Dead Man's Hand


Feari, Renai, Isra

Date: August 20, 2014


A local citizen of Kirigakure has gotten in deep into gambling debt, and he fears that his debtors are going to come to his home and assault him — primarily because they said they would, even conveniently providing a date. Protect the home and its occupants from the criminal activity. He cannot yet pay but we will hold the mission to maintain the law.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Dead Man's Hand"

Within Kirigakure

The days had come and gone as one week turns into two and suddenly it's already the end of the month. A local citizen of Kirigakure by the name of Shakuzai was starting to suspect that the request he had sent in to the Mizukage for protection was going unanswered and by the end of the night he'd either be missing a few appendages or dead. Neither were options the gambler wanted to chance so he had started packing his things up as he believed all hope was lost. Why had no one from the Kirigakure forces come to help him?

Knock Knock Knock

A gentle rapping on the door would garner the mans attention, but knowing that today was the day he was to be attacked by the debt collectors, he wasn't about to open it.

"Shakuzai~" A gentle voice would call out in a style reminiscent to a songbird. "It is the help you requested from the Mizukage. We're here as requested. Right on time." In truth they were here just in the nick of time as the missive was one of the few low ranking missions to go uncollected and was soon to be scrapped away as mission failure. It wasn't until Feari realized no one had taken it upon themself to deal with the easy task that he was quick to scoop it up and gather a few individuals as well.
First of which being a familiar girl that had a chance for great things in terms of fashion that is. On their previous mission the man was able to get her into just the cutest pink dress, though as she wasn't wearing it now, it was somewhat disappointing. The second participant of the group was a known Swordsmen *ahem* woman that if it wasn't for the girls appearance, would not be coming along. She was a fashion faux pas and not one that Feari would let slip through his fingers. That was her true purpose for coming along in this mission. "Open up."

When Feari uses that soft voice to call to their client, Renai just sweatdrops. She stands behind the Swordsman and Swordswoman with a hand on her hip, waiting. With a gentle sigh, the girl reaches up to flip her hair behind her shoulder. With attitude. It must be Feari's influence.
Fed up in waiting for the man, she walks up and bangs a wrapped fist on the door. "Open the door, Baka! Or we're leaving and you can be chopped to bits!" A dog barks in the distance, disturbed by the girl's lack of feminine grace. The Touketsu huffs impatiently and glares up at Feari. She seems.. agitated. It must be the nature of the man. Gambling. Yes, that's it. Renai notoriously has no patience for wastefulness. And, this, is the epitome of wastefulness in her eyes.

Isra thought she was doing a mission, but instead it appeared this mission had greater purpose and not due to the mission itself. In light of what happened along the way here, she arrives at the home looking less ready for a mission and more like a trumped off cockatiel. That isn't to say she couldn't perform properly for what she was needed for, but really? She had to say she felt pretty insulted regarding her style right now.
While she's steaming in all that, she watches the others attempt to get this guy out of the house, but he may just die before he leaves here for reasons unrelated to his gambling.

Feari stood there as patiently as he could for there was no rush for him regardless of the fact that the afternoon had already slipped away and turned into the evening. The sun was making its decent past the horizon and in a matter of hours darkness would overtake them all. None of that matter for the man as he reached up to adjust the thin glasses that sat on the brim of his nose to get a better look at Renai as she walks up to pound on the door.
"We're in no rush sweetie. Whether we're inside or out, I assume this to be the only entrance to this deplorable home…" Glancing about the area for only moments before his attention is returned to the door as the handle begins to jiggle as if several locks are being undone until the door slides open.

Standing at the entrance would be a slim, pasty looking figure with slick back, black hair. "Alright. Alright. Come in, but don't take anything." Eyeing the individuals over before stepping aside and back into his home. "Can't believe you three are the best the Mizukage could send. These thugs are serious business." Shakuzai comments while walking over toward a single wooden table with a dimply burning gas lantern being the only thing that was on top. "You know, I was moments from being fully packed and out of here."

Feari would be the first to enter and his eyes would scan the home. From what it looked like on the outside, it was even worse once in. There were a few chairs scattered about, tipped over or covered in filth. The same could be said of a lot of what was inside. The interior forcing a shiver down Feari's spine. "Filth…." The swordsman continued to walk through the residence, but remained ever vigilant in making sure to avoid touching any of the trash. "Ah, but we are here now. So that's all that matters."

