David (and Yatsuhane) and Goliath!


Ataru, Kizuken, Yatsuhane, Daisuke

Date: August 16, 2012


Called out to the training grounds, Yatsuhane and Kizuken are tested in combat to see where they stood in Ataru's eyes.

"David (and Yatsuhane) and Goliath!"

Training Area #26 - Konohagakure

Ataru was out in the field that morning warming up. He had sent a request off via the normal channels to that spunky kid. Having gone on an adventure with the girl, he was interested in what she was really capable of. The best way to find that out of course, was a friendly spar.. This is how a brawler thinks, at least. So, he'd have the area clear for his and Yatsu's throw down, once she got there. Of course, with her being a kid, he would hold back so as to not actually hurt her too badly. It was never fun to over do it and crush someone like that.

Morning was never a good time for Yatsuhane, she preferred sleeping in or being active at night. Mornings were usually when she was going to bed. Since her parents weren't around to tell her otherwise! They were stuck back home. However, today she had to get up early at the request of her new friend Ataru. Apparently he wanted to do something fun, but why in the morning!?
When the precocious little neko-nin showed up, she looked like she just crawled out of bed.. Her icy blue hair looking a bit rough since she didn't spend a lot of time readying it for the day. Her beady red eyes were half closed and her fanged mouth was curved into a tired frown.
Approaching Ataru, she raises a hand in greeting before flopping down onto her belly with a yawn. "Bleh… it's to eaaaarly… I wanna sleep." she complains, sprawled out on the springy grass beneath her.

The ball of sunshine that was Kizuken burst forth from the wherever-it-was that he was hiding, and bowed graciously to the girl, "Ohayo-masen!" And he smiled broadly and looks at Ataru, with another wave, and a bow again, "Ohayo!" And with his little pack on his back, he thumbs the shoulder straps and stands there waiting for one of them to say something to him, or if not, he'd just stand there watching and listening to the two.

Ataru glances over as Kizuken comes out from where he had been standing. A nod was given with a friendly smile towards the kid, before Ataru would step closer to Yatsu to nudge her with that steel toed boot lightly. "Yo. Get up. Ya wanna be parta the group, ya gotta show me whatcha can do. Go all out, go nuts. I'll tell ya when ya beat me up enough we gotta stop, hai?" He'd chuckle lightly, glancing over at Kizuken then Yatsu. "How 'bout both of ya attempt ta fight me? Should be interestin ta see how ya work on a team, since it's important ta have strength in numbers, hai?"

The boy before you has a head full of dark blue spikey hair that has a tuft in the front that shoots out and the ends start to fall lazily out in the front of his face, obscuring his olive black eyes one at a time depending on the angle at which you look at him. His Konoha forehead protector is obscured just the same.
Spikey hair on top, and a spikey tail that hangs down to between his shoulderblades. He stands just shy of five foot tall. His attire is usually plain, sleeves and pants that reflect the weather, cool or hot.
As far as shinobi tools, he has them aplenty. Shuriken and Kunai in pouches on his hips, another cargo pocket with custom made 'dispensers' like tissue paper, only it's used for easy access to seal paper, without having to waste any time to open a pouch for them. On his back he has a single medium sized scroll along his spine, and a couple smaller scrolls next to it.

It seems SOMEONE was a morning person, with how lively they were sounding. She groans in reply to Kizuken, limply raising a paw to wave and letting it drop back to the turf lazily. "Gewmoring…" she mutters. It wasn't normal to see Yatsuhane this way, it was like a crime against nature! Laying there almost half asleep she groans again as she's prodded with a boot to the head.
Not even half way through Ataru's sentence does the lethargic little girl register a fight was to be had! With an intake of breath that would seemingly energize the girl, she'd leap to her feet as if someone just scared the bejeezus out of her! "You're gonna actually LET me beat you up!?" she asks to make sure she wasn't hearing things, her glowy red eyes were wide open with excitment and her fanged mouth was curled into an impish grin. She then looks at Kizuken who was also invited to join in as her 'partner'… He didn't look like much. Though she did note he was only slightly taller than she was…

