Darkness Sealed


Chiyoko, Suterusu, Anzu, Sachiko

Date: October 8, 2012


Sunagakure sends a team to check on an island that hired them for a previous mission.

Poster's note: Foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Darkness Sealed"

Desert island on the south eastern edge of the Land of Water

Following up with employers after a mission isn't exactly normal protocol, but it was agreed that a team would be sent to this site to check in on things every so often for everyone's sake. Since a Kirigakure Jounin fell in the original mission, a Sunagakure Council Member was sent this time. That's only fair, right? This seems like it will be a pretty open-and-shut mission, anyway. That's why even a student was allowed to come along to observe.

Inside the Sunagakure team's assigned cabin on the merchant ship headed toward the island, Chiyoko sits at a small table with her legs crossed in a lady-like manner. Her eyes scan over a scroll she holds up in front of her, the Councilwoman's back to the wall as she reads it. She has seemed rather protective of that scroll the entire journey, turning it out of the sight of the two with her if they happen to attempt a glance at it. If asked, her reply is simply that it is for her eyes only as a matter of village security. Though not unfriendly, she definitely gets a little stern if one of the two attempts to look at it.

"We should be approaching the island soon," he says dryly as she continues to study over the parchment, obviously in deep thought.

That figure was all over the ship. It was just the thing he did, prowl. Of course, it helped that he had a shadow clone to be able to prowl about, although it most likely made the crew restless when what was thought to be a shadow turns around with red eyes to just.. stare at them. Either way, as they were getting close to the island, it had retreated to that cabin they were given. Sitting with his eyes closed, kneeling quietly himself, it would feel that approach of the ship. At the moment he was pushing that sensory ability of his, as of yet undeveloped, to see how far forward he can sense what is happening on the isle, before they get there. When Chiyoko spoke, it's eyes opened to look over at her, a small, formal nod given in agreement to her words.

Anzu would be sitting near by Chiyoko looking around curiously, although she avoided trying to glance at the scroll knowing it wasn't any of her business. This was the first time she had ever been on a ship, and she was excited that she was allowed to come along at all. She was also glad the one person she knew came along as well. It had been some time though since the last time she had seen Stealth. Osamu her companion would be flying high above the ship helping her keep an eye on things as well. Anzu would be sure to glance outside every now and then to make sure that he was alright, making the occasional clicking noise with her tongue to communicate with him.

The trip would go on rather quietly for a while until a rather troubled voice rings out from out on the deck. "M… Miss, you may want to come see this!"

With a blink, Chiyoko folds the scroll up and tucks it away then moves hurriedly out onto the deck. When she gets outside, the reason for the alarm is quite clear. The island is now in view, and it appears to be littered with corpses. Blood splatters cover the buildings and streets, mangled bodies carelessly left in the streets where they died. There appears to be no movement of life on the island, no one in the streets working to get the bodies buried, not even a single person out in the streets mourning a loved one. Could it be that there is no one left?

"Team, we are moving into what is potentially an extremely dangerous environment. If those creatures are still loose on the island, we could be in for the fight of our lives. First objective, search for any survivors or creatures that may be left on the island. Secondly, we'll go into the cave to check to see if the seal is still broken. Be prepared for anything. Any questions?" Seems this just turned from a pretty easy day into what could possibly be a very dire situation.

It would smoothly raise to it's feet when the call rang out. That half-floating, half-walking movement carried it outward onto the deck. It didn't quiet tense, as there wasn't any obvious signs of attacks ahead of them, however.. the monks were all dead. That definitely made it unusual, to say the least. It's attention turned to Chiyoko with a small nod. When questions were asked for, it would speak up with that soft tenor voice that crooned slightly, "Shall I scout ahead with a shadow clone, Council Member? That seems the best course of action. Otherwise I can sneak ahead and verify none living in the village before we go to the cave, hai?"

Anzu continues to trail Chiyoko and Stealth, but she is caught off guard by the sight of all the bodies. She calls for Osamu to perch on her shoulder and continues to look over the carnage that was laid out before them. What kind of beast would be able to do this? Part of her did not want to know the answer to that. "I think..Osamu can get a bird's eye view..if that is ok?.."

Sachiko had been a little reluctant to join this excursion back to the island she'd been on some time ago. She was still quite grumpy about the whole thing and had stayed low, quiet, and probably the least agitating anyone had seen her in a long time during the trip. When she heard them all being called to the deck, she shifted out with a furrowed brow. The sea wind brought the scent of blood to her nose, even if it was mixed with salt…

Eyes widening somewhat, she chewed quickly and spit out an eyeball, raising it to look over the island. "Moldy bread," she mutters, looking quite shocked. After hearing the instructions from Chiyoko, she looks toward the woman and shakes her head. "No questions from me…" As she follows the group, she wonders if her thoughts are coming true at inopportune times…

Chiyoko glances to Suterusu and Anzu as they speak, giving a nod to each. "Go ahead," he says, the Councilwoman quite serious right now, as shows on her face and in her tone. This is definitely not what she expected to see today. She folds her arms under her chest as she simply waits for those two to perform their duties. "Sachiko, stay back with me. You can scout ahead without moving, right? We don't want to actually in just yet."