Renai is judgmental and this man is getting the full wrath of her dislike. What more could he want! Two Swordsmen and a Touketsu genin! She frowns deeply and steps in behind Feari and Isra. One look around and she huffs. Her little bandaged hands clench into fists. It is very tempting to just.. take care of this man for the thugs.
Before she does anything she'll regret, Renai turns to Feari, "I'm going to go stand watch outside." The Touketsu doesn't exactly wait for permission, but he /is/ given a half-beat to tell her no. Then, she's outside. The girl forms a quick set of seals and her chakra flares up around her, gathering and focusing. And, she reaches down through the earth, her eyes narrowing as she senses for approaching footsteps.

"Not like it would've been yours if we hadn't come any sooner…" Isra muttered as she stepped into the home, witnessing the same things Feari did. This place was a total wreck. Doesn't even have value. Who would take all this junk? Before she knew it, only two of them were in the home now. …No place to sit. Sigh. "What in the world were you doing in here? It's a dump."

"Yeah…yeah." Shakuzai would wave a hand at the group before turning his eyes to Isra, "It's not easy to afford luxuries when you have no money of your own. You may call this stuff junk, but it's mine. So don't touch it!" Staring specifically at Isra for a few moments before his eyes catch sight of Renai turning and walking out. Had she just stolen something of his and ran away?!? "Thieves…the lotta you." Attention turning to Feari, who was clearly the most well dressed of the group. He must have money. "So, wanna play a game of chance while we wait? I'll give you 10 - 1 odds."

Feari listened to the man while his eyes glanced about the room, before finding a spot on the floor that was the least dirty and that would be where he'd stay…Standing. "That sounds fine, Renai. Keep an eye out for us." He couldn't blame the girl for not wanting to remain in the house, he's just cursing his misfortune that he hadn't called lookout first. "Let's just focus on the matter at hand first. If your survive, maybe I'll play."

The girl briefly closes her eyes, sensing the footsteps of civilians and tracing their path in her mind. Some head this way and then turn, moving off and away from the range of her sense. People going home. Nothing seems headed toward them in an obvious fashion.
Renai relaxes and opens her eyes to peer about. Her hands twitch as she hears the conversation behind the door. Well, you would /have/ money if you weren't wasting it all on.. Baka. He would be more useful being chopped apart and sold to the Kirigakure labs via the black market. Renai considers that momentarily.
She pushes the malicious thought away and reaches out again, searching for footsteps.

Isra closed her eyes slower than molasses as she tried to process what Shakuzai just said to her. "You gambled your money away and talk about luxuries. Are you not seeing what got you here in the first place, mate?" She questioned. "I don't want your stuff, if that wasn't already made clear." She folded her arms. "We ain't the one that technically stole money by not paying any of it back. I'd kinda be careful tossin' that language around. Thugs aren't the only ones that know how to kill or remove fingers," she turned an evil grin at the gambler. "But yeah, Focus on this guy here. He'll give you a run for your money too… I had a joke in reserve, but I think I've let enough flow already. Now, time to do some cleaning…" She moved over to a chair that had some potential and dusted it free of any debris and items that sat atop it. With a good, solid kick to the seat cushion, dust puffed out of it and was soon flushed away with a makeshift fan. She plopped down and relaxed a bit. "That's more like it. Not exactly home, but it'll do."

Shakuzai harumphed, "Your lose. You had a decent chance of winning." A sly smile crossing the mans face, but lasting only until Isra finishes her last threatening statement that has the man curl his hands into fists. Not to retaliate, but out of fear of losing his fingers. "You can't come in to my home and threaten me, you know? I've offered to pay to have this matter settled, not to be abused in my own home." Isra touching the mans stuff causing him to slam a hand down on the table. "I said touch not!….."
A kunai would stab in to the table just inches away from the lantern that sat in front of Shakuzai. Feari would slowly lower his hand while he peered over his glasses at the man, "Shhh….It's starting to get late. The sun has set. Why don't you turn that lantern down a bit. Hmmm?" Shakuzai was momentarily stunned and unsure of what actions to take, but not wanting to incur the apparently hostile shinobi's anger that had been sent to 'help' him any further, he was quick to comply as he reached out and turned the light down as low as it would go without going out.

Moments of silence would endure. Renai stays focused, sensing the edges of approaching footsteps. Three. Her head turns suddenly and she just looks off in that direction, waiting. The girl doesn't go inside to get them. She just waits.. And takes a step to the side so as to not be in the doorway. One exit, right? She enjoys not being trampled.
Once they are closer, she forms hand seals. Dirt lifts from the ground in clumps and floats about through the air oddly as the Touketsu moves it into position, attempting to predict their line of direction. Once they are but a few feet from the hidden clumps. *BOOM* The first clump explodes and then is followed by the others in quick succession. It would sound like fireworks almost, the way the noise reverberates through the streets and rattles the windows. There. That is her warning. Hopefully, the preemptive attack will buy the two Swordsmen time to get out here and deal with this nonsense.

