Dastardly field trials, Pt. 1


Taiki, Usagi

Date: August 6, 2013


A mission from the hospital turns into a potentially major problem

"Dastardly field trials, Pt. 1"

Crossroads outside Konoha

It looks like Taiki and Usagi were tapped for a mission via the hospital, and were thus sent out here to the road leading to Konoha. In preparations for the exams, and due to proximity of the rebellions, teams of shinobi were sent out to make sure the roads stay clear. Recently a report came in requesting a couple of combat enabled medic nin be sent, preferably a pair used to dealing with odd ailments. The report was sketchy at best, but it seems someone came up with some new kind of attack that infects survivors with some kind of disease. Thus Team 6's mednin got tapped, given their familiarity with odd situations and their history of dealing with combat.

Usagi was at the gate shortly after she heard they'd been pulled, having prepared a few extra things for the mission, antidotes, poultices, things of that nature. So the pack on her rear is a bit bigger than normal, having switched it out for one more suited for the mission. Of course, she did still have her weapon, but that was safely tucked into the pack as well. Now…..she waits.

Taiki isn't long in coming himself. Nozomi's vest is full, he has a couple of larger scrolls strapped to his back and two more strapped to Shinobu. He carries his usual gear besides, but it looks more like he's brought along a mobile lab. "You ready Usagi?" he asks as he approaches. "It will be just us two, but I think this is something that we can handle." He quickly outlines what he knows about the mission and adds, "I brought along a few more supplies in case we need something unusual while we're out there."

Usagi nods to him once as she looks over the gear for all three of them. "Sounds good" She raises a brow, smirking softly as she heads towards the gate. "Lead on, then….and are you carrying a full disinfectant suite with you or something?" She had to ask. It was just begging to be asked.
<Weather> The rain falls gently from the sky, the gentle pitter-patter of the drops scarcely audible. The stars are beginning to peak through the clouds, now, a sign that the rain is perhaps coming to a halt.

Taiki looks behind himself as he leads Usagi out. "You can be too careful," he says with a leering smirk of his own. No, it doesn't really answer the question, but then again, it does reply to the question in the manner it deserves. "It's just a few extras," he adds with a shrug. The trip out so far is quiet, with the pair only passing a few traders here and there headed the other direction.

Taiki just smirks back, and soon they arrive at some crossroads. A couple of chuunin shinobi are stationed there, apparently expecting them. "Are you med-nins?" he asks as he eyes Nozomi's vest. "If so, good. We've got a serious problem here. If you follow me I'll show you."

Taiki nods in response to the man and then motions for Usagi to move on ahead. "After you," he says with a nod. He's seeming to be remarking the trees nearby, which seem to have suffered some recent damage from a fight.

Usagi nods to the two of them, then looks at Taiki. She raises a brow and shrugs, followng the chuunin around to where they're going. She doesn't seem to mind going alone, glancing at the forest for a moment as it does seem to be in a bit of a bad shape. "what happened here, then?"

Thing is, Usagi is not alone. Taiki is following, just as a slower pace. "Looks like some kind of battle, from the looks of things, and not your regular thugs or criminals either. These cuts were made by something chakra-powered." He then looks back toward Usagi and nods, waiting to hear the chuunin's response.

The chuunin nods toward Taiki's observations and said, "We encountered a pair of people waiting just off the road. They weren't moving, just watching the road intently, so we decided to watch them. Good thing we did, for they attacked a caravan that was coming through. We managed to pull them away, but we discovered we were facing shinobi as they started to lauch jutsu at us. We were over-powered, but we held our own until one of them said, "Try it on them." The other nodded and struck our leader in the chest three times. The yelling man activated an earth jutsu, but we had our hands full with our leader who started to attack us. We got him subdued quickly, but we noticed after he came to that he was coughing up blood and developing some bruise-like spots where there shouldn't have been any. So we called for your assistance. We've been giving him emergency transfusions to keep him alive until you could get here.

Usagi furrows her brow at the talk of what happened. "Internal injuries, possibly….ruptured lung, liver, stomach even, though that'd be a mess…." She takes a few moments and hmms softly. "Though that doesn't explain why he'd attack you…." she taps her chin as she follows along, looking somewhat distracted, but definitely still following and following along. "Any other symptoms? Haziness or cloudiness of the eyes, did he start yelling about banshees ghosts, did he seem panicked, fearful, angry, or was he just as if it were business as usual?"

The chuunin nods once in acknowledgement of Usagi's comments, then again in answer to her question. "He was business as usual when he attacked us, though he said that Shunshins would not keep us from meeting our deaths. Even though the people hadn't left yet, he acted as if they weren't even there, instead he looked at us as if we were the enemy. He was definitely angry. And when he woke, we had to restrain him, for he kept trying to kill us to escape."

