Dead Before Dawn



Date: April 29, 2010

"Dead Before Dawn"

"May the gods have mercy on your soul."

Shima Sami woke up. He had suffered severe blood loss, and had internal
damages that were causing more of the same, not to mention extreme pain.
He did not recall passing out. The pain had been extreme, but it may have
been the shock to his body that caused him to go unconscious due to the
overload of sensory input. None of this line of thought was helping him in
his current situation, however, so he abandoned it. The pain had not gone
away. The cold air had numbed Sami to a degree, but when he tried to move,
it was clear the damage was even worse than he thought.
'Why haven't the ANBU recruits found me yet? I did not give orders to
leave behind the wounded.' He realizes the irony, of course. He who has
been slaying the wounded on both sides of the war, expecting his wounded
state to earn special treatment. But a Swordsman has skills that are not
easily replaced. It is necessary for him to be salvaged. A common foot
soldier does NOT need to be saved.
Sami turns his pale eyes on the hazey rose-colored light tinting the sky.
'The sun is rising. How long have I been here? I should be dead by now.'
Sami had no idea how he was remaining so calm. He just felt… Detached.
'Maybe I am already dead.' he mused for a moment. But he was fairly
certain the dead felt no pain. So he must, therefor, still be alive. 'Time
to get moving.' When Sami finally forced his body to act, rolling onto his
side, with weakened arm over his stomach to keep his damaged innards from
coming out, he found that he was not alone anymore.

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