Your eyes may as well be in jars with the other failures who cannot see beyond the Sharingan. If that is all that you have to say, then there is nothing I can do for you."

Tessen stood with his grasp on Abel and a stoic look on his face. Rain's orders were absolute to him, whether it be killing a kage, or capturing a boy. This matter was his master's and though he had met the boy once before, it was of little consequence to him.
He had an assumption that was to use this boy. Whether as a source of information, or as a new tool was irrelevant. It only mattered to him if Rain saught to make him the boy's trainer. Even then, should it be his ordered task, then he would undertake it.
For now, he stood silent. Merely waiting to see the outcome of this meeting.

"You mis-understood me just like all the rest, for I can live in the darkness and protect the people I hold dear to me like Daichi and Tsukiko, for you see I no longer want power I want to obtain the means of protecting my friends and if I have to give them up inorder to protect them so be it." Standing now he would be looking at the elder Uchiha with a smirk on his face not looking over to Tessen."

"Protection without power is blind faith. You do not need eyes to see that." Rain would state as he drew closer. "Power without control on the other hand, is not able to protect anything. So your current options, are helplessness, or to be just as dangerous as your enemies and those that threaten the lives of your friends. That is what your sacrifice of everything else leads to. I do not misunderstand you, you misunderstand me." Rain would shake his head towards Tessen, either confirming he had nothing to fear of responcibility for the boy, or he simply wanted to shake his head in some form of frustration. "The only reason you are here, is that I feel that you deserve the right to live or die by your own choices, not by the restrictions of others. Are you prepared to do what it takes to protect what you love while at the same time not fearing what you must wield in order to do so?"

"Funny I've been asking myself the question lately, what will I do if I gain sharingan? Who would I protect with it and why? I hurt someone dude to lack of control and I promise myself and them that it will never happen again and every since that day I've been working to better myself and gain control over myself. And yes I am." Standing there he would take notice of the actions of the man he would scratch the back of his head.

"Then learn to understand, and learn that understanding comes with observation, not action, until you know the proper action. Do not attack before you know what will happen aftwards. Do not assumer until you observe and gather information. And do not decide, before you have an understanding. That… is Sharingan." Rain would drop wisdom upon Abel with a calm demeanor before moving right along. "The vision is nothing without the mind. The sharingan is easy to achieve, but it is very hard to master. Even Fuyu is having trouble not being corrupted by the sheer power of her own eyes. I have my opininos of course… but understand you are not alone in attempting to understand and to master. The mistake all of you of this latest generation make, is the assumption that the Sharingan is simply your eyes. Your eyes are simply how the Sharingan manifests, the truth of the Sharingan, is the wielder. Beyond that, it is merely an often misused tool."
Rain would walk past Tessen and Abel then as he'd nod towards Tesen, knowing he'd realize it was time to go. "Find your way from the darkness yourself, and remember my words. The Sharingan is not who you or any Uchiha are. All of you who won't get yourselves killed by being foolish, are the Sharingan." His steps would echo just barely as he moved away from the area slowly. "Let this place of birth and fate, be where you yourself are too reborn, Uchiha Abel."

"That guy is something else maybe he isn't that bad of a guy." Smriking he would ntoice the sounds fading narrowing his eyes he would look around shaking his head. "WAIT WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GOING? I DON'T KNOW HOW TO GET BACK!" shouting he would jump around in place waving his arms as he landed he would wave a fist at the direction he thought they took. "Thanks a lot! WAIT CAN YOU HELP ME WITH THIS SEAL!?!"

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