Date: over a week in


Satomi, Daisuke

Date: February 4, 2013


Daisuke and Satomi are on yet another date, only this time… the Hokage is invited

"Date: over a week in"


Daisuke was a bit nervous as he heads into the Nara village. Tonight was the big night where he would be having dinner with his aunt and Satomi at the same table, who knows what could happen. Not wearing his traditional robes that he brought out for the summer festival, he was at least wearing nice versions of his clothes with a tie. He struggled with putting the tie on, with no female in his house to help him, and it looked all out of sorts, but at least it would be called some kind of wondsor knot.

Walking up to Satomi's front door, Daisuke gives two knocks before stepping back and waiting for the door to open, fully expecting that father of hers to come interrogate him again about his daughter. He chuckles lightly to himself at the thought before he waits silently.

The door opens to Satomi, who's wearing a beautifully looking white summer dress, it has a soft white color, with cute frails over her chest, her shoulders and sunkissed legs are bare. She smiles while looking at Daisuke. "Hey Daisuke-chan!" She says, while licking her lips, peeking over her shoulder, before pulling him in by his chest. "Oh you got this all wrong.." She says, while she holds him close to her own body, adjusting his tie, lips inches from his. She fixes his tie and then leans in for a kiss.

Little does she know, her father suddenly slinks out of the shadows on the wall next to the door and aims a smack on both their heads with his stick. "Look at the two of you!" He then says, he hit Satomi for sure, she didn't see it coming, had her eyes closed and everything. Though Hito is smiling, putting his stick down.

"I'm happy to see my daughter happy.." He then says, while glaring at Daisuke. "Keep it that way." He warns, before turning towards the sofa and sitting down. He too is wearing something nice. "You two kids go ahead, I'll be along after dinner for a cup of tea." He says, while relaxing into the sofa, grabbing what seems to look like a book. A peak inside from a new angle reveals quite a few decorative and extremely expensive looking katana's decorating the walls, along with old portraits of war-scenes. And pictures of Satomi.. who looks older? Must have been her mother, man she looks just like her.

'Chan' Daisuke immediately thinks, about to protest that honorific use before he is pulled in inches from her lips and loses that thought train, thinking how glad he was to have showered and brushed his teeth before coming. He tries to look down at his tie to see what he did wrong but thankfully Satomi knows what she is doing and fixes it. "Thanks, I can never figure them out." he admits with a goofy smile.

This time the old man gets his target as Daisuke was busy smooching his daughter, darn old men know when to strike. Daisuke winces a bit as his hand goes to the back of his head and rubs it, chuckling a long with her smiling father. "I intend to, sir." he says in response to his threat. He notices how well her father was dressed up and raises an eyebrow to Satomi. "Does he want to come? Or is he going out…or something?" he asks Satomi, wondering if her father usually dresses so well in his own home.

"I'll explain later.." Satomi whispers, while taking Daisuke out of her house. "Bye dad, see you later tonight.." She then pauses, peeking back into the house. "You can coem if you want.." She adds, sighing. "If you don't come, then don't do anything stupid okay?" She then leaves the house, walking alongside Daisuke. This time she walks him right through the main road of the Nara village. Immidiatly getting "Ohhs and ahhs" from several villages.

They also get followed by whistles and even some snarly comments like "wear a condom" from the teen boys of the village. "Want me to shadow-castrate you kid?" She says to someone her age, who's clearly jealous, and breathing in to buff up his chest. Though he immidiatly deflates as she says that. "Wait can you do that!?" He says while sprinting off faster than you'll probably ever see a Nara run. "No.." She giggles to herself, while the leave the village.

"About my dad ehr… My mother died on a tuesday." She explains, gripping Daisuke's arm while walking with him. "My dad visits her grave before dinner, and sets the table for three. Dresses up nicely… It's a stupid old tradition, but it keeps him going." She says, while swallowing away some tears. "It's fine.." She then says, though the crack in her voice betrays otherwise. "Just wish sometimes that he'd just let go.." She explains, already getting her composure back, clearly looking for another subject.

