Death and the Firefly


Mushi, Shuuren

Date: November 13, 2013


Mushi and Shuuren meet after the research in the lab to have a decidedly private conversation.

"Death and the Firefly"

Land of Fire - Northern Pathway

The mission was complete. But even as the threat of the virus advanced, and they hunted for the elusive poisoner, Mushi had something else on her mind. And in no way were the other medics equipped to help her with this. Most would laugh her suspicions off, or perhaps even turn against her. There was no one from her village there, but there were plenty of his allies who'd grown up with him beside him. Besides, she wasn't a fool. She knew more about him than he might wish, but she knew he definitely knew too much about her for her liking. She had to wonder—did he feel the same way? Concern about a threat, wanting to find out about him, but fearing she wouldn't like his answers? Now, she's overanalyzing.
The one thing she knew they'd agree on was a discreet and immediate location. Although it may convey a message to him…that she either thought this wouldn't become a dangerous situation, or that she thought that she could deal with him singlehandedly. And perhaps…she didn't think he'd set up a trap. Overanalyzing again. This is what Mushi got for coming early. She'd arrived at the spot she requested to meet him, checked for poisonous snakes, and now sat on a stump resting beside a bush. The trees are further apart and smaller in this area, but there's plenty of bushes, and a few low hills. Now she's waiting. Waiting…

With a flicker, the white-adorned Daimyo of the Land of Tea would appear from the shadows in the area. A light smirk touches his lips at he notes the nervous state of the woman, perhaps a bit amused as he steps out toward her and stops at a comfortable speaking distance. "Being prompt is one thing, but arriving so early? You hadn't thought I'd actually need to set up some kind of trap beforehand if I wanted you dead for knowing about my little secret, had you? Even with what you know, there is still much you do not."
He remains relaxed, perhaps a bit arrogant in his words, but far from volatile. "So I imagine you want to know what he is then? That is if the creature you are host to doesn't already know and has informed you." Casting a brief glance around, he would survey a bit as he ponders. "You were also wise enough to not call anyone else to spy on this meeting in case things went foul, I see. That's good."

Well, she had wondered if he might lay a trap. But she hadn't connected that with her coming early…that was just to make sure the natural trappoison snakeswas clear from the area. Perhaps she should have checked for his traps as well. She really needs to be more suspicious. But she says calmly, "If either of us had decided to attack the other, one of us would never be reach this meeting place." They'd both had time to rest. Both been close to people they cared about and would feel obligated to protect in a fight. Those would by far be the more advantageous areas of battle. Yet that didn't mean there wasn't still a chance…no, overthinking. Mushi runs a hand through her hair.
Then, she says, "I'm not just any creature. I'm Choumei, the Seven Tailed bijuu extraodinaire, you little brat." Mushi pauses. "Its words," she says, with a slight smirk. But it seems she either won't or can't allow Choumei to speak directly. Moreover, she's given her secret out rather clearly. Now she says, with eyes narrowed, "But yours isn't a bijuu. It's darker and more hateful…even more so than an unmastered bijuu. Or is that coming from you?"

"Seven, huh? Interesting," Shuuren chimes, rather unfazed by the words of the creature spoken by Mushi. Of course, with the direct speaking of being a Jinchuuriki, the woman no doubt also expects answers. "From me? No. I only want what's best for the world," the Daimyo replies, that smirk tugging a bit wider. "That is actually why I am now a Jinchuuriki of sorts to the Crawler. He is a creature made of pure darkness, all the darkness left over by the dead as they leave this world. With his former summon contract holder dead, he and his armies were once again trying to break free from their seal. Something had to be done, else the world as we know it would have been in grave danger, so I made my own contract with him, but, as you can see, the price was much higher for me than it was the man prior."

It's…actually what Mushi wanted to hear. That he had a dark entity, but he was essentially a good person who wanted to keep the world safe. So why can't she just smile and believe him? He's darker than her certainly, but she knows she can be an exception even among Jinchuuriki. "Death is dark," Mushi agrees, not grandly, but as if it's a literal scientific fact. "And so this Crawler…is a creature made from that." She doesn't say it as if she's agreeing with it however. But then she asks, "What seal? What rank? Can I examine it?" And then she'd start forward to lay a hand on his arm, if he allowed her, and send a pulse of chakra through him. Or simply stand still at a refusal. She has surprisingly no aggressive intent coming from her, which means either that for the time being she has none, or she's a master of hiding it. As for Shuuren if he senses Choumei, what would come through is not anger or happiness…it's childish annoyance. He's extremely annoyed at this whole thing, as well as a bit bored.