What the shinobi will find when they do their scouting is far less than anything that would offer any sort of hope. Any person that looks as if he might be standing against something just happened to land that way when he died. Noises that may seem like someone walking or making noise are simply the wind moving objects. This place has truly become devoid of all life since the last trip that was made here, but at least there are also no signs of the dark creatures wandering around. Were they perhaps satisfied with this massacre for now?

That figure would nod in response to the permission and with the proper seal made, have that shadow clone appear. Without a word said, the shadow clone would seemingly melt into the shadows, racing off towards the island over the water and into the surrounding forest. It would scout out as far as it could, while staying within range of the figure. Nothing that came back was anything hopeful. The place was desolate. Bodies everywhere. It was a grim report that the shadow clone would return, racing back to where they had landed at to give that short answer in response to what had been seen. "No life. They are all dead. Grisley in fashion. Doesn't look animal based." The clone would vanish then, the figure's eyes closing as it assimilated the information seen by the clone. A small shake of his head to clear it, those red eyes opened to refocus on Chiyoko, waiting for directions.

The moment Anzu signals with a click of her tongue Osamu flies off to scour the area. She allows Osamu to gain some distance between them before running off after him. Looking around on her own she would frown deeply as her search for life seemed to be futile. Stopping for a moment she would call Osamu back to her to report "See anything?..Nothing huh?..Me too" When she returned to the group she would simply shake her head sadly "Neither Osamu or I could find any survivors..he says he made a full circle around the island too..What could have done this?"

Sachiko nods lightly to the order to stay back with the councilwoman. Tossing the eyeball onto the island, it wriggles around to explore as much as possible. The other two are much more efficient at it, of course, and even as they give their reports, her eyeball moves toward the cave mouth. When Anzu asks about what could have done this, she blinks and slowly shakes her head. Not possible, she thinks. None of this should be possible. She grits her teeth and digs her nails into her arm, closing her eyes as the sentry-eye stops, just before the cave. It stares at the opening, but doesn't go farther as she just waits for orders or whatnot.

As all reports back are as she expected, Chiyoko lets out a sigh and closes her eyes for a moment in thought. This is bad… But saving the monks was not the mission today. Checking on the status of the seal is. Opening her eyes again, she gives a nod and says, "Let's go." With that, she leaps off the ship onto the ground and begins walking toward the mouth of the cave. Her eyes trail around the bloodied streets, the woman having to step over and around bodies and pieces of bodies as she walks toward the opening. This is something like one would just read about in a horror novel, but it's quite real.

The figure seemed the least phased by the whole scene.. Then again, maybe he's created such a scene and that's how he knew it wasn't an animal? Either way, it'd give a nod in response and once more blend into the background, keeping with them, but out of sight. Nature of the beast, as it were, that the assassin would want to stay out of immediate view. Silently, it moved through the foliage surrounding the path, keeping to shadows of buildings and plants while they made their way to the cave. Whatever had been in there was bad.. he knew that much. If they had gotten out to do this? That would be worse.

The lack of an answer to her question worried Anzu even more as she sent Osamu on ahead of her to walk in toe with Chiyoko. She could not find any words to ease the tension of the group, so she remained silent as they walked to the cave. She continued to look around the island as they stepped over the bodies, hoping that her and Stealth's reports might have been wrong. She knew she wasn't that experienced, but surely someone had to find a safe hiding spot somewhere. Just as before she still saw nothing and sighs in frustration.

Sachiko obediently follows after the councilwoman, following the sound of her steps more than otherwise being able to see her. The eyeball, however, goes a bit ahead… rolling into the cave (presumably, unless it is somehow blocked) and gazing around carefully. This whole thing… is grating on her nerves quite heavily. It was fairly obvious to anyone that she was very tense, even by the simple crease in her forehead from furrowed brows. What in the world had happened after she'd left.

What the eyeball moving ahead, as well as the incoming shinobi, would find inside the cave is no prettier than what's outside. There are bodies of monks scattered about in the cave, several of them in broken into pieces. However, the oddest thing in the entire dark cave is the giant seal in the back, which Chiyoko promptly heads for upon entering the cave. Perhaps she is trying to ignore the fact that the results of a genocide are lying all around her for the amount. She blinks a few times before turning around to look at those with her. "… It's perfectly in tact… So either the creatures didn't do this or someone sealed them back in when they were done…. Or maybe something else, but it seems we are safe for now."