Isra ignored Shakuzai altogether. Not like he could do anything in his current situation, but it was less his conditions and more so that she knew he was a coward. That she had problems with. The sound of dirt crumbling and popping off captures the Uzumaki's attention. Was the threat here already? Hm. She wonders who they'll be up against in that regard. Just random thugs or skilled people? She supposes she should take this a bit more seriously. "Alright, I suppose I'll head out and cover the back of the home while Renai is out front. Best to keep everything all together, yeah?" She grinned as she rose from her seat and left through the back exit.

With Shakuzai now stunned in silence, it was easy to hear the fighting starting outside already without them. Adjusting his glasses as he watches Isra head out the back, "Be careful." Giving the girl another look over, "Though if your outfit gets damaged during this encounter, it wouldn't be the worst thing." Feari smirks as he turns to walk out toward the front. Isra could easily watch after herself and there was no doubt in his mind Renai was a capable shinobi, but there was no harm in checking on things just in case.
Opening the door, Feari would first spot a scrawny thug hunched over and rubbing at his eyes. Without hesitation, Feari would send a quick kick at the man that sends the thug sprawling into the dirt. "Seems that one is no good at taking a pounding." He'd snicker while glancing around for any other only to see a similar thug except with the only noticeable difference being a scar that trails down their face.
There was a kunai in scarface's hand and it was poised to stab in to Feari. Without missing a beat, the Swordsman stepped a side, slapped the kunai wielded hand away and brought a quick thrust into the thugs nose. "Renai…?" Where was that girl… Was there only two thugs?

At the back of the exit, was where the last of the thugs had escaped off to. Seeing the dirt clumps ahead of time, the well dressed individual (almost as well as Feari…Almost) had replaced himself with a nearby rock before heading toward the back. However, what he met was a girl with a mohawk. "Out of the way kid." Rearing his fist back to punch into the swordswomen.

Renai peers about as the carnage ensues. She smiles slightly as her attack manages to incapacitate one of the thugs. Hearing her name, she answers with a soft, "I'm here, Feari-sama." She's standing right beside him actually, looking up with her hands clasped behind her back. She rocks on her feet and then moves to perform a quick seal to sense through the earth just once more. She hopes to ensure that there are no others on the way. She doesn't question whether or not Isra can handle the one that moved to the back, having confidence in the swordswoman.

Isra grumped as she walked outside and slammed the door shut. Talking about her outfit. Huff. She almost forgot action was taking place out here as a thug runs up to or rather past her aiming to hit her along the way. What the…? "I'm not a kid," she deadpanned as she whipped out her blade causing the scroll to unfurl and meet his punch with paper as strong as a steel wall. "I don't think you're going to be ready for this one," she states as the scroll begins to wrap around him to get launched into the sky. "Time to show you a real explosion, yeah?" She grinned.

The scrawny thug that was kicked off the porch quickly regains his composure and rises to his feet. He'd see two figures before him blocking his path to Shakuzai; one a well dressed man with long red hair, the other a young girl in a blue-grey uniform with green hair. He was picking his choices, seeing which one would be the better option to attack, but considering the two were side by side there was little option. Still the scrawny thug was out of options as he withdrew a blade from behind his back and charged the girl in hopes the man wouldn't be fast enough to intervene.
Feari, however was more than fast enough to interven, but chose not to do so. If Renai couldn't handle this situation on hers own, stepping up and protecting the girl would not help her improve. So he stepped aside and looked toward the other thug. Scarface. That one was holding his face, trying to keep the blood from pouring out of his nose as he ran away. "A little nosebleed and he's done for."

In the back, there'd be a yelp as the well dressed thug's fist meets with steel like paper. His hand would instantly come back in response and shake some from the pain. He'd want to spend time rubbing it, but with Isra already attacking, he'd be forced to jump out of the way to avoid being wrapped up like a burrito. "Get out of the way girl!" Rearing back once again with another punch.

Renai looks to the man with the blade. She doesn't expect Feari to protect her. She would never expect that of anyone. When the man is near, she forms a seal. His sword would -bend- Or it would look that way to him at least. To the rest, she would simply sway to the side, pivot, turn, and then forcefully drive her knee toward his soft bits. Not the tummy. His crotch. Renai fights dirty.
Then, she would take one step back and form hand seals. "Get down, you piece of trash. Kneel." The girl would press into him with genjutsu, attempting to drive him into the ground under the weight of his own misguided senses. Why is everything so heavy? Renai. That's why.