Daisuke looks back at her father with a raised brow as she invites him along, wondering just what was going on. Promised an explanation, he would just nod silently and head out with her, this time noticing she doesn't take the back roads. He's strutting, not because of all the comments but because he is proud that she is comfortable enough with him to do so. Satomi's comments get a chuckle from Daisuke who seems to be pretty impressed with her retorts, watching the kid run off.

Hearing Satomi's explanation hits home with Daisuke, who decides it's best to just console and not tell her anything sadder. "I think it's great, honestly." he says to Satomi as they walk. "I mean every Tuesday may seem a lot, but what are the other options? Some people just completely shut a death of a loved one out and move on, others can't go out without them and do stupid things…" he says, remembering his past. "Your father clearly loved your mother with all his heart, and if every Tuesday he sets a place for her, it's just his way of remembering." He knew all the crazy things his mom had done after his father died, mostly from hearing about it from his aunt, but he couldn't recall anything as sensible as what Satomi's father did. "I hope he does join us later." he finishes with as they head east towards the Kanana Isle and the busy shopping district.

"He should be around for tea." She says, picking up her smile again. Her summer dress gently swaying in the warm summer-wind. "He never misses out on tea." She explains while finally feeling comfortable walking with him through the village and all. Actually kind of proud even. Though she has no clue what to do once they meet with the Hokage. Will she be introduced as girlfriend? Acquaintance? Someone he's dating? A village fling? What is she even? While her mind spins panicky circles, Satomi's mouth remains shut, occasionally she looks at Daisuke while they walk in silence.

Daisuke nods his head and moves on with her through the village, a few looks coming their way and a few housewives covering their mouths to whisper. He could care less about it, having grown up surrounded by whispers and rumors, but he hoped Satomi was ok with it. It wasn't fair to subject her to all this, maybe it was a bad idea. All these thoughts and self-doubts go through his head as they walk on while Ssatomi is thinking of completely different worries, what a pair. Finally breaking the silence, Daisuke speaks up as he notices the time. "We still have a bit before the reservation, did you want to get a drink or something?"

She glances at him before nodding. "Sounds good." She says, while following his lead. Only now noticing that he's buried in thoughts as well. "Hey…" She says, while stopping with him, turning his head towards her right in the middle of the crowded streets while planting her lips on his, shamelessly giving him a long drawn kiss, before walking with him again. "That… felt good." She just says while her shoulders drop an inch, clearly her worries fleeting. "Where to?" She asks him while being a bit lost between all the shops.

Daisuke nods his head again at the idea that they could catch some drinks, looking around at the handful of different options before Satomi turns and plants a kiss on his lips, looking a little comical at first with such a shrimp , height wise, able to take control of the tall Senju. Daisuke blinks at first, though he doesn't protest to the kiss, longer than usual. 'Now you aunt walks in…' says a voice in his head which causes him to break the kiss at the end and look around for a moment. 'Idiot' he thinks in response, making him freak out like that. He smiles down to Satomi and says, "We could skip the drinks…" he says with a sly grin as he leads them on, towards a small drinking bar.

"Oh yea?" She asks, while following him in, sitting down herself… again cursing herself for not letting him be the gent. "And what'll you have instead?" She asks him rhetorically, already knowing the answer, though it can't hurt to be told …and again and again. "Anyone ever told you, that's you're sexy?" She says while leaning in and whispering in his ear, biting her lower lip playfully. Before sitting back, waiting for Daisuke to order for both of them.

"I'd hope that you would know." Daisuke says, tapping his nose knowingly as he sits down next to her, again not being given the chance to get her seat. He looks around the place before he turns to Satomi. "Something traditional? Sake or maybe some western sweet wine? I'm not the most experienced with all this, and Atsuro has been teaching me, so who knows what I would order under his influence." he says with a chuckle. "I think a small bottle of sweet Sake and something to wash it down would be good for now. Of course if you don't like it I can get you something girly." he says as he motions to the waitress and points to a few items on the menu, thanking her after.