Kizu perks up at the sound of the spar as well, taking a moment to narrow his eyes and take Ataru in, and leeeeeeaaaan over and whisper something to Yatsuhane, ~Okay, just keep moving, don't stand still, and avoid these things,~ and he pulled a bunch of small pieces of paper out of his pocket, and grins big up at Ataru, "can we start? And he FLINGS all the tags into the air! Landing around them almost like snow, but there is basically enough room for Yatsuhane's smaller feet to move between them easily, Ataru would have to be on his toes unless they all moved from that small area. One would even fly down towards Ataru's noggin, and Kizu made a hand seal to activate it!

Ataru smirked as Kizuken tried to pull something out while whispering to Yatsu. A nod of his head was given. "Ya catch me, ya can beat me up.. Warn ya though.. I'm a bit fast.." As Kizuken flung the seals all over, Ataru would move, much like he said. That speed was intense as he literally flipped onto his hands and hand-danced across the small spots that were left open for Kizuken to stand on to come to a stop, on his toes, before the kid. "Good try. Although generally spars start when everyone is ready." Laughing, Ataru would flip from off his toes into a tucked roll over Kizuken's head, reaching out with a light 'bap' to the back of Kizuken's head in passing, before he'd move out of that tag area.

Things were about to get started here as Kizuken leaned in to whisper something about avoiding things, those tiny pieces of paper… She gave an enthused nod, "Right!" which was easy for her since she was already tiny and fast like a cat! When the paper tags were launched into the air to rain down on the area like snowy confetti, Yatsuhane would with much agility avoid the tags by jumping out of the way of ones that were on the ground and falling.
She wasn't trying to attack Ataru in all that confetti confusion and instead jumped to a clear spot on the ground and waited for her target to finish love tapping Kizuken on the back of the head. Hopefully that wouldn't KO her partner, if it did.. she would mock him for all eternity. While she was waiting, she'd bring a paw up to make a hand seal inside her paw, it was so that she could focus a bit of chakra so that she wasn't left high and dry. She knew her fighting techniques would eat it like tasty snacks.
When Ataru would come to land on the ground, clearly trying to put himself in an area he didnt' have to worry about more of those tags, Yatsu would be there waiting, staring him dead in the face with those beady red eyes of hers. "Nyahaha, you're mine now!" she declares with unfaltering confidence, that paw still up and making another hand seal inside.. the seal of the snake. Her eyes would glow brighter as they pulsed with chakra, blades of grass kicking up from the ground and swirling around Ataru.
If her illusion would work, when the grass cleared, Ataru would see Yatsuhane hunched over on all fours. Dark purple chakra was pouring out of the small girl's body and forming a layer of chakra around her body. Ink like blurbs swirled within that chakra as two long tails swished back and forth. The chakra continued to darken until it was no longer transparent and Yatsuhane was no longer visible, the body of the girl expanding rapidly as hulking muscular fibers made of chakra formed and the body of the two-tailed demon cat became visible.
The transformation only took a few moments before the monster let loose a terrifying roar that shook the surrounding trees and bushes. At its maw, a swirling sphere of energy was visible, quickly gaining size before the cat beast released it at Ataru. If he didn't move, he would be obliterated in the ensuing explosion…
Whether or not the illusion took hold and did its job, Yatsuhane would move in for the kill. Springing forward as if Ataru was smuggling food he stole from her, she would attempt to latch her arms around his chest in a full speed tacklehug! However this hug wasn't for affection… the grip tightening rather quickly. If Ataru wasn't careful, he could end up with some broken ribs! "Huuuuuuug~!!!" she said with unrepressed glee.

Kizuken looks at Ataru flipping over and about them so quickly, and he curses at himself under his breath, "Ksuo… he's too fast.." and then, Kizu gets hit on the head, falling forward and flailing his arms, "Waah wah wah wah!" And he falls with a few of the confetti seals flying up around him, but nothing happened. This type were the ones he had to personally activate. Misdirection. Kizu pulled out a kunai and a shuriken, throwing the shuriken at Ataru, and jumping at him with the kunai in hand to try and stab him in the shoulder. "HYAA!" All while Yatsu would be going for the bearhug.

