What If? Dead Rising - Naru's Nightmare


Naru, Ryo

Date: November 11, 2011


Naru and Ryo are chased through an abandoned temple by a dead priest. They are about to die and then Naru wakes up.

"What If? Dead Rising - Naru's Nightmare"

Abandoned Temple in the Fuuma Basin.

An abandoned temple looks down on lonely road in the heartland of the land of Rice Paddies. Cascading of mountains reach past the treeline, green canopies clinging to the ranges like a fog. Valleys between them rock and forest are cut into the irregular flooded terraces the country is known for, but the fields grow fallow the closer they come to a wide, low basin sinking under the weight of a sprawling industrial city. Train tracks from all corners of the country converge under a cloud of smog that chokes out the sky even at this distance, and underneath these unnatural clouds the economic heart of the land of Rice glows like a fire.
The moon is high above the temple. The light of it seems to pass through the fog and shine over a single spot on the temple floor. Soon the tile begins to crack, only to break moments later. From beneath the tile a hand reaches up. It holds a chain connected to a religous trinket. The man pushes himself up from the hole in the floor. "At last I rise again…" the voice stated. The man looked around at the now abandoned temple. "Damn kids. I should have just lived forever. At least the temple would have been kept up." Then the man turned and began to walk towards the entrance of the temple. "This hunger… I will need to eat something to survive."

Naru seemed to be minding her own business for the most part, the group for now was scouring the temple, Ryo and herself split up from the Hinotori and Etsu more or less scouting out the temple and making sure there wasn't anything weird once they stayed there, However it was time for a short little intermission. She let out a tired sigh and nested herself up along one of the walls of the temple, they had a short little fire going as they sat in the corridor. " Kinda borin to be watching this old place huh?" she questioned curiously, a light yawn escapes her lips.
Ryo sat by the fire. "It does seem like a perfect place for bandits. Creepy old temple and no one wanting to live here. Then again it would make quite a house if someone fixed the place up. Imagine the games that could be played here."
As the two sit around the fire, there is something lurking down the hall way. The newly risen priest is making his way slowly towards the fire. He stood behind the children. "Welcome to my temple. Have you come here to pray to my god?" the man asks. His clothes look like that of a priest, except for dirty and slightly decayed. "Maybe you would like to take part in some confession?" the man was very sneaky.

"Huh?" Naru couldn't help but to arch an eyebrow at the priest, he didnt seem to be very nice smelling, which caused her to quickly scramble up to a stand, a sweat drop trickled down her cheek as she exchanged a quick glance with Ryo. " This place… is suppose to be abandoned an empty… you can't possible be the priest here could you?" She questioned the main, she saw how probable it was but at the same time… It was possible right?
Ryo moved with Naru, though he reached a hand into his pocket grasping a kunai. Naru had beaten him to the questions, so he just remained silent. His eyes scanned over the priest. Something looked wrong with the man. He was not suppose to be here, yet he did not look like a bandit.
The priest smiled at the children. That revealed his teeth and the bugs crawling around in his mouth as the fire light flickered over them. "I am the first high priest of this temple. That is back when the people of this land were not doomed to damnation. Come children. Tell me of your sins…" the man states as he raised his hands upwards. His arms seem normal, though they are only lit up by flickering lights.

"Naru let out a tired sigh, she couldn't tell if this man was delusional or not, but either way his awkward advances was enough to allow her skin to crawl, and soon enough she reaches for a kunai of her own, bringing it befor her. " Hey hey… I don't know who you are old man but this place has been abandoned for quite some time… You should leave here rather than stick around… I have a feeling this just isn't the place for you…"
Ryo activates his sharingan and looks directly towards the priest. "Naru… you might want to take a look. He is not normal…" the boy says as he nudges her. He takes a defensive stance and prepares for a fight to break out.
The eyes of the priest focus on the sharingan for a moment. "That is…" is muttered as the man seems to smile. "It is quite rude to threaten a man in his own home. Someone should teach you children some manners. I think I will start with your eyes. My god requires a sacrifice." The words start normal but turn into a form of mad laughter. The priest then does some hand signs and the floor begins to change into spikes beneath the two genin. (22.)