"Basically," Shuuren says with a nod. "In that fact, it is immortal due to a never-ending source of strength, a trait that filters over to its host. After all, even Medical Ninja as strong as we are cannot hope to ever stop the cycle of life and death." At her next question, he tilts his head slightly and smirks. "It's an S-Rank seal designed by the creature himself. You might find it odd that he would do such a thing, but he had no other alternative when it came to leaving, as I wouldn't have allowed it to come out into the world with a faulty seal that would allow it control any time it wanted… And you may sense it over if you like, but don't attempt to tamper with it." While Shuuren himself doesn't say anything in regards to Choumei, the Crawler himself would telepathically communicate with it. ~Antsy little fly.~

Mushi would use her abilities to sense the creature inside him. Pure, corrupt darkness for the sake of darkness. A creature that delights in terror and ruin and death. Sadistic and torturous. It seems Shuuren was telling the truth as well. The seal made by the creature has its own chakra signature, it wasn't placed there by someone else. But Mushi would take a moment longer to test the strength of the seal—not by trying to undo it, just checking. It's not even one she knows, and it's far too advanced for her. Right now, that is, but she could probably learn. Mushi draws back with a slight shudder. It may be impolite, but that's…foul. And it's not a matter of mastering it that will gentle it up either.
As for Choumei, the bijuu doesn't grow enraged at the insult. ~Bug insults~ it says sarcastically. ~That's some real original material, pal. You should do some stand up comedy, Croucher~ Crawler onstage, cracking live humor for a laughing audience. Mushi actually has to suppress a smile. Oh no…is she actually starting to find Choumei's jokes -not- corny? Mushi asks, "If you die, what happens? Is it released?"

Shuuren would patiently wait as Mushi feels over the seal with Choumei's sensory abilities. When she is finally done, he chuckles a bit at her shuddering. "It's not a darkness for the faint of heart to attempt to dwell in," he says before grinning a bit at her next question. "The Crawler won't allow me to die, I'm afraid, my dear. You see, I'm constructing a jutsu that, if I ever die, will automatically transport my corpse back behind the seal that contained him for millennia. Simply put, if I die, he's back to square one behind a seal that's been repaired."

Mushi raises an eyebrow when Shuuren says the Crawler won't allow him to die. Or maybe it's because he called her 'my dear.' Then, she's silent throughout his entire explanation. And silent afterwards, her eyes turned inward with thought. Even Choumei is quiet. Technically, she should kill him to repair the seal on such an abomination. Morally, it's utterly unthinkable. Regardless of if he's a good man…he's good compared to what's inside him. Anyone would be. Though is that what she knows, or what she wants to believe? Mushi bites her lip. Shuuren would visibly see the inner struggle on her face. At last, she takes a deep breath. And she says, "It is a commendable thing to do that. Some people wouldn't have the strength to acknowledge their death so logically, or the cleverness to construct such a jutsu. But you say you';re working on it—it's not done."
She rummages then in her medical pack and takes out a huge feather. It's a bright gold fading into a deep, emerald yellow. One foot long. And she'd extend it to Shuuren. Seems she's giving these out more often. "I'm advanced at sealing techniques," she says. "Very much so. I have one technique strong enough that if you run into trouble with the Crawler I can stabilize it…briefly. This is a feather from one of my summons. If you're having such trouble with the Crawler and need me…channel the Crawler's chakra into it and I'll come instantly." She considers Shuuren and then adds, "And if you're having trouble just as a normal human being, channel your chakra into it and I'll do the same." Then Choumei says ~My healer could outdo yours any day. She can even stop death. And people like us more. Nyeeeeh~

The Daimyo seems rather undisturbed by Mushi's struggle. Of course, if he charged into the realm of such a creature to strike a deal with it, fear's not likely much of an issue for him. "It'll be completed soon. Creating an automated summon jutsu that will activate even if I've expended my chakra supplies is just a bit on the complicated end, and, as you already know, I'm already busy with other important inventions."
At the presentation of the feather, he blinks a bit then takes it and tucks it away in his coat. "Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. You may also contact me should you need help." ~Such a crude little fly, flapping its wings in the dark as if its light will not some day be snuffed out.~

"It seems you're a busy man," Mushi says, a little teasingly. Then she gives Shuuren a sterner look. "You know, it's not my job to be the Moral Force. If I were here to find out whether you were a hero or a villain, this would take a lot longer. I just wanted to know how stable you were. And if I recognized that chakra signature at any of the slaughters I've witnessed." Then, she takes a deep breath. "I suspect though you're a killer," she says. "You've certainly killed before and will do so again in the future. But I don't just heal idealists, leafers, and innocents. I heal murderers, missing nin, traitors, informants, and politicians. One exception for murderers though…never kill any of the medics from my Center. I suspect you could kill any of them. But if you want to avoid my wrath, make a point to avoid that. And hey," she says with a beaming smile. "Feel free to hire the Neutral Medical Center, since you're a filthy rich Daimyo."
~A rather big fly actually~ Choumei says snarkily. Mushi says aloud and a bit reproachfully, "Really all you demons need to be friendlier with one another. You're kind of the same. You'll get less wrinkles that way."

"So you're basically neutral and giving me your business card?" Shuuren asks with a chuckle. "I'll keep your Center in mind, especially if we need Medical Ninja to operate the devices we're developing for our coming mission to save our shinobi world." With that, he turns around, shaking his head a bit. "Asking night not to fall, are we? Also, if you actually saw this one, I don't think you'd worry about him getting wrinkles…. See you soon." That said, he would vanish into the shadows once more.

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