Ok.. so Yatsu could be a scary lil beast it seems! Ataru took a step back, staring at the beast for a long moment. At least until it charged. Shaking his head to clear it, he'd glance around quickly, tracking Kizuken and Yatsu both, he'd flip away, hands to feet to hands. A small tuck into a backflip at the end, he'd land lightly, studying the two as they both missed on their attacks. Frowning slightly, he'd study Yatsu hard. "hm." A shrug given, he launched forward then, rushing the two of them. Kizuken got a palm to the chest, followed with one of Ataru's classic back kicks to try to send the kid staggering away. As part of that spin, he did a double fist punch to Yatsu's beast chest. Probably ending up missing with one and the other fist would bop her right in the face. Even with both coming at him, he'd keep his strength very restrained. He wasn't here to hurt them so much as test them, afterall.

Well from what she could tell, her illusion only seemed to rattle him slightly.. What was this guy, made of stone?! The last time she used that particular variant, the kid passed out and woke up realizing he needed new underpants. When she went in for the tackle, she wasn't expecting to see such a quick retreat from her hugging zone and landed, somehow managing to keep her balance. Her arms shooting out to help her retain her balance. "Whoa… almost fell there." she mutters, eyes going straight to where Ataru was, squinting in annoyance. "You're not supposed to dodge it! Jerk!"
Her complaints were cut short as Ataru soon went on the offensive again, going after Kizuken first and then trying to send Yatsu flying with two fists going towards her tiny torso. She'd attempt to fool Ataru by making his attack seem like it did nothing more than put her to sleep, but instead of that she gets knocked straight in the chest with both fists and goes tumbling backwards with a startled cry.
Rolling backwards a few yards, she'd tumble straight back to her feet as if that was the natural thing to do! Thrusting a paw at Ataru, she'd make more squinty angry eyes at him, "Sit still and take your beating like a sack of drowning puppies!" The declaration would feel more like a command to Ataru. The urge to plop down on his butt sounding more like a great idea by the second!
Looking over at Kizuken, she'd stare for a second. "He's way to fast, you have to be sneaky! Or be stronger, your choice." she notes with a toothy grin before returning to Ataru. Bringing both of her pawed hands straight ahead, leveled at Ataru, she'd grunt a little as that eerie purple chakra would envelope her hands and forearms. It would funnel into the space between her hands until is was a big sphere of transparent purple energy that had a darker solid core of black spheres. "Ikke!" crying out as she raised her arms and then made a flinging motion at Ataru.. that sphere blasting off towards the shinobi. If it were to hit him or even get close enough, it would shriek and explode violently! If he got out of the way, it'd attempt to explode where he was, leaving a charred crater in the ground.

Kizuken gets hit with both the palm and the mule-kick, which sends him over a fence. Kizu jumps back over it with chibi-flaily arms, "You're such a jerk, telling kids it's a spar then not going easy on them!" He rubs his head with a frown, then he grabs three shuriken from his pouch, and decides long distance would be awesome. "Take that!"

Ataru realized, belatively, he was sitting down. Wait, what? Trying to struggle against getting hit, he'd get smashed by the ball of energy, rolled head over heals to come to a stop on a knee. Shaking his head to clear it, he'd eye Yatsu a moment. "Genjutsu.. huh.. well, learn somethin new every day." A small nod given, Ataru would blur, evading those thrown weapons of Kizuken to suddenly appear before the kid. Leaning in to Kizuken's face, Ataru would just go.. "Boo." With a flick to his nose. Blurring again with that speed, he'd come in at Yatsu's left, spinning into a smack with one fist, before continuing that curve around to sweep her legs out from under her. Cats always land on their feet, right? Should be interesting to see how Yatsu handles Ataru's trip attempt.