"Do the bruises coincide with the strikes, or did they seem to spread, or even pop up in unafflicted areas?" Usagi hrms softly and keeps thinking. "also, at least we won't have to worry about restraining him anymore…at least not as much" she looks back at Taiki. "though you do realize that if it comes to that, I'll have my hands full keeping him still" She looks back at the chuunin, and then towards where they're going.

"Well thank Kami for that, for he's becoming a real problem," someone says as the group enters the camp. "He's quiet for now, but if anyone tries to touch him he resists. In fact, he won't answer any questions with anything but name, rank, and registration number." The leading chuunin nods and adds, "In unaffected places, where there shouldn't be any damage at all. The areas where the strikes happened appear completely unharmed, not even skin was broken.

Taiki hmms for a moment and then says, "I'd like you to try to diagnose him first before I start using sealing arts other than chakra leech tags Usagi. Simply because so far I haven't heard anything that makes me think his chakra system has been affected, other than the hallucinations. I for one would like to try less-invasive methods first."

Usagi nods and sighs softly, shaking her head. "If he starts to resist seriously Taiki, then you'll have to take over on that portion" She shrugs and looks at the chuunin. "If I had to guess, I'd almost say a fungal infection, which could explain the hallucinations regarding them, and the spread of the 'bruises'. My main thought though is why was the main points of impact not harmed at all?" Nonetheless, she gets a few gloves from her pack and slips them on, making a few handsigns as her shadow slips out to bind the man. Once done, she'd touch him as a small wave of chakra emanates from her finger into his body, to try and figure out what all's happening to the poor shinobi.

The man instantly starts to try to struggle the moment the shadows touch him. He's a high-level chuunin, so it is somewhat of a strain. But the diagnostic jutsu yields some interesting results. The man is infected by something, but its not a fungus. It's kind of like a bacteria, only very different than anything Usagi's sensed before. It seems to move laterally, and not necessarily along the circulatory pathways. In fact, it seems to be moving toward her at a very high rate of speed, though she does find out that there wound wounds that were healed instantly as part of the strike.

Taiki in the meantime starts unpacking scrolls, setting up an extensive laboratory inside the tent including an isolation unit control panel, should it be needed. "Understood," he says simply as the man continues to struggle.

Usagi's eyes fly open and she breaks contact as soon as the wave comes back, looking at her hand briefly. She takes a slow breath and begins to hold the rat sign to tighten her grip on the man. "Bacterial infection of some sort, not particularly following circulatory pathways. Possible chakra network infection, because as soon as I diagnosed him, it moved for my hand. Quickly. The news is that the shots that were made against him immediately healed those locations. Hence why they're clear. If you're going to do anything else past initial contact, be ready" She pauses, then smirks. "I really hope you 'did' bring a full disinfectant suite with you"

Taiki hmms as he pulls out a single tag of paper and places it just about where the sternum is. "Yes, I did. But if it attacks doctors, that's going to pose a problem for treatment. Luckily I have these tags that will buffer me from being infected myself." With that he runs through a couple of signs and intones, "Sealing arts: Chakra Diagnosis." The tag turns black and green as streams of black tendrils flow through the man's network. "You're right, it is at least partially a chakra network infection, which explains the hallucinations. But at the same time it looks like it follows something else." Just then the tag starts to turn red, causing Taiki to break the jutsu. "And the tags only offer about 30 seconds of lag time. That was too close for words." He then looks at Usagi and says, "Maybe it's a dual-transmitting disease?"

Usagi furrows her brow a bit and looks over at the chuunin. "Tell me immediately if any of you had contact beyond a few seconds with him. Anyone that has, bring them here if you can, and search yourselves for bruises" She looks back to Taiki. "I have a theory, but I'd like to test it first" She takes a slow breath and nods. "So chakra network infection, though that can't be the entirety of it….dual-transmitting how, then?"

"Er… all but one of us have. It took nearly all of us to pin him down long enough for one of us to slip a sleep bomb under his face," the leading chuunin said, looking rather worried. He'd been here through the entire process, and didn't like what he was hearing. "I haven't noticed any brusing though," he says as he moves over to the spot indicated. Slowly they all do the same, and one man calls in the other two, then tells one to head back out for guard duty.

Taiki, however, countermands that order. "No. Shinobu, go out and guard. Usagi, check him," he orders, pointing to the lone man out, "For infection. Look for something in body fluids, blood included. It appears to be transmitted by body fluids as well as chakra. If he's clean, send him back to Konoha for a replacement team. This team will have to be quarantined until we're sure we can contain this." He then takes another tag like the first one and applies it to the sick man again, reactivating the jutsu for another 25 seconds. "Definitely fluid based. I don't think it can survive outside in air."

Usagi makes a face and nods, motioning the man over. "I was curious how else you meant it was transferred. guessing Nozomi's going to be rounding up everyone that got their blood on him…or heading back herself. I was also going to check and see if it spread if the person touching him wasn't using chakra to do so. Because if that's the case, then the majority of the team should be clean. If not….we're in a load of trouble" She taps the one off to the side and waits for the diagnostic jutsu to finish.

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