What sort of luck did it take to slip out of a shinobi's grasp? A lot, it seems as the thug completely evaded her attempt to wrap him up and instead met her with a punch to the face. She faltered and stumbled back a bit, in temporary shock as she took in what just happened. In fact, she was so shocked that she didn't feel the pain of the punch only that she had contact with it. He hit her?! Really?! "Alright," is all she said before she concentrated her energies and a white aura burst around her. She swung her blade hard enough to send the ream forward to clash with the ground around the man sending flashes of bright colors and bursts all around him in a grand display.

The scrawny thug would prepare his blade to strike against Renai, but as he catches sight of it starting to bend within his hand, he'd drop it out of fear. "What the flush?" He'd never had to deal with genjutsu before, so had no clue what had just happened. However, when a knee comes for his crotch the thug is no fool and brings a leg to block it. What comes next is something he wasn't expecting. A heavy force washing over him that drops the scrawny thug to his hands and knees. With everything in his power he's trying to keep himself upright as he's unsure of if he doesn't fight against the force that is pushing him down, he might just end up going squish.

Feari would walk over toward the scrawny thug, grasp the cretin by the back of his shirt and pick the individual up, "Shakuzai is protected by Kirigakure. His debt is erased, much like you will be if you don't get out of here." Setting the thug upright, Feari would dust the man off a little bit before spinning him around and offering a soft pat on the butt. "Now off with you." Several explosions and flashing lights would come from behind the house, filling up the darkened night sky. "Isra is done as well. We should let Shakuzai know he's safe."

The well dressed thug smiled broadly as his punch landed and in response he'd straighten up and tuck his hands into his pockets. "Now get out of my way." It was the last thing the man would say, for within that moment he was surrounded by several shells that exploded into explosive tags that exploded into more explosive tags. A chain that continued on as it battered and destroyed the well dressed man until the dust settled and he was left lying in his own blood.

"Shazukai, the threat has been dealt with." Feari would offer and Shazukai would nod appreciatively, "Thank you for your assistance. Now get out and don't touch anything. I'm keeping this blade too." Referring to the kunai on the table. Feari waved it off, uncaring as he turned about to head back outside. Hoping Isra would meet up with them out front.

Renai relaxes as Feari takes control of the situation. She turns her head at the sounds of Isra's attack. She blinks and nods once, seeing the flashes of color from the other side of the house. They're awesome. Renai smiles as she follows Feari back inside. The girl would look down her dainty little nose at their client, her eyes hidden ominously beneath her green bangs. "You need help." She wiggles that little nose and follows Feari back out with a small hmph!

She stepped out from behind the house, her aura having since dissipated but her energies still very much charged. The man was handled and their business was done here. "Let's go. And my clothes didn't get ruined!" She added as an aside. She smiled as if in victory. These things weren't meant to be stylish! They were meant for protection and other important things like getting punched in the face.

Feari would start to walk along with Renai away from the gamblers house, but as Isra appears and exclaims her clothing is still intact, he would sigh just slightly as what he plans next would have worked better were her clothes in some what disrepair. "Isra….Dont….Move…" Feari would slowly approach the girl while reaching behind his back to retrieve a couple of scrolls and once he was standing just next to her, he held the scrolls up high above and let them unravel. With a twisting of his hands the seals upon the scrolls would begin to activate and he'd twirl the scrolls around Isra's form. Clothing would begin to appear in puffs of smoke while at the same time removing what she was currently wearing.
When the summoning stopped, Feari would step back, lower the scrolls to his side and give Isra a look over. Her clothing had changed to the normal drab and typical uniform of a Kirigakure shinobi to that of one that fit the girls style. Covering her torso was a short black dress that clung tightly to her form and wrapped around her waist was a belt made of golden loops. Covering her arms are white cotton arm guards and on her wrists are golden spiked bracelets. Wrapped around her neck is a red feathered boa and finishing the outfit are a pair of gray and red knee high boots.

"Why? Who is coming?" Isra wondered as she searched around. Upon being attacked by Feari and his wardrobe scrolls, she tried to escape, but found it difficult as something was binding her form and it wasn't the paper that hosted the materials. When the smoke cleared and she looked down at herself, she flushed red in the cheeks. She felt exposed and there was a draft down below that wasn't present before. "…I will accept this until we get back." She didn't say anymore and no less. This was something she had to get used to. It wasn't quite her style, but it could work with some modifications…namely, the inclusion of clothes.

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