The flick of the nose completely catches Kizu off guard, and he growls, "Look out!" And he leaps off of the top of the fence over Ataru's head, landing to slam his hand on the ground to put up a seal on the ground, around the edges of the circular seal, a barrier field rises out of the ground into a dome around himself and Yatsuhane. "Genjutsu! It looks like it catches him!" Kizuken cinched his eyes closed awaiting the attacks.

It was Yatsuhane's first encounter fighting someone who was naturally superior to her in strength. Usually her opponents in spars were people her own level, which is why she expected things to go so well. But with how fast Ataru was, she was begining to worry that she wouldn't win. In fact she was pretty sure she wasn't. Totally forgetting that winning wasn't the point of this fight. For the time being, she seemed to have found Ataru's weak point.. all of her genjutsu nailing him right in the face so far. She'd have to exploit it to teach him a lesson. Don't mess with a cornered neko-nin!
Her command to force Ataru to sit still while he got walloped with her attack worked splendidly, causing Yatsu to give out another one of her catty laughs. "Nyahaha! Good boy!" she praised before Ataru got right back up and came at them again with that blinding speed that she even had trouble keeping up with, lagging behind those vital seconds that left her open to attack. Instead of trying to dodge, knowing that she was nowhere near fast enough.. she brought up her arms to protect herself! But that seemed unneeded when Kizuken threw himself in the way of the attacks to give her a chance to counter attack!
"Thanks Ki-kun! You're not so useless afterall!" she blurted out before making another hand seal within her paw glove. What Ataru would see next is Yatsu pulling out a brightly colored ball of yarn and tossing it between her paws, "Looks amazing doesn't it? I bet you want to play with it, right? It's just that awesome! Well, alright but only just this once." she says as if she was doing Ataru a personal favor before tossing the ball of yarn his way so that he could go at it! The urge to tackle it and bat it around was there, and was probably the best idea Ataru ever had! He could probably spend all day playing with it too, and Yatsuhane would bet her snack money that he would.

At this time, when the barrier gets hit and kicked, Kizu could feel himself being pushed and smashed as the barrier cracked and shattered. Kizuken flew backwards into yet ANOTHER fence, and as he fell on the ground with the fence to his back, he creates a simple hand seal, and touches the ground, causing the single tag below Ataru at this moment to flare up into a bubble to catch him and give Yatsuhane a single chance to hit him really really hard. "..Get em.." he says, trying to stand up after being hit several good times (or at least they hurt to him only being a young genin.

Ataru would blink, staring at Yatsu and the yarn. As it was tossed, he'd frown and proceed to punch himself in the face. "No. I. Do. Not. Want. To. Play. With. The. Yarn." Shaking his head to clear it, he'd note there was no yarn and that a seal had been left at his feet. Blinking, Ataru immediately launched himself backwards, lightly springing away just before it closed on him. Looking over at Kizuken, he'd nod. "Good job. Stay down, hai?" Looking back to Yatsu, Ataru would once again blur forward, rushing her with that set of three hit combo. Two punches for the gut, before he'd spin into that back kick. Although the initial punches were to draw her attention it seems as their impact was extremely controlled.

Was… was Yatsuhane seeing this? Was Ataru punching himself in the face to resist her genjutsu? Well, despite her genjutsu failing… watching him beat himself up was pretty darn funny. She'd laugh at him, either way she won that little exchange! "I hope your face turns as black as your heart and as blue as yo-" before she could finish her sentence, Ataru was upon her yet again to try and lay down the hurt on her.
Without Kizuken to be her human meat shield for this round, Yatsuhane would have to deal with it herself. Bracing herself with both of her arms, she'd coat them in a protective layer of her chakra.. that eerie looking purple stuff that looked like it could give someone the plague if they got to close. Crossing her arms downwards, she'd block the two punches and not even feel a thing! A huge grin spreading over her face, was her super tough hide that awesome!? No.. not really. When the spinning back kick came and she took it with both arms, she winced as the blow still soaked through her protective armor and sent her skidding backwards through the damp morning grass. Before she'd come to a stop, her feet would slip from the dewy grass and she'd faceplant with a grunt. "Ow…" she muttered.
She was breathing pretty hard at this point, her energy reserves were starting to dip after all her fancy tricks. But Ataru didn't say it was time to stop, so with a deep breath she'd fling herself into a running crouching position and run right at Ataru before leaping at him, whirling in the air and lashing out with a kick aimed at his cake hole. Her body would continue to rotate to bring around her other foot in a back kick aimed for his ribs! If she'd miss, she'd go rolling into a nearby bush for cover! ._.