Stepping out of the shadow of the cave's entrance into the cave itself, the figure would look at the seal for a moment, before giving a small nod. "Maikeru-san must of sealed them finally. Although this happening may or may not of been part of the results of that sealing. Something broke the seals the monks had on the cave itself, so whatever it was, was strong." The figure would look around, checking bodies and casually moving them about as if they were nothing more than training dummies as each one was examined for exactly what caused death, before being tossed onto the quickly developing 'checked' pile.

Anzu's eyes would widen as she saw what was inside of the cave. She didn't think it was possible, but she thought that the bodies inside were even more mangled than the ones outside. She watches as Stealth checks and piles the bodies up. She did not feel she had the stomach to join them in this though. Looking back to Chiyoko, "So what do we do now?..Is there anything that can be done?" Osamu would simply be outside circling the cave making sure that nothing would surprise them while they were inside.

"No, he… didn't?" Sachiko started out with conviction, only to look somewhat more worried as her certainty fades. But… she /saw/ him get dragged in there. She heard it; /felt/ it, even, to a certain extent. What is going on? So bewildered is she that she starts to break down slightly. Slowly shifting into a crouch, she balances on her toes and puts her face against her knees. "He was… dragged into that seal and…" Who is she kidding? As if these three will even believe her. Gritting her teeth, she simply shakes her head slightly into her knees.

While Suterusu's comments are on the rational side, Sachiko gets the most attention at this point since she seems to be spazzing out a bit. Chiyoko blinks a few times and steps over to Sachiko, kneeling down by her and placing a hand on her shoulder. "Sachiko, if he was taken in there, he's most likely dead. I don't think the Kirigakure Jounin could have been responsible for this," she says before attempting to lift Sachiko up and take her hand to lead her out of the cave and back toward the ship. "Do any of you know of a monastery we could contact so these people can be buried according to their traditions?"

"He could of sealed it from the inside." That would be the figure's only comment to Sachiko while she started freaking out about the situation. A small shake of his head was given as he'd give up checking the bodies, leaving the pile for whomever else might show up to take care of it, he would walk out after Chiyoko. "None that I know of. I have not searched for anyone of similar belief." The figure would look around then, before looking back to Chiyoko. "Best to return to the village and report what happen? Since this is Kirigakure's area, let them deal with the dead? They had nothing of worth on them anyways."

Anzu would frown and hurry after the group as they left the cave calling for Osamu to head in as well. She was not sure what the rest of them were talking about to be quite honest, but it seemed to be important. "My father spoke of traveling to one once..but I think it might be too far away to help bury the bodies here.."

"I /know/ that," Sachiko lightly snaps, but doesn't resist being dragged up from her spot. "That's why I left after it happened. I went back to Sunagakure. I could have ended up like them." No, she has no delusions of being able to stop this catastrophe if she had stayed. Even so, she frowns lightly at Chiyoko's statement before sighing at Suterusu. "Maybe? But he was a little… I'll say 'tied up' at the time. He was strong, but I still…" Sachiko just growled lightly, shaking her head. No use arguing. It doesn't matter. She just lets herself be dragged along by the councilwoman, her eye continuing to look around the cave while she's still in range.

"There are a number of possibilities, but all further than a simple investigation could lead us. We've done our job, so it's time to go home," Chiyoko says, letting out a sigh. Clearly, she'd like to know more about what happened here. That, however, doesn't keep her from leading the team back to the ship to go back to Sunagakure. "Let's get out of here."

It would just study Sachiko for a moment. A small shrug of it's shoulders given and the figure would head out with them. They were done here, so the bodies were ignored. Once again that shadow became just that, shadowing the group until they got to the boat and it wouldn't be until it had fully departed that it would show up once again, sitting in that corner of the cabin they had before. Or had that been the shadow clone the whole time? Well, probably not, but hey, it was always a good idea to stay in practice for being quiet when dealing with others.

Once they were on the ship Anzu would call Osamu down and let him perch on her shoulder. She knew he was probably getting a little tired from all of the scouting he's had to do. Smiling at Osamu she would pet him "You did well today, see our training is paying off little by little..When we get back I think you have earned an extra mouse for dinner.." Osamu nuzzles Anzu in response and settles down for a nice nap. As for Anzu, for most of the trip she would simply look out the window and contemplate all that she saw today.

Sachiko just grits her teeth, letting the eyeball disintegrate as she moves onto the boat. This is… so messed up in her mind. Slumping into a corner, she just closes her eyes and seems to… sort of meditate. She's still tense, regardless, but she just tries to focus on other things. Quiet and largely ignoring the others onboard, she spends the trip back to Sunagakure in this state for most of it.

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