The spikes would begin to stab them through the floor, more particularly they managed to splice up straight into Naru's form, however within just a few moments they would witness Naru's body explode into a mass puff of smoke, her own from reappearing a few feet away from them, further back along the corridor, quickly she motioned through a set of hand seals while her own Sharingan began to activate… His chakra was strange, which was yet another reason for her to send a barrage of fire in his direction. " We will just need to take this one down Ryo…. His chakra… is very different from what I've seen…"
Ryo easily dodged past the spikes, then curled his hands around his mouth. "Fire style Bullet barrage jutsu!" There were a few fireballs from his mouth, before he looked towards Naru. "I think he might already be down. How to we kill him a second time?" The boy then tried to figure out how exactly he would guard his own eyes.
The priest merely raises his hand in a swiping motion to block the fireballs. He barely missed one. He pats out the fire that started on his robes. He then lowers his hand. "Such naughty children. This is a house of worship and you dare to attack your elder?!?!" The voice was starting to grow louder. "You are wise to realize that I am already dead. You may burn me, pierce me or even trap me. There is no jutsu that you Uchiha know that can stop me. Now die like good little children." The man places his fingers together and then yells, "Earth Style, Enclosing Wall Jutsu!"
There are no immediate effects from the jutsu, although the wall behind the kids would start to move any moment, forcing them towards the man. There were no escapes between them and the priest.

Naru blinked as the walls began to enclose them from behind, completely blocking off any sort of exit… It seemed like the only way to get through this was to get directly into this undead being… It was interesting…She had no idea what to think but finally she spoke. " We have no choice but to burn him until there no nothing left, I don't know sealing jutsu so lets stick to what we are good at huh? He still needs limbs to do hand seals also…" She challenged the zombie and brought her hands together, summoning up even more chakra to the ongoing assault. " No time for holding back now Ryo-san..
Ryo nods his head. He was already moving away from the wall that was enclosing in on them. "We have more trouble than that. If he is dead, technically he can let this crush both us and him. He might still survive. We need to make an exit!" The boy then used his bullet barrage jutsu against the man. He was hoping that Naru had a jutsu that might allow them to break through one of the walls.
The priest laughed as the fireballs hit him and did absolutely nothing. "Join me in the unlife. Come children!" The priest then raises his hands and more spikes begin to move.(25) With the narrow mobility it starts to limit the room they are able to dodge. Then more spikes come in from the left and the right.(32) "It will only sting a little bit."

Naru had just that, though the spikes quickly began to impale through her body causing her to cringe and blood to flow from her wounds, quickly she exploded from the other series of spikes, appearing closer towards the wall that enclosed them, they were going to get out of here in one peace… " Katon… Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" Naru shouted out, after motioning through the hand seals a massive wave of orb fire would escape her mouth and attempt to slam and make a new path from themselves, she sent another one towards the priest, attempting to completely engulf and weaken him
The spikes manage to get Ryo from all side. The boy closes his eyes in pain. He just was not quick enough to get a jutsu off to help him out. He seems to be stuck on the spikes as Naru moves to make an escape route. "Alright jerk. Lets do this." the boy takes out two kunai and whips them at the priest.
The priest walks forward towards them, even as the kunai are thrown. He does not even bother to block them. They only seem to pass right through him. He watches as Naru blows a hole in the wall. Despite this, he moves his hands in another earth style jutsu. The wall reseals itself. The man smiles. "Welcome to your death." Then his hand extends forward and mud spikes begin to travel towards Naru. (35) He was attempting to trap her against the wall. He already had Ryo trapped.

Naru thought she was fast enough, she motioned quickly through the techniques despite the close space however even still for some reason the jutsu seemed to have more potency than she could see, and at the last moment she felt the muddy snag along her body, forcing her deep into the walling area, her body was stuck and just like that the corpse priest quickly began to swoop in on the both of them, their bodies quickly surcuming to the jutsu of this mad man….Just as the undead corpose reached out towards to take her up by the hair, a jolt of energy spun through her body and she had woken up… rising up from a soft layer of bedding along the ground, naru had woken up in cold sweat, peering around the room she was accompanied by her team, who seemed fast asleep without a corpse looming over them. " Just… a nightmare…" Naru assured herself quietly under her breath, her eyes turned into the sharingan still, a quick look around… Perhaps she SHOULD be on watch tonight…

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