Daisuke had been walking along with Yuya, another chuunin of the village, and checking out various locations within the forest. From time to time chuunin were assigned to look through the training area to make sure no one had exhausted themselves to the point of injury or was doing anything illegal or frowned upon. Coming into the training area while talking, Daisuke stopped mid-sentence as he spotted unfamiliar faces fighting with one of his clan members. He turns to Yuya, asking the younger chuunin, "Have you ever enforced a rule amongst ninja?" He was curious to see if Yuya had to act like 'the bad cop' around his fellow ninja before, a task no one of their young age liked doing, but needed to be done. "Under diplomatic code of conduct, Konoha ninja are not supposed to be engaging in fights, whether friendly or not, inside the walls of Konohagakure with shinobi of other regions. It's an annoying rule that has made me spar friends outside the walls before, but it is still a rule. Why don't you go try your authority out by breaking that up?"

Kizuken still stood against the fence, leaning against it catching his breath. At the moment he was just watching, but it was obvious he was involved at some point in time earlier, and was ready for some more. He noticed that someone else was in the area, turning to see his cousin, Daisuke, standing there with someone else, and he didn't even wait for one of them to approach, he walked right up to them, looking up with a smile. "Heya cousin-san. How are you today?" A bright ball of energy and chipperness.

Watching Kizuken head off to the others that approached, Ataru would give a small nod. Dodging away lightly from the attempted kicks by Yatsu, he'd grin as she went flying into that tree. "Not too bad at all. Yer quite tough. Like yer focusin on my weakness too, very good job there." Stretching a moment to loosen up some, he'd nod slightly. "Although, lookin like we got some company, so best ta hold off on the spar fer a moment, hai?" His attention would turn to Daisuke and the other then, studying them from where he stood, although no movement towards or away was taken as he'd watch on with at least an honest curiousity.

Knowing pretty much that any attempts to brutalize Ataru with taijutsu were impossible at this point, Yatsuhane was expecting Ataru to get out of the way. This was good because it'd give her some cover in the bush she just rolled into with a rustle of leaves. Not sending any impending doom from another assault from her opponent, the neko-nin would poke her head out of the bush comically and blink at the people who arrived at the scene. Her glowy red eyes peering at the one guy… the one that looked familiar. "Oh! It's you! Growly tummy guy!" she practically shouts. "It's me! The girl who had food you were plotting to steal." pearly white teeth flashing in a grin. Then she'd hear Ataru and his commentary about her fighting, "I'm pretty tough. It's what happens when you fight wild animals all the time." she notes with smug satisfaction. She was still hidden in the bush with her head sticking out.

"Hello everyone. I hate to be a party pooper but if you guys want to continue sparring it will have to be outside the walls. I'm sure you all, if not at least the Konoha nins…" Daisuke says, looking towards Kizuken right then, "are aware of the rules. No harm done if you didn't prior to this." He looks over to Yatsu and smirks at the young girl with the weird maskface. "I seem to recall you giving me one out of the kindness of your heart, not me taking it. Sometimes your stomach can betray your mind, though." He looks over all in attendance, making sure there wasn't something else going on and others had run into the bushes before the 'guard' had come.

Kizuken's eyes go wide, and he looks down at the ground, realizing he hadn't seen a konoha forehead protector on either of them. "Um, I'm ashamed." And with that, he moves to lower his head, and go and stand next to Daisuke, probably awaiting punishment. "I knew beforehand. And I didn't ask or attend to the chance they might not be from around here."