"Girly?" She asks him with a perked eyebrow, before punching his arm. "Atsuro trying to make an alchoholic out of you too?" She asks, while retracting her fist, she intentionally let him feel that. Aiming for his biceps. Should be enough of a message. "I don't drink." She then simply says, though not in an angry or annoyed way. "I mean feel free if you want to, but I'll go with some tea."

She smiles, making sure she's seated next to him and close to him, enough to snuggle up if she wants to. "Atsuro's trying to make Hisoka an alchoholic as well, he's on my squad.." She grins, licking her lip. "I don't mind, as long as you don't get drunk.." She rides his shirt slightly up his stomach, tickling his skin with her nails. "If you do I might take advantage of you." She adds playfully, jokingly… given that it's usually the way round.

"Aw whaaaat. I was going to suggest tea but you said your dad was going to come by later for tea so I thought it might be too much." Daisuke says, looking disappointed as his sake was already ordered, though he did get some dango and her tea. He looks down at his bicep, which he flexes enough for it to bulge out and retract. "Atsuro took me out for my first drink on my birthday. I didn't know we were so close in birth dates. We've gone for a drink a few more times but really I just think he's looking for some drinking buddies, it's lonely drinking alone." he says, thinking about it for a moment. "Either way, I've developed quite a tolerance, kind of like a make me pass out once, shame on you, twice, shame on me kind of thing, so I wouldn't worry." he says with a grin, letting her explore with her nails. "How's your week been? Anything new with the team?" he asks, getting down to the small talk.

Satomi smiles, shrugging. "I'm quite a tea-drinker." She says, grinning while discreetly cuddling with him. Not minding the whole situation at all. "I like the privacy." She says, glancing around. "What's your aunt like?" She asks after she answered his small talk with the usuall "Alright and umph and hmm-hmm's"

"Don't let your tolerance for alchohol fool you, if you aunt spots you're drunk then you're on your own big boy." She has no clue why she just said that or why she's looking down now, actually blushing crimson red, looking away to hide it, hoping he didn't notice her slip of the tongue. "So where's that tea.." She says idle-y before she knows she has her natural color back, turning back to Daisuke with a smile, gliding her arm over his, before entangling their hands.

"My aunt is proper and traditional, with a random urge to be hip and popular with the younger generation." Daisuke says after thinking about it for a moment. "Get the picture?" he asks with a chuckle after, realizing that was somewhat confusing.

'If only she knew how big' says the voice in his head as Daisuke looks at Satomi with an amused expression as she blushes, he's not drunk yet after all. Speaking of drunk, their tea and sake arrives with some dango. Daisuke is more interested in the dango at this point, being perpetually hungry, but was trying to look mature and manly, so pours a cup of sake, figuring Satomi wouldn't know about sake pouring traditions. He takes a sip and coughs slightly, "Frog in my throat." he explains quickly.

"Uhu.." She nods while that really told her nothing about the Hokage. She just decided to relax. Besides, her daddy would arive later to protect her in the worst case scenario. "Oh Dango!" She says while a stick and biting one off, glaring at Daisuke who half chokes in his Sake. "Yea right… sounds more like a toad." She remarks with a giggle. "Here let me inspect." She says while leaning in for a kiss. And not a conservative one on the lips either, a full blown dirty wet french-one. One that makes the waitress her head turn.

Daisuke looks defeated as Satomi has taken interest in the food, he will have to concede this one. He puts on an innocent smile as she calls him out on the cough but given no time to retort as Satomi's tongue makes an appearance in his mouth, causing him to be pleasantly surprised. Having scared the waitress off, Daisuke embraces the kiss for a little longer before he breaks it, looking at Satomi. "How'd the sake taste for a first time?" he asks, his eyes sparkling with amusement. He gives the drink another sip to finish the shallow cup off and debates pouring more.