Ataru frowned at the mention of a rule about sparring. "Whatcha talkin 'bout mate? What rule? I've been here fer a while without any issues and I ain't parta Konoha. Sparred plenty of Konoha nin too mate.." He'd shake his head slightly. "We ain't harmin nothin. They're both kids practicin against a movin target anyways.. so ain't like it's been a real fight or anythin.." Eyeing Daisuke for a moment, Ataru would shrug slightly. "How 'bout ya join in? Could give em a challenge of fightin 'gainst someone stronger with the help of someone stronger, eh?" Ataru chuckled slightly. Guess it was going to get interesting? He'd roll his neck, slightly, til a small pop was given. A fresh surge of chakra would flicker through his form. The offer was there, time to see what he said?

Seems that their little group was in trouble for play fighting when they weren't allowed to. Though this wasn't the first time, nor would it be the last time that Yatsuhane would do something she wasn't supposed to. She does what she wants! She pretends not to hear that part and listens in to when Daisuke speaks to her about the food. "Oh yeah… You owe me for that!" she calls out before hearing Ataru suggest that Daisuke join the fight to make things even worse. "What?! Are you stupid? He'd probably murder us all in a horrible way! I saw him over in the jounin area the other day! He was probably practicing ways to turn us into soup!" shuddering at the mere thought! The irony.
Crawling out of the bush she was hiding in, she brushes the leaves off of her and looks up at the sky to try and determine the time… She was tired and hungry at this point. "I don't think I want to stick around for that… I'd rather go find something delicious to eat and fill up my tummy." she declares, thrusting a paw into the air. "Bai bai! Ki-kun! Ataru! Growly Tummy Man!" the young neko-nin crouching and flinging herself up into a tree and scampering off towards the village in search of food! Leaving behind a trail of rustling tree branches and catty laughter. About fifteen seconds later a loud thud is hurt and a loud cry of pain. She'd learn to jump through trees more carefully after that…

"The only way around the rule is to seek the Hokage's permission to train. As I said before, if you didn't know, then we can't hold you responsible, but all Konoha ninja are brought up knowing these rules." Daisuke says as he eyes Ataru, the guy seems rebellious and could cause a problem, Daisuke was tempted to detain him, if only for the reason that his style of talking and calling him a 'mate' was annoying. "What is your name? I will ask my aunt Hashiramako if she has given you such permissions. I just came to remind the Konoha-nin and make sure everyone was healthy."
As Yatsu takes her leave and Kizu looks ready to accept some kind of horrible punishment, Daisuke thinks the sparring is just about done. "I'll pass on the spar training, perhaps another time. What was it you were helping them in?" he asks as he notices Kizu looks a little beat up.

Ataru chuckles slightly. "Schoolahard knocks. I'm Ataru, nicetameecha." He'd nod slightly. "ya can ask her. She's talked ta me directly, after I got outta jail fer sparrin outside the walls. She dun mind me trainin in here, specially since I asked her specifically ta do such." He'd grin then. "So whatcha name, since ya obviously look preturb fer me callin ya mate, insteada whatever ya are wantin me ta call ya, hai?" With the spar ending and the new guy not wanting to play, Ataru would relax. Oh well, no more fun today.

Daisuke nods his head as he finds out Ataru was given permission by the Hokage, which only leaves Kizu sparring Yatsu as an issue. He raises an eyebrow at the comment about 'getting out of jail', though. Perhaps this guy was some kind of serial sparrer that sought to overpower and hurt genin. "Senju Daisuke. Daisuke is fine." he says, answering the question he was asked. Ataru gets a few more moments of staring before Daisuke nods his head and leaves.

"'fore ya go punishin Kizu fer playin with us, he didn't actually spar anyone outsidea Konoha yanno.. Specifically, the trainin was fer workin together as a team. I'd be givin Kizu a kudos.. He protected the team mate that could actually get ta me.. was really impressive to see." Ataru would chuckle, a thumbs up given to Daisuke. "I look forward ta sparrin ya some other time, Daisuke."

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