Satomi smiles, leaning back after the kiss. "I couldn't get a good feel for it." She says, while softly poking his stomach. "Something else was so much tastier down there." She remarks, while bringing the stick with two more balls on it towards Daisuke's mouth, letting him bite one off. "Tingles a little though!" She remarks, before taking a sip of tea, glancing outside.

"Shouldn't your aunt be here by now?" She asks innocently, glancing around the restaurant while wishing she didn't. Seeing all these people staring at her. She felt like shadow imitating them all towards the walls, but managed to resist the urge. "What are they all staring at us for…" She whispers, leaning a bit into Daisuke.

"Oh?" Daisuke says as he looks down at his stomach, wondering what on earth she was talking about. Perhaps he dropped a piece of a dango or something. He looks a bit confused as he looks back up but food is thrust in his face, one of his favourite things that could be thrust in his face. He bites off one of the dango, chewing happily, sometimes such a simple teenage boy. He doesn't even notice how much time has gone by as Satomi asks about his aunt. "Hm, well she is the Hokage, perhaps something came up and she will be late." he says, looking towards the door. As Satomi leans into him and whispers, he leans down to hear, a smile on his face. "They are just jealous that they have to act so proper." he whispers back, giving her ear a little nip.

He does manage to draw a smile on her face. Not something many people can do, and it's a genuine laugh as well, all her heart goes into it. Her face brightening up, her white teeth on display. "Not down there.." She says, poking his stomach again.. "Silly, I'm saying that kissing you is much more of an experience than the little sake left on your tongue." She speaks slowly, making it sound almost erotic, while it was merely just very explicit.

She grins again. "I'll let you in on a little secret." She whispers, not only to get his ear within range, breathing softly into his neck while her mouth and nose as so close. "You're not my first date, but you are my first date. And I could kiss you all day." She whispers, returning the nibble at his ear, though she takes it a little further, burying her face in his neck and intenting to tickle him with lots of tiny kisses along his neck, shoulder and throat. Giggling softly while doing so.

'Wow she's good' Daisuke thinks to himself as he shivers a bit with her breath on his neck. He looks around the restaurant at the other patrons and really wishes his aunt doesn't come in or at all for that matter. "It doesn't look like my aunt is going to make it." Daisuke says as he closes his eyes to feel her small kisses along his neck. "Maybe we should head for the restaurant as a couple instead of a trio." he suggests as his hand slides around her waist, pulling her closer. He lifts her face up to his, her lips away from his neck and onto his own lips in a passionate kiss. "I think we've given these people enough of a free show."

"Sounds like a plan." She lovingly whispers back, already forgotten about the staring patrons. "We'll grab dinner with your aunt some other time, should be fine." She says, while gazing at he door. Already looking forward to dinner between just the two of them. "In fact, I have an idea." She says while the waitress gets the receipt.

"How about I cook us some dinner tomorrow, and we go out to picnicking and camping tomorrow. Just the two of us, close to, yet away from the village. Toshiba forest." She suggests, while smiling at him. Already imagining the romantic vibe before the other half of her suggestion hits her, having to keep herself from panicky cancelling the whole thing lest he gets the wrong idea. She decides not to comment on it, hoping his thoughts are nothing but decent… yea right.

"Camping? You sure? Camping out there with a scary beast, at least in your mind." Daisuke says with a chuckle. "I love the idea." he replies to her suggestion, already getting excited to spend some alone time with her, away from prying eyes. "Let's get out of here." he suggests, standing up from the seat and pulling Satomi up by the hand he's holding on to. As the waitress comes by, eager to get them out of the shop, Daisuke just slips more than enough money onto her receipt clipboard and thanks her, headed for the restaurant with